Zhan Long

Chapter 235

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Chapter 235 – Battle of 27 Elites
“Clang! Clang! Clang! ……”

A row of heavy shields smashed against the ground to form a wall of shields. [Vanguard]’s intention was very clear; even if I was only one person, they would cut no corners. As if they were one, the shield formation tightened as they waited for me to rush towards them.

“Why must we force [Zhan Long] to be our enemy! ?”

Simple gripped her staff tightly in her hands as waves of emotion shook her figure. She looked in the direction of Jian Feng Han and shouted, “Ah Han, I am asking you why we must treat [Zhan Long] as foes; do we truly need to eradicate [Zhan Long] for [Vanguard] to become first in Ba Huang City?!”

With a flick of his wrist, Jian Feng Han sent his blade through the chest of a [Ruined Bones] member. Slowly pulling it out, he coldly replied, “Elder sister Yun, don’t bother saying any more. Once Xiao Yao Zi Zai killed brother Fallen Wolf, he became a mortal enemy of [Vanguard]. As the Guild Master, I am held accountable by everyone for his act of killing an Elder of [Vanguard]. If I don’t kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai today, don’t even bother mentioning [Vanguard] taking our rightful place in Ba Huang City, what dignity would our guild have left? !”

Simple clenched her teeth and taking out a City Return Scroll from her bag, she murmured, “Fine, you are the Guild Master and have the final say but I have the right to make my own decisions for myself: I will not participate in this battle!”


[Vanguard]’s number one Mage returned to the city, leaving the battlefield.

Goodbye Tears turned: “Leader, what should we do now?”

Jian Feng Han gave a low shout in reply: “Kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai, what else!”



“Archers!” Goodbye Tears raised his longsword and shouted: “Draw nearer to Xiao Yao Zi Zai and use [Scattered Shot] to target him. Once he has been stunned, the Assassins will help finish him off!”

In the group, 7 or 8 Archers readied their bows; drawing the strings all the way back, getting ready to shoot.

The best defense, is a good offense!

Now, I could no longer hesitate. I held my Frost Rain Sword and quickly used my techniques to accelerate straight towards the enemy formation, my target was Goodbye Tears. He was the group’s Flagbearer, so killing him would hurt the group’s morale. If I couldn’t break through the row of heavy shields, I wouldn’t break through at all.


I moved to the side to dodge [Scatter Shot] as it whipped past my nose, Archers were hiding in the nearby pine trees waiting for a chance to strike. I started to move in a zigzag pattern as I continued to dodge their shots. In a flash, I was only 10 meters away from the shield wall.

“Be careful!” Goodbye Tears raised his sword. He then ordered, “Mages, use [Pillar of Fire & Ice] to lock him down; Archers continue using [Scatter Shot]. Close combat is not in our favor, hurry up and kill him!”

“Hong hong….”

Underneath my feet, a mix of ice and fire surged. This was the precursor of [Pillar of Fire & Ice]. I had to accelerate even more to avoid it. I held my Frost Rain Sword while performing difficult flips and maneuvers. The sword started shaking and I released [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. This was the first time I had used [Seven Star Fragment Slash] to kill a group a people. Since it was already at Lv 6, the [Seven Star Fragment Slash] had overwhelming power and a string of damage numbers appeared.



Even the three Healers behind the shield wall were KO’ed by the AOE attack. In addition, the players that were 5 meters ahead of me had less than half their health left. Goodbye Tears had a lot more health points, around 4000; so he still had approximately 70% health left. He held his sword and angrily shouted, “Block him!”


I held my Frost Rain Sword firmly and suddenly struck out at Goodbye Tears’ shield. He helplessly received the hit and was even forced to take 2 steps back. Lowering his blade, he stabbed at my abdomen, and his blade flashed with the light of [Mountain Strike]. Although he was a health and defense oriented Monk, the damage of [Mountain Strike] could not be taken lightly, as Goodbye Tears had a pretty decent looking weapon.

Right as the tip of the blade was about to slice into me, I lowered my body while my blade began to glow. The entirety of my sword began to increase in size and with a screeching sound I advanced 5 meters. I nearly killed 20 nearby players with [Blade Rush] while simultaneously dodging Goodbye Tears’ [Mountain Strike] skill.


A huge damage number floated above Goodbye Tears’ head; he probably only had about 2200 health left!


Goodbye Tears turned around, gulped down a health potion and raised his longsword as he charged towards me laughing, “The so-called number one Sword Healer in Ba Huang City, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, is this all you’ve got? If so, all you can do is wait for [Vanguard] to kill you because this level of ability is not even worth mentioning. Come and kill me if you have the guts!”

I clenched my jaw and abruptly opened my palm. Three blades floated in the sky as I targeted Goodbye Tears with [Great Realm of Desolation]. Kill!


A huge damage number appeared, but Goodbye Tears still managed to survive since a Healer had him locked as a healing target. With about 1700 health left, it was as if he could not be killed!

Within the crowd, a few [Vanguard] players could not help but laugh out merrily, “To be able to survive that, Monks are truly formidable. At this rate, [Vanguard]’s number one Monk and Vice-Guild Leader Fushen Thousand Blade would be hard pressed to keep his title!”

Goodbye Tears laughed playfully: “As it should be!”

As he was still speaking, a tiger suddenly hissed from the brushes. Immediately, a fierce golden tiger jumped out and suddenly transforming into an enormous tiger. Walking on a trail of flames, it locked onto Goodbye Tears.

“What… what’s happening? ” Goodbye Tears stopped moving, “What’s that? ”

The Flaming Tiger God, crushed against the body of Goodbye Tears, dealing 1789 damage, before raising its head and bellowing; [Fierce Roar]!

“Hong! ”

The powerful sound wave swept through the crowd, forming a shock wave that impacted anything within a 50 meter range. The group of heavy armored players that I had previously injured all died on the battle ground. A few Healers, Archers, and Musketeers within the vicinity were also immediately killed; there was no other outcome, the little tiger’s attack power was too high, even a [Fierce Roar] could kill them off easily!



Goodbye Tears lost the Healers and alas, his health dropped to 0. Slowly he fell to the ground and looked at me, “This is the end, Xiao Yao Zi Zai swapped his pet for a crazy monster…..”

Suddenly, my shoulders started hurting since two Berserkers had used [Flame Blade] to do a total damage of 1000+. I didn’t hesitate. I swiftly used [Combo] on them. The two Berserkers died in no time. At the same time while I was fighting, a group of players near the edge charged towards me. I healed myself and prepared to engage.

“Breakthrough, Kill him!”

Not far away, two level 60 Swordsman both came up to attack. These are definitely elites even within Vanguard. In Ba Huang City, there are only around 100 players that have gone through their third advancement. 30 of those players are in [Vanguard].

“Hua ca!”

Two Swordsman simultaneously activated [Blade Rush] and ran through my body!


It was extremely painful and one of them was equipped especially well!

After getting run through, I intuitively dashed forward a step and immediately felt something hot at my back. Two [Skyshaker Slash]es both MISSed. Penetrating and then turning to use [Skyshaker Slash], this was every Swordsman’s general routine. Using this kind of trick against me was a mistake!

I lowered my Frost Rain Sword and turned, my whole body disappeared with the sword. Immediately, the two strong Swordsmen gazes turned cold: “F**k, it’s [Blade Rush]!”

“Hua Ca! ”

Dashing at high speed, I swept through both of them, inflicting enormous damages—


Without waiting for their reaction, I sped up my pace and looked for a good angle, and raised my hand for a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


[Seven Star Fragment Slash] had once again killed 9 people, and on top of that, the Flaming Tiger God used its [Burstfire Raid] ability to sweep across the battlefield; there wasn’t much left of the group of 50+ people that we were originally facing, it went to the extent that I didn’t even have to use my Shield of the Crimson Dragon. Godd*mn, with the help of my Flaming Tiger God, my crowd combat power was really substantially increased.

“Sha sha…….”

My Purple Dawn Boots advanced across the grass, and my Flaming Tiger God got rid of the remaining few people behind the line of shields. Walking towards the battlefield, I picked up nearly fifty pieces of equipment and threw them into my bag. There really was no limit to the drops with my 65 Charm, almost to the point that killing a player would guarantee a drop!


Not far away, Misty Clouds’ battle axe split open a [Vanguard] Swordsman, but was also hit by Jian Feng Han’s [Skyshaker Slash]. He quickly backed off, but didn’t forget to look in my direction, laughing out loud, “I say! Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you’re so strong! One person can break the enemy’s shield formation of fifty to sixty people. This…is that big tiger your pet? How fierce!

[Ruined Bone]’s Guild Master Sword Reborn laughed as well: “This time, [Vanguard] has tasted bitter defeat. Losing so many people to just Xiao Yao Zi Zai himself, are they all trash? Jian Feng Han, do you only have the ability to bully us newly founded guilds? Haha, getting defeated by Xiao Yao Zi Zai like this, don’t you feel like saying anything?”

Jian Feng Han gritted his teeth in hate, angrily saying: “Fine, open your dog eyes wide. I’ll let you see Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s corpse on the field! 13 Eagles, bring your elite troops and come with me. Our goal is no longer to take over Arctic Fox forest, but to kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

Misty Clouds raised his battle axe, drew back the corners of his mouth, and bellowed: “Brothers, Xiao Yao Zi Zai is currently attracting the enemy’s attacks for us. Our chance has arrived; prepare to break out. Kill as many as possible; let [Vanguard] know that we are not simply livestock waiting to be slaughtered!”


A group of figures moved forward, it was Jian Feng Han leading 27 cronies. There were a total of 28 absolute elites, with no lack of thrice promoted experts. Taking a rough glance, including Jian Feng Han, there were a total of 8 third advancement players. This time I’ve nailed my own coffin!

Looking into the area above, I saw three Wind Elves comprising of two Archers and one Mage, and that Mage was a Lv 61 third promotion player. As such, that Mage would have [Indigo Sea Arrow], that brutal skill. I would have to kill that Mage first, or else it would be extremely hard for me to advance smoothly.

Facing the impending assault of Jian Feng Han, I didn’t retreat backwards. Instead, I hefted my sword and stood there firmly, my heart calm as I waited for the most optimal opportunity to take action!

The players crept closer and closer!

“50 meters!”
“40 meters!”
“35 meters!”

Finally within range!

My arm trembled as my fist connected with the ground, targeting Jian Feng Han, [Binding Chains]!


A cloud of dust formed as a pair of battle boots danced about with pretty footwork like those of a ballerina; Jian Feng Han beautifully MISSed the attack from [Binding Chains]. His awareness was truly terrifying, but [Binding Chains] still managed to trap a Lv 59 Swordsman behind him.

My hand waved, [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


In the split second before [Seven Star Fragment Slash] was sent out, I raised my left hand. Five fingers parted as [Great Realm of Destruction] flew towards that Swordsman!


Having suffered damage from the two continuous hits, the Swordsman gave one last cry of agony before falling, becoming the first casualty of the 27 people brought by Jian Feng Han.

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