Zhan Long

Chapter 234

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Chapter 234 – In a Quagmire
I scanned the map and found a total of 7 [Vanguard] players; 3 stronger ones from the main guild and 4 from the sub guilds. Luckily there were no 3rd advancement players!


A Pardon Card flew up, closely followed by another Arctic Fox Card. This raised my defense by 50 points. Even though it was small, it was better than nothing.

“Sha! Sha! ……”

The wild grass was flattened beneath my battle boots, causing a strong smell of plant juice. I had already rushed out; with a swing of my Frost Rain sword, my [Combo] rang out, galloping towards the nearest Lv 59 Swordsman.


This Swordsman wasn’t some noob and he slipped to the side and caused the first strike of my [Combo] to MISS. Though he continued to try and back off, my speed was greater than his, thus the last three strikes successively struck his shoulder. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” Each hit successfully sounded out but to my horror, he did not die; a Healer managed to sneak in a [Heal] in time, recovering 1200+ of his health.

I slightly lowered my blade as I decisively activated [Blade Rush]. Sword and man melded as one into a flash of light, “Swoosh! Swoosh!” I dashed forward five meters. In that same instance the four heavy armored class players within the range of [Blade Rush] were cut till their health dropped to critical levels. After [Blade Rush] had completed, I searched for a good angle, abruptly turning my body, and with a wave of my Frost Rain Sword, seven blobs of light emerged on my blade, “Bang!” [Seven Star Fragment Slash] pierced through the crowd!

Painful yells could be heard as four players fell simultaneously. There was no leeway for discussion and even the Healers were unable to interfere with a split second heal.


The Archer gritted his teeth and exclaimed: “Way too OP! We have to retreat……”

I waved my hand in response: “Since you’re already here, don’t even think about leaving until you offer up a level!”

[Great Realm of Desolation]!

Three phantasmal weapons penetrated the Archer’s body as a huge damage number appeared ——


Another one hit kill; my attack power was too strong and none of them could endure it unless they were a heavy armor type player!

In the distance, a Lv 59 Mage clenched his jaw and cursed: “F**k! Not long ago, Xiao Yao Zi Zai was merely a noob yet now his strength has grown to such an extent; it makes no sense!”

Smiling smugly, my fist smashed into the ground and without warning, [Binding Chains] erupted out and trapped the Mage’s legs. With a graceful sweep of my Frost Rain Sword, [Wind Blade] destroyed his [Mana Shield] and murdered the Mage! A banging sound of despair could be heard as a Lv 57 Gold Tier staff dropped!

“Motherf**cker, what is this……”

The Lv 58 Healer, Sweeping Leg, roared furiously. Grabbing his healing staff he fled while shouting, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, just you wait, [Vanguard] will not let this matter go, only death awaits you!”

I coolly gazed at him, “You think you can leave?!”

With 30 meters between us, he had already exceeded my attack range. Sweeping Leg gave a sigh of relief, “Why? Do you think I can’t leave? Do you really think you can kill all of us? I’m only 100 meters away from thousands of [Vanguard] members. If you have balls, come chase me!”


Right after he finished speaking, a fierce little tiger flew out from the bushes, [Flame Claw] scratched directly onto the chest of the Healer. A huge damage number floated above——


This was yet again a one hit KO. In an instant, the squad of 7 died without being a challenge at all. However, the experience obtained helped increased my pet tiger. With 2600 in basic attack damage, he was able to one hit KO. Along with his other four attacking abilities: [Flame Claw],[ Fierce Roar], [Vampiric Drain] and [Burstfire Raid], he would even be able to kill veteran players.


“Hua! Hua! Hua!……”

I hadn’t even had the time to turn around when 10 [Vanguard] players appeared behind me. Amongst the players, there were 2 that were part of [Vanguard]’s 13 Eagles. The rest were Mages and Archers. I knew my limits; I couldn’t let [Scatter Shot]s and [Icicle] spells strike me or else I would die.

Charging straight through, “Shua,” I dove in between the wild shrubs and onto an open field. If I appeared out on the open then I would truly regret it. It had already reached the late stages of the battle, with a large amount of [Vanguard] players chasing down [Misty Palace], [Ruined Bones], and [Winds of Battle] guild members. It was disappointing that the three big guild’s combined forces was no match for [Vanguard]. Based on the the map, there were at least 1000 [Vanguard] members alive. The three guilds had around 200 members total. A lot of the members wouldn’t accept the revival of the Healers and waited for the end of the battle, since every time you revive, you will lose a level if killed again. This was the reason why many players wouldn’t accept revivals.

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

The battlefield was covered with skeletons everywhere. One high level Berserker fended off the attacks of several Swordsmen. Holding onto his battle axe, he asked me, “Why did you come back? Didn’t you go further away?”

This wasn’t any normal player, this was Misty Clouds, Guild Master of [Misty Palace], along with two other players by his side fighting. One player was [Ruined Bone]’s Guild Master, a Lv 61 Knight called Sword Reborn. The other player was [Wind of Battle]’s Guild Master, a Lv 60 Wind Mage called [Fighting in Blood] The three players were grouped up with around 200 players and were completely surrounded by [Vanguard] players.

Holding onto my Frost Rain sword, I ran along the edge of the forest yelling “I don’t want to participate in this war but [Vanguard] members attacked me so I defended myself!”

Misty Clouds hacked apart a Swordsman and shouted, “Everybody, we will break through to cover Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

A [Misty Palace] squad leader strongly voiced his opinion “Guild Master, we lost nearly up to a thousand members, must we protect a player we just met? Even if…. even if it is [Zhan Long]’s Guild Master?!”

Misty Cloud replied “Don’t hesitate, just charge with me, dammit. As long as he is [Vanguard]’s enemy, then he is good enough to be my friend. I have already acknowledged Xiao Yao Zi Zai as my friend. So, for a friend, even if I die one time, it is nothing. I will get the level back in 10 hours!”

“Fine….” The squad leader obeyed.

[Ruined Bones]’s Guild Master, Sword Reborn, carried his spear and rushed forward and said “Let me charge, Misty Cloud you can follow me closely. I can hold down a good portion of them, while you bring others to charge out. We’ve already lost this struggle in Arctic Fox Forest, so the least we can do is to minimize the loss and not give [Vanguard] more of our equipment!”

“Yup, I was thinking the same!”


Following closely behind me was a group of Archers relentlessly chasing. In front of me was a group of Knights and Monks waiting in defensive positions. [Vanguard] had grouped up to 50 people in preparation for me; they really gave me too much credit.

“Everyone, stop!”

Amongst the group of people, a high level female Mage holding a staff appeared; she walked out and faced the group of Swordsman and Berserkers and shouted, “Don’t attack, we [Vanguard] and [Zhan Long] aren’t enemies, so don’t attack!”

After saying that, she turned and looked at me. It was [Vanguard]’s Vice Guild Master, Simple. She had that helpless look in her eyes and said “Xiao Yao, we have no reason to become enemies, I have surrounded the place. At the north side, there is an exit, you can escape there….”

Before she finished, Fallen Wolf charged forward with his axe shouting “Vice Guild Master, we can’t let him go just like that! Not after he killed so many of our brethren. If you let him go today, this will forever haunt the heart of our brothers. Today, Xiao Yao Zi Zai must die!”

“You!” Simple’s face became green.

“Give me your life!”

Fallen Wolf charged at me with his battle axe. The battle axe had an orange aura surrounding it; this was [Vanguard]’s Emperor Tier battle axe, its attack damage wouldn’t be low at all!

I clenched my teeth, and decided that I must first kill Fallen Wolf to display my powers.


A Killer Bee flew at me; it must be Fallen Wolf’s pet. It level was very high so the attack damage won’t be too low!


The [Combo] did some damage on my Nebula Armor, each attack doing 200+ damage. I could withstand that type of attack. On the other side, Fallen Wolf’s attack was incoming as he violently and quickly threw the axe. This must be the 3rd advancement skill, [Battle Axe Throw]. It is able to disregard the defense when it strikes so it is definitely a strong attack.

“Peng” My Purple Dawn Boots left deep indentations on the grass. I forced myself to change directions and a ‘MISS’ appeared above my body. I was able to dodge the enemy’s killer attack just in time. Fallen Wolf was not at all surprised; he already expected I could do that so he grabbed the returning battle axe and unleashed [Skyshaker Slash], another 3rd class skill.

I didn’t evade this attack because I couldn’t. I used my shoulders to withstand this attack!



I shook from head to toe; even with 2000 defense I wasn’t able to withstand this type of attack. Fallen Wolf attacked full force so he had a sluggish moment of 0.5 seconds after the attack. Even high level players would have this type of flaw. I didn’t let this chance go, and swung my Frost Rain sword across Fallen Wolf’s abdomen!


Fallen Wolf shouted while retreating “Healers, heal me!”

Unfortunately, he was too late!

With my other hand , I activated [Great Realm of Desolation]!


Three swords appeared and pierced Fallen Wolf’s body!


Instant KO. He didn’t drop the battle axe, but he did drop a round helmet. I rushed forward and picked it up.


“Damn, Fallen Wolf has been slain….”

Amongst the group of people, Jian Feng Han held his Flaming Cloud Sword, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, to instantly KO Fallen Wolf, you are the first person in Ba Huang City to do so!”

After saying that, Jian Feng Han turned to his guild and shouted “Brothers, the end is near! Gather your forces and surround and kill them! “

“Hua Ca!”

A flash of light followed the sword as Jian Feng Han’s sword sliced through a few wounded Swordsmen and then sword slashed onto a Knight’s chest!


This Knight wasn’t any normal player, it was [Ruined Bone]’s Guild Master, Sword Reborn. Being wounded and still holding onto his spear, he retreated. His face turned purple “This, Jian Feng Han has this type of attack power!? Misty Cloud, we can’t break through with Jian Feng Han in our way. No matter how many people we use, we will all die if he is guarding….”

Misty Clouds held his battle axe “F*ck, it doesn’t matter, charge anyways!”


I watched as they got surrounded and killed by the other players. Deep down I thought to myself, I needed to charge back but what good would I do? Thus, I charged forward with my Frost Rain Sword as 50 people waited for me and either way I would be killing [Vanguard] players.


In the group, a Lv 60 Monk drew his blood-drenched sword and said, “Brothers, prepare for battle! Kill [Zhan Long]’s Guild Master and we will enjoy a feast; otherwise, tonight’s going to be 5 yuan rice boxes!”

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