Zhan Long

Chapter 232


Chapter 232 – Flaming Cloud Sword
Liu Hua University, Second Cafeteria.

Dinner tonight consisted of a bowl of mushroom and fowl stew, a bowl of silver fish soup, and a plate of sweet pot chicken. In front of me, there were three empty bowls of rice and the fourth was in the process of disappearing into my stomach

Dong Cheng Yue looked up at me and furrowed her brows, “Wan Er, why do I feel like in the future… even the two of us together would not be enough to feed this pig, Li Xiao Yao?

“If it comes to that…..” Wan Er sweetly smiled, “If I were to become that poor, I would just go back to singing. That would be enough to keep him fed…..”

I grabbed the ice water at the side, took a big gulp and said, “No need, I can support myself, Hehe, the earnings from the Dragon Temple map is enough to feed me for half a year!”

“Too bad, with your level, you can’t even dream of becoming Ba Huang City’s number one player…” Dong Cheng Yue said a little grudgingly “After leveling frantically for 24 hours you still didn’t become the number one player; I guess it really is only a dream after all…”

I interrupted: “Jian Feng Han is number one, right?”

“Yup, he’s level 65, crazy!”

Lin Wan Er slid her finger across her phone screen to unlock it. She lifted her head and smiled at me as she said, “According to some reliable information, 72 hours ago Jian Feng Han disappeared. I didn’t find out until today that he and Simple, Fallen Wolf, Fushen Monk, and Good-bye Tears went on a SS tier quest – Saving Princess Xue Lin, Tian Lin City’s lost princess who was imprisoned near Ice Ridge Mountain. King Luo Lei sent cavaliers to save Princess Xue Lin and Jian Feng Han’s team helped. The bosses along the way were even soloed by Jian Feng Han, helping him level faster. On top of that, of all the equipment, the first superior weapon that surpasses Purple Tier appeared….”

“What?” I was shocked: “You’re kidding right? The first Emperor Tier weapon?”


Lin Wan Er firmly nodded her head, looked up the stats, then placed her phone in front of my face. It was an ornate double edged long sword; even its stats were gorgeous—

【Flaming Cloud Sword】(Emperor Tier – Superior)
Attack: 935-1350


“Crazy……” I furrowed my rows: “What high attack! Jian Feng Han, that bastard, has such great luck!”

Lin Wan Er slightly smiled: “Therefore, your Frost Rain Sword has already been surpassed. On top of that, Jian Feng Han’s team also got an Emperor Tier battle axe. Similarly, its stats surpass that of the Haunted Twin Blade Battle Axe and will probably go to Fallen Wolf. After this SS tier quest, Vanguard’s high level players will become even more dangerous….”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled at me: “How about it? Is it a challenge, Guild Master?”

I responded slightly resentful “Not really, his strength has nothing to do with [Zhan Long]’s goal to rush levels. We just have to avoid conflict with them. Besides, there’s [Prague] to deal with, so [Vanguard] has to watch their step. With this, Jian Feng Han doesn’t necessarily have a reason to mess with [Zhan Long]. Even if he did, it would just be a broken net with dead fish; this is just a game, [Zhan Long] won’t be hurt because of it!

“Mm, well said…..” Lin Wan Er smiled, “What are your plans for tonight?”

I thought for a bit before I said, “I’ll find a grinding spot, and gain a few levels. I’ll first level the Flaming Tiger God to Lv 50+, that way it’ll have enough battle power. Flaming Tiger God already has a lot of stamina and my Baby Bobo has already become obsolete. Sometime later I’ll find a chance to sell him, as he is still a quality pet….”

Wan Er said, “Ya, the Bee Overlord’s damage is very strong and lots of Healers who are trying to level are looking for that kind of pet. It should be in high demand.”

Wan Er added: “Also, speaking of weapons, you should find a way to use the Ancient Spirit Sword. I have a feeling that it will become a godly weapon, one that will surpass Jian Feng Han’s Flaming Cloud Sword……”

I laughed and said: “Alright alright, as the little miss says, I will end up with a godly weapon!”


That night, I sent the two girls back to their dorm and went back by myself. It was time to power level the new pet!


Once online, I gave the Void Fan to Fox to sell. The money gained would be split evenly among the team leaders. Before heading out, I stopped to stock up on potions. I planned to head to my regular place, Firestone Canyon, as it currently had the highest level monsters available. It was also the most suitable place to level the small tiger.


A ray of light started to bubble from the city’s fountain and in the next moment there was a purring sound as the small furry tiger appeared in the center of the summoning circle. With tiny leaps the tiger ran to my feet and rubbed his round head against my leg. I bent over to pick him up and walked straight out of town. Once I entered Ba Huang Forest I pulled out my Frost Rain Sword; none of the monsters along the way were strong enough to endure a single round of my [Combo].

Without any hesitation, I killed everything in my path. Upon arriving at the edge of Firestone Canyon, the chubby tiger was already Lv 24; its leveling pace was extremely fast. Furthermore its physical body also grew by a whole lot, from soccer ball size to more than a meter long. Its cuteness level decreased by 50% but its majestic level increased by 50%. Yeah, this was what I wanted, you couldn’t rely on cuteness to kill your enemies. This kind of King of Beasts pet truly has the air of a domineering ruler!

Taking a look at the stats of the Tiger God, I was secretly surprised. The rate of growth was far better than Baby Bobo’s; its attack power right now had already beaten Baby Bobo’s.

【Flaming Tiger God】(Valkyrie Tier Boss)
Level: 24
Attack: 960-1200
Defense: 720
Health: 1920
Mana: 624
Skills:【Flaming Claws】【Flame Armor】【Fierce Roar】【Vampiric Drain】【Burstfire Raid】


At this rate, when it reaches Lv 60, the Flaming Tiger God should have at least an attack around 3000 and a defense of around 1800. Combined with around 5000 health and it being a Valkyrie Tier Boss pet, its growth speed completely overwhelmed my own! It’s no wonder high tier pets sell for great prices in the markets!

After calculating, I figured out the formula for the Flaming Tiger God’s growth. In general, it should be–

Attack = Level * 20 * (1+100%) to Level * 25 * (1+100%)
Defense = Level * 15 * (1+100%)
Health = Level * 40 * (1+100%)
Mana = Level * 13 * (1+100%)

With its natural 100% excellency rate, it clearly had an advantage. It seemed like an unwritten rule that pets that come out from a pet egg are overly strong and on average have an excellency rating between 90% to 100%. My luck was extremely good, since I received a pet with an excellency rating of 100% and it had 5 skills to boot! When this pet grows to adulthood, it would be strong enough to fight by itself and with its current growth, it’d reach maturity at Lv 50!


Entering Firestone Canyon, I slaughtered my way through every monster in sight to help raise my little tiger’s levels. Having reached Lv 37 at around 8 in the evening, my dream was inching closer with each moment. While working my way through the canyon, I saw a densely packed group of players beginning to appear into view. Even from this distance, I could see the insignias on their arms. They were all from different guilds and they seemed to be arguing about something?


Treading into the bushes, I became hidden with [Camouflage] and recalled the small tiger pet. It was best to first go over and look at the situation; the area seemed to be pretty lively. Looking at the map, I discovered that this forest bordered the ancient mountain range called “Arctic Fox Forest” and was about 100 meters away from the group of players. I stood still in the bushes with my back against a towering ancient tree and observed the lively scene.

The crowd was split into two; surprisingly, one of the sides was made up on of [Vanguard] players. Fallen Wolf of the Thirteen Eagles was carrying a battle axe with an orange glow while standing to the side. With a wave of his hand, he said, “Since as early as a week ago, we [Vanguard] players have been in Arctic Fox Forest grinding for levels. So no matter what you say, we will not be the ones that will leave!”

On the other side was a Lv 60 Berserker who had clearly finished his third class advancement. He was carrying a purple colored battle axe and the words above his heads were certainly eye-catching.

Misty Clouds Lv 60 Golden Berserker
City: Ba Huang City
Guild: Misty Palace
Position: Guild Master



Misty Cloud’s battle axe ploughed into the earth suddenly as he glared at Fallen Wolf. “So whoever is here first should be the only one that stays here? Then with this logic, shouldn’t Firestone Canyon belong to Xiao Yao Zi Zai? I heard that he was the first to discover this place. Isn’t that right then?”

Fallen Wolf gnashed his teeth, “Brother Misty Clouds, why are you like this; why do you insist on always butting heads against [Vanguard]? Wasn’t [Misty Palace] recently established a few days ago? Aren’t all of your members people who have yet to experienced battle or draw blood yet? There aren’t even a total of 1000 people in your guild, could it be that you want to drag your several hundred brothers into the endless sufferings of hell? Then please, fight [Vanguard] if you dare, then you’ll truly know what hell is!”

Misty Clouds didn’t acknowledge Fallen Wolf’s words and responded with a sneer, “Excuse me? I have already informed the leaders of [Ruined Bones] and [Winds of Battle]. Within 20 minutes, they will bring their men to help us here in Firestone Canyon because I have already invited them to go hunting in Arctic Fox Forest. Fallen Wolf, do you think your group of 400 players will be enough? [Vanguard] might not be easily trifled with but do you think that our newly established guilds are easy to bully?

Fallen Wolf held his battle-axe in hand firmly and started laughing, ”So that’s how it’s going to be? If there are people in Ba Huang City truly foolish enough to provoke us then prepare for war. Misty Clouds, I hope you don’t come to regret your actions, I will report back to Jian Feng Han. 5,000 of [Vanguard]’s elite will be here in half an hour, you might as well gather up your brothers and flee the forest. I do not wish to see a river of blood flow, especially not for such an insignificant place like Arctic Fox Forest. This forest is hardly worth shedding blood over, right?

“Arctic Fox Forest is insignificant?”

Misty Clouds laughed, “Fallen Wolf, do you think everyone else is stupid? Arctic Fox Forest may be worthless but the mine shaft located in the center of the forest has a value that can’t be calculated! That mine shaft produces Blood Gold, a high quality ore that is essential in refining high tier weapons and arrows. Those who possess Blood Gold will have an immense control over the battlefield. Did you really think that we don’t know this?”

Fallen Wolf’s face grew cold, “So be it, nothing else can be said to resolve this matter peacefully. In half an hour, Arctic Fox Forest will be a battleground!”