Zhan Long

Chapter 231

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Chapter 231 – The Probe
Frost looked at us with her clear eyes, the corners of her mouth slowly lifting up. She smiled, “You didn’t fail to live up to our Tian Ling Empire and Holy Union’s expectations; the World Tree will definitely grow even more prosperous because of you guys. The Obsidian Dragon’s powers in the Dragon’s Tomb have been eradicated. Thank you for everything you have done for Dragon City. Come now, this is your reward; I’m really proud of you guys!”


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have finished an SSS-ranked profession quest【Dragon Temple】. Your rewards: Level +1, Charm +9, 20,000 Gold and also a skill book【Absolute Zero Megrez Wall】(SS-ranked)!


“Absolute Zero Megrez Wall?”

I immediately opened the package and an SS-ranked skill book appeared. Its power was exceptional –

【Absolute Zero Megrez Wall】(SS ranked): Condense the cold Qi of Megrez Star to protect the caster; reduce the damage taken by 50% for 15 seconds. Level requirement: 50, Profession required: Berserker


Dammit, what a painful ending, how can this quest reward me with a special protection skill for a Berserker? It would have been best if it was something I could use… Thinking over and over again, I decided to give this skill book to Dong Cheng Lei. I had seen his super strength previously in the guild battle with [Wrath of the Heroes]; he had destroyed a ten man shield formation by himself. If he had [Absolute Zero Megrez Wall], Dong Cheng Lei’s survivability would increase a lot and he would be able to make use of his abilities more. Together with Old K, this two man hot headed, beastly team would probably shock the whole world.

Looking at the surrounding ladies, I asked, “What rewards did you guys receive?”

Yue Qing Qian blinked, “An Emperor Tier leather chestplate, heehee…”

Matcha: “Purple Tier leg guard…”

Dong Cheng Yue, “Damn, why is my reward only 10 Fire Elf Cards? This is illogical, how could a card’s worth be compared to an Emperor Tier equipment? <Destiny>’s system is really bad…”

Fox: “I received a Purple Tier necklace, hehe, it increases my long ranged damage by 12%!”

“There’s no fairness in this world, how could I receive nothing…” Darling Duck and Who’s Blue voiced their dissatisfaction.

Promised Love tilted her head as she looked at Wan Er and said, “This girl should have received something good!”

Wan Er pursed her lips while she quietly stood there with a pleased and happy expression on her face. In the end, she couldn’t help but laugh so hard that she almost choked.

I folded my arms, “What on earth did you get?”

Lin Wan Er reached her hands out, revealing an indigo colored skill book –

【Heavenly Armour】(SS-ranked): Increases defense by a large amount. Doubles the total defense of the casters’ whole set of leather equipment and allows a light armored player to have the defense of a heavy armored player. Required profession: Assassin, Musketeer, Archer. Level Requirement: 64. Learning the skill requires 10 charm.


“Damn!” Fox eyes bulged out, “Isn’t this skill book too shameless? Double leather armor’s defense? This…a leather armored player’s defense may even exceed a heavy armored player’s already…”

I laughed, “There’s nothing much to say. Learn it, Wan Er, let’s see if your defense will exceed mine!”


A bright light flashed across Lin Wan Er’s hands. Successfully learning the skill, she called forth her character properties screen and shared it with us immediately.

【Cang Tong】(Gold Assassin)
Level: 64
Attack: 1574-2117
Health: 2450


“Xiao Yao, Wan Er’s defense is already at 2004 points, what about your defense points?” Dong Cheng Yue smiled as she asked.

I clenched my fist, “Damn, I only have 2034 defense, Wan Er’s defense is really out of this world! Adding the umbrellas attributes, her survivability will be much higher than mine…”

Dong Cheng Yue couldn’t help but smile, “You are wrong, the best thing about Wan Er is not her defense but the power of her piercing damage which ignores a portion of one’s defense…”

Matcha said on the side, “Boss, don’t be too shaken. You have [Great Realm of Desolation], [Seven Stars Fragments Slash] and [Mohist Five Scrolls]. At least on the skills side you are better than Lin Beauty…”

Wan Er twirled her dagger and said, “Speaking of skills, we shouldn’t compare so much. You have so many S-ranked skills, right…”

I rubbed my nose, “Not really, I only have 9…”

“Only have 9?” Wan Er replied incredulously. “In the whole of [Hero Mound], those that have S-ranked skills and above can be counted with two hands. You have 9 S-ranked skills and above yourself alone and you still have the nerve to say ‘I only have 9’? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

I nodded, “Yes I am, I am deeply ashamed…”

Wan Er moved her graceful body a step forward then smiled briefly and said, “Since you are ashamed of yourself, then why don’t you treat Dong Cheng and I to dinner tonight? You couldn’t possibly be lacking the money since you’ve just received more than 10,000 gold from the quest reward…”

“Oh …yeah” I felt happiness surging up inside me.

Matcha was also happily flying in the air, “10,000 Gold can be exchanged for 50,000 RMB. Oh, my reward, heehee, I can finally buy new clothes…”

Fox nagged, “Remember to pay 20% of it to the studio’s operating expenses account!”

I turned and replied, “No need, she doesn’t have to donate from her quest reward. Matcha, use the money to buy new clothes and wear nicer looking clothes. Only then will you be able to increase our studio’s fighting strength!”

Matcha giggled happily, “Boss you are so nice, I love you to death!”

Me: “……”

Dong Cheng Yue: “……”

Lin Wan Er: “……”


After giving [Absolute Zero Megrez Wall] to Dong Cheng Lei and attending to other matters, I logged off, hurriedly ate some food and then lay on my bed to sleep. But I couldn’t sleep even after lying on my bed since my heart was worried about matters in the game. I needed to level my Flaming Tiger God and find a way to fix the broken sword, as the future of my godly weapon was riding on its back. Furthermore, the skills from the Mohist Five Scrolls required the use of God’s Army Cards. I still had to find out what these were!

My mind turned hazy as I started to fall asleep. Not sure how long I slept, I was suddenly awakened as my Yi Hai sensed something. There was a problem!


Kicking off my blanket, I sat up suddenly, my Yi Hai sensed a super strong power. It was ultra-enery person; he or she had to be at least over the Royal Air level and was at least 500 meters away from me, in the direction of the female’s dorm. It was coming from Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue’s dorm room!

Getting up quickly, I put on my clothes and shoes and ran outside!


Slamming the door as I left and ran quickly down the stairs. The sun’s rays were not that bright anymore. Along the way, there were students playing basketball and soccer all around. There was also a gorgeously dressed female student but I simply ran wildly past her. The students all looked at me, astounded.

Arriving at the female dorms quickly, I raised my head and looked. The power came from the fourth floor; it was really Lin Wan Er’s dorm floor!

“Hey, that male student over there, what are you doing here?!” The dorm guard pointed at me and shouted.

I frowned, reached out my hand and pointed at the border walls, “Look at that, there’s a female student who’s trying to climb over the walls!”

“What, how dare you?!”

When the dorm guard turned around, I passed by her in an instant and flew to the second floor. I found myself face to face with a few girls at the stairs, “Ah, what is this handsome guy doing in the girls dorm?”

Without speaking a word, I evaded her with a speed that would shock others. Before arriving at the fourth floor, my Qi was already enveloped around my fist.


On the fourth floor, I slid forward a few steps, and proceeded onwards. My Yi Hai continued to chase after that supernatural ability user; he or she was inside the third room on the right side!

Quickly rushing forward, I found that the room door was locked. I didn’t say a second word and immediately threw a fist!


The door was crushed open. Just as the door was opened, a black figure swept in front of me, his fist covered with Qi struck me on my chest. He was indeed a Qi Expert. He looked like a middle aged man of around 40 years old wearing a suit, his face looking fierce and austere. He used his full strength for this attack, not even showing a little bit of mercy!

I twisted my hands and blocked his next attack, “peng”, his expression changed in a second. Immediately my right hand followed as my five iron hard fingers dug into his left arms like claws.


The middle aged man knew that he was weaker than me and retreated backwards. I followed closely behind, my left fist gathered energy as I let out a low shout: “Get lost!”


Dust scattered all around as the middle aged man slid backward on the floor, heavily slamming against the railings on the balcony. I chased him as I stretched forward a single hand to trap his two arms against his chest. Qi encircled my right fist; once this attack hit, his life would perish. I turned around and shouted, “Wan Er!”


“Li Xiao Yao, you can stop now!”

A familiar voice sounded from behind, it belonged to Lin Tian Nan.

I turned around to find Lin Tian Nan, Lin Wan Er, and Dong Cheng Yue sitting there. Wan Er stared at me in astonishment, a complicated look flashing across her eyes: “Li Xiao Yao…”

Dong Cheng Yue looked straight at me, “This guy…”

Lin Tian Nan let out a small sigh, “Li Xiao Yao, release him. He is an old friend of mine; it was just meant to test whether or not you really had the ability to protect Wan Er.”

I nodded, loosened my grip and discovered that the middle-aged uncle had wounds all over his chest and arms where I had attacked him. I said apologetically: “Next time, don’t try this out. If I don’t know whether Wan Er is really in danger or not, I will always use my full strength to attack….”

The middle-aged uncle rubbed his arm, and laughed out loud, “Lin Tian Nan, you old rascal…you really did find a treasure. In all of China, there aren’t many people that can subdue me in a flash and this little fellow is still so young….”

Lin Tian Nan stood up and laughed slightly, “Ok, it’s been hard on you 4th Brother, come let us drink a cup together; this is a place for young people to stay, not a place that is suitable for old men like us!”

“Good, we will not go home until we are as drunk as rabbits!”


Lin Tian Nan and the expert left through the front door. The two beautiful young ladies stared at me as I stood on the balcony; the three of us stayed silent for a long time.

“Ahem……” I broke the silence and asked, “Wan Er, was your father testing me?”

Lin Wan Er bit her rosy lip as she replied, “Yeah……”

Dong Cheng Yue added, “Mph, Uncle Lin said that if you did not arrive within 3 minutes after they had entered the room, they would replace you with someone better. Unfortunately for them, you had arrived not even a minute after they had entered the room. Moreover…”

Dong Cheng Yue laughed, “Moreover you beautifully defeated that violent uncle….”

Lin Wan Er looked at me, “I was so worried that you would be hurt by that uncle!”

I glanced downstairs, Lin Tian Nan had finally drove away.

I let out a deep sigh and said, “Your dad has started to doubt me, this is not a good sign. It’s my fault for having slept too soundly, else I would have detected that uncle from two miles away!”

Wan Er stood up, lightly laughing, “Ok, don’t blame yourself. Dong Cheng and I are still waiting for you to treat us to dinner. Let’s go?”


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