Zhan Long

Chapter 230

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Chapter 230 – Mohist Five Scrolls
Translated by: SoloNeko and GGP
Edited by: Taffy, Video, HighJayster

Wan Er’s eyes opened wide: “Wow, what a powerful growth potential…… 8.5 star Attack growth, and the rest of its stats aren’t that bad either……”

Promised Love looks over the stats and said “Actually, its greatest strength isn’t simply in star growth potential but its potential as a Valkyrie Tier BOSS. Other pets around the same level can’t compare. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, what are the Flaming Tiger God’s abilities?

I glanced over the tiger’s skill descriptions and said, “[Flame Claw] is a single target attack, [Flame Armor] is a protection skill to increase defense. [Fierce Roar] is an AOE skill that attacks the surrounding targets with sound waves; [Vampiric Drain] is a one time skill but it can absorb 100% damage dealt and turn it into health. [Burstfire Raid] is a skill to rush forward and damage all targets in its path…”

Yue Qing Qian bent down and caressed the tiger’s head, fondling it admiringly as she laughed, “Big Brother Xiao Yao, this pet is so cute. Could you… could you let us see its skills? A Valkyrie Tier BOSS is indeed different; it’s just at Lv 1 but it has already unlocked all of its skills. It even has five of them….”

I nodded and ordered the tiger to unleash its skills with my mind-


The small tiger that was the size of a small cat suddenly let out an angry growl, raising its head as its claws slashed through the space in front of it. A red claw mark lingered in the air, even after the tiger put his claw down. This was [Flame Claw]. Following closely with yet another growl, a battered looking shield appeared around the Tiger God, hovering and spinning around it. Using the shield to protect itself, the tiger’s front claws that were in the air suddenly fell on the ground and with another growl, a sound wave attack engulfed the surrounding area. After this attack, it activated [Vampiric Drain] but since there was no enemy, the life return effect didn’t show. Lastly, it unleashed [Burstfire Raid], which was the last of his skills!


Letting out an angry growl, the small tiger’s figure suddenly got three times bigger and its whole body became engulfed in fire. Its four claws were stepping on an ice blue flame as it suddenly rushed 10 meter forward. [Burstfire Raid] left a flaming path on the grassland, leaving the grasses on the sides almost scorched black. The skill looked extremely powerful.


“Wu…” Lin Wan Er pursed her lips and looked at me while laughing, “It’s a pity it is a bound pet…otherwise…otherwise I could borrow it and look cool once in a while…”

I laughed heartily as I looked at her, “It’s okay, we can train together later on and you can watch its mighty powers.”


Promised Love asked from one side, “Xiao Yao, this pet can be considered the number one of pets; how do you plan to use it stat points?”

I thought about it for a few seconds, “I’ll stack strength. I can boost its defense with [Flame Armor] and keep it healed up with [Vampiric Drain]. If I can maintain a high attack power, even if it’s against high level Monks or Knights, I won’t have anything to worry about.

Wan Er nodded, “Yeah, you have to quickly train your Tiger God; as soon as it reaches Lv 60, it will be able to display its full power and take the center stage. It could become [Zhan Long]’s mascot you know, just like how the four characters Xiao Yao Zi Zai are synonymous with [Zhan Long].”

Matcha laughed lightly, “ Yeah, there are many people who volunteered to join [Zhan Long] because of Boss’ stellar reputation…”

I bent over and picked the small tiger up. It reached out its little furry paws and batted at my chin, crying out “meow meow”. The two girls, Yue Qin Qian and Lin Wan Er, loved the small tiger to death; one stood to my left and the other was on my right as they swarmed around me. The small tiger wasn’t just a powerful ally in battle, but it could also act cute. It was the perfect weapon to pick up girls but it’s too bad these two girls are off limits!


“Let’s go, the quest should be completed….”

I turned and led the group across the icy ground towards the place with 7 totems. I shouted at the crack in the ground, “Senior Yun Chen, you can come out now. We have already killed the Ice Dragon, there is no one else that can imprison you here!”

The earth shook a little as a centipede-looking mechanical beast burst forth from a crevice in the ground. Head held high, an old man with a long beard and white hair sat on its back. The old man’s body seemed to be translucent; he didn’t have a solid body. He looked towards me and smiled, “Child, you have actually killed that Shadow of the Ice Dragon. I’ll represent all tribes from the Mohist City to say our heartfelt gratitude…”

I nodded, “Naturally, it’s something that I should have done…. Senior, is it still possible for your body to be revived?”

“No…” Yun Chen lifted his head and disappointedly laughed out loud, “Thinking that our Mohist saying was for peace and not war. In order to do this, we had to go to war with all these great dragons in order for all killing to stop. But we failed miserably in the end. However, I have never regretted it. We had to fight even if we didn’t want to. In order to protect this place, Mohist City will willingly endure any kind of consequences, even if we are destroyed!”

As he spoke, Yun Chen Old Man’s body slowly trembled and the mechanical centipede he was riding also slowly peeled off its skin. Yun Chen Old Man looked at me and smiled weakly, “Don’t worry about me, my life has already met its end. Child, you are a brave swordsman; even my old partner was willing to be reborn and follow you. This means that you have gained its trust. Since that happened, I would also bestow Mohist City’s last treasure to you. I hope that you can pass on Mo Zi’s legacy and spread “Universal Love” across the world and defend the people!”
TL Note: For curious readers, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohism


Yun Chen Old Man waved his hand as a black colored skill book flew towards me –

A “pa” sound followed; the words “Mohist’s Five Scrolls” were beautifully written on the book cover. Indeed, the last reward for this quest was made for me, the Mohist’s Five Scrolls!

“Child, I’ll be going now. I hope you can keep your pure heart. Don’t be led astray by great power…”

Yun Chen Old Man’s voice became softer and softer and the fourth floor become filled with heavy snow that engulfed Yun Chen Old Man’s body, blowing him to the skies far away. The mechanical centipede also let out a pitiful cry as it turned into dust. Both of them disappeared in an instant, as if they had never existed before.

I stood still and looked towards the place where Yun Chen Old Man disappeared, my hands clasping the Mohist’s Five Scrolls tightly.

Behind me, Wan Er tapped lightly on my shoulders and whispered softly, “What a pitiful person, your master had just appeared but he disappeared forever right away. However…luckily, he left you a Flaming Tiger God and the Mohist’s Five Scrolls. Take good care of them, remember to practice “Universal Love” and don’t attack others…”

Dong Cheng Yue couldn’t help but giggle from the side, “Practice ‘Universal Love’ and don’t attack others… If you practice a ‘don’t attack others’ strategy in winning girls’ hearts, they will probably be snatched away by other men…”

I was speechless, “Dong Cheng, what the heck are you thinking…”

Dong Cheng Yue hugged Lin Wan Er’s arms, “Humph, isn’t it true? That Wang Ze Cheng is definitely interested in our Wan Er….”

Wan Er’s eyes bulged, “You have said enough, Dong Cheng…”

Matcha laughed lightly, “Boss, why don’t you look through the contents of the Mohist’s Five Scrolls? Let us see it too; this is an SSS-rank profession main quest reward, all of us have never seen such a reward before…”

I nodded as the Mohist Five Scrolls disappeared from my embrace, shattering into millions of fragments and entered my body. At the same time, 5 new lines appeared on my skill list overview-

School of Mohist Mechanical Gear Technique (Mohist Five Scrolls) –

【Black Tortoise’s Realm】 (S) : Draw a body of water from underground. A type of trapping skill; target’s movement speed while in the Black Tortoise Realm will be reduced by 70%. Level Requirement 50, Consumes God’s Army Card x1 each use.

【Soul Army】(S) : Summon an army of soldiers that will continue to attack the targeted enemy. Level Requirement 50, Consumes God’s Army Card x2 each use.

【Seven Stars Teleportation】(S) : Allows the player to teleport from one to another position of the seven stars. Limited to 100 teleports. Level Requirement 60, Consumes God’s Army Card x3 each use.

【Azure Dragon Crossbow】(SS) : Summons a large scale siege weapon that is able to continuously shoot arrows. The attack power is 90% of the user’s attack power. Level Requirement 80, Consumes God’s Army Card x50 each use.

【Violet Thunder Tank】(SSS) : Summons a large scale siege weapon that is able to wield the power of thunder and lightning and has immense destructive power. Level Requirement 100, Consumes God’s Army Card x100 each use.
TL: God’s Army Card will be clarified in the next chapter


Looking at the five skills, I muttered, “Currently I can only use three skills…”

Wan Er’s eyes shone brightly as she laughed, “[Black Tortoise Realm], an S-ranked skill to reduce movement speed. [Soul Army], an AOE skill that passively attacks your enemy and [Seven Stars Teleportation]…uh, this skill is too IMBA; it allows the user to teleport to the seven star locations non-stop with a limit of 100 times. As long as you use your brain, you can kill anyone—even an expert player— with this teleportation skill…”

Matcha chuckled, “Actually the most powerful skills are the last two scrolls, [Azure Dragon Crossbow] and [Violet Thunder Tank]; they are siege weapons! You can even use them for defense. Tsk, my Big Brother Xiao Yao’s name will be known throughout the world. If there is a large scale group attack next time, these skills will take the center stage. Mohist Five Scrolls is indeed a befitting reward for an SSS-ranked quest!”

Dong Cheng Yue clasped her staff, snuggling up to my side, “Alright~ I’m going to follow you, Big Brother Xiao Yao, forever…”

I pursed my lips, “Alright now, don’t be too happy, we still have to report the quest. Everyone has stayed online for far too long. We can’t go on like this, we have to sleep soon.”



Our group of people climbed out of the Dragon Temple with great pains. Outside, Karl and Frost were waiting. Frost looked at the Flaming Tiger God in my embrace and smiled, “Good! Very good! You guys have finished the quest as expected!”

Karl froze, “That… Isn’t that Yun Chen Old Man’s Tiger Spirit Guardian?! Good brat, you went as far as killing the Four Saint Dragon’s Shadow. This…this is unbelievable!”

Frost smiled, full of pride, “What, are you now regretting not keeping this disciple? Hmph, it’s too bad! Now he’s my student, in the future he will be a member of the Dragon’s Cavalry. He won’t have anything to do with you Tomb Guardians anymore!”

Karl coughed coldly, “Don’t be bragging so soon!”

Frost gave a frosty look and Karl hurriedly lowered his head.


I walked forward and said, “Teacher, could you give us the quest reward….?”

Frost was slightly embarrassed, “Oh, yes, sure…”

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