Zhan Long

Chapter 229

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Chapter 229 – Flaming Tiger God
Translated by: Deceptionnnzzzz, SoloNeko
Edited by: HighJayster, Taffy
Final Check: Ryu

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TL Note: Changed Sacred Tier to Valkyrie Tier. The TL of the tier was incorrect in the first place.

Among the frost covered grass, 3 pieces of equipment were glowing brightly. The first piece was a ring glowing bright orange. The second was a pair of boots wrapped in a frosty aura. Lastly, the third was the broken remains of a blade. It didn’t look so strong but since the other two items were glowing orange, they had to be Emperor Tier items.

Holding the ring in the palm of my hand, the attributes suddenly appeared in the air–

【Deep Ice Soul Ring】 (Emperor Tier)

Magic: +51

Endurance: +49

Agility: +45

Extra: Increase magical attack by 8%

Extra: Increase maximum health by 400.

Required Level: 63


Clasping the ring, I laughed, “An Emperor Tier Mage ring…this is pretty much the top ring for Mages. Since we don’t have any other Mages except for Dong Cheng, I guess this will go to her…”

Promised Love laughed, “Dong Cheng, congratulations!”

Dong Cheng flushed red from ear to ear, “Thank you everybody, thank you Xiao Yao. I love you to death~”

Me: “…”

After giving the ring to Dong Cheng, I picked up the pair of boots that were wrapped in a frosty aura. Waving my hand over it, the attributes of the shoes floated overhead. Immediately looks of shock came from everyone; Hans was very generous to have given us two Emperor Tier items!

【Demon Ice Boots】 (Emperor Tier)

Type: Leather

Defense: 220

Agility: +50

Endurance: +48

Strength: +44

Extra: Increase physical attack by 5%

Extra: Increase magic resistance by 17%

Extra: Increase movement speed by 5%

Required Level: 63


Upon seeing the stats of the boots, I cried, “These boots are very strong, even without the three bonus effects, it’s an incredibly powerful item! It adds agility and movement speed, and even 3 other attributes! The value of these Emperor Tier boots is practically unimaginable!”

Matcha laughed, “We have 3 agility reliant players; Wan Er, Qing Qian, and Fox; should they ROLL for it?”

Wan Er chuckled slightly and passed on the ROLL, “I already received the Nightbreeze Woodscent parasol. How would it be fair to the others if I also ROLLed? Let Uncle Fox and Qing Qian try for it…”

Fox sighed, “I’m only Lv 58, there’s still a long time before I can even use it…”

After saying that, Fox passed on the ROLL, leaving Qing Qian to stand there awkwardly. Blinking her huge eyes, she said, “Then…then should I not ROLL either?”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I threw the boots towards her, “I don’t need it, so these boots are for you. Besides, Lv 63 isn’t too far away for you…”

Qing Qian blushed and asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, can I really?”

I nodded, and even Wan Er laughed, “Just take it. Otherwise, this Dragon Temple run will be for nothing if you’re not as well equipped as us. Oh, right, Xiao Yao, isn’t there a third item? Hurry up and show us….”

“Got it!”

I reached down to pick up ruined blade. The blade was covered in nicks and rust from the years of use it had gone through, looking like it had been snapped in half. Rubbing off some of the rust with my hand, the attributes of the weapon became clear to me–

【Ancient Spirit Sword】: A section of the sealed remains of a sword. A sword spirit is dormant within. One must awaken the spirit inside, then smelt the sword with rare metals in order to obtain a new godly weapon! Current Awakening Rate: 0%


“This…” I swallowed hard and looked towards the girls, “What kind of item is this suppose to be?”

Wan Er extended her arms to grab the item and immediately stuffed it into my bag while laughing, “Who cares, you’re the only sword user here, so it should go to you. Whether or not it has a use will depend on your luck now…”

I knew that Wan Er helped me pocket the ruined sword. She probably noticed it as well, that once this item was reforged, it could become a super strong item!

Continuing onward, we looked at the rest of the loot. There was a total of 12 soul gems. With my good luck, I rolled 3 of them and threw them all into my bag. Further inspecting the bushes, I saw a bright orange book that glowed as it lay on the floor. Grasping the book in my hand, a bright orange flame encircled it. At a glance, it looked like a fire related skill!

Everyone was curious-

Dong Cheng Yue’s pair of sparkling eyes opened wide, “What kind of skill book will that be?”

Wan Er’s dimples showed as she smiled, “Praying for an Assassin AOE skill…”

Fox clenched his fists, “I hope it’s a super powerful AOE attack for Musketeers, like a laser cannon…or something like an ion cannon?”

I threw him a look and said, “<Destiny>’s primary style is fantasy weapons and simple gunpowder, and yet you want an ion cannon? So, what? Should we just give you a warship for you to sail over to the American server and blow up their Iron Skull City while you’re at it?

Fox’s old-looking face turned red, “No need, American players are very strong… I know my own strength…”

Matcha pursed her red lips and asked, “Excuse me, young warriors. Can we see the skill book before continuing your daydreaming?”

I laughed heartily and with a brush of my hands, the description of the skill book floated in the air. It was indeed an AOE skill, but unfortunately, some of us was going to be really disappointed.

【Magma Lance】(S Rank): Channeling the power of fire, the user summons a magma lance to attack a 20×20 area. The power of the attack is dependent upon the user’s magic attack value. Required Class: Mage. Required Level: 60. Learning this skill will consume 2 Charm.


“Congratulations, Dong Cheng…” I held the skill book in my hand, “It seems like Dong Cheng is the biggest winner this time. Not mentioning Icy Deep Soul Ring, you even got an S ranked skill book as well. Go on and learn it and let us see how strong it is, okay?”


Dong Cheng’s hand flashed for a second as the skill book dematerialized. She raised her staff and channeled the spell for 2 seconds before the area 20 yards in front of us suddenly burst into flames. A bright red spike shot out of the ground, leaving a scorching red ring. The damage inflicted onto enemies inside the area would definitely be far from low.

“Goodness…” A joyous expression appeared on Wan Er’s face as she muttered, “This is definitely going to be super useful when I party up with Dong Cheng to grind levels…”

Dong Cheng Yue pursed her lips and patted her ample chest, “Leave it to me!”

Matcha’s face showed some regret, “It’s a shame though, Miss Dong Cheng is still in [Hero Mound]. If she was in [Zhan Long], then [Flying Dragon]’s members wouldn’t dare to continue picking on us on the forums…”

Lin Wan Er was astounded, “Is Soaring Dragon still provoking [Zhan Long]?”

I nodded, “Yeah, it’s not the first time. We even had small conflicts over training areas, many of which are probably Soaring Dragon’s doing. Ever since we helped [Valiant Bravery] in that arena match, [Flying Dragon] has held a grudge in their hearts. Furthermore, Soaring Dragon wants to be Ba Huang City’s best guild, so they will eventually have to eradicate the two biggest guilds, [Vanguard] and [Prague]. As you can see, Soaring Dragon’s ambitions are sky high.”

Continuing on, I turned and placed a hand on both Wan Er and Dong Cheng’s shoulders. With a laugh, I asked, “When will you two join [Zhan Long]? You two have kept me waiting for a long time now. Do you really want to see [Flying Dragon] bully us before joining?”

Wan Er gave me an apologetic look, “Believe me when I say that I want to join [Zhan Long] right away. But Dong Cheng and I had originally made a promise with Q-Sword. We can’t leave [Hero Mound] for at least another month. Just wait a bit more, 20 days. At most another 20 days and we will both be able to join [Zhan Long], alright?”

Satisfied, I nodded and smiled, “Okay, 20 days it is!”


Right at that moment, Yue Qing Qian treaded across the grass and with a gasp, she called out, “Brother Xiao Yao, look! The BOSS dropped something else here…”

As she spoke, she picked up a small sphere covered in flames and cried excitedly, “Wow, this looks pretty awesome!”

“What is it, Qing Qian?” Everyone got excited.

Yue Qing Qian touched the sphere, and the words immediately floated up into the air, causing everyone to look on with shock–

【Flaming Tiger God’s Pet Egg】 (Valkyrie Tier BOSS Pet): Unhatched, bound to player Xiao Yao Zi Zai.


“Val…Valkyrie Tier BOSS rank…pet….” Surprised, Wan Er looked at me and smiled in excitement, “I’m not just seeing things right? You just got a Valkyrie Tier pet… and it’s even BOSS rank…”

I froze, “Why? This… but why is it bound to me?”

Promised Love said, “Did something happen to you before we arrived?”

I told them about the mechanical beast, and Promised Love sighed a breath of relief, “Then it wasn’t weird, I guess that mechanical tiger recognized you as its master during the battle, then its tiger spirit was digested by the Ice Dragon into a pet egg. That is the reason for the unhatched pet recognizing its master even before it is born. Your blood probably had splashed onto tiger’s body during the battle just now…”

After saying that, Promised Love patted my shoulder, “Kid, you really did strike gold from a disaster!”

Yue Qing Qian handed over the pet egg to me, “I can’t hatch the egg, so Brother Xiao Yao why don’t you have a go at it?”



The pet egg felt heavy on my palm before a scorching hot energy came from within. I was besides myself with excitement, it was hard to believe. A Valkyrie Tier BOSS rank pet, just for me? I…felt extremely happy as I rubbed my face…

Confirmed, hatch!


A bright flame split the the egg shell open. In the next moment, a pair of tiny furry paws flicked the egg shell away. A small and chubby golden tiger crawled out from the shell, fumbling and tumbling straight towards my feet. It rubbed its round furry head onto my Purple Dawn Boots as it let out a low purr, “Meow~~meow~~”

Everyone all crowded over, Yue Qing Qian suspiciously asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, is this a Flaming Tiger God, or is this a Flaming Kitten God??”

I froze, “It should be a Tiger God…”

Wan Er laughed, “Who cares if it’s a tiger or a kitten, just hurry up and let us look its stats!”



Opening up the pet window, I was the one who was in awe. As I shared the Flaming Tiger’s stats to the crowd, stunned faces could be seen all around–

【Flaming Tiger God】(Valkyrie Tier BOSS Rank)

Level: 1

Attack: ★★★★★★★★☆ 8.5

Defense: ★★★★★★★

Health: ★★★★★★★☆

Agility: ★★★★★★★

Magic: ★★★★★☆

Skills:【Flame Claw】【Flame Armor】【Fierce Roar】【Vampiric Strike】【Burstfire Raid】

Excellency Rating:100%


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