Zhan Long

Chapter 227

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Chapter 227 – Fight between the Dragon and the Tiger
Translated by: SoloNeko, Ciel
Edited by: Video and GGP

“That’s right, this method works; it’s the trick to killing this boss!” Dong Cheng Yue smiled sweetly.

I brandished my sword and charged towards the boss, enduring its painful attacks and beatings, but my heart was beating rapidly. Merely two of its skills could send us all to our graves; if Hans used its third skill, [Ice Dragon’s Fury], would we have a way to survive? It was hard to say, but we had to walk this path at least once…


Numerous thrilling instances happened, [Icicle Domain] even killed Who’s Blue who was standing too close once. Luckily we weren’t annihilated. Under our perfect harmony and skillful operations, Ice Dragon Hans’ health slowly dropped. After 30 minutes of fighting, at last the Lv 65 Emperor Tier BOSS’ health was hacked down to 50%!


Looking at the boss from afar, Lin Wan Er said, “Same old rule, it’s going to unleash its skill when its health reaches 50%. Maybe it will be that [Ice Dragon’s Fury] skill…”

Dong Cheng Yue bit her lip, “Yeah, we must be careful!”

After a few seconds, Hans’ claws suddenly slashed through Matcha’s shoulders. She was standing too close and had attracted its aggro!

I hurriedly charged with my sword and unleashed [Great Realm of Desolation] to attract back the aggro!


Ice Dragon Hans roared angrily, its mouth suddenly spoke in human tongue, “You bunch of ants; you have the guts to injure me to this extent. The Obsidian Dragon God definitely won’t forgive you! Come now, grant me the dragon power of darkness. Let my dragon soul become even more powerful, all mighty Obsidian Dragon God, bestow this servant with your powers!”

“Shua” a dark pillar of light fell from the skies and the Ice Dragon Hans’ body suddenly leapt toward me, its claws slashing my shoulders!


So painful, it was a critical strike!

I quickly gulped down a health potion, while my legs suddenly buckled as I endured another heavy attack on my shoulders. Hans’ power had increased by so much that the ice beneath my feet had split open from his attack, exposing fresh soil underneath. There was a big crack in the icy ground. This Hans was simply too ferocious; did he wish to plant me into the dirt?!

“Heal Xiao Yao Zi Zai properly!” Promised Love hurriedly shouted, “Cast [Heal] on the group leader quickly!”

In the air, pillars of healing light flooded me. I couldn’t bear the pain, my chest bore more than 10 attacks from Hans’ claws. After he asked for power from the Obsidian Dragon God, he went berserk. A cold feeling washed through my Nebula Armor; there were lines of cracks on it. Really, my Nebula Armor was already starting to shatter in such a short amount of time?!


Dragon claws came down once again, smashing down on my head. My forehead received the brunt of this heavy attack and my whole body was immediately slammed down two meters into the ground. My whole body was now submerged nearly 5 meters deep. Ice Dragon Hans was like a dog digging in the dirt to hide its bone and kept burying me deeper. Did he want to bury me so deep that I could not be pulled back out, allowing him to then put his hands on the long range players? This guy’s AI was really too frightening…

I climbed through the dirt and stones as I lifted my arms, [Great Realm of Desolation]!


My Frost Rain Sword charged through the air and separated into three swords, intertwining and focusing its attack on the boss’ neck. Hans let out a painful howl as its health dropped down a little more. I was about to be killed in the next strike and even with Dong Cheng Yue’s high magic attack, we still couldn’t change the flow of the battle.

“We are dead…” Yue Qing Qian sighed in the party chat, “Big Brother Xiao Yao will be beaten into a pulp, what do we do? This… once the BOSS unleashes his [Icicle Domain], Big Brother Xiao Yao will definitely be killed…

Matcha clenched her teeth, “Yeah, this is really worrying. It’s all my fault, I wasn’t standing in the right position just now…”

Fox suddenly shouted, “Be careful, the BOSS is using his skills!”


Yue Qin Qian and Lin Wan Er almost gasped at the same time. Then I saw a series of notifications from the party chat-


Battle Notification: Player Yue Qin Qian used the skill [Ambush], the stun effect was successfully dodged by【Shadow of the Ice Dragon – Hans】!


Battle Notification: Player Cang Tong used the skill [Ambush], the stun effect was successfully dodged by【Shadow of the Ice Dragon – Hans】!


Battle Notification: Player Cang Tong used the skill [Gouge], the stun effect was successfully dodged by【Shadow of the Ice Dragon – Hans】!


Battle Notification: Player Yue Qin Qian used the skill [Gouge], the stun effect was successfully dodged by【Shadow of the Ice Dragon – Hans】!


All intercepting skills were MISSed, this time the situation was really dire. The skies flashed with lightning and thunder, and the area around us turned into an icy wasteland as the temperature dropped significantly. The dragon’s roar did not stop. Hans was activating an even higher level skill!

[Ice Dragon’s Fury]!

Switching my point of view, I could see that there was a raging blizzard outside. On top of that, the snowflakes could cause damage. As the snowflakes flew past, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Yue Qing Qian’s healths were constantly falling’ it was practically cutting down their health. The three Healers couldn’t keep up with their healing. Promised Love gritted her teeth and said: “Who’s Blue, I’ll revive you!”

Unfortunately, [Ice Dragon’s Fury]’s duration was extremely long. Right after Who’s Blue revived, she was immediately killed again. Yue Qing Qian, Darling Duck, and Fox were all killed. Lin Wan Er hid under her umbrella and furrowed her eyebrows, her health was constantly dropping before her snow white knees finally slowly knelt to the ground as she fell. Following close behind, Matcha also fell to the ground. Dong Cheng Yue’s [Mana Shield] was penetrated by the hail and she also evaporated into a white light. In the blink of an eye, 8 top players were dead and besides me, everyone was killed – the team was annihilated!

Looking up, the sky was covered with snow; [Ice Dragon’s Fury]’s area of effect covered the entire map. Unless the skill’s activation was disrupted, everyone would all die. But with our current levels, it was very unlikely that we could disrupt the skill, which was where our problem lied.

The climb up was excruciatingly hard as dirt and rocks fell between my clothes and eyes giving me a searing pain.

In the team chat, Yue Qing Qian shouted: “Brother Xiao Yao, we’ll run back to our bodies. Don’t leave yet since you’ll be killed the second you come out. [Ice Dragon’s Fury] is a constant spell, if the boss doesn’t die, then the spell will continue to be in effect. Even if the strength drops after the first 15 seconds, you can’t solo the boss right now…..”

As I held my sword, my brows furrowed. Is this the end? Is there no other way to kill this boss?!

My heart was filled with disappointment. This SSS-ranked quest had harmed the rest of the team. There were multiple equipments on the ground, even Lin wan Er’s Scarlet Edge was dropped. If we didn’t pick them back up, they would disappear in 2 hours. What a loss it would be!


In the chaos, I seemed to hear someone calling me. The voice was extremely soft, but I still heard it.

I calmed down and replied, “Who are you?”

That voice continued to call out to me, “Child, don’t worry. I will not harm you. You’ve come here, so you shouldn’t be the Obsidian Dragon God’s subordinate right? I have slept deeply for thousands of years here, it’s been a long time since I spoke to another person…”

My heart skipped a beat, “Are you… Yun Chen Old Man?”

“You…How do you know me?” The other person was a little taken aback. “I was sealed under the ground for thousands of years, even my body was already shattered by the dragon’s powers. Ordinary humans wouldn’t be able to see me. Child, how did you recognize me?”

I replied in a serious tone, “An official called Frost from Dragon City ordered me to come here to break your seal and settle this thousand years old grievance!”

Yun Chen Old Man couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, “There are still people that remember these old bones? Child, how could you be buried so deep? Normally, you wouldn’t be able to hear my voice if you were above ground….”

I lifted my head and looked up, “The Shadow of the Ice Dragon pummeled me down…”

“Oh, that stupid dragon…” Yun Chen Old Man laughed heartily, “Seems like he didn’t know that the Obsidian Dragon God sealed me under the ground, otherwise he would never have buried you here.”

I clenched my fist, “What should I do to kill that Shadow of the Ice Dragon? Old man, can you help me?”

“Oh?” Yun Chen Old Man coughed, “No…no. My body is already gone, I’m just a spirit with regrets, I can’t help you much…”

My heart sunk, “Then…Then what should I do?”

Yun Chen Old Man laughed, “Although I can’t help you much, my old friend can. But you’ll have to break his seal first!”

“Old friend?”

“Yes, an old friend that I molded myself, a being with the soul of a tiger. As long as you have its help, you’d stand a chance against that Ice Dragon Hans!”

I was excited, “Old man, what do I need to do to help your friend break its seal?”

Yun Chen Old Man replied lightly, “We’ll have to see how good your luck is. There is an asterism of the Big Dipper on the ceiling of this room. You have to go above ground and break the Epsilon and Delta Ursa Majoris seal on their totems. Only then will my old friend be released! After being imprisoned here for so long, I thought that I would never see anything again. Child, my spirit is already very weak, it’s all up to you. As long as you can break the cycle of reincarnation my spirit is locked in, I will pour all my life’s worth of knowledge into you!”
TL: In astronomy, an asterism is a pattern of stars recognized in the Earth’s night sky. It may be part of an official constellation or it may be composed of stars from more than one constellation. Editor: And now you know. And knowing is half the battle.


There are always good things that come from unfortunate times. What else can make a person so happy in this world other than this?

Clenching my Frost Rain Sword, I climbed up ferociously. Suddenly leaping to the ground above, a large, heavy snowstorm greeted me. Even the drops of snow falling on my body decreased my health by a lot. Seeing that the rate my health dropping wasn’t getting any slower, around 2% every second, I would be dead in 50 seconds. But I still had [Heal] and health potions, so maybe I could endure it for a little bit longer!


100 meters away, Shadow of the Ice Dragon Hans had already noticed me!


Suddenly charging forward with my sword, I flew straight towards the 7 totems. I knew the asterism of the Big Dipper like the back of my hand because of my [Seven Star Fragment Slash], and luckily it was as such. Otherwise, other players who didn’t understand the stars might not know which two totems to destroy. Even if they were given this opportunity, they wouldn’t be able to grab on to it!


Behind me, the Shadow of the Ice Dragon charged towards me at a tremendous speed!

I activated [Haste] and flew straight towards the totems. I measured the angle, making sure that I was aligned with the Epsilon and Delta Ursa Majoris. Then, I unleashed my skill – [Seven Star Fragments Slash]!


As the Sword Qi flooded out from the sword, the two totems fell down quickly and at the same time, I felt a breeze behind my back!


My body was suddenly thrown and I fell onto the icy ground. I only had 50% health left. In the party chat, Yue Qing Qian cried anxiously, “Big brother Xiao Yao you big idiot, why didn’t you wait for us, what the heck are you doing above ground?!”



Shadow of the Ice Dragon Hans’ back foot stepped onto the ground, moving towards me step by step, its eyes filled with menace and hatred. Its mouth suddenly spoke human tongue, “Brat, you are just seeking your death. Did you think doing this was enough?! Receive your death!”

Just as it was charging towards me, suddenly the earth started to shake violently!


A pair of sharp steel claws burst forth from the ground, immediately plunging into the Ice Dragon’s abdomen. Following closely, a ferocious looking tiger head made from steel burst out from the ground, biting the Ice Dragon’s body while roaring relentlessly!

I stared at them speechless, as if I was dreaming –

What a magnificent Tiger-Dragon fight!

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