Zhan Long

Chapter 225

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Chapter 225 – Emperor Tier Pet
Translated by: Vk, Anne h
Edited by: GGP

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“Wow, Xiao Yao’s defense is really reassuring! A Lv 65 Phantom Tier Monster’s skill only did 500 damage. What a beast…” Dong Cheng Yue giggled.

I gripped my sword as I rushed in to slash at the Ice Giant. “Use fire attacks! It deals additional damage to them. Should we split into groups or stick together?”

Matcha looked into the distance, “There are no safe spots here, so let’s kill them slowly. Besides, the Ice Giant’s Ice Spear is a ranged attack. If boss doesn’t attract all the aggro, I’m afraid all our Healers would be killed! Your 2000 defense seems impossible to break but breaking a Healer’s 800 defense is as easy as pie… ”

“Ok. Understood… ”


Within the canyon, the Ice Giant slaying expedition commenced! Even though we looked like one single group, we actually had two teams. Yue Qing Qian, Dong Cheng Yue, and I were one team, while Lin Wan Er and the others formed another. My defense was enough to ward off the Ice Giants’ attacks. Even taking two or three at a time wasn’t a problem as long as I had a Healer on me. Lin Wan Er, on the other hand, had an Emperor Tier umbrella which raised her defense by an incredible about. Not to mention, this Number One Assassin had godlike movements. Both offense and defense at the ready, Wan Er could nimbly switch between the dagger and the iron umbrella without breaking a sweat. She could single-handedly kill one or two Ice Giants effortlessly.

Since the release of <Destiny>, the number of female players who chose to be Moon Elves were in the thousands but none of them could bring out its potential like Lin Wan Er, swiftly changing between offense and defense in battle. Wan Er’s parrying and blocking had a success rate of over 70%. Above her head, MISSes appeared non-stop. Even though occasionally a few hits got in, the 5% life steal was enough to replenish her health. She didn’t need any healing at all!

After a long string of victories, two hours passed as we pushed towards the center of the map. Finally, after a pitiful cry, an Ice Giant fell and a dark blue card dropped. It was the Ice Giant Illustration!

“What now? Who will learn it?” I asked.

Yue Qing Qian blinked continuously and said, “The success rate of sealing a pet is influenced by one’s Charm. Brother Xiao Yao’s 51 points of Charm is the highest among all of us. You learn it. Let’s capture that Ice Giant! ”


The whole group stopped killing monsters and followed me to the entrance of the Fourth Floor. There, we found the same Lv 1 Ice Giant still lingering there. Far away, I took out a bunch of sealing cards from my inventory. Throwing one out to the Ice Giant, a magical glow appeared from under its feet. Lines of light swirled around the giant, trying to suck him into the sealing formation. Shrinking, the Ice Giant struggled to get free!

After a few seconds, the sealing failed!


The first 7 cards failed but on the 8th card, finally, the Ice Giant howled as it entered my pet space. At the same time, a notification sound popped in my head—-


System Notice: Congratulations! You successfully sealed an【Ice Giant】(Emperor Tier). You are the first player to seal an Emperor Tier Pet. Your reward: +5 Charm!


I was overjoyed, now I had 56 Charm! This Charm attribute was really important. In battle, it could increase the chances of attacks being closer to the upper limit. For example, if my attack was 1735-2220, with high charm every single one of my hits would deal close to 2220 damage. This is also under the presumption that my minimum damage was also pretty high. If there were some players whose difference between their minimum and maximum damage was over a thousand, then the Charm’s effects would be even more prominent.

Looking at my pet space, a large monster surrounded by snow flakes appeared—-

【Ice Giant】(Emperor Tier)
Level: 1
Attack: ★★★★★☆
Defense: ★★★★★★☆
Health: ★★★★★★
Agility: ★★★★☆
Magic: ★★★☆
Skills:【Ice Spear】【Ice wall Sweep】【Absolute Zero Absorption】
Excellence: 91%


Looking at the Ice Giant’s stats, everyone was shocked speechless—-

Lin Wan Er’s mouth was agape: “Wow… What a huge growth capability… It’s skills aren’t half bad at all. This pet, should be the most powerful pet in existence right now… ”

Matcha added, “The [Ice Spear] is an Ice attack, which will decrease the enemy’s speed. The [Ice Wall Sweep] causes the Ice Giant’s arm to transform into an Ice Wall which it can attack with. Using this would give out a great damage output. Furthermore, [Absolute Zero Absorption] …Boss, what does [Absolute Zero Absorption] do?”

I took a glance at the skill description. “Absorbs the ice energy in the air to return 3% of the Ice Giant’s health every second.”

“My goodness……” Promised Love said as her mouth opened and closed. “This…… Wouldn’t this Ice Giant be invincible? Individual attack, AOE attack, and it can even replenish its own health. Adding that its powerful growth potential……”

I nodded and laughed, saying: “Exactly. 5.5 star attack, 6.5 star defense, 6 star health, it’s indeed near matchless. Adding 7 points to Strength, 2 to Endurance, and 1 to Defense every level up and once it’s Lv 60, it’ll have an attack of at least 1900, 3000 points of health, and a defense of 1500…… This Ice Giant, whoever wants it, let’s just handle it now, or should we roll?”

Promised Love coughed, saying: “Actually, I’m a Healer and everybody understands…… Later on, I’ll need a pet with high damage output, so how about just sell this Ice Giant to me? At present, about how much does an Emperor Tier pet fetch?”

Matcha shook her head: “There is no market price. In Ba Huang City, the auction price for Purple Tier pets should have already been set around 10000G……”

Lin Wan Er laughed lightly: “But Big Sis Promised Love is one of us, so it should be cheaper. We can’t refer to the market price……”

Yue Qing Qian answered: “The price of Emperor Tier pets should be about 3-5 times that of Purple Tier pets, so it would be around 40000G. We’re friends, so by how much should we reduce the price?”

I asked probingly: “50% off? 70% off?”

Lin Wan Er giggled: “Let’s make it 70% off then. If it’s too expensive, I’m afraid Big Sis Promised Love will cry……”

“Alright, then that would be 12000G, right? Big Sis Promised Love, are you willing to accept?”

Promised Love was slightly excited: “Of course I have to have it! 12000G for an Emperor Tier pet, it’s too cheap. What is the current exchange rate of gold currency, I haven’t looked at it in many days already……”

“It should be 1:6?”

“Then that would be…… 72000RMB? Splitting it between us 9, everybody would get 8000RMB, so I’ll just transfer 8000 to each of your bank account numbers. Wait for me for about two minutes……”

Promised Love muttered a bit as she stood there unmoving. A few minutes later, each of us received a bank account transfer notice. 8000RMB had entered into our accounts!

I inwardly rejoiced. This income came about way too fast. Just one dividend was already 8000, something that I had never dared to dream about! As expected, in Destiny, the most expensive things were not equipment, but rather pets and skill books!

Promised Love gleefully summoned the Ice Giant and it followed behind her like a mammoth-sized monster.

Walking alongside Lin Wan Er, I said in a low voice: “Wan Er, what does Big Sis Chengshuo do that she just casually bought a pet worth 70000. She’s way too generous……”

Lin Wan Er laughed lightly, then lowered her voice and moved closer to my ear, saying: “Big Sis Chengshuo owns her own company, what do you think? If she likes it, much less 70,000, even if it was 700,000 she would still be able to buy it off without blinking.”

Me: “……”

“Alright, the poor shouldn’t be discouraged. Earn money diligently. You will strike it rich one day……”

“It’s hard to say. I’m afraid that in this lifetime, such a chance will never come by……”

“Weak, I can help you find an opportunity later……”



Going back on the icy fields, we resumed killing Ice Giants. At the same time I prayed that we’d find another Lv 1 Ice Giant. Doing so could earn us even more funds… But alas, Lady Luck did not smile upon me again. We didn’t find another Lv 1 Ice Giant.

8:00 AM in the morning. The last Ice giant fell prey to my hands. When I checked, my inventory was full of equipment; over 50 of them! Ranging from Green Tier to Gold Tiers, we had them all. After selling these, we could gain at least ten thousand RMB. This is the SSS rank quest’s specialty; one could earn a living here by just farming equipment drops.


Yue Qing Qian hefted her daggers and looked out into the distance as her face suddenly turned red: “What is that, it’s really……”

The other girls’ faces also turned red!

Looking straight into the distance, there was a vast altar. Several worn down totem poles stood there, seven of them, in fact. Each one corresponded to a placement of a star, arranged like the constellation of the Big Dipper. Attached onto the poles were chains with runes on them. The chains intersected in the center penetrated the body of a naked old man. Besides that, between the iron chains were several copper coins being tied together by lines of fine red threads which added a hint of mystery to the sight.

The old man kneeled there with his head hanging low, not muttering a single word. His hair cast down, drops of dark, fresh blood flowed along the iron chain. The blood gathered in a blood trough in the middle of the altar, forming a colossal dragon’s portrait that glowed faintly, giving an eerie feel.


“That’s……” I shuddered all over: “That’s Elder Yun Chen?”

Lin Wan Er nodded: “It most likely is…… Only, he’s not wearing any clothes……”

Dong Cheng Yue’s pretty face was red: “Yeah, why did the game designers do it so that he’s not wearing any clothes. Furthermore, he’s not that long either, at most six or seven centimeters. Xiao Yao don’t you think so?”

I stared at her, expressionless: “Dearest, is not your main focus a bit off?”

Dong Cheng Yue shuffled her feet: “I was speaking truthfully. It’s not that it’s not long and it’s most definitely not as long as yours……”

My face turned deathly white.

Fox squinted his eyes: “Beautiful Dong Cheng has seen Xiao Yao’s?”

Dong Cheng Yue lowered her head, her face blushing as she didn’t say a word. I really wanted to beat her to death!

Lin Wan Er’s face also went pale as she stared at me: “You and Dong Cheng…… nothing happened right……”

I felt like dying right then and there: “Have you never seen her tell lies before?”

“Haha……” Lin Wan Er laughed faintly, saying: “Where’s the boss? Or will we simply save this Elder Yun Chen? This SSS-rank quest can’t be this easy right?”

“Of course it wouldn’t, the BOSS is concealed and will wait until we make a move……”

“Then let’s make a move?”

I stared, saying: “Who’ll go?”

“You go, who else is there……” The Beautiful Miss chuckled as she looked at me.


Finding my resolve, I turned towards Elder Yun Chen. Unsheathing my Frost Rain Sword, I knelt on one knee in front of the old man. Reaching out, I touched pat his shoulder and said, “Old man, are you okay?”

Elder Yun Chen slowly opened his eyes but suddenly, an evil grin appeared on his face as he looked at me. My face started to freeze up as I heard him say, “Haha… Young one, are you ready to die?”

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