Zhan Long

Chapter 224

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Chapter 224 – Nightbreeze Woodscent
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Dragging my burnt legs, I walked unsteadily to the spoils of war. I was not worried about an Assassin stealing the loot because we were within the Dragon City borders. Ordinary players would not dare approach here and with Frost guarding the Dragon Temple, no one could possibly enter.

I sat on top of the burning hot floor as I divided the equipment. Altogether, there were 4 items. Compared to the drops of a Purple Tier Boss, Emperor Tier Boss’ drops were far more impressive. One of the drops was a pair of orange glowing leather boots which looked as if they were sewn with dragon skin. Another drop was a heavy scarlet red helmet which was craggy and dignified and it made my heart beat quite loudly. The third drop was a water bamboo colored umbrella that seemingly had no use. Finally, there was a dagger glowing dimly.

I picked up the orange glowing leather boots first and then waved my hand over them to see the stats. Just as the glow implied, the boots were Emperor Tier, these were definitely from the legendary lucky hands that I had——

【Dragon’s Cry Boots】(Emperor Tier)
Type: Leather
Extra:Increases magic resistance by 17%
Extra: Increases melee attack by 9%
Level Requirement: 60


Raising the boots up in the air, I laughed: “Leather armor! Who wants it? It is close combat fighting equipment so Fox can’t have it…”

Fox angrily yelled: “Go away, you jerk!”

Lin Er Wan looked over the pair of boots with her beautiful eyes and then turned to Yue Qing Qian. She said: “Qing Qian, I will not roll for these boots and let you have them. But I will take the bamboo colored umbrella since it is a Moon Elf equip. Okay?”

Qing Qian nodded: “Emperor Tier boots, I won’t suffer any losses in this trade. I will listen to you, Sister Cang Tong.”

As a result, the two girls finished up their transaction.

As I threw the Emperor Tier boots to Yue Qing Qian, I picked up the water bamboo colored umbrella. A burst of energy ran through the length of the umbrella and entered my palm. I waved my hand and the attributes appeared and as a result, everyone jumped in alarm. Who would have thought that would drop such an item——

【Nightbreeze Woodscent】(Emperor Tier)
Type: Defense Item, Moon Elves
Extra: Increase magic resistance by 25%
Extra: Increase chance of blocking by 37%
Level Requirement: 61


Placing the elegant umbrella in front of Lin Wan Er, I laughed faintly: “If you replace your default iron umbrella, this could enhance your defense and your defensive rate by a lot. It’s a good item……”

Lin Wan Er giggled and nodded: “Yep!”

While speaking, the iron umbrella on her back changed to the appearance of the Nightbreeze Woodscent with a “Shua” sound . With her two hands gripping her two daggers, her posture graceful and her cloak lightly fluttering, the aura she emanated changed, giving her a more luxurious and sweet-tempered appearance. Of course, that umbrella’s killing power was not decreased and after equipping an Emperor Tier armor equipment, Wan Er’s potential maneuvers surged by a huge amount. Most likely, even if she met an expert like Jian Feng Han, she would not be too inferior in any respect.

Continuing my inspection, I held the scarlet red helmet against my body. It flared a blazing red and after stroking it, the helmet’s attributes immediately appeared in front of me, showing incomparably powerful stats—-

【Divine Fireguard Helm】(Emperor Tier)
Type: Armor
Defense: 370
Strength: +49
Endurance: +48
Magic: +45
Extra: Elevates the user’s magic resistance by 27%
Extra: Elevates the user’s physical attack by 12%
Effect: Enhanced vision, field of vision at night is increased by 10 meters
Level Requirement: 61


Matcha’s level difference was a bit large and she insisted on refusing it, so this helmet was mine.

Immediately, I switched out my Fire Beacon Helmet with glee, as this Lv 45 Purple Tier equipment ought to have been discarded long ago. Once I put on the Divine Fireguard Helm, I immediately felt all of my senses elevate by leaps and bounds. It was also nighttime at the moment and my field of vision increased by quite a lot. In many fights, field of vision was one’s lifeline. This was almost like Battleship, whoever could attain further area coverage of mines was the near certain winner.

I looked at my stats again, and they were all enhanced greatly–

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】(Dragon City Night Watch)
Level: 61
Attack: 1735-2220
Defense: 2031
Health: 3624
Mana: 1736
Charm: 51


My defense directly broke 2000. For now, this exceeded 95% of the Monks and Knights in game, a state they could never attain. Thinking about it, even Matcha who had a whole body full of top tier equipment had not yet reached a defense of 1900. From this, it could be seen that Emperor Tier armor was really powerful!

Matcha looked at me with pretty eyes, “Boss, your defense broke 2000?”

I was surprised, “How did you know? ”

“Hm, looking at your laughing appearance, it’s obvious…”

Wan Er at my side said, “What I want to know is the value of your mana.”

I checked, “1736 points….”

“It is still a bit lacking…” Wan Er furrowed her brows, saying, “[Great Realm of Desolation] consumes 50 mana at the first level, [Blade Rush] consumes 40 mana. This implies that when these two spells are trained up to the seventh level, they will consume 350 mana for [Great Realm of Desolation] and 280 mana for [Blade Rush]. You calculate; how long will your 1736 points last?”

I rubbed my forehead, “Yea, what a headache, apart from a single Emperor Tier equipment, I have nothing else that increases my mana. If only I had 3000+ mana points, I’d be able to use skills without restrictions…”

Promised Love laughed lightly from the side: “It’s fine, Xiao Yao’s 1736 mana points is one of the highest values I’ve ever seen. Our Emerald Porcelain Guild has a few Swordsmen with only 600+ mana. Not even mentioning skills like [Great Realm of Desolation], even Lv 6 [Flame Axes] used consecutively 2-3 times empty out their mana. After that, they can only anxiously use normal attacks; don’t bring up how miserable that is….”

Matcha lifted her shield, saying, “Yeah, Boss is already excellent among those who use heavy armor equipment. 1736 mana points, so as long as he economizes his mana consumption, it will be enough for him to constantly use his skills while PKing. Using Lv 7 [Combo]s and the other skills from Lv 3-5, it should be fine …”

Darling Duck laughed lightly: “Considering Guild Master’s 2200+ attack power, using Lv 3-5 skills is too wasteful. Moreover, I’ve heard that the heavy armor type’s common third job advancement attack skill is [Skyshaker Slash]. Boss’ [Great Realm of Desolation] is a whole tier higher than that. Lv 7 [Great Realm of Desolation] is really a luxury. Hehe, after continuing to work hard and getting more Emperor Tier equipments, it will be possible to constantly use those skills… Oh right, is Boss following the path of the Battle Reflux Style or the Thorn Style?”

I nodded, “I am not completely sure either. I will follow my own path for the moment…”

“Alright… “

Wan Er looked at the ground, “Wow, there are quite a few drops; let’s divide them quickly and head to the fourth floor! ”


The fourth equipment, a Lv 61 Purple Tier dagger, was given to Qing Qian under Wan Er’s agreement. Thus, Qing Qian’s main weapon attack power was boosted quite a bit; after all, Emperor Tier equipment are invaluable right now. At the moment, most top-ranked players all used Purple Tier equipment. Step by step, our [Zhan Long]’s dream of becoming the an unrivaled guild was being achieved.

Upon further inspection, there were also Gems and Pardon Cards and finally, on the ground was a purple colored book that had been left behind. Grabbing it in my hands, I took a look at its specs. —

【Bullet Screen】 (S rank): Uses gunpowder to create a 40×40 yard smoke screen, causing the enemy players to lose their sight. Players in it will not see clearly for a duration of 12 seconds. Required profession: Musketeer, Required Level: 55, Consumes 1 Charm Point to learn.


I turned around and gave the [Bullet Screen] skill book to Fox, “Learn that, it will be a very practical skill during battles. Hehe, I’m sure you understand Fox…”

Fox laughed lowly: “I understand, I understand….”


Light was emitted from Fox’s hand and the new skill was successfully learned. [Bullet Screen], during PK, would enable him to blind a group of enemies. This skill will be a trump card if group’s teamwork is good. As long as we have this skill, [Zhan Long]’s small-scaled PK strength will rise to a new level!


After approaching the early morning at around 4 AM, we stood at the edge of the third level where the iron chains were suspended high in the air. I took a deep breath and said: “It’s the final level; let’s move out. The earlier we clear this part of the map, the earlier we can get some sleep.”

Matcha covered her little mouth as she yawned a few times, “Nya, so tired, I still have to wake up tomorrow afternoon to cook food for the livestock….”

Fox: “We are not livestock…”

I laughed: “No problem. If we stay up tonight, Matcha can just bring everyone to eat out tomorrow afternoon. Our studio isn’t lacking in that much money anymore and this would allow you to save some more time for sleep.”

“Really?” Matcha was endlessly excited: “Boss is the best, a thousand times better than those other livestock. They only know how to squeeze out as much labor from me as possible…. boo hoo….”

Fox’s face was dark: “How…the crap you’re spitting out is too much!”

Wan Er smiled, “Let’s go, don’t babble so much, we can talk while we slaughter our way through the fourth floor. ”


Standing on the high platform, we leaped over and grabbed the chains and using makeshift hooks, we slid down the whole way. From afar, the last part of the map could be seen suspended among the stars in front of us. It was a huge area of ice, however there was still some fauna growing in it. A large number of shrubs and winter trees were packed together on the area of the map.


Gently falling to the ground, I stumbled forward a few steps, leaving some footprints behind in the snow.

Right in front of us was a giant around 3 meters tall, its whole body was flawlessly carved with a chunk of ice for its head. It did not have eyes but it had a pair of thick arms that created cold gust when they moved. The force those arms was quite apparent but the most astonishing thing were the words that appeared above the large fellow’s head that made one’s heart race—–

【Ice Giant】(Emperor Tier)
Decription:Can be sealed


“Gosh, a sealable monster…” Wan Er pursed her red lips: “And it’s even Emperor Tier. Matcha’s Illusionary Butterfly is only Purple Tier. This Ice Giant must be very strong…”

I gritted my teeth, and said in a low voice: “We’ll bypass that Lv 1 and go kill the normal Ice Giants. Once the illustration is dropped, we’ll come back and seal it!”


We snuck around it very cautiously to prevent attracting its attention. Behind the Lv 1 Ice Giant was a field of ice where countless Ice Giants were energetically running around, occasionally letting out dull shouts.

Ice Giant, Lv 65 Phantom Tier Monster!

Before I got closer, one of the Ice Giants let out a sharp cry and suddenly raised its arms to form an ice spear. With a “Pa” sound that broke through the winds, it directly penetrated my Nebula armor—–


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