Zhan Long

Chapter 223

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Chapter 223 – Beating the Fire Dragon
Translated by: SoloNeko and GGP
Edited by: Anne, Zero, Sac

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Stepping on a giant stone in the middle of the grass, Lin Wan Er leapt, her pair of snow white legs gave off a captivating luster under the moonlight. Using the momentum, she landed on the back of the enormous dragon’s neck. The daggers rose high and then came down, stabbing it’s neck. The place she stabbed was where I had slashed numerous times and the scales flew while blood poured out. Attacking an already injured spot, a skill’s damage would be heightened dramatically. Wan Er was a video game veteran so she naturally knew this point very well.


Unfortunately, her skill was returned with a big MISS. Lin Wan Er landed on the ground, her small agile boots took a turn and she charged back to the boss’ back. She activated her [Gouge] skill but was yet again rewarded with a MISS. The beautiful miss’s face immediately paled, “Oh no, this is bad…”

Yue Qing Qian’s dagger attacks also resulted with two MISSes. Immediately, I started my skill, [Binding Chains]!

The fifth MISS flew out. This Emperor Tier boss’ evading abilities were really too high. All of our abilities that could intercept its skill had success rates that were less than 20%. We really had to force our way through now.


Seven bright fragments of stars flew out from my Frost Rain Sword. As I unleashed [Seven Star Fragment Slash], I shouted out, “I’ll keep the boss with me; Wan Er, Qing Qian back out or you’ll be killed!”


Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian moved back with lightning speed. Unfortunately, their retreat was a tad too late as giant holes suddenly appeared in the surrounding ground. In just a moment, with a “Gugugu” sound, a large amount of red hot lava spurted out from the ground, just like countless volcanoes erupting all around. As the magma fell onto our arms and face, plumes of burning smoke oozed out. It was painful and our health decreased very quickly!


Lin Wan Er cried out in surprise as she quickly unfurled her umbrella to block some of her body from the lava. At the same time, she grabbed Yue Qing Qian’s arms and the two ladies started to run for their lives.

[Volcanic Domain]’s AOE range was extremely wide with a radius of 100 meters. Even our Healers could only cast [Heal] within a 40 yard radius. It was too late to retreat, so we could only receive [Volcanic Domain]’s lava baptism!

“Be careful!”

Promised Love looked from afar and said, “Darling Duck, I’ll revive you, you revive Who’s Blue, and Who’s Blue will prepare to revive Xiao Yao Zi Zai. We can’t be annihilated just like this. We have to keep our flame burning!”

Who’s Blue was flustered, “ Big Sis Promised Love, then who’ll revive you? What do we do if you die…”

“It’s okay…”

Promised Love sighed a little, “If I don’t go to the underworld, who’ll go…””

On the other side, Matcha didn’t make a sound and brought down her shield in front of Promised Love. She reached out her hand and took the beautiful Healer into her arms as her shield struck the stone slab with a “Keng”. As the [Phantom Shield] skill was activated, three golden shields floated around them, protecting Matcha and Promised Love!

[Volcanic Domain]’s countless miniature volcanoes erupted at our feet and fumes of smoke billowed as scorching hot lava spurted out. I alternated between using [Heal] and gulping down bottles of health potions but I still couldn’t keep up with the rate of my health falling. Far away, Fox let out a weak groan as he knelt on the ground, fell on his musket and died. Darling Duck and Who’s Blue couldn’t keep up against this kind of attack either and the two fell to the ground with a whimper.


Promised Love’s resurrect skill was activated as Darling Duck stood up. She immediately cast [Revive] on Who’s Blue. On the other side, Lin Wan Er’s steel umbrella was almost burnt into nothing by the lava. She cried “Wu…wu…” lightly as she tumbled out of the volcano cluster with Yue Qing Qian. Unfortunately, under the last spurt of molten lava, Yue Qing Qian’s body trembled weakly as her last thread of health was drained by [Volcanic Domain].


A white light shone down as Yue Qing Qian died. This Emperor Tier boss was indeed intent on tearing our small group into shreds.

“Shua shua shua..”

Rays of healing light continuously poured down on me as Promised Love tried to pull my health back up with all her might. Who’s Blue also stood back up. The cluster of miniature volcanoes calmed down and the thick smoke surrounding us dispersed. We had overcome [Volcanic Domain]’s seemingly infinite 10 second attack!



Dragon claws clashed with my Frost Rain Sword as sparks of fire burst forth. I moved a few steps back, flicked my hand and unleashed [Great Realm of Desolation] against the boss’ lambella. Bathed in sword light, I used [Blade Rush] and attacked the boss’ body with a “Hua Cha” sound. In addition to my [Strength of a Thousand Men] and my [Combo] attacks, the Fire Dragon’s health fell by a lot.

Matcha moved her shield away and stopped blocking Promised Love’s field of view. Promised Love turned deathly white and weakly laughed, “Scared me to death, I thought we’d be annihilated… Luckily Matcha protected me, so I wasn’t killed by Volcanic Domain… Heehee, Xiao Yao Zi Zai is getting really strong, he could withstand such a strong attack from the boss..”

My face was pale, “Don’t say anymore, quickly heal me, I’m dying…”

Darling Duck let out a giggle, “ Guild Master really has it hard…You have to endure the boss’ painful attacks and still take care of our safety.”

Matcha’s eyes were lucid, “The BOSS’ [Volcanic Domain] attack power is very high but the cool down is at least 10 minutes. We should hurry up and increase our attack output and aim to defeat him before his second [Volcanic Domain] attack. Otherwise, we could possibly lose more levels. Even Yue Qing Qian lost a level this time, so our losses are a bit big.”

Yue Qing Qian who was brought back to life through Who’s Blue’s [Revive] slowly stood up. She didn’t cry and instead laughed a little, “It’s okay. I’ve learned my third job advancement skill and got my third job advancement anyway. Even if my level fell to 50, my stats still retain the hidden bonus. Wuwu…had I known earlier, I’d have chosen the Moon Elf race too. Big Sis Cang Tong’s survivability is so strong…”

Matcha pouted her lips, “That’s because Beautiful Lin’s operative abilities are too strong. The positions she ran to just now is extremely favorable and avoided more than 90% of the [Volcanic Domain]’s attack. Otherwise how could you two Assassins still be alive…”

Darling Duck suddenly looked grim, “There is still one severe problem.”

Me: ”What?”

Who’s Blue and I were both revived, so we only have 50% mana. This makes mana a big problem, so I’m worried that our heals won’t keep up.”

Matcha said, “Relax, Boss can still endure it in the mean time. With Big Sis Promised Love’s full [Heal]s, both of you can use Lv 4 [Heal]s to help a little. Just don’t go all out.”



As time passed away bit by bit, under the baptism of multiple [Breath of the Fire Dragon]’s, my Nebula Armor was almost charred black. But luckily my Nebula Armour had an option to ignore 7% defense on the enemy, thus decreasing Shadow of the Fire Dragon’s 1470 defense to 1367. Otherwise it wouldn’t be so easy to kill. Very quickly, around 9 minutes later, the boss’ health fell below 5% and everyone started to get excited—

Lin Wan Er: “It’s an Emperor Tier boss and it’s dying, heehee…”

Yue Qing Qian: “Drop an Emperor Tier sword please, best if it’s an superior sword for Lv 61…”

Matcha: “Eh? Yue Qing Qian, why would you want a sword instead of a dagger to drop?”

“So that Big Brother Xiao Yao can use it!” Yue Qing Qian blinked her eyes as she replied.

Matcha smacked her palm to her forehead, “What…”

I asked: “Currently, what’s the most expensive equipment?”

Promised Love laughed, replying, “Superior weapons of types like swords, battle-axes, and daggers are the most expensive because the professions that use them depend a lot on their weapons. Other than that, probably rings and necklaces that add health. Then it would be defensive armor and etc…”

I muttered back, “In other words, superior swords are the most expensive?”

“Yeah, more or less…”

Yue Qing Qian wielded her dagger and unleashed [Twin Blade Harmony] as she laughed, “Big Brother Xiao Yao, your pet…is too pitiful. It died so many times under the boss attacks…”

I looked at Baby Bobo, a little speechless, “Yeah, its growth is a little low, so its health did not increase much. Dying is considered normal, it’s just an elite pet after all, now it can’t even be compared to a lot of other players’ pets…”



As we watched the boss’ health near depletion, everyone held their breath almost at the same time. It was the death of another Emperor Tier boss, what drops would it give us?


Just as its health fell to the last thread, the Shadow of the Fire Dragon finally lifted its head back up. The surroundings lit up with fire as the ground trembled slowly. This chap was starting to call forth its [Volcanic Domain] again. It was exactly 10 minutes, Matcha’s prediction capabilities were really accurate!

“Break the skill!” I quickly shouted out.

The two Assassin ladies quickly activated their skills. Unfortunately after 4 MISSes flew out, their small faces turned green, “Why can’t we break it?!”

Yue Qing Qian gripped her dagger, “Big Sis Cang Tong, hurry and run…”

Instead, Lin Wan Er raised her two arms, activating [Twin Blade Harmony]. Her face was resolute as she said, “We are not running. It’s the last 1% health, we should attack all out and kill it before it activates its skill! Dong Cheng, use Thunderbolt Finger and Indigo Sea Arrow!”

Everyone’s blood was boiling with killing intent, KILL!

[Twin Blade Harmony], [Indigo Sea Arrow], [Thunderbolt Finger], [Double Shot] and all other kinds of attacks fell on the Shadow of the Fire Dragon’s body. It howled pitifully as it called out [Volcanic Domain]. Linked in an endless line, countless volcanic craters protruded out from the ground. Scorching hot molten lava bubbled inside the volcanic crater, just like boiling water. It would erupt at any time!


I steeled my heart, raised my hands and unleashed [Strength of a Thousand Men] in addition to a [Combo], “Pi pi pa pa”, attacking wildly. However, Shadow of the Fire Dragon just couldn’t be killed, its body swaying weakly with 0% of health left. Still not dead yet, isn’t this cheating!!

The other ladies raised their heads to look at the boss and immediately fell into chaos-

Lin Wan Er: “Gosh, it didn’t die even after this…”

Yue Qing Qian: “We are doomed, we are going to die together with Big Brother Xiao Yao…”

Matcha: “The BOSS total health is 500,000, 1% is 5000. This is not even 1%, so its health should only be around 2000. Just a little more, everyone do your best! Ah, the boss skill is activating, we’re finished…”


I raised my hand and clenched my teeth as I unleashed [Great Realm of Desolation]. Three blades of the Frost Rain Sword trembled in the air and suddenly flew out, a green ray concentrated on my body. It was a fatal strike and furthermore, I had unexpectedly, landed a critical strike!


A pillar of golden light flooded out as I rose to Lv 61. Shadow of Fire Dragon howled pitifully in grief as its body shattered into thousands of flaming pieces, drifting through the wind. [Volcanic Domain] was immediately put to an end and at the same time a bunch of drops fell to the ground. Emperor Tier boss drops, this is what we were most interested in!

Bathed in a golden pillar of light, Yue Qing Qian giggled happily, “The Emperor Tier boss experience is really high, I gained the level I lost just now…”

Lin Wan Er looked at the ground filled with equipments and pursed her lips, “Li Xiao Yao, go and look through the equipments. Hopefully one of them is an Emperor Tier leather armor~~”

“Thank you for the well wish!”

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