Zhan Long

Chapter 222

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Chapter 222 – Indigo Sea Shot
Translated by: Vk, Deception and GGP
Edited by:Zero, Zephir

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3 AM: a group of people gathered at the end of the third floor in the Dragon’s Temple. Behind the twelve totem poles was an elevated platform with a 10-meter tall copper statue of a dragon perched on top of it. The statue looked as if it would come to life at any moment.

“Sha Sha…”

Wan Er stepped over fallen leaves, slowly closing the distance while wielding her dagger. Reaching out, she touched the base of the statue. Looking back at us, she asked, “Is this the boss of the third floor? The copper looks really solid. What now?”

Dong Cheng Yue answered, “The melting point of copper is 1083 degrees Celsius. Given a certain amount of pressure, it will melt in around an hour’s time. Should I try doing that? My high-heat flames…”

I took a glance at her. “You and your weak flames… There must be another way to free the boss from the copper shell. Let me try…”

“Alright”, Wan Er said as she retreated.

I walked forwards. My feet pushed against the ground and my body soared 3 meters high. Landing at the base of the statue, I took out my Frost Rain Sword and slashed once at the dragon’s foot with all my might.


Sparks flew everywhere. The attack only left a shallow scratch to the copper shell, not even a dent!

This is not right… The weak point must be somewhere else!

Stretching my hand outwards to grab the dragon’s tail, I pulled myself atop the back of the dragon and climbed all the way up to its head. I then dealt another blow to the statue. The entire floor shook but the dragon once again did not seem like it was moving at all!


“Boss is like a blacksmith. He keeps knocking and knocking…”, Said Matcha.

Fox laughed loudly. “A blacksmith with his tiny figure? He can’t even lift a hammer…”

Wan Er replied, “It still beats the strength of this premature uncle…”

Fox: “You… Grr, let’s settle this!”

Wan Er flashed the edge of her blade: “One second!”

“What does that mean… One second?”

“All it takes to kill you …”



Ignoring the quarrel between Fox and Wan Er below, I continued smashing and bashing the giant dragon statue. Suddenly, Promised Love raised her voice and yelled, “Xiao Yao, come down quickly! The boss is awakening!”

“What’s the situation?”

Standing on top of the dragon’s head, I held tightly onto one of the dragon’s horns. The ground shook as the base of the copper statue emanated mystical runes. At the same time, a smouldering heat radiated from the copper statue. The next moment, red light seeped through the cracks that formed; the copper became molten copper!

“Sh*t! It’s a Fire Dragon…”, I finally snapped out of my daze.

“Quickly get down!” Wan Er anxiously said as she held her dagger.

I was like a cat stuck on a tree… it was more than ten meters high from the ground and I couldn’t find a chance to get down!

“What do we do now? Boss can’t get down…” said Matcha nervously.

Wan Er, wielding her dagger shouted, “Li Xiao Yao! You just stay there and be a tank! We’re killing the boss anyways, you might as well keep attacking from up there…”

With one hand grasping tightly on its horn and the other on my Frost Rain Sword, I replied grimly. “I can’t even stand firmly, how am I going to fight like this? I can’t even see the boss’ face…”

“Just hit him! Why do you need to see his face?!”



Finally, the Fire Dragon melted all of the copper, escaping his shell. Its scales glowed abnormally bright under the moonlight with flames covering its entire body. My Purple Dawn Boots turned red upon contact with the scalding red scales. My health was also slowly being drained away. In this situation, I don’t even need to be hit by the boss; I would be burned to death!

With my left hand grasping the dragon horn tightly and with my right hand holding my Frost Rain Sword, I spread my fingers and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]. My sword split into 3 other swords and I aimed at the head of the Fire Dragon. “Kacha”, my attack landed right on target!


Luckily, this attack could pierce its defense. Catching the Frost Rain Sword that returned, I focused and released a [Fierce Ice Blade], fiercely stabbing the Fire Dragon’s head!


The damage done was reduced by a bit. I raised my hand and used a [Heal]!


The Fire Dragon felt the pain and violently shook his head to shake me off. I fell off and while my body was in the air, a giant pair of scarlet red eyes looked straight at me and I was able to make out the dense smoke puffing out of its nostrils. Without another word, I grasped my sword tightly as I used a [Combo]. Five continuous hits landed on the dragon’s head!

“Peng peng peng peng……”

Loud sounds blasted in quick succession. After taking so many hits, the dragon finally started raging. Raising his claw, he swiped down, scratching my chest causing a jolt of pain. Before I landed, the dragon opened its jaw and fan-shaped flames burst from its mouth. In that moment, my entire body felt as if it had evaporated. The pain from such an intense heat was unbearable! Above my head, a chain of numbers appeared–



Luckily, Darling Duck and Promised Love healed me quickly and I managed to survive. With a “Peng” my body, charred black, rolled on the ground, leaving a long trail on the stone floor. I finally halted my rolling after knocking into a totem pole. After receiving another few heals, I stood up again and rushed towards the boss with my sword in hand. I knew very clearly that if I was a second late, everyone would be decimated by the boss!

Twisting my hand, seven meteorites flew by. This Lv 5 [Seven Star Fragments Slash] was aimed directly at the boss’ thick skull!


The AOE attack had not been enough to break through the defense of the boss. I quickly used a [Binding Chains] but it unexpectedly missed. Although it had missed, the Fire Dragon was indignant. Its sharp claws came flying out in a cross shape formation to attack. Behind, the three Healer girls hastily got ready to cast [Heal] on me while Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue’s Tigermen pets were attacking the boss near its foot. With a short snort, the dragon lashed out with his tail to crush the Tigermen to death!

At this moment, I got even closer to the BOSS and finally got to see the stats of it. Once I got confirmation of it, I immediately shared it amongst the party chat.

【Shadow of the Fire Dragon – Paige】(Emperor Tier BOSS)
Attack: 1950-2300
Defense: 1470
Health: 500,000

Skills: 【Dragon Claw】 【Breath of the Fire Dragon】 【Volcanic Domain】

Description: Paige was created based on the Fire Dragon and bestowed with a portion of his powers. After the Obsidian Dragon God imprisoned Mohist City, he summoned the four Saint Dragons and used their blood and soul to create shadows of the Saint Dragons. With a part of the power of the four Saint Dragons, Paige was one of the few to guard the Dragon Temple as a warrior of the dragon race.


“Wow…” Wan Er’s Scarlet Edge flitted across the tail of the boss as she struck with [Twin Blade Harmony]. “We finally have another Emperor Tier Boss. With 2300 attack and an impressive appearance, Qing Qian has to be really careful with this one!”


Yue Qing Qian launched her own [Twin Blade Harmony] right after and immediately had to dodge the boss’ claws right after. This Boss’ AI was really high! The Aggro system was completely tossed aside for this battle!

Yue Qing Qian’s combat experience was extensive and so she quickly dodged the incoming claw with her [God’s Dance]. Her head showed a MISS on top but that didn’t stop her face from paling in terror as she retreated, “Sister Cang Tong, I can’t pierce through its defenses. This boss is really strong, a single hit would probably kill us quickly: how scary!”

Wan Er nodded back to her before retreating as the Fire Dragon brandished its claws towards the beautiful Miss!

I quickly brought out my sword, the tip of my sword glowed bright; it was time for [Blade Rush]!

“Hua cha!”

The sword penetrated through the body of the dragon, appearing on the other side of it before stopping right in front of Wan Er. Flashing the sword once more, I earned the aggro of the boss and saw a single claw heading straight towards me. The Shadow of the Fire Dragon sucked in a large breath of air, which alerted the whole group of the ominous event that was about to hit us!


My entire body grew hot from the sudden change in temperature after nearly being burnt alive. Behind me, Wan Er extended her parasol but was still sent flying back by Paige 10 meters. “Wuu…” came her painful cry as her eyebrows knit together. Her health was already almost at rock bottom so she hastily took a health potion as she jumped onto the sidelines. Indeed, an Emperor Tier boss was a tough opponent.


“Heal boss, we need him to stand a chance here…” Matcha winked her eye, “This Emperor Tier BOSS is too strong, but our boss is also strong. Even if Paige hits him with [Dragon Claw] and [Breath of the Fire Dragon], he may still live. The third skill, [Volcanic Domain], I’m not too sure about. Wan Er and Qing Qian should watch for an opportunity while keeping a safe distance away from the BOSS. We don’t want to provoke it again but if it starts to use [Volcanic Domain], then use [Absolute Step] and interrupt its casting. This is our only way of beating it so far…”

Wan Er and Qing Qian nodded at the same time, “Alright, we understand.”

Dong Cheng Yue raised her Fire Elf Card to increase her magical attack. With a swish of her magical staff, an indigo colored arrow made from magic began to condense. Another flick of her hand sent it flying forward with a “Shua”, right into the neck of the Fire Dragon. This was the [Indigo Sea Arrow] from the 3rd advancement of a Mage. Its power was super strong, and the Fire Dragon suddenly howled in pain–


“Damn..” Fox’s eyes squinted at the number, “Dong Cheng is quite the Mage…ai, very few heavy armor players of the same level would be able to live after taking a single [Indigo Sea Arrow] right?”

While casting another spell from her staff, Dong Cheng laughed, “It’s hard to say, Xiao Yao could definitely take a hit from this. Old K and Dong Cheng Lei, they don’t have much magical resistance, so they’d die. Of course, this skill takes 2.5 seconds to cast and I have to carefully aim my spell before I use it. Otherwise, I’m afraid the one dying would be me. If Old K uses [Whirlwind Slash] and [Savage Jump Slash] and breaks through my [Mana Shield], that would be too embarrassing…”

Matcha laughed, “Old K is quite pitiful. He hasn’t done anything and yet still gets ridiculed…”

Fox laughed as he fired his rifle, “If he knew he was ridiculed by a beautiful girl, he’d be happy…”

Yue Qing Qian clenched her dagger tightly as she looked at the Fire Dragon, “Brother Xiao Yao is being ripped to pieces by the boss and you guys are still able to joke around at this time. What horrible people you are…”

Fox smiled, “If I had such a beautiful young girl looking over me like this, I’d happily die for her…”

Yue Qing Qian went silent after that.


As time slowly went by, after around 12 minutes, the Shadow of the Fire Dragon’s health had finally dropped down to 50%!

“Hou hou…”

As it howled, the Fire Dragon reared its head. The earth began to shake as the dust began to fly in the air.

Wan Er’s eyes narrowed, “It’s coming, Qing Qian, we have to interrupt it!”



Activating [Absolute Step], the two girls sped like lightning towards the BOSS with their daggers twinkling in the light. With a growing sense of anticipation, I could only watch with my heart in my throat in hopes that they would succeed.

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