Zhan Long

Chapter 220

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Chapter 220 – Proof of Cruelty
Translated by Eric, Deception and GGP
Edited by Zephir, HighJayster, Video, Kaylee

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Wang Ze Cheng’s mouth smiled cruelly with self-satisfaction. He looked at Liu Yang and said, “Liu Ying, son of the Chairman of Hangzhou Fengling group, your company’s value is barely 1.2 billion! Don’t you realize how worthless you are? Booster is well over 100 times wealthier than your group! You’re nothing more than an ant I can crush anytime I want.”

Liu Ying nearly broke his teeth in anger, and his eyes became bloodshot as he looked at Xu Yue, “Slut, you slut….”

Xu Yue opened her eyes and heartlessly looked at Liu Ying. She faintly said, “Didn’t you say some women only want to be loved while others only want **, and I am the latter? Now, didn’t I just prove to you that you were right when you said that I do not love you?!”

Liu Ying whimpered, “Slut, you slut……”

Wang Ze Cheng could not help but laugh coldly. He leaned down and spoke, “Liu Ying, just acknowledge the fact that you are no match for me. I’ve returned to China to conquer and Xu Yue is only my first woman.The woman I, Wang Ze Cheng, truly want is Wan Er. Moreover, I will get her. Just you wait and see……”

Liu Ying stood up vigorously and brandished his fist. However, one of Wang Ze Cheng’s bodyguards lifted a leg to kick him in the stomach, sending him sprawling backwards, moaning!

Piggy was lying face down on the floor, his face covered with blood. He wailed at Liu Ying, “Boss, don’t fight them! We’re no match for these guys. They’re all a bunch of freaks…”

Liu Ying ignored him and roared as he advanced onwards. Another kick sent him flying back once more with blood spilling out of his mouth.



A cold wind blew forth as the bodyguard was about to hit him for a third time and an arm came out of nowhere and blocked him with a “bang”. The bodyguard’s arm broke with a sickening crunch, followed by a kick directly into his stomach, throwing him onto the grass.

“Who dares interfere?!” Wang Ze Cheng’s cold eyes glared at me.

I stood with my fist swaying slightly in the wind. “Wang Ze Cheng, I heard… that you were planning to make a move on Wan Er or did I hear wrong? If so, I’m afraid you won’t be seeing the sunrise tomorrow!”

“Li Xiao Yao! So it really is you!”

Wang Ze Cheng moved forward and said, “Everybody, get rid of him!”

Suddenly, 4 black suited bodyguards came rushing at me!

The sound of a fist whistling through the air came through loud and clear as I moved my shoulder like a pendulum to evade the blow. Simultaneously throwing out my right hand out, I struck against another bodyguard’s fist head on. Unexpectedly, my right hand felt a bit numb afterwards; even though I used about 30% force with the blow which should have been much more than any normal person!

Quickly increasing my Qi, a strong wind blew around my body as my strength was increased by 50%!

Both of my fists went up as I lowered my body. “Bang, bang!” My punches were accompanied by the sound of bones breaking and the bodyguards flying. At the same time, the other two bodyguards came at me with their fists ready.


Bringing my right foot to sweep through quickly, I swept their feet out from under them, causing them to fall to the ground. I could only guess from their screams of pain that their ankles were probably broken.

Each and every bodyguard was now on the floor, broken and screaming endlessly.

Wang Ze Cheng’s face went pale as he looked at me with a faint sense of fear.

“I’ll ask again, are you going to make a move on Wan Er?” I asked coldly.

Wang Ze Cheng laughed faintly, “I only wish to pursue her.”

“People like you are scum and not worthy of someone like her.”

“Hmph! Is that so?”

Wang Ze Cheng rolled up his sleeves before throwing himself at me with his right hand outstretched. It went towards my chest but before it could land, I gave him a punch with 50% of my strength!


My arm became numb due to the force of my punch. I remained in the same place but Wang Ze Cheng flew backwards through the air, only stopping when he hit a tree. His clothes were shredded from the impact and his face paled from the pain, “Li Xiao Yao, you are good, really good … just wait and see … you will regret this later …”

After that, he turned and ran into the forest.


“Li Xiao Yao……” Liu Ying laid on the floor, watching me with extreme embarrassment, “Thank …… Thank you……”

I glanced at him, “I didn’t do this to help you. Liu Ying, you’re quite pitiful. So is this the cost of playing around with someone’s feelings?”

Liu Ying laughed self-deprecatingly, “Forget it, just stop ridiculing me already……”

At this time, Piggy quickly ran over and slowly helped lift Liu Ying up, supporting him he said, “Boss, let’s go to the hospital. What should we do about Wang Ze Cheng’s bodyguards?”

“Forget about them……”


Xu Yue leaned against the willow tree while giving us an icy glare and suddenly laughed, “Liu Ying, did you really think that this day would never come?”

Liu Ying snorted while Piggy helped him to his feet and the two slowly started to walk away from her.

In that moment, my phone also rang. It was Wan Er’s number–

“Hello, Li Xiao Yao, what are you doing …… Everybody’s waiting for you……”

“Oh, I’ll come right away. I was just taking care of something……”

“Hurry and wrap it up, don’t waste our time……”



Although my thoughts were jumping around like mad, I quickly returned to the dormitories and got online. The tense affairs between Wang Ze Cheng and Liu Ying weren’t even something I thought I’d interfere with but it had happened. Nevertheless, it would be better to help the group out with clearing the map first before thinking about it any further. After all, there was no way Wang Ze Cheng would dare make a move on the girl’s dormitories at night. All of the people Lin Tian Nan stationed there were experienced mercenaries who have lived through countless battles; there was no way they would lose to Wang Ze Cheng’s bodyguards.


In Ba Huang City, I quickly repaired all of my equipment and then went to buy some Lv 6 potions. Walking off toward the northern bridge, I saw the other 9 players already waiting for me.

“Yo…” Dong Cheng Yue tilted her head as she looked at the emblem on my shoulder. With a smile, she said, “Congratulations on your 3rd class advancement, Dragon City’s Night Watch. You’re no longer the Scavenger or Guardian of the Tombs…”

Wan Er chuckled, “Since you’re the Night Watch, your rank should be higher than both the Scavenger and Guardian classes…”

Yue Qing Qian’s beautiful eyes sparkled with clear amusement, “Brother Xiao Yao, what skills did you learn; they’re super strong right?”

I nodded my head.

Matcha flapped her wings, “Come on then, show everyone here what you’ve learned. We haven’t seen the new skills of the Swordsman yet!”

“Alright then…”

Lifting my hand to unsheathe the sword, it transformed into 3 separate blades, [Great Realm of Desolation] had been activated. The river water in the moat for Ba Huang City was struck by the three blades simultaneously with an aura of death flowing out from my blades. The river was split into 7 different river flows while the riverbeds were clearly visible. It was quite astonishing to see. Clenching my fists tightly as I activated the [Enrage] skill, I grabbed my sword once more! “Pow,” came the sound as I grabbed the hilt of my sword; my body and sword were both combined with Sword Qi seeping out. Flying forward 5 meters, fragments of the brick walls of the city began to fly as my sword left deep gouges in it.

The several females in the group gaped at me with their eyes as wide as saucers and mouths open so wide, a blue whale could fit in it! Wan Er had been speechless for some time before finally saying, “Wow, is that the legendary skill [Blade Rush]? I’ve heard it has an extremely potent killing ability, is that true? Swordsmen during the late game are the strongest physical class and a bunch of third promotion Swordsmen using [Blade Rush] to break enemy formations will be quite a mainstream strategy.”

I nodded, “Yea, this skill [Blade Rush] is equivalent to Old K’s [Whirlwind Slash], though the attack range is much smaller. But if a lot of people were to cast this skill at once, its lethality would be extremely impressive. As long as there is sufficient attack power behind it, then it will instantly break through any shield without an issue.”

Wan Er nodded her head, “Not bad, not bad~”

I looked at Dong Cheng Yue, “Dong Cheng, the third class advancement for Mages, how strong are the skills?”

“Let’s see….”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled earnestly, “Our [Mana Shield] is strengthened. We also get a skill called [Indigo Sea Arrow] which summons an ice arrow to attack a target. It’s a super strong single target attack and then, the third one is actually my favorite skill…”

“Oh? Why is that skill your favorite?”

“Why don’t we try it?” Dong Cheng beckoned to me with her finger in a provocative manner . “Xiao Yao, try to grab me; if you can even touch me, I’ll give you a kiss…”

My mouth twitched, “Is that even a reward? Why don’t you give me 1000 RMB instead if I catch you for a deal that’s actually worth it…”

Dong Cheng Yue’s face went green, “You a***ole, it’s not like kissing me will kill you! Fine then, 1000 RMB it is. If you can catch hold of me within 5 seconds then I’ll give you your money!”

“You’re on!”

I was taking this seriously since money was involved. Raising my arms, I cast a Lv 6 [Haste]. My Purple Dawn Boots took me toward Dong Cheng at rapid speeds and in a moment, my hand had clasped down onto her shoulders!



Dong Cheng Yue flashed away from me completely into a different space, appearing to my side 7 meters away. My boots reversed the direction I was going in and immediately spread out my hands to grab her one more time!


Again, Dong Cheng Yue teleported behind me, her tongue sticking out gleefully, “Brother Xiao Yao, you can’t do it. There’s no way you can catch me…”

Cold sweat was already breaking out on my forehead, was this one of the new skills of a Mage? To be able to jump twice in a row, would she be able to jump a third time?

Trying once more, and sure enough, there was a third leap!


Sitting on top of a rail, I waved my hands, “I’m not playing anymore. I can’t catch you within 6 seconds…”

Wan Er laughed gently, showing off her two dimples, “What a shame, this is the Mage’s 3rd class advancement skill [Dimensional Leap]. In 30 seconds, one can jump up to 3 times consecutively. You missed the chance…”

My lips pursed together, “Yea, with a stronger [Mana Shield] and [Dimensional Leap], a Mage’s vitality will really improve by a large margin after their 3rd class advancement. How annoying will it be to try and kill one…”

Dong Cheng Yue twirled her staff around, “That’s enough of that then, don’t even think about what could kill me or not, let’s head out. It’s time to finish this mission tonight!”

“Alright, move out!”


Arriving once again at the entrance of the Dragon Temple, Frost moved aside to let us through.

Following the cable through the starry skies, we finally reached the third layer. Up ahead, the third map was within sight as we rapidly approached. The land looked like it was a fiery pan—smoke was billowing up everywhere. Magma was bursting from the ground all over the wasteland. Before we could even step foot on this layer, Yue Qing Qian and Matcha were already coughing, “This map is really hot…”

I noticed Wan Er’s face was oozing with sweat as she looked at me, “The third layer is quite different from the second layer…”

I pointed off to a distance to answer her, “The mobs on this level are not the same either…”


Far away in the wilderness, an elf completely enveloped in fire jumped, as an unpleasant sound was produced by it. This must be one of the aborigines of Dragon Temple. Approaching it, I took a look at the attributes, and immediately shared it with the rest of the party—

【Fire Elf】 (Phantom Tier Monster )
Level: 64
Magical Attack: 1150-1500
Defense: 900
Health: 12000
Skills:【Fire Manipulation】【Fireball】【Inferno】

Description, Fire Elves, favorites of the fire elementals, are able to freely control fire. They are living beings that have emotions and strong fire attacks. These Fire Elves were imprisoned by the Fire Dragon King for thousands of years. As a result of their imprisonment, their hearts are filled with burning hatred and wrath and are ruthlessly cruel as a result. They are just another type of guards that protect the Dragon Temple.

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