Zhan Long

Chapter 219

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Chapter 219 – Pitiable Person
Translated by: Floorseason, GGP
Edited by: Zero, Hendricksen-sama, Zephir, HighJayster

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Tonight, the campus of Liu Hua University experienced an unexpected calm. As a refreshing wind blew, two beautiful young ladies stood beside the road for a long time.

I crossed the road and headed towards them, Wan Er suddenly shouted, “Be careful! There’s a car!”


A black shadow flashed by me and another Maybach followed immediately afterwards. I stared, dumbfounded; Li Hua University was a rich kid’s school after all. Those were two extraordinary high class vehicles costing more than 5,000,000 RMB!


“Who the hell was that?” I looked at the cars in the distance as I walked towards Wan Er.

Wan Er bit her lip, “I don’t know. Who cares about them…”

A moment later, the two cars slowly stopped at the intersection beside the street lamp. With a “Ka” sound, the car door opened, a handsome man, albeit looking quite lazy, stepped out of the car. He moved his arms about while faintly laughing, “Hic… So this is the Li Hua University that Wan Er attends, it doesn’t look too bad. From now on, I’ll be coming here to practice my Chinese…”

The door of the Maybach opened and three youths in black suits walked out. They respectfully bowed their heads and said, “Chief, should we go sign up?”

“Yes… …”


“My god…” Dong Cheng Yue blinked her eyes, “Is that the Ito Makoto that we met before?”

Wan Er’s pair of beautiful eyes looked into the distance, “To be accurate, that is Wang Ze Cheng. I didn’t expect him to come… How unexpectedly extravagant… This is the famous stuck-up Booster Chinese Division CEO.”

Dong Cheng Yue bit her lip, “Xiao Yao, Wan Er, let’s go eat…”

“Sure …”

Suddenly a man and a women appeared coming around the corner which were again acquaintances of us. They were no other than the Tyrant of Western Chu, Liu Ying and Xu Yue, his girlfriend. Xu Yue looked furious and pushed Liu Yang away shouting “You, Liu Ying, have never once lacked a woman; I, Xu Yue, on the other hand was born poor, yet you still insist on going out with me? You think I like you for your stupid money? Let me tell you, I don’t care..”

Liu Ying tightly grabbed Xu Yue’s hand, “Ah Yue, please listen to me, I didn’t mean what I said. At that time I was angry with Li Xiao Yao and said words in a fit of rage… The whole of yesterday night, in fact the whole of yesterday…”

Xu Yue was livid, “You dare say that you weren’t in the bed of that woman from the bar last night? Bah, Liu Ying, I am disgusted by you. We are through; even I, Xu Yue, can find a man in the streets who is a hundred times better than you!”

Liu Ying could not help but sneer, “Were those words said in a fit of rage? Then I’ll just pretend I did not hear them. But if they weren’t, god dammit you should find one and show him to me!”

“Haha is that so…”

Xu Yue also sneered, not looking back she walked along the smooth asphalt road; she had even kicked off her high heels. Seeing a few people in front of her, Xu Yue stepped forward, arms outstretched into the hug of the foremost person, Wang Ze Cheng. Without an explanation, she opened her mouth to kiss Wang Ze Cheng. You could even see some tongue action going on, they were even French kissing…


Wang Ze Cheng stood there, arms open. He stood there in disbelief at this sudden turn of events while Xu Yue had her eyes closed and diligently kissed him. Her body was tightly pressed against Wang Ze Cheng’s body. She had even stretched a hand to tightly grasp Wang Ze Cheng’s right hand, while her other was placed directly on his chest.

Wang Ze Cheng used one hand to hold Xu Yue’s waist and used the other to guard his chest. However, he took no other action afterwards. He just stood there, completely and utterly stupefied.

Behind Wang Ze Cheng several bodyguards could not help but laugh, “The Chairman has such good luck, you’ve just entered the university and you were kissed by such a high-quality beauty; so envious…”


Wang Ze Cheng finally pushed Xu Yue away, with a pale face he said, “Classmate, who are you…”

Xu Yue looked at him and asked, “What’s your name and do you have a girlfriend?”

Wang Ze Cheng startled said, “I… I am called Wang Ze Chang, pleased to meet you; I have no girlfriend right now, but…”

“No buts!”

Xu Yue ordered Wang Ze Cheng to hold out his arm and said, “From today onwards, I’m your girlfriend, do you not agree to it?”

“This, no… It’s not like that…”

Wang Ze Cheng’s face had a hint of embarrassment, “I don’t even know your name, I just got here today; we do not understand each other yet. I think this is inappropriate, my fellow student, you …”

Xu Yue’s tears flowed down her eyes and she said while crying, “I want to be your girlfriend, do you want me or not?”

Wang Ze Cheng clenched his teeth, “I… I…”

Not far away, Liu Ying was fuming with rage as he gnashed his teeth. He suddenly punched a lamppost and shouted, “Xu Yue, in my lifetime I have never seen such a cheap woman such as you. Go ahead, why not just sleep with him right here and now? I was blind to like a woman like you, Scram! Don’t ever show your face in front of me ever again!”

Xu Yue’s mouth curled into a sneer, “Liu Ying, now do you understand how angry I was? Where has all your pride from before gone?”

At this time, Wang Ze Cheng took a few steps back, leaving his embrace with Xu Yue, he turned to her and respectfully said, “I… I do not want to be the person who breaks you two up, I… I’ll pretend I was never here, ah… that…”

Wang Ze Cheng suddenly saw Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and I walk past and completely froze on the spot, “Lin Wan Er… You guys… How come you are here too?”

Wan Er smiled, “We were here from the start, Boss Wang is in a good mood, hee hee…”

Wang Ze Cheng hastily stepped forward, “Wan Er, I did not mean that, I really didn’t mean it. I didn’t think that…”

Wan Er with her smooth red lips said, “What do you have to say? Wang Ze Cheng?”

Wang Ze Cheng lowered his head and thought for a while, then said,“We are still friends, right?”

“I suppose?”

“That’s good, I didn’t mean to offend anyone, that situation just now was really not my intention…”

Wan Er laughed, “No worries, I won’t think about it.”

Then, Wan Er took my arm, “Li Xiao Yao, let’s go eat dinner, today it’s your turn to treat…”

“No problem…” My mood suddenly improved by a lot.

Wang Ze Cheng hastily stepped forward and said, “Wan Er, that… I just came to this school; may I treat you to a meal how about lunch tomorrow? Actually it’s about your father’s Tian Xin Group’s particulars that I still do not really understand. I would like to know a few more details; this is also Mr. Lin’s desire…”

Wan Er creased her eyebrows, “Is that so? Then… I guess that’s fine.”

“Yes, Thank You! Thank You!”


Leaving the crowd, we entered the second cafeteria ordered a few meals and began eating.

“Wang Ze Cheng really came to school…” Wan Er looked worried.

Dong Cheng Yue laughed, “Wan Er, you should also see it from your father’s point of view, he wanted you to get to know Wang Ze Cheng. In fact, I would say…. he’s not the worst looking guy around, he doesn’t look all that bad. He kept a calm head even when Xu Yue was like that, you should still consider him a gentleman. Not only that, but he has a very high social status and grew up quite nicely. Here in Liu Hua university he’s going to be super popular with the girls. But, personally I still prefer Xiao Yao…”

Saying this, Dong Cheng Yue turned her head to look at me, eyebrows lifted while exposing a provocative smile.

Wan Er was speechless, “Keke, you rascal! You shouldn’t take advantage of this situation to tease Li Xiao Yao. Let’s talk seriously here, how can I live on campus with Wang Ze Cheng here? He makes me feel rather uncomfortable.”

Me, “Relax, as long as I’m here, I won’t let Wang Ze Cheng touch even a single strand of hair on your hair.”


Wan Er pouted with her tiny, red lips, “But you know, he is someone my father approves of, if you get into a conflict with Wang Ze Cheng, I’m afraid with dad’s staunch personality he will definitely do something unfavorable to you, I’m very worried…”

I clenched my fist, faintly laughing,” Wan Er relax, I haven’t been living my life aimlessly these past few years; if your father wants to go against me, rest assured, I definitely will not kill him!”

Wan Er: “…”

Dong Cheng Yue tilted her head and looked at me, “What about Wang Ze Cheng?”

“Ignore him, we will continue with our lives as normal…” Wan Er was helpless.

I laughed loudly, “In fact, Liu Ying is the most pitiable, The moment Wang Ze Cheng came to school, he almost directly stole Liu Ying’s woman. That Xu Yue cannot be considered a good woman but that certainly doesn’t make Liu Ying feel better…”

Dong Cheng Yue lightly laughed, “Liu Ying is what kind of person? He’s the son of a wealthy entrepreneur and the bully of the school. Basically his word is law in Liu Hua university and Wang Ze Cheng actually did this to him; hee hee, in the future Li Hua university will become more lively. Wang Ze Cheng and Liu Ying’s dispute, will become more intense, wait and see…”



Not long after, we finished eating supper. I sent the young beautiful ladies back to the girl’s dorm and slowly walked back to the boys dorm. I still had 30 minutes before the appointed time, so there was no need to rush.


The wind blew away the leaves, the campus was very quiet. It was 9.30 pm and many couples were gathered in the park, so the area next to the male dormitory was practically deserted. Quietly stepping across the grass, my Yi Hai slowly spread out, and I became alert. There was someone here!

I quietly slipped closer under the cover of the bushes. I was shocked to see a group of people standing there, all dressed in black suits, hidden there in the darkness of night. In addition, there were seven or eight men lying on the ground issuing a muffled cries. One of them was Liu Ying. Among the few people who were standing, Wang Ze Cheng was one of them and the remaining people beside him were his bodyguards!

“What? Still want to test my skills?” Wang Ze Chen coldly stared at Liu Ying who was on the ground.

Liu Ying’s face was bruised, his hand held his phone, “Just you wait!”

Wang Ze Cheng gave a black suit a look. Immediately stepping forward, the black suit smacked the phone. With a “pop” sound, Liu Ying’s phone was instantly shattered. I was a little surprised; this black suit’s palm strength was quite strong!

“I heard, that you are the boss of this school?” Wang Ze Cheng looked down at Liu Ying, his face showed a lazy smile, “So from today onwards, you need to know that in this school, I’m the boss. Do you understand?”

Liu Ying furiously roared, “Get lost, trash!”

“Is that so?” Wang Ze Cheng laughed, “You can’t even keep your woman and you can still say that?”

“Xu Yue… Xu Yue she…” Liu Ying couldn’t say anything.


“Xu Yue…”

Wang Ze Cheng turned to Xu Yue in his arms as his mouth revealed a smile, “Now she is my woman…”

“No, she’s not!”

“Is that so?”

Wang Ze Cheng lowered his head and gave Xu Yue a kiss. He raised his hand to turn Xue Yue around and had her hold onto a nearby tree. Following this, he untied his belt and raised Xu Yue’s short skirt…



Liu Ying punched the ground, his eyes burning with fire, “You dirty swine! Xu Yue, you whore!”

Xu Yue closed her eyes in pleasure as she sneered at Liu Ying.

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