Zhan Long

Chapter 218

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Chapter 218 – Great Realm of Desolation
Translated by: Zero and GGP
Edited by: Hendricksen-sama, Syron, Vk, dabenor

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As I inspected the rest of the loot, I noticed that the third piece of equipment was a hexagonal shield with sharp edges on its sides. It emanated a dense holy radiance. As I held it in my hands, I felt an imposing force flowing through my arms. Its defensive power definitely wouldn’t be bad. I flicked my wrist and the stats of the shield appeared in front of me. I immediately laughed, “Matcha, your new shield has appeared!”

【Holy Spirit Shield】(Purple Tier Equipment)
Defense: +610
Strength: +40
Endurance: +38
Extra: Health Points increase by 1000 points
Extra: 23% Magic Resistance
Extra: Attack +70
Parry Chance: +27%

Level Requirements : 58

“Uh…” Looking at the stats of the [Holy Spirit Shield], Wan Er opened her mouth in amazement and said, “Aren’t these stats way too high? The defensive power of this shield is off the charts…not to mention that it also adds 1000 health and 70 attack points…for Purple Tier Equipment, this is just broken…”

“After this, Matcha can level safely; at this rate, by the time we enter the fourth floor, she will be Lv 58.When she equips the [Holy Spirit Shield], she can be the tank for the last boss…”

Sister Matcha stood there with a dazed expression. She blinked and stared at me. “Boss, the final boss might be Emperor Tier. Can I really do it?

I smiled and handed her the [Holy Spirit Shield], “I say that you can, so you can. Don’t worry…”



Looking again, the boss also dropped some other items. Two spirit gems, as well as a lustrous golden tablet had also fallen where the had dragon died. It looked like the Guild Creation Tablet, but the shape wasn’t right. I held it with both hands and lifted it. It turned out to be a new item–

【Heaven’s Decree +2】:After use, gain +2 charm!


“Woooaahh…” Dong Cheng Yue let out a small smile. “This Heaven’s Decree is definitely something good, since it adds charm. Xiao Yao, charm is an invaluable treasure, something that cannot be bought!”

I just nodded my head. “This Heaven’s Decree… whatever, let’s just have everyone roll for it; we’ll see who’s luck can win over these 2 Charm points!”


To everyone’s surprise, the Heaven’s Decree was rolled away to Fox. Since he got the two points of charm, he felt so happy he could have died.

Standing in the middle of the river and looking at the cables above, I returned the [Frost Rain Sword] back to its sheath and said, “It’s almost eight o’clock in the evening, should we take a break? We’ll return to the city, repair equipment, and stock up on supplies; my weapon only has about 21% durability left, so we’ll all meet up at Ba Huang City at 10 sharp and then come here. We’ll pull an all nighter and complete this SSS rank quest in one breath, how about that?

Promised Love, “Hey…but I still have work tomorrow.”

“Take a day off…”

“Give me a legitimate reason, kid!”

“Just say you’re busy…”



The girls used their return scrolls to go back to their respective cities to prepare for the next part of the quest. I checked my level again and saw that I had reached Lv 60. Since I wasn’t in a hurry to go back to the city, I first looked for Frost to see if I could get a job change.

I climbed back up the iron chain from the now empty second floor. It took about ten minutes to finally reach the first floor, and then ten more minutes to finally arrive at the exit of the Dragon Temple.

“Pa da…”

I collapsed onto the ice-cold stone steps, breathing heavily. I felt extremely tired but I stood up and lifted my Frost Rain Sword as I walked out of the corridor. When I reached the surface, Frost, who wasn’t far from me, stood up and shouted, “Who is it?”

I cast off the cloak on my head and revealed a smile as bright as the sun, “Frost, it’s me.”

Frost was surprised at first, and then laughed, “Oh, you’re okay? That’s great! Have you found where Yun Chen is yet?”

“Not yet…” I took a deep breath. “We need to go back to Ba Huang City to repair our equipment and restock our supplies. Then we’ll come back and finish journeying into the Dragon Temple, but…”

I looked straight at Frost and said, “I’m already Level 60, so I need a job promotion. You promised me that you would be my teacher, so please help me with it. I can’t always go to battle without a job.”

“Oh, it’s like that…” Frost looked at me carefully and walked up to me, reaching out her hand to place it on my chest while softly whispering, “Young warrior, tell me. Can I trust you completely?”

I nodded my head vigorously and said with a powerful voice, “If you recognize me as your apprentice, I will use all my strength to defend Dragon City. I would give my life to protect you. I will keep this vow until the day I die!”

“Until the day you die, you’ll never change it…”

Frost’s shoulders quivered, and a complex array of colors flashed through her eyes. She lowered her head and blinked, showing a faint trace of a smile. “Okay! From this day on, I am your teacher and you are my apprentice. Come, you will receive Dragon City’s welcoming one more time!”


Saying this, Frost once more placed her small, snow-white hands on my chest. She closed both of her eyes, softly chanting, “This dragon’s domain is cold and dark, yet kindness is eternal; even if we die, we will not submit. We will protect this cold barren wasteland and the city which stands upon it. I, Frost, Captain of the Dragon Rider Squad of Dragon City, bestow upon you the honor of becoming a Dragon Warrior. From this day on, you are an important part of my life; even if you die and get reincarnated, never let me down!

I looked at the pair of her beautiful eyes and nodded, “Even if I am reincarnated, I will never disappoint you!”

Frost’s mouth curled into a smile, “Good…you and me, our whole lives will be dedicated to Dragon City and we shall remain loyal to the great King Luo Lin!”


At this time, the sound of bells ringing floated past, and my third job advancement was completed, just like that.


System Notice: Congratulations! You have completed your job advancement! You received the job title【Dragon City Night Watch】,【Golden Swordsman】. Because you are the third person in Ba Huang City to get their third job advancement, you received a reward: charm+4!


Okay, my total charm had reached 51 points!

Looking at Frost, I smiled and asked, “Frost, do you have any skills from the third job advancement that you can teach me?”

Frost pursed her red lips and said, “Do you want to see?”


“Alright, move away from me for a second…”

I took a few steps back. Frost nodded her head and with a soft hum, a glowing radiance shone in her eyes. Suddenly, she opened up her fist, and the sword on her back flew out of its scabbard with a “keng” sound. In the blink of an eye, it transformed into three identical swords hovering in the air. Aiming at a distant boulder, Frost smirked and suddenly clenched her fist together, “Break!”


The three swords were simultaneously sent flying towards the boulder and the boulder immediately shattered into countless tiny pieces. Holy sh*t! It didn’t seem like a pure single target attack. In addition, this was a long range attack!


Returning her sword to her scabbard, Frost crossed her arms, slightly smiling at me. “How was it? Do you want to learn it? This skill’s difficulty isn’t considered that high, you can learn it right now with your level of understanding and comprehension…

I was very excited and I unconsciously nodded my head. “I’d like to learn it! No, I need to learn it!”

“Yeah, okay…”

A curtain of light appeared in front of my eyes. On the notification window there was a row of dazzling words-

【Great Realm of Desolation LV-1】(S Tier): Call forth the power of the ancients and gather it on the edge of the weapon. This skill delivers a devastating attack on a designated target, and also causes a strong splash type attack to enemies within a radius of the target. [Great Realm of Desolation] reduces the effectiveness of heals on the target by 50% for 12 seconds. Consumes 50 mana. Cooldown time of 12 seconds.
Cost for learning this skill is 500 gold.
Requires minimum level of 60
Required job [Dragon City Night Watch].


[Great Realm of Desolation]; a very tyrannical skill name, and its attack was also insane, since within a small range of the target it could cause deadly splash damage, not to mention that it also lessened the effect of healing, this skill was designed to kill a single target. It was also a long range attack, so it could kill Archers and Mages. It could also be used to kill heavy armored classes since the long range attack would give the skill user an obvious advantage.

I clapped my hands once, took out 500 gold coins and learned the skill!


[Great Realm of Desolation] I saw a golden light as it appeared on my skill list. I could learn S-class skills from my teacher. My hidden class was absolutely awesome!

After successfully learning the skill, I just kept on staring at Frost. She changed her expression and smiled. “Don’t look at me! I can’t teach you anymore right now. You cannot learn advanced skills right now because your comprehension is too low. As for the rest of the combat skills, you can actually learn them elsewhere. If you want to learn them, then go ahead and learn…”

Saying this, a table of skills appeared on the list interface, all of which were generic Lv 60 third job advancement swordsman skills.

【Skyshaker Slash LV-1】(A):Summon the power of an ancient god, dealing a devastating attack to the target. Healing effects lowered by 30%. Learning fee 20G. Consumes 30 mana points. Cooldown time of 12 seconds.
You have learned [Great Realm of Desolation] so this skill cannot be learned.

【Enrage LV-1】(A):You become enraged and increase your own attack by 1% for a short period. The effect increases based on the amount of damage sustained. Cost 20G to learn. Consumes 30 mana points. Cooldown time of 12 seconds. You are able to learn this skill.

【Blade Rush LV-1】(A):Focuses Sword Qi on the edge of the blade and you will charge forward 5 yards, inflicting damage on anything caught in your path. Damage is based on your strength stat. Consumes 40 mana. Cooldown time of 12 seconds. Costs 40G to learn.
TL: Sword Qi = Invisible Sword Power


Without thinking, I immediately learned [Enrage] and [Blade Rush]. [Enrage] increased attack power, so a Lv 10 [Enrage] could increase attack by 10%, which was a useful effect. [Blade Rush] was the skill I had always dreamed of having, a sudden attack skill. Its effect was very similar to Ran Min’s [Savage Jump Slash]. It was useful both for attacking and running away, making it a very handy skill!

Since I had just acquired three new skills, I had to try them out!

I opened my fingers and behind my body, the Frost Rain Sword leapt out of its scabbard and materialized three swords in midair. I locked onto a frozen pine tree in front of me and curled my fingers into a fist as [Great Realm of Desolation] activated. The frozen pine tree was crushed and torn apart and even the grass around it was cut in half. The effect of this skill was not one bit inferior to [Wind Blade] and it was even an AOE skill!

I used [Enrage] next and a low growl could be heard as an icon appeared above my head in the shape of a warblade. The system showed that I had raised my attack by 1%; if I were to level up the skill the effect would be boost my attack more.

With both my hands gripping the Frost Rain Sword tightly, I launched the third skill, [Blade Rush]. Suddenly a powerful burst of Qi entered my body; in the middle of the rolling slash, a “shua” sound could be heard as I made an awe-inspiring rush of five yards. On the ground, a multitude of deep marks had formed. If the ground had been a group of players, my sword would have penetrated through their hearts.


Happily standing there, Frost smiled. “Is that enough?”

I nodded my head. “Frost, I need to return to Ba Huang City. See you later!”

“Ok! I’ll wait here for you!”

At this time, Wan Er also sent a small message: “Log off. It’s time to go to dinner…”


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