Zhan Long

Chapter 217

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Chapter 217 – Void Fan
Translated by: Floorseason, Deception, Ryu and GGP.
Edited by: Zero, Thaddpole, Vk, HighJayster and Taffy!

TL: Changing YuZiChengShuo to Promised Love. Quality of life changes and yes you saw that right, Ryu!

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“That’s [Drifting Thunder]!” The beautiful Matcha shouted in the party chat, “Boss’s health won’t be able to hold up at this rate!”

Who’s Blue whimpered, “Ah ah, the electric shock is too numbing… Xiao Yao is too deep in the water…I can’t even click on his character to heal him…”

Wan Er hastily said, “Open up the party menu and lock onto his portrait to heal him! You can heal even without vision. Hurry!”

Dong Cheng Yue: “Wan Er, use [Twin Blade Harmony] to interrupt the boss’ skills and attacks. You should be careful. Use [God’s Dance] and [Absolute Step] because you’ll need plenty of speed to survive the fight!”

“Not enough energy…”

“Dear god…”


On the surface of the water, Wan Er suddenly raised her hands and activated the [Twin Blade Harmony] combo. With a loud bang, the daggers pierced through the boss’ soft white scale. Reacting to the pain, the boss counterattacked with a sweep of its tail. Quick on her feet, Wan Er swung her iron umbrella horizontally in front of her chest to block the strike. However, the force of the attack was still strong enough to fling her away into the water.

Hell bent on killing Wan Er, the Shadow of the Thunder Dragon flew up with a roar. In a single downward motion, it pounced toward Wan Er.

Wan Er clenched her teeth as she lightly waved her arm. Activating one of her third advancement skills, [God’s Dance], her evasion rate was increased by 70%. Activating the last of her advancement skill, [Absolute Step], her movement speed increased by 150% while her attack speed went up by 30%. Her legs were now a blur as she ran over the water, forming ripples with each step as she avoided the boss’ attacks. The power of an Assassin’s third advancement skills was truly unmatched! Especially with a top class beauty like Wan Er using them, this was truly a sight to behold!

After several healing spells, I was back to full health. Running across the water, I saw that Yue Qing Qian was able to interrupt one of the boss’ attack and was being chased down by it. I hurried over and attacked with a [Wind Blade]+[Chain Strike] combo onto the dragon’s lamella. With a loud cracking sound, the lamella scale cracked, causing blood to spurt out as the Shadow of the Thunder Dragon howled in pain.


Shaking its head, it roared once more and swung its tail towards me as if it was an iron whip. Unlike Wan Er, my strength attribute was much higher in comparison to an Assassin. Swinging my sword in front of my in a guarding form, I forcefully blocked the attack.


Sparks flew off my Frost Rain Sword as my whole body was shaken by the force of the attack and was thrown several meters into the water. Turning over, water splashed out as the Frost Rain Sword lit up once more in its shining glory. Sending out a [Fierce Ice Blade] and [Strength of Thousand Men], I enraged the boss with a series of random attacks. The bastard lifted its neck up high and, with a howl, began to channel another [Drifting Thunder] from within its throat .

“My god…” Yue Qing Qian dashed forward with her dagger and loudly commanded, “We can’t let it keep spamming [Drifting Thunder] on Xiao Yao. We need to interrupt it!”

Using [Ambush] behind the boss, she was unable to disrupt its channeling. Without giving up, she swam over a few meters to the front of the boss and raised her arms to use a [Gouge]. Finally, she was successful this time. After all, she was Lv 60 while the boss was only Lv 63. The chances of interrupting the boss was fairly high. It was no longer like the level difference of a Lv 42 Assassin fighting against a Lv 54 Purple Tier boss..


As a result of the two beautiful Assassins’ unrelenting interruptions, the Thunder Dragon was only able to use normal attacks with its claws. This way, there was less pressure on me. With 3 Healers behind me to keep me at a stable 60% health; I felt extremely safe.

Time flew by quickly. In less than 8 minutes, the Shadow of the Thunder Dragon was already at less than 40% health. Wan Er noticed a change in the dragon, and alarmingly cried out, “The boss is about to cast its last skill!”


Without waiting for our interruptions, the Shadow of Thunder Dragon roared and quickly dove into the river. Its gigantic body disappeared with a huge spray of water in its wake.

“What…what happened?” Yue Qing Qian’s eyes widened as she looked around, “Is that it? The boss didn’t run away, did it? This doesn’t seem like an ultimate skill…”

Wan Er dragged her iron umbrella over the water’s surface as her eyes passed over the surroundings, “Yeah, this is weird…”

Suddenly, a crackling sound could be heard from underneath the waves. A bolt of lightning jolted out of the water from the deep, dark abyss and continued onwards towards the sky.

Dong Cheng squinted her eyes, “Crap, here it comes!”

With a “Pacha” sound, the top of the cave lit up as countless meteorites wrapped with crackling static energy started to rain down. This [Rolling Thunder] covered nearly half the map!

My whole body went numb as [Rolling Thunder] overpowered my senses. My health dropped rapidly as it struck me three times, almost killing me —


Drinking a health potion to recover my health, I looked over to the rest of the group. Who’s Blue and Darling Duck had both perished from the meteorites; only Promised Love was left trying to cast [Heal] with some difficulty to recover her health. Qing Qian and Fox had both died and Wan Er was hiding under her iron umbrella . Her health had dropped significantly but the iron umbrella helped bolster her defense and saved her from death.

“Quickly!” I shouted loudly, “Revive Darling Duck; the boss is about to emerge!”

A popping sound escaped from under the waves. The dragon’s sinister head was emerging from the water just 3 meters away from me. Without further comment, I swung my sword downwards onto it, then quickly retreated. Immediately after reviving, Darling Duck healed me and then cast [Revive] on Who’s Blue. The three Healers now stood on top of the water, struggling to stabilize the situation.

At that moment, Matcha appeared from under the water with 52% of her health left. Blinking away the water in her eyes, she said, “When the boss casts [Rolling Thunder] again, remember to not be on the water’s surface, dive deep into the water to take advantage of its ability to bear the brunt of the meteors! This way everyone won’t die…”

I nodded, “Ah, good idea!”

Matcha had 3,000+ health initially. If she only took 1,500 damage, then everyone who hid underwater stood a chance of surviving!


A few more minutes passed without further trouble; the dragon was at 17% health before it immediately dove back into the water. This time, we learned from our past experiences and everyone dove into the water. I gave a parting slash to the dragon before it could release another [Rolling Thunder]. [Fierce Ice Blade] was extremely effective under water and could do even more damage.

On the surface, there was still a violent shaking, followed by my body going numb again. The three attacks that hit me still hurt but I had only lost 1,200 points of health. It was definitely less damage than before, and the 3 Healers were already healing everyone back up to almost full health. On the other hand, judgement day for the Shadow of the Thunder Dragon had finally arrived.

In less than 3 minutes, the boss had 1% health left. Mustering all of my strength, I delivered the killing blow!



The Frost Rain Sword completely shattered the lamella scale on the dragon’s neck. Fresh blood spurted out wildly and with a single roar of despair, the Thunder Dragon fell into the water. Its body continued to sink deeper as it broke into pieces of electric shards. In the midst of the fragments, pieces of equipment and tokens had also sank into the water. I swam over to collect the pile of loot and subsequently swam to the surface.


Splashing water in all directions, I took a look at my experience. I was 47% of the way to Lv 61. The experience the boss had given was quite generous; if I were to kill a few more, I would become Ba Huang City’s number 1 player. This would be an achievement I had never accomplished before!

“Big bro, what did the boss drop?” Matcha called out, between her relief filled laughs

Holding her Scarlet Edge, Wan Er stood in the water with the rest of the group, smiling radiantly. The girls were completely soaked, Dong Cheng Yue and Promised Love especially. Their clothes were dripping wet as they tightly clung to the girls’ bodies. Their plump chests and tight waists were especially easy to see. Fox and I couldn’t help but stare, this environment was dangerous for all the males here.


Taking a second look at the equipment the dragon had dropped, there were a total of 3 pieces. A dragon shaped red ring, a fan that was slightly purple, as well as a battle shield with a dense light. The attributes didn’t seem all that bad, so I picked up the red dragon ring and looked over the stats. It definitely wasn’t bad at all–

【Bloodthirsty Spirit Ring】 (Purple Tier)
Agility: +40
Endurance: +38

Extra: Increase the effectiveness of an Assassin’s skills by 10%.
Special: Lifesteal, attacker heals for 5% of total damage dealt.

Required Level: 58


“Damn…” Fox clenched his fist, his eyes were wide open. “What kind of luck is this? A ring with 5% lifesteal, what a godly item! In Ba Huang City, a 1% lifesteal necklace is already selling for 10,000 RMB at the very least; this ring’s value has to at least be well into the millions, right?”

The lifesteal effect was generally found on weapons, rings and necklaces. Weapons generally focused on attack power, so the chances of finding a weapon with high lifesteal wasn’t too high. Most experts tried to find rings and necklaces with high lifesteal, so they could maintain their health without depending on Healers during combat. That way, they could return health while dodging their opponents attacks and at the same time control the flow of the battle.

Holding the Bloodthirsty Spirit Ring, I looked up at the group, “This is an item meant for Assassins, so Matcha and I won’t try to roll for it. Qing Qian and Wan Er, you two try your luck and see who will walk away with this ring!”


Wan Er spoke softly as she bit her lips. Her small hands clutched the dice tightly as she looked at the equally nervous as Yue Qing Qian. The two girls threw the dice at the same time, eventually landing on 2 numbers–


Wan Er had won, leaving Qing Qian sullen, “Sigh, how could I be so unlucky in life…”

I threw the Bloodthirsty Spirit Ring to Wan Er and patted Qing Qian on the shoulder, “Don’t worry, there are plenty of areas in the Dragon Temple; we’ll just clear the maps together and eventually you will get the equipment you desire. If we’re able to get another piece of good Assassin equipment then it’ll be yours without question.”

Yue Qing Qian nodded with a smile, “Okiedokie, thank you brother Xiao Yao…”


Looking at the next piece of equipment, it was a paper fan glowing with a purple luster:

【Void Fan】 (Purple Tier)
Magic Damage: 710-900
Endurance: +41
Magic: +39

Extra: Increase the user’s Magic Damage by 9%

Required Level: 58
Required Gender: Male


“A fan for a male mage…” I mused.

Yue Qing Qian: “Sell it to Soaring Dragon…”

Wan Er: “Then kill him to drop it, then sell it to him again…”

Dong Cheng Yue: “Remember to sell it to him on an alternate character, that way it won’t be awkward if we run into him later…”

Promised Love couldn’t help but laugh, “You three are so evil…”

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