Zhan Long

Chapter 216

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Chapter 216 – Drifting Thunder
Translated by: Deception and GGP
Edited by: Anne, Totokk, Zephir, Zero

[Update: [Thunderbolt Finger] is fixed to [Chain Lightning] in future releases.]

“Peng Peng Peng…”

5 or 6 Thunder Blade Guards hit Matcha’s shield, causing sparks to fly and a few electrical currents entangle her as she cried out, “Ouch, that really hurts. Sister Chengshuo, Darling Duck, quickly heal me…”

Three bright beams of [Heal] basked Matcha in their warm light. It would be hard for her to die with three Healers on her, even if she wanted to.

Before my eyes, there was already a huge group of Thunder Blade Guards. Getting fired up, I calculated the right angle, then my arm shook as I cast [Seven Stars Fragment Slash]. Seven different colored flames enwrapped around my sword and with a ‘Bang’ sound, my sword came crashing down onto the group of Thunder Blade Guards, dealing 1500 points of damage to each monster. Another beam of light basked down on me, signifying I had triggered a fatal attack!

Matcha also went on the offensive, her Glass Spear of the Dragon Soul glowed brightly as its tip transformed into a large point. Rumbling loudly as she smashed her weapon into the crowd, she also triggered a fatal attack. The exceedingly high dark green numbers that flew overhead were pleasing to the eye.

Behind us, Dong Cheng Yue gathered energy as her robes fluttered around madly, revealing her enchanting pale legs underneath. She was levitating slightly above the ground as she pointed out with her five fingers. With a [Chain Lightning] and the Illusionary Butterfly and Ice Rat, the Thunder Blade Guards all screamed in pain. Their health dropped in a blink of an eye to around 10-20%.


Taking a look around with her beautiful eyes, Wan Er readied her daggers. Quickly killing monsters that had less than 10% health left, she swept through them before finally bringing her weapons together in preparation for [Twin Blade Harmony]. “Bang”, the tip of her twin daggers stabbed into a Thunder Blade Guard that had 20% health left, killing it instantly.

Fox was standing in the back firing [Bombardment] and commented, “With this damage we could definitely get into the top of China. Miss Wan Er, Miss Dong Cheng, are you two joining any time soon?”

Dong Cheng chuckled, “Uncle, did you say join or marriage?”
TL: Fox uses the word “Join”, but it can be misheard as “To wed”. A Chinese joke.

Wan Er’s face reddened, “Dong Cheng, continue killing, don’t joke around with the poor young Fox…”

Fox: “……”


In about 20 minutes, all 100+ Thunder Blade Guards were dead, leaving behind plenty of experience and equipment. At the same time, Qing Qian and I both leveled up to Lv 60, meaning we could finally advance in our classes. It was a pity that we couldn’t go right now and so we would have to endure for now. Fortunately, the experience given in this map was quite generous, and we could be Lv 61 by the time we finished up here.

There was one thing that was certain however; in this SSS-ranked map, the players in this group could easily rank in the top 10 of each of our respective cities. At the moment, Ba Huang City’s number one player was Jian Feng Han at Lv 61. If I continued to grind without dying, I could overtake the throne as the number 1 player, though the chances of keeping it for long were not very high.

Looking at the various equipment strewn about, we were ecstatic to start cleaning up the battlefield. In an orderly fashion, everyone began to systematically gather up the items. The Elite Monsters had dropped a lot of Silver Tier equipment but they were of very little value besides this one jewelry that provided .5% lifesteal; that one should sell for quite the fortune.

“Hey, what’s this?”

Yue Qing Qian picked up a silver tile from the ground and examined it closely. She laughed and showed it to us–

[Devil’s Token]: Proof that you have slain a devil. You may exchange this token to any city in exchange for a generous amount of experience as a reward!


“Exchange for experience?” Wan Er laughed, “This is some good stuff, it’s similar to our Mortal Scrolls.”

Yue Qing Qian immediately turned on the roll system, “I can’t hog this item to myself, come on guys, let’s roll for this.”

I shook my head, “Let’s not, we’re all friends here, so let’s give the items to those who need it most. Qing Qian, Wan Er, Chengshuo and I are already on the verge of advancing so we don’t have a huge need for it. Give the Devil Token to Matcha, she’s only Lv 55, but her strength is important. If she’s given the Devil Token, then Lv 60 won’t be too far away and by then she’ll truly become a part of Zhan Long’s core.

Wan Er smiled, “I have no objections since I’m not lacking in experience at all.”

Likewise, Yuzi Chengshuo chuckled, “Right, give it to the lowest leveled player.”

So everyone agreed. For the sake of Zhan Long, the Devil Token was given to Matcha, who accepted it with a red face. Sending me a message in secret, she was very happy about it, “Boss, thank you, you’re so kind to me…”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Let’s work hard and level. The boss can’t be the tank forever; I want to be a pure offensive attacker. So you have to be Zhan Long’s number 1 tank, Matcha. Wait until you can ride a horse and have an extremely strong shield. With your additional points into defense, you’ll be Zhan Long’s immovable guardian!”

Matcha smiled, “Boss, I finally understand why Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Qing Qian, and other females are so fond of you. You have such a unique personality…”

“Keke, I thought it was because I was extremely handsome….”



Continuing to loot the battlefield, I also picked up two more Devil Tokens, which I gave to Matcha. After she returned to the city, she was destined to level up. Though it’s for sure that she wouldn’t be leveling up too many times, otherwise the RMB warriors wouldn’t have to level at all.

So again, after a dozen times, we finally cleared the ravine of all of the Thunder Blade Guards and proceeded to clear the surrounding borders of the monsters as well. We had already spent 4 hours or so and it was already 7 PM when our group finally got to the end of the 2nd layer of the Dragon Temple.

Our feet were damp with water as our 10 person team stood in a stream. Right in front of us, an iron cable stretched horizontally across the sky. However, a giant dragon crouched at the entrance of the cable bridge, seemingly like a purple stone statue. One didn’t even need to think, that was obviously the second layer’s boss. Furthermore, the stream we were standing on converges on the spot ahead; the area was a huge torrential body of water. If we wanted to kill the boss then we would have to do it in the water.

“What do we do?” Wan Er asked.

Matcha chuckled, “How about having Xiao Yao lure the boss out onto dry land so we can kill it?”

I shook my head, “That’s not possible, it’s too far away. I estimate it to be 500 meters. Whether the boss will come out or not remains to be seen but I definitely won’t be able to live if I try.”

Wan Er clenched her fists saying, “Then we’ll go kill this dragon boss in the water!”

“Yes, let’s go then…”

Step by step, we treaded towards the deeper part of the river and started swimming. Our movement speed was reduced to 50% of that on the ground, which would heavily impact us. Not only that, when we entered the water, we would only be able to breathe for about 10 minutes before we would need to take another breath. The higher level a person was, the longer they’d be able to breathe underwater.

After swimming towards the statue, I stayed a decent distance away from it and used a long distance attack. With my sword, I activated [Seven Stars Fragment Slash], and 7 beams of energy were let loose onto it!


The [Seven Stars Fragment Slash] effect of breaking objects appeared and without further ado, a giant purple dragon came flapping out with a snarl. Its giant wings were flapping around so much, the water below was being pelted outwards from the shockwave! Taking advantage of the moment, I quickly took a look at the boss; stats and shared it amongst the party before desperately swimming back towards the team—

【Shadow of the Thunder Dragon – Lorraine】(Purple Tier Boss)
Level: 63
Attack: 1750-2180
Defense: 1270
Health: 370000
Skills:【Dragon Claw】【Drifting Thunder】【Rolling Thunder】

Description: Lorraine, the shadow of the Saint of Thunder Dragons and retains some of the powers the thunder dragon once had. Summoned by the Obsidian Dragon God to guard Mohist City, he was one of the four who had their blood and soul sacrificed to give birth to the Shadow Saint Dragon. The shadow of the thunder dragon is now an eternal guardian.


“Be careful, the BOSS has two skills we’ve never seen before!” I hefted my Frost Rain Sword and retreated a few steps in the water as I warned everyone in a low voice: “Keep to the strategy we used to kill the Shadow of the Wind Dragon; Matcha, get into position!”

Matcha flew above the surface of the water, carrying her Glass Soul of the Dragon Spear and nodding slightly: “Got it, Boss!”


Behind us, the Shadow of the Thunder Dragon roared and somehow struck out at my back, driving me deep underwater!


The sound of water battered my ears as I sank lower. Water clouded my view, and all that I could see was the faint purple luster of the dragon scales. Without hesitation, I used [Strength of a Thousand Men] on the dragon’s neck. A white scale marked the location of its lamella, this seemed like the weakest point in the Dragon’s defense so striking at this location will do major damage!

Having its white scale attacked, the Shadow of the Thunder Dragon became enraged. It snarled as both of its claws struck out at me, forcing me deeper underwater. Fortunately, it had only done 1200 damage to me–nothing fatal. A health potion and a [Heal] would be enough to withstand it. My equipment was pretty good right now so I could live through something like this.


A few seconds later, I finally had the opportunity to resurface from the water and raising my hand, I sent a [Wind Blade] towards the boss. At the same time, Dong Cheng Yue blasted the boss with [Chain Lightning] while Fox shot at it with a [Double Shot] overhead. Yue Qing Qian and Lin Wan Er’s silhouettes surfaced from the water as their dagger tips twinkled in the light. With me around, the two girls would not have to worry about the boss suddenly aggro-ing onto them.


The Shadow of the Thunder Dragon roared as it opened its gigantic jaw and a milky white glow began to condense inside.

Matcha cried out hastily, “Be careful, the boss is about to cast a skill!”


How could I be any more careful? I might as well take it on…

The next moment, a ball of lightning was spat out at me with frightening speed!


A boom rang out on the water as the ball of lightning smashed straight onto my chest, sending my body and sword into the depths of the water. I had sunk at least 10 meters in when the ball suddenly exploded!


Wow, what a disgrace. Not only did the attack hurt me but the electricity had spread through the water, causing massive damage to both Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue who were fighting nearby!

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