Zhan Long

Chapter 214

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Chapter 214 – Galing Cyclones
Translated by: Vk, Totokk and GGP
Edited by: Hendricksen-sama, Zephir

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[Blade Storm]: The Shadow of the Wind Dragon spits out a wind-imbued axe to attack in a straight line. Its attack power is immense, not to mention it also deals magical damage. Only Wan Er and I could withstand such a powerful attack. If it was anyone else, he would certainly be insta-killed.


Sparks flew as my sword slashed at its dragonscale armor. I kept pinpointing my attack towards the dragon’s neck where the scales were forcefully removed from its hide bit by bit. Eventually, blood finally spilled from its neck. Because of this, I could see that each of my attacks dealt an additional 40% damage. The speed of killing the boss improved greatly!

“Xiao Yao, be careful! The boss’ last skill… ” said Dong Cheng Yue as she used a [Thunderbolt Finger] and retreated to avoid the [Blade Storm]’s trajectory, “It wouldn’t be weird if that [Galing Cyclones] was an AOE skill. Later when the boss uses the skill, Xiao Yao, you should use a [Combo] to stall it for a few seconds. Wan Er and Qing Qian will try to interrupt the skill by using [Gouge]. [Gouge]’s stun rate is not bad and this boss’ level isn’t that high too, so we should be able to interrupt the skill.”

Wan Er nodded. “Alright… ”

At the back of the dragon, Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian danced around with their daggers. “Pa pa pa!” They knocked away chunks and chunks of the dragon’s health. A high leveled Assassin’s attack speed is not something to be made fun of. With a full set of decent equipment, an Assassin would easily be able to break the boss’ defense and with their quick attacks, their overall damage output would not lose out to a 10-point attack heavy armor class like me.



The enormous dragon’s head raised as it released another [Blade Storm] !

I saw the signs and quickly dashed aside to divert the boss’ trajectory. Having 70% of the aggro, the boss’ target would certainly be me. My body felt a tearing pain. That wind-imbued axe pierced through my body and landed on a big rock behind me, shattering it into a million pieces.

“Nice dodge… ” Dong Cheng Yue giggled.

As her laughter echoed, the boss started raising its neck to give out a loud roar. Flapping its wings that were spread wide, gusts of wind started forming in our surroundings. I felt a chill down my spine and shouted, “Is this it? Intercept it before he casts the skill!”

A white glow appeared under my feet. I activated [Strength of a Thousand Men] to attack at the boss’ thigh but it wasn’t enough to break the casting!

Behind the dragon, Yue Qing Qian and Wan Er rushed over with their daggers. “Shua Shua!” They thrusted at the dragon’s head, the both of them using [Gouge] at the same time!



Yue Qing Qian’s attack missed but Wan Er’s [Gouge] hit right on target. The boss was stunned and [Galing Cyclones] was, as a result, successfully nullified before it could be cast!

Dong Cheng Yue chuckled. “Nice one Wan Er. It really can be stunned!”

Wan Er waved her dagger. Seeing an opportunity, she attacked once more and fell back in a blink. Smilingly, she said “I was just lucky today!”

Yue Qing Qian pouted, “Big Sis Cang Tong’s weapon is the Scarlet Edge, an Emperor Tier dagger. Of course the hit rate would be higher. Boo hoo… My dagger is only Purple Tier. I’m in disdain…

Far away behind me, Yuzi Chengshuo healed me while saying, “Behind the luxurious gates of the rich residences, meat goes to waste while people freeze to death on the road. One of you has an Emperor Tier and another with a Purple Tier, yet you still complain that your equipments aren’t good… You bastards should know how many players still use Silver Tier and Bronze Tier weapons, not even Gold Tier! Someone using a Purple Tier alone is treated as a god in battle. Wan Er’s Emperor Tier Scarlet Edge is simply too luxurious…”

Wan Er couldn’t help but laugh. “ Big Sis Chengshuo, you have a Lv 51 Purple Tier healing staff. You don’t have the right to judge… ”

Yuzi Chengshuo giggled. “ Aiyo, this little rascal learnt to counter me. Alright, Xiao Yao Zi Zai is here to back you up so you’re getting audacious huh? …Forget it, I have no comments. I’d rather not be treated cruelly by you guys… However, our group now is really strong, especially Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, and Cang Yue. This team’s control skills and tanking ability are at the pinnacle of its mastery in the entire server…”

Wan Er’s dagger grazed the boss’ right leg and immediately moved back to dodge [Blade Storm]. She exaggeratedly laughed, puffing up her chest, “Hehe, if our skills were not first class, why would we have accepted this SSS ranked quest in the first place?”

Yuzi Chengshuo nodded. “Good luck wrecking the boss! I have a premonition that the next boss will be an Emperor Tier. Wuu wuuu… You guys… are just so loyal to me. To call me again for these kinds of maps, I love you all! If it were not for the fact I owe a lot to [Emerald Porcelain]’s Guild Leader’s gratitude and favors, I would surely have joined [Zhan Long] to be a part of Xiao Yao’s guild…”

Swinging my sword to push away the dragon’s claw, I said, “Just come. [Zhan Long] will always welcome Big Sis Chengshuo…”

Wan Er smiled. “Forget about that, Big Sis Chengshuo and [Emerald Porcelain]’s Guild Leader have been lovers for 7 years. There’s no way for her to leave [Emerald Porcelain]…”

“Okay…” I laughed. “Our [Zhan Long]’s Number One Healer is still Darling Duck then…”

Darling Duck pouted and said, “If Big Sis Chengshuo came, then I would become a mere substitute, wouldn’t I, Guild Leader?

“No way. There is no point comparing Healers. In fighting bosses and group fights, who wouldn’t rely on Healers?

“You have a point. Hehe…”


Not even 3 minutes passed when the boss let out another roar. It was another [Galing Cyclones] !

I hastily launched another [Combo]. Unfortunately after the barrage of attacks, the skill needed a cooldown of 4 seconds!

“Wan Er! Qing Qian! Hurry up!” I hastily bellowed.

Both girls hurried as much as they could. They consecutively used [Gouge] but unfortunately two misses elegantly traversed above the boss’ head. Our interruption had failed!

“This is bad!” Matcha hastily rushed forwards with her spear and shouted, “Everyone get back!”


The surroundings started to dim as a huge cyclone formed. The galing winds that were like sharpened knives started raging upon us. A bone-grinding pain could be felt as I took 3 separate hits. It was extremely scary—


I nimbly drank a Healing Potion; I was severely injured but I didn’t die. Wan Er fell back and opened her umbrella. “Pa pa pa” Within the three successive hits, I managed to slip in a [Heal] and so she barely managed to survive. An Assassin with a body full of high tiered armor and nearly 2500 health points, Wan Er’s stats were one of a kind.

On the other hand, Matcha rushed forwards with her shield as well and pulled Yue Qing Qian into her embrace. Hugging one another, they kneeled on the ground. She readied her shield as she closed her eyes and started to chant her skill, [Phantom Holy Shield]! Three golden shields orbited around her, giving protection to Yue Qing Qian who was within the range of protection. Fortunately with this, they didn’t get blown away by the [Galing Cyclones]. After the skill dissipated, she raised her head and looked at Yue Qing Qian. Unable to hold a chuckle, “Luckily I made it…”

Yue Qing Qian was scared purple, “Big Sis Matcha… Thank god you were there!”



The gigantic dragon raised its head once again. It’s another [Blade Storm]! This boss’ tempo was just too terrifying!

In the distance, those who weren’t doing close-combat all dodged to the side. Their timing was adequate. Yuzi Chengshuo expected an attack as such and swiftly rushed a bit closer to heal me—


This healing is just too powerful. With another heal my health returned to above 2000 points. I could take the [Blade Storm] head on!


The wind-imbued axe went through my body and hit onto the rocks behind me. But ignoring it, I continued attacking!

The whole boss-killing pace had slowly stabilized; the last few [Galing Cyclones]s were all intercepted. The battle proceeded smoothly. In a short 12 minutes, the boss’ health was obviously critically low!


“Let’s try to guess. What kind of treasures will he drop?” Said Yue Qing Qian as she stabbed the boss behind his neck with her dagger and leaped backwards.

“A Purple Tier item will certainly drop.” I thought for a second, then said, “In this SSS rank map, the drop rate from bosses will probably increase.”

Wan Er replied. “Yeah. I hope it drops an S rank skillbook or something. S rank skillbooks are worth so much more than equipments. In a way, that’s logical since skills will stay forever with a player but equipments will just come and go. Any equipment that is lower than Lv 100 will be replaced with something stronger sooner or later.”

“Yup. Oh, it’s at the last 4% HP. Pay attention.”


Slashing my sword horizontally, I cut deep into the boss’ neck. The Shadow of the Wind Dragon was merely a clone of the real thing, if it were the true Wind Dragon, one of the Four Saint Dragons, I think we would have been finished off in the first round!

This time, we didn’t decide on who’s the one to kill the boss, so all of us did as much damage as we could to kill it quickly!

Finally, after letting out a miserable howl, the Shadow of the Wind Dragon’s suddenly
exploded into millions of pieces. Countless pieces of glittering dust fell toward the ground as a pile of loot dropped!



Fox and Who’s Blue both leveled up. I then held my sword tightly and walked towards the loot. Looking at the equipments dropped, I said “I’m the leader, so I’ll go through the loot. Are you okay with that?”

Matcha and Wan Er lightly nodded. “It’s all yours to decide. Hurry up…”

Bending over, I grabbed the loot. There was a total of 3 equipments. It really is impossible to drop anything above Purple Tier—

【Hurricane Staff】: Lv 58 Purple Tier Staff. Magic attack 740-875, Magic attack +8%, Endurance+38, Magic +39

【Chain of Mercy】: Lv 58 Purple Tier Necklace, Endurance +40, Magic +37, Healing Effect +128

【Inferno Dagger】: Lv 58 Gold Tier Dagger, Attack power 540-750, Endurance+35, Agility +34


As usual, we rolled to decide who gets which item. The results were that the [Hurricane Staff] was taken by Dong Cheng Yue without question, as she was the only person who needed a staff that added magic attack. The [Chain of Mercy] necklace was rolled by Yuzi Chengshuo. Who’s Blue’s level was a bit short of the requirement, so giving it to her was obvious. As for the Lv 58 Gold Tier Dagger, everyone decided to give it to the one who was most beaten up by the boss. So, I put it into my inventory. After returning back to the city, I’ll be able to sell it for a few hundred RMB. No matter how small it was, there was value in it.

What was a little disappointing is that the boss didn’t drop any skillbooks. Not even Soul Stones! It only dropped a few Pardon Cards. We couldn’t help but sigh.


A few minutes later, standing at the border of the layer, I looked into the distance. A metal chain transversed across the starry cosmos, connecting to the second layer. This time we would have to slide for a very long time to reach the next level.

Inhaling deeply, I said with a smile, “Let’s go. Onwards to the second floor! I want to level up!”

Everyone else nodded at the same time. “Yup!”

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