Zhan Long

Chapter 213

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Chapter 213 – Shadow of the Wind Dragon
Translated by: Yeow and GGP
Edited by: Manvender, Sac, Zephir, Zero


I chopped off the Dark Draconian’s head. I thought: 13 seconds per mob, our DPS wasn’t bad.

After which, I bent down and picked up the 47 silver on the ground and the party distribution system automatically split the sum. I smiled and murmured to myself: “Very nice, just farming for gold here is going to make us rich……”

Lin Wan Er remarked: “When Draconians’ health drops to about 30%, their dragon-strength buff will automatically activate, so make sure your skills are off cooldown for the second volley of attacks and control the damage output such that we can focus our skills to finish it off as soon as its health drops to 30%”

Matcha nodded, “Yup, our beautiful Lin Wan Er is right. We should try our best to be efficient.”


I could immediately see numerous Draconians nearby as I turned around to take a look at the area. Closest to us was a group of five Draconians.

“Oh, that’s a lot……” said Who’s Blue.

Lin Wan Er celebrated saying: “It’s still good since we have both Matcha and Li Xiao Yao to tank……”

Beautiful Matcha smiled placidly, “Yup, these five Draconian are gathered too closely; attacking any one of them will cause them all to get aggroed. Afterwards, boss will bait two while I’ll attract the other three. Concentrate your attacks and finish off the two assaulting boss and then help me eliminate the other three…. ”

Feeling somewhat doubtful, I asked: “Matcha, are you confident in keeping the aggro of all three Draconians on yourself, even with the aggro generated from the heals of our Healers?”

“Don’t worry boss~”

“Good, then be prepared. Dong Cheng, lure the mob!”


Approaching slowly, Dong Cheng Yue came to a halt at a distance of about 37 meters from the mob. Her beautiful eyes accurately judged the position of the mobs. Then, gathering her energy, crackling sounds of lightning could be heard as lightning circled between her fingers while energy danced wildly around, beating about her robes, revealing two splendidly long legs.


The beautiful Mage activated [Thunder Finger] letting a bolt of lightning bounce within the group of Draconians, drawing the aggro and causing a damage of at least 10,000 points at the same time. This S class skill was way too overpowered.

I leapt forward. As my Purple Dawn Boots stepped on the grasslands, I looked for a good angle. The next moment, seven meteors appeared and floated around my blade, bursting out and hitting all 5 Draconians. The Lv 5 [Seven Star Fragment Slash] struck out with shocking attack power, while the rows of damage numbers that appeared stupefied everyone!



The group of mobs trembled. Having been aggroed by me, they shouted while raising their broadswords, rushing over with killing intent.

“Oh my……” Lin Wan Er speechlessly remarked while grasping her daggers: “Li Xiao Yao has finally obtained an AOE skill, I just knew it didn’t make sense that he would be unable to get a physical damage AOE skill……”

With a sweep of my blade, I initiated my custom combo, [Strength of a Thousand Men]. Next to me, Matcha wielded her sword to attack, unleashing [Phantom Ray Slash] on three of the Draconians. In the same time, she waved her other hand and summoned a [Phantom Shadow Clone], microing it to draw in the attacks of the three Draconians. Through this combination of skills and techniques, the aggro of the three Draconians was successfully kept by Matcha.

“Beautifully done, Matcha……” Fox laughs while firing.

“Keng keng keng…”

The broadsword slashed against Matcha’s golden shield. Fortunately, she had put 1 point into Endurance each time she leveled and redistributed her stats when she changed classes and thus had an additional 53 points into Endurance. In addition, she had put over 100 points into defense, so with her shield, her defense wasn’t too far below mine.

Swiftly finishing off the two Draconians, I switched my focus to help Matcha kill the other three. In a mere 30 seconds, Matcha had been beaten till she had less than 30% of her health points. While being healed by Who’s Blue and Darling Duck, Matcha cast her [Phantom Holy Shield] to protect herself, complaining: “A girl shouldn’t be a tank, being beaten by mobs really hurts……”

I replied: “Fortunately you are an attack-oriented Knight who adds 7 strength per level. Some Knights distribute 5 points each to defense and endurance per level, a build that focuses purely on being able to take punishment. When the 3rd job advancement and aggroing skills are released, those type of Knights and Monks will start to “shine”, as they become the main tanking force in boss runs~”

As Matcha’s sword continued to hack and slash at the Draconians, she laughed: “Boss, I’d rather happily stay as an attack type Knight……”

I nodded in agreement and said: “You must. In the late game meta, the focus will be on PK between players and not boss runs. The future of Zhan Long can only be secured through fighting, thus we do not really need too many highly skilled defensive players but more importantly we need attack type players. Matcha with your AOE job skills such as [Phantom Ray Slash], there is no way I would allow you to play a defense focused build……”

Happily laughing, Matcha exclaimed: “Yup, boss is brilliant!”


A Green Tier armor dropped after dispatching many Draconians. As it wasn’t of much use, we continued forward while clearing out the mobs. About an hour later, we managed to clear out most of the Draconians in the map, However, to get to the next level, we still had to overcome one last hurdle.

Checking my experience bar, I found that I had gained 34% in the last hour, bringing my current progress to Lv 59 with 48% experience. Killing this level’s boss would probably bring me to Lv 60. Once I’ve reached Lv 60, I would finally be accepted to be taught by a true teacher, who’s also a beautiful lady. As a woman who was able to earn the respect of Karl and Luo Lin, Frost’s strength was the real deal; I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Her position was earned through strength, not through her womanly charms, or else, she would be unable to survive in the cold, desolate and bloody lands of the Dragon City.


A ray of light descended on Matcha, indicating that she had reached Lv 55. As we trained together in many S Rank or above maps, [Zhan Long]’s Experience Baby continued to level up. Even though she started at a lower level, as her levels rose, more experience was needed, which made catching up to the average server level a lot easier.


In a flash of light, the sword in Matcha’s hand was replaced with a slender looking lance. This was the Glass Spear of the Dragon’s Soul that I gave her, a Superior Purple Tier weapon with a very high attack rating.


Exclaimed Matcha as she took a look at her status window gleefully: “My base attack has finally reached 1950, what a blessing……”

As he did not have a deep understanding of a melee fighter’s stats, Fox asked: “Is a base attack of 1950 considered high? How high is Guild Master’s base attack?”

After taking a quick glance at my status, I answered: “2186, I add all my points to strength and have two Emperor Tier equipment that give strength bonuses.”

“Oh, looks like Matcha’s equipment is not bad……”

Darling Duck took the moment to refresh the [Encourage] buff on Matcha. Now, Matcha has obtained both offensive and defensive capabilities that would not be lacking in killing mobs or fighting bosses.


Continuing to clear the mobs, in another half an hour, we arrived at the end of the map. Here stood a cliff and on the edge of the cliff was an impressive chain that lead downwards. It was the entrance to the 2nd level of the Dragon Temple. However, blocking the path was a huge statue, looking like it was ready to come to life at any time. This must be the boss of the first level, I could already sense the huge power originating from within the statute.

“The boss has appeared……” Lin Wan Er murmured excited, tightly grabbing the daggers in her hands, :”Eh… shall our number one tank initiate the boss fight?”

Without replying I started moving towards the statue then leapt into the air. My sword arcing towards the statue, the Frost Rain Sword chopped down onto its neck.


Shreds of stone skin peeled off towards the ground, revealing the indigo scales beneath. ‘Damn, there’s a real dragon guarding the souls of the Mohist Sect’s descendants. This Dark Dragon God is way too cautious!”


With an angry roar, the dragon finally emerged from its stone shell. Gusts of wind could be seen circling the body of the huge dragon standing before us, filling the air with a sinister sensation. The dragon’s body had a glossy sheen, as if it was made of glass, yet no one could deny that the dragon was powerful. With a slight sway of its head, it dashed forward, raising its claws, striking heavily on my Nebula Armour.


“Peng!” the force was enough to push me back 10 metres. Lifting my battered body up from the ground, I swung my sword, which glowed resplendently with the light of [Fierce Ice Blade] and sunk it into the dragon’s neck ——



I lifted my head to take a look and quickly shared the BOSS status with my party ——

【Shadow of the Wind Dragon ・ Bu Lu】 ( Purple Tier BOSS )

Level: 62

Attack: 1720-2150

Defence: 1250

HP: 350000

Skills:【Dragon Claw】【Blade Storm】【Galing Cyclones】

Introduction: Bu Lu was created based on the Saint of the Wind Dragons and bestowed with a portion of his powers. After the Dark Dragon God imprisoned the Mohists, he summoned the four Saint Dragons and using their blood and essence, he created the Saint Dragon Shadows. With a part of the power of the four Saint Dragons, these shadows were left to guard the Dragon Temple as warriors of the dragon race.


“Damn, 2150 attack power…… Wind Dragon, one of the four saint dragons?” Carrying his rifle, Fox backed away quickly, leaving the Shadow of the Wind Dragon’s attack range, while asking: “Matcha, how should we fight?”

Matcha raised her Glass Spear of the Dragon’s Soul, replying in an indifferent tone: “How else can we fight, Xiao Yao will continue attacking first, when he has max aggro the rest of us will join into this war of attrition, in the later stages when Shadow of the Wind Dragon starts using large-scale skills, I will help to support boss by tanking some of the damage.”

“Okay, sounds good!”

I lifted my Frost Rain Sword, braced myself and continued the assault. welcoming the boss’ sharp claws with [Strength of a Thousand Men] while giving myself a [Heal] to recover health. In less than 30 seconds, after inflicting over 10,000 damage, the three Healers could finally start to support me with heals, allowing the fight to stabilize. Even though the BOSS had a high attack power, my defense and health was high too. So, unless the boss was able to finish me off in 1 hit, there should be no problems.


The Shadow of the Wind Dragon abruptly raised its head as its neck expanded. A dragon breath is clearly imminent!

“Be careful, the dragon’s breath is [Blade Storm] and will hit all targets in a line, Darling Duck! Move!”

The exceptionally intelligent Lin Wan Er rushed forward, shoving Darling Duck out of harm’s way, while Shadow of the Wind Dragon prepared to unleash his power. Wind could be seen coalescing and condensing in its huge maw before it blasted out. As predicted, it’s a linear attack!


My shoulder felt like it was being ripped apart while a searing pain flared across my shoulder and a devastating damage figure popped up above my head ——


Behind me, Lin Wan Er raised her metal umbrella, enduring the [Blade Storm] attack.


The metal umbrella had the effect of boosting the wielder’s magic defense. Coincidentally, [Blade Storm] was a magic based attack. Thus, in a certain sense, Lin Wan Er’s survivability was higher than mine.


Darling Duck’s face turned white as a sheet: “My god, the boss’s attack is so quick and fierce, it’s hard to keep up……”

Wan Er hurriedly backed away to regain her HP, gently smiling as she replied: “Don’t fret, Li Xiao Yao just needs to adjust his position so that the rest of us will not be in any danger.”

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