Zhan Long

Chapter 209

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Chapter 209 – Dragon Temple
Translated by: SnowTime, xDh20, Ciel, Vk
Edited by: Based Jessica, dabenor, Zephir, Sac and Mcbaconator

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I stood there in astonishment as I gazed at the beautiful woman warrior standing in front of me: “Frost, you are going to be my mentor in the future?”


Frost gently nodded and then suddenly started laughing: “What, are you not willing to be my disciple? Is it because you think I can’t compare to Karl?”

I quickly shook my head: “Not at all, not at all, that’s not it…”

“Well then good……”

Karl smiled coldly: “Okay, since it has been decided, then……come with me to the depths of the Dragon’s Tomb!”

Frost nodded: “Alright!”

Saying this, she turned her body around and looked at me: “Don’t worry, I will bring you there……”



Following my beautiful new mentor, I suddenly felt a great sense of security. If the strong, but gentle and enigmatic Frost would truly become my mentor, I would be well off. After all, Frost was the captain of the Imperial Knights of Dragon City, the most elite force, the direct subordinates of Dragon City’s king, Luo Lin.

The three of us walked in two rows, me and Frost in front while Karl was behind us as we went to the deepest part of the Dragon’s Tomb. We went deeper than I had ever been in this area. Ahead, in the underbrush, the normal imps became Elite Lv 65 monsters. From this, it was easy to see that the deeper you went into the tomb, the more difficult the map would become.

“Zhi zhi….”

A few imps, with their teeth and claws bared threateningly, rushed over. I quickly drew my sword in preparation for a fight, but unexpectedly Frost‘s speed was faster than mine. With her sword brandished in front of her, an invisible sword energy was sent out and instantly slaughtered several imps. My eyes widened as enormous damage numbers popped out above the dead imps——


I watched flabbergasted; so this was Frost’s attack! Only heavens knew what level she was and what rank of boss she would be classified as! In short, she was already strong enough to kill me with no more than a single attack!

Ten minutes later, a heavy and dense blood red fog appeared not too far from us and Frost wrinkled her eyebrows, saying softly: “Be careful. Beings with unimaginable power lurk in these shadows.”


I held my long sword tightly and looked around my surroundings. On my shoulder sat Baby Bobo. With its eyelids opening and closing while staring at me, I felt like I was being stared to death.


Soon after, we reached the end of the canyon where a blood red stone monument covered with vines blocked our path. A few inscriptions were engraved on the monument, while a network of ancient runes was imprinted on the enormous boulder. It looked a bit frightening, to the extent that I could sense the immense energy buried under that massive rock – insurmountable power!

“We’re here……”

Frost halted,and pointed at the boulder saying: “Your enemy is buried in the depths of this area. However, this place has already been sealed for eons, therefore……”

She laughed: “You have a day to prepare. Look for strong teammates. On the other hand, Karl will use his strength to break the seal throughout today. Tomorrow, at this time, you must have brought your companions here to accept this challenge. I can only wish you good luck…… that…… Are you ready?”

I nodded: “Yes!”


System notification: Congratulations, you have received the SSS-rank quest line【Dragon’s Temple】!

Mission contents: When Karl opens the seal, all will be revealed! You must find accomplices strong enough to complete this mission. This quest allows a maximum of 9 additional players, and the minimum level requirement is Lv 50!


Damn this mission even hides its contents. Only tomorrow, when we arrive here at this time will we see the truth!

I resentfully looked at Frost. She replied with a smile and said, “Good luck. Hurry and look for members strong enough to challenge this quest! I will wait for your return… ”

I nodded, then took out my city return scroll and crushed it!


Returning to Ba Huang city, I immediately sent Matcha a message: “Matcha, are you busy? If not, come to Ba Huang City square’s northern entrance. I have something good to give you!”

“Oh, what is it boss?”

“Come and you’ll find out!”

“Okay, wait a minute!”

Soon, Matcha’s beautiful figure appeared in a flash. Wearing a full suit of armor and carrying a sword, she looked like a pretty Phantom Knight. Although a little clumsy, this type of beauty had a nostalgic way of mesmerizing people. Even outside of the game, Matcha would still count as a 10/10 sister figure. For a young men my age, it was a killer combination.

“Boss, what goodies are you giving me?” Matcha said as she happily walked up.

I opened my bag and took out the glassy spear and handed it to her, “This, do you like it?”


Matcha’s small mouth opened in shock, her eyes filling with incredulity: “Boss…Boss, this Superior Purple Tier spear, is it for me?”

“Yes, is there a problem? I laughed.

Matcha nodded “Of course there is, this spear….. this spear is too good. Giving it to me is a waste, boss, I ….”

She blushed, speechless from excitement. She probably hadn’t seen such an amazing weapon before, not to mention actually using one.

I patted her shoulder, laughing: “It’s okay. Once you get stronger, our Zhan Long Studio’s average strength will increase. Just take it and quickly level up to 55 so you can equip it!”

“You’re seriously giving this to me, Boss?”


“This is too great…… too great……”

Matcha was so excited when she gripped the Glass Spear of the Dragon’s Soul that she couldn’t bring herself to let go of it. Suddenly she tried to hug me but miscalculated the height and hugged my chest and made it up by standing on her tip toes and lightly kissing my chin “Boss, thank you….”

I touched my chin: “No problem, hurry up and level……”

“Yes…. “


Right after, I sat there alone in the Ba Huang City Square, thinking about whom I should bring with me to complete the quest.

After sending a message to Lin Wan Er with the details of the quest, the beautiful little miss quickly invited me to a video call, her voice couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Li Xiao Yao, this…you accepted this kind of quest? An SSS rank quest is almost a godlike quest. Are you trying to rebel against the heavens??!!”

I couldn’t help but laugh: “Yes, I accepted the quest but finishing it is another matter. You can see that this quest will be rather difficult. A ten-man team, I’m wondering, what should I do……. who would be a good choice……”

Lin Wan Er’s large eyes blinked: “ Me, me……”

I couldn’t help it: “I know already, of course I’ll choose you. Otherwise I wouldn’t have told you……”

“Yup yup, you’re really great….”

“Dong Cheng Yue is a must; we need her magic attack…… On the other hand, for a healer we’ll bring Darling Duck. As for the main tank, I don’t think I alone will be enough. We still need a person whose attack is high and can still defend well. This person……. should be our Zhan Long Studio’s big sister, Matcha. She is a Knight-class, and her equipment is pretty good…… As for others, Wan Er do you have any suggestions?”

Lin Wan Er’s lips curved into a smile: “That’s easy, Dong Cheng can be the damage dealer and there’s not much else we need. For tanking, there’s you and Matcha. I’ll take care of the crowd control but there are never enough healers. We’ll need at least 3. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Pretty Yuzi Chengshuo, can we ask her to join us again? Last time at Five Barbarians Desolate Tomb, she didn’t receive any rewards. To compensate her for last time, let’s ask her to join us again.”

“Sure we can. What about the last healer?……”

“There is Who’s Blue, one of the Top Ten Healers in Ba Huang City.”

“Alright, you can go call her. As for the others, we’re still missing two people……” Lin Wan Er pondered, then said: “It’s best if we have one more for the controlling department. Whoever is Zhan Long’s current number one Assassin, call them as well!”

“Yue Qing Qian…… Little Wolf’s level is a bit low.”

“Then we’ll go with Yue Qing Qian. As for the last person, who do you think is most suitable?”

I mulled it over then clapped, saying: “We’ll add another long distance attacker and bring Fox, simultaneously helping him power level……”

Lin Wan Er couldn’t from laughing: “This…… if Glass Fox comes with us, will he really contribute much? In any case, you’re the captain, so it’s your choice. You can bring whoever you want; this little girl won’t say anything else……”

My mouth quirked: “Yeah, so this is the plan for tomorrow. In a moment we’ll give them the list and let them prepare. Tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM, we’ll promptly meet up in Ba Huang City!”

“Alright! Oh right, get ready in a bit. Tonight you and I will go out to eat together, my dad is treating us, saying he wants to introduce a friend. We’ll bring along Dong Cheng as well.”

“Sure, alright……”


A 9 person team was quickly formed, 8 of whom I had already friended and thus could get in contact quickly. The only missing person was Blue while Yuzi Chengshuo had already confirmed that there would be no problem in joining us tomorrow at noon at Ba Huang City.

After the meeting, I went to Ba Huang City’s forest to sharpen my skills. By dinnertime I brought [Seven Star Fragment Slash] to Lv 5, raising its attack 125% of my base attack. The skill had become very deadly, just in time for me to use it for the quest ahead.

At five in the afternoon, I went offline.

In the female dorms, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue diligently stood there waiting for me.

“Where are we going to eat?” I asked.

“Qin Lun International Hotel.”

“Eh?” My eyes widened: “The…the 7 star hotel? How expensive! What kind of a person would have the status to invite Lin Tian Nan to go to Qin Lun International for dinner?

Lin Wan Er shook her head: “I’m not sure either. Either way, my old man said that the person was extremely important. Shall we head out? Haha, you probably haven’t even been to a 7 star hotel right?”

“No, I’ve gone before……”


“However, I didn’t eat, rather, I watched others eat. I was a mercenary at that time……”

“ *Cough*…..”


The Audi TT sped through the night, passing the suburbs of West Lake. Slowly, it pulled into Qin Lun International’s parking lot. The night was very tranquil and the breeze lightly cradled the nearby lanterns.

Getting out of the car, Lin Wan Er walked in front with Dong Cheng Yue and I behind her. Today we were going to meet up with Lin Tian Nan and under no circumstances could I casually walk shoulder-to-shoulder with Lin Wan Er as I do normally; it would be inappropriate.

When we entered the building and walked into the dining hall, there was an eighteen person table. Lin Tian Nan stood at one side, and grinned: “Wan Er’s group has arrived!”


I quickly glanced at the table; twelve people were sitting at this table, 11 of whom were handsome middle-aged men and community officials while the remaining person seemed around twenty-five years old and was emanating a refined and scholarly aura.

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