Zhan Long

Chapter 207

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Chapter 207 – Slaying the Earth Dragon
Translated by: SoloNeko
Edited by: Vk, Zephir, Based Jessica
Final Check: Zdog, GGP

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Holding the letter, Frost read it for a long time. She muttered something then slowly lifted her heavy crimson armor to equip it. But it accidentally chaffed her extensive injuries making her cry painfully.

I quietly stood there and asked, “Was the raid of the Dark Dwarves against Dragon City caused by the fact that I killed the Dark Dwarf Prince?”

Frost winced a smile turned to face me and said, “You’re wrong, the Dark Dwarves have always wanted to get their hands on Ba Huang City, Jiu Li City and Fan Shu City. The Dark Dwarves are a bunch of tribes that have abandoned their honor; they are just like a bunch of locusts gnawing away at the fruits of mankind’s labor. The war between the Dark Dwarves and Dragon City is something that cannot be avoided.”

I tightened my fist and said, “What kind of person injured you?”

Frost looked at me, stunned for a moment. Then she lowered her head, her beautiful eyes glancing at her shoulder, and said, “The dwarf king’s top general, Hei Rong Yan. He has a god-sent strength and owns the legendary battle axe “Ten-Way Destruction”. Even King Luo Lin’s sword wouldn’t be able to match Ten-Way Destruction’s attack. Fortunately, we had help from the ancient warrior Ran Min; If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have only had an arm injured but my life would probably be lost.”

I pursed my lips, carrying the Frost Rain Sword on my back, I calmly replied, “Frost, the next time the Dark Dwarves attack Dragon City, remember to call for me. No matter what you say, I’m still one of Dragon City’s warriors.”


Frost looked at me in shock, a pair of blue irises holding a thought that I couldn’t read. She suddenly giggled, stood upright and walked towards me. Patting me on the shoulder, she said, “Brat, you have not even reached the strength of an average Dragon City warrior yet; you shouldn’t be throwing your life away. Even though Hei Rong Yan was already killed, a small flagbearer under him could easily kill you. I also don’t wish for you to die so easily…:”

I stared blankly and then lowered my head. Frost smiled, “Those who dared to enter my room are not many. I didn’t kill you, so that means I really value you, you know?”

I stood silently.

Frost then continued, “Karl, that old guy wants me to take you to kill the Undead Earth Dragon, did he tell you what you will do for the next step?”

I nodded, “Teacher Karl promised me that as long as I have the capability to kill the Undead Earth Dragon, he will let me explore the Ancient Mysterious Power inside the Dragon’s Tomb. But I don’t know what power it is though…”

“The Ancient Mysterious Power inside the Dragon’s Tomb?” Frost suddenly tightened her fist, her oval-shaped face shrouded in frost. She muttered in a low voice, “Karl that old imbecile, did he want you to suicide?! Humph, the Ancient Mysterious Power inside the Dragon’s Tomb, other than those strange playthings, what other things are there? Even Sword Saints died there, you know? And you’re just a mere adventurer…”

I froze, “Frost, what exactly is the Ancient Mysterious Power inside the Dragon’s Tomb?”

Frost stood quietly for a few seconds, then looked at me as she said, “Brat, from the day that you joined Dragon City, you have become one of my people. That’s why I won’t let you walk towards your death. Hmph, even if that old fart Karl wanted to hurt you intentionally, I won’t let him get away with it! I, Frost, should be the one to decide my people’s life or death!”

I thought for a while and said, “Could you still bring me to kill the Undead Earth Dragon…?”

“You really want to fight it?” Frost looked at me, astounded. She gaped as she said, “That Earth Dragon, even though it can be said to be the weakest among all the Dragon species, it still has the ability to breathe dragon fire. If you make a single mistake, you could be roasted to ashes, what will you do then?”

I pulled out my Frost Rain Sword and laughed, “Relax, how could I be easily roasted? I’m not a kid that will never grow up, forever hiding behind you and seeking your protection. One of these days, I will grow to be strong enough to protect you, Frost!”


Frost looked at me silently, the corners of her mouth curved upwards as she laughed, “Alright then, I’ll bring you to kill the Undead Earth Dragon. But rest assured, if you are in grave danger, I will come to your rescue.”




System Notification: You received an S-ranked quest【Slay the Earth Dragon】!

Quest Description: Follow Frost to find the place where the Undead Earth Dragon is imprisoned and kill him by yourself. You will then receive a generous reward. But please note that you have to kill the dragon on your own, otherwise you will lose the right to continue with the quest.


“Pa pa pa…”

As my Purple Dawn Boots stomped on the cold stones, I followed Frost one step at a time, into the deeper parts of Dragon City. After a few checkpoints, the prison finally appeared!

“My liege!”

The guards of the Earth Prison uniformly raised their arms to their chest, making the Dragon City’s formal salute.

Frost nodded slightly and said, “Guards, give me the key to the Earth Dragon’s prison!”

“My liege, why are you…?”

“Just give it to me, don’t ask!”


After taking the pitch black key from the guards, Frost smiled towards me, “Come, let’s go!”

After walking around the prison, we arrived at the most southern part of the Earth Prison. At the end of the corridor, I could faintly hear the howling of a beast. But it didn’t seem to be a dragon’s roar, or maybe it was because the Earth Dragon’s rank too low?

Right ahead, there was a heavy iron door. The beasts howls resounded right from behind the door. Frost took out the key, slowly turning it as a “Ga Da” sound was heard, and the door was unlocked. She looked at me and smiled lightly, “Be careful now…”

“Be careful of what?”

“Just be careful…”

As she said that, Frost suddenly opened the prison gates. With it, a breath of burning air assaulted my face. With the roaring of the Earth Dragon, a breath of Dragon Flames suddenly rushed towards me. When I realized that dodging it was too late, Frost suddenly closed the prison gates, and only a crimson red flame could be seen seeping through the gaps under the prison gate door, burning the ice on the frozen ground.

I stared blankly, stupefied. What the heck, this Earth Dragon looked like it’s really violent…

Frost lifted her head, looked at me and couldn’t stop her laughter, “How about that, brat, do you still want to continue to fight against that Earth Dragon?”

I tightened my grip on my sword, “Yes!”

“Alright then, I can help you a little bit…”

As she said that, Frost opened the prison gate again, standing majestically in front of the Earth Dragon and smiled, “Hi, low-class dragon~~~”


The Earth Dragon roared, suddenly unleashing a breath of flame again!

Frost didn’t move at all, her gaze cold as she let out a hmph. Energy started to well up besides her, forming a wind shield to protect herself. “Pa pa pa” The shield reflected all of the dragon’s flames back, and the dragon howled miserably from his own flame. She then immediately closed the door!

A few seconds afterwards she re-opened the door and once again lured the dragon to shoot its dragon flames. Again, she reflected it back. She repeated the cycle for another 7 times!


The last time she closed the door, Frost pursed her lips and said, “That…You have also seen it. The Earth Dragon has breathed it’s flame 7 times and this Dragon’s age is 717 years old so it can only unleash dragon flames 7 times in a short period of time. Now its dragon power has been exhausted and it won’t be able to shoot dragon flames for an hour. Go now, go in and kill this dragon that can’t breathe fire. If you can kill it, maybe I would really consider allowing you to explore the Ancient Mysterious Power of the Dragon Tomb’s. After all, it is a mystery that has to be solved…”

I nodded.


Frost opened the door as I took Baby Bobo and leapt through the prison gates. Green smoke obscured my sight. After the smoke dissipated a little, I saw an impressively huge dragon crawling across the ground. It looked like a big lizard that had a genuine dragon head which looked exceptionally terrifying. It only had bones left with waves of powerful flames pulsing the depths of its eye sockets ablaze. Its long tail swayed slightly as it laid on its stomach and looked at me, letting out threatening low roars.

【Undead Earth Dragon – Jessie】 (Purple Tier Boss)
Level: 62
Attack: 1700-2075
Defense: 1650
Health: 200000

Skills: 【Dragon Flame】【Three Combo Attack】【Tail Pierce】

Introduction: Jessie, a young dragon bred in the Dragon City. After living happily for 700 years in Fire Stone Canyon, a catastrophe happened and it was crushed to death by a meteor falling from the sky. Buried in the Dragon Tomb for a long period of time, he was awakened once again, resurrected by an evil necromancer. He has already forgotten its honor as a dragon; now his heart is only filled with hatred and killing intent.


Looking at the boss’ attributes, I secretly breathed a sigh of relief. An attack power of 2075 was not that terrifying. It was at least weaker than the Lv 62 Emperor Tier boss Xianbei Emperor. Furthermore I’m Lv 58 now, so there’s almost no penalty on the level difference. My physical attack was also higher than the boss while my defense was more or less equal. I can start this battle!

Suddenly smashing the grounds, “peng” [Binding Chains] appeared from the ground, smoothly binding the Earth Dragon. I lifted my Frost Rain Sword as I flew forward, with a couple of golden hexagram, a Lv 6 [Combo]!



A string of damage numbers appeared as I followed immediately with a [Strength of a Thousand Men]. With the addition of Baby Bobo’s attack, in just a moment, we produced more than a total damage of 8000+. The boss’ health bar decreased by a whole chunk, no less than around 4%. This damage proportion was too powerful; with my current skills right now I could solo a Purple Tier boss with the same level as me without a problem. As for an Emperor Tier boss at the same level, uhm, at the most I’ll probably die, not a big problem!

“Hou hou…”

The Earth Dragon howled furiously, trying to struggle out of my [Binding Chains]. It suddenly bore it’s claws, “shua shua shua”. It attacked me violently from three different angles!


I hurriedly cast [Heal] and drank a Lv 6 health potion and continued to fight. Fighting one battle to grow stronger for another battle!

After a few seconds, the Earth Dragon’s body trembled wildly due to the large damage I had inflicted. Its sharp tail suddenly floated as a wave of light glowed around it. It was [Tail Pierce]; the bone tail condensed to form a sword. “Shua”, a gust of wind flew past me, the tail’s speed was so fast that it was impossible to dodge!


I hurriedly cast another [Heal]. My heart beats with trepidation, thankful that the attack wasn’t a critical hit. The Purple Tier boss’ attack were still considerably powerful…

Outside the prison, Frost quietly stood there and observed the battle, her delicate hands formed a tight fist while her eyes couldn’t mask her concerns.


After an exciting 15 minutes of fighting against the boss, its health finally dropped to 10%. Even if it’s regenerative powers were high, it couldn’t keep up with my high damage output. The battle will be finishing soon!

“Hou Hou…:”

Flying into rage, the Earth Dragon roared unceasingly. Suddenly, its tail pointed up, it was another [Tail Pierce] attack!

I tried to dodge, holding my breath and judging the angle of attack. With a leap, I suddenly jumped up, a huge MISS appearing behind me. At the same time, with a “Peng”, the Earth Dragon’s powerful tail broke the stone wall behind me!

Cold wind rushed into the cell. Damn! A cliff several hundred meters high was right outside! I could even see Ba Huang Forest from here!


The Earth Dragon roared, as overjoyed as an inmate who saw a woman after many decades in prison. He rushed forward, right out of the prison cell!

Whoa, this guy was breaking out of jail!

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