Zhan Long

Chapter 205

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Chapter 205 – New Allies
Translated by: SoloNeko, Vk, Deception
Edited by: Based Jessica, Zephir, Dabenor
Final Check: Zdog, GGP

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Looking at the Frost Rain Sword in my hands that was still ablaze with the luster of the seven color star fragments, the effect of [Seven Star Fragments Slash] had yet to end. Dammit, this move is too awesome, with an attacking distance of 30 meters and enveloping a width of 3 meters, this meant a total AOE attack of 72 square meters! It could be such a powerful attack if used against a group of people or monsters and it will definitely be effective in any situation!

I was filled with happiness as I watched there. Suddenly, a bell sound was heard. Another guild was founded in Ba Huang City –


System Notification : Attention! Player 【Han Bei Song】used Guild Creation Tablet to create a guild. The name of the guild is [Crimson Contract] ! As for being Ba Huang City’s tenth player to create a guild, Han Bei Song receives Charm +2!
TL: Han Bei Song – Reciting over a frozen gravestone


“ [Crimson Contract]? Han Bei Song? ” I mumbled softly. It seemed very familiar. Isn’t that the little studio that posted flyers on the electric pole in Hangzhou’s West Lake area? Damn! Why did a studio with such a bleak future set up a guild? However, this Han Bei Song was on Ba Huang City’s Top Ten Player Board so his founding of a guild isn’t very surprising…

At this moment, the Friend Notification updated that Cang Tong and Cang Yue went offline! I just remembered we were going to have lunch…

Quickly logging off and running towards the girls’ dorms, I found both beauties already waiting there. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were like a symbolic breathtaking landscape scene by the girls’ dorms and would always wait before the dorm for a few minutes before lunch.

At noon, at the 2nd cafeteria, we chose a seat near the window. The scent of a few dishes drifted gently in the air as I got a filled bowl with rice and swept through the dishes! Lin Wan Er slowly savored her food while Dong Cheng Yue said that she was on a diet and didn’t eat too much. This did, however, mean more food for me. As usual, Wan Er will be the one paying for the meal. The feeling of having someone rich paying for your meal all the time is indeed great!


“It seems Ba Huang City has another new guild. It’s called [Crimson Contract] or something, right?” Asked Wan Er as she batted her eyelashes.

“Yup.” I raised my head and looked at her, saying, “The Guild Leader is Han Bei Song. He’s from the West Lake District too. The Deputy Guild Leader, I think, is called Sheltering Guest. From what I feel, this guild doesn’t have a bright future. The Guild Leader isn’t ready to conquer Ba Huang City.

Wan Er couldn’t stop smiling. Tilting her head and inspecting me closely, “Oh big hero Li! Do you think you can conquer Ba Huang City as well?”

“It’s not like that, [Crimson Contract]’s Han Bei Song and Sheltering Guest posted flyers all around to draw attention from people. I don’t want to comment too much on this…”

The beautiful Miss narrows her beautiful eyes and sweetly said, “Didn’t you find Matcha using flyers as well?”


Dong Cheng Yue duly looked at her cell phone and said, “Well, it looks like this guild really doesn’t have much of a future. Look, this is the post they uploaded…”

“What kind of post?”

“Look and see…”

Her cellphone moved in front of Lin Wan Er and me. The screen showed an impressive display of a highlighted post, showing some complaints from the players in [Crimson Contract].

【Is there justice in Ba Huang City? (Player ID: Yin Yang Appears)】
Content: I am one of the players from [Crimson Contract] of Ba Huang City. 20 minutes ago, I was leveling with a group of 10 in Ba Huang Forest when a King Killer Bee appeared. It was a Lv 55 Purple Tier boss. We attacked it until it only had 17% health left but then a group of people ambushed us; immediately killing our group of 10 people. When we resurrected, the boss had already been killed, but we remembered that the group’s team leader was from [Flying Dragon]. After bringing this matter up to [Flying Dragon], Soaring Dragon denied it, saying that this person was not from [Flying Dragon]. He even threatened us and said that a newly established guild like [Crimson Contract] should lay low in the beginning, otherwise [Flying Dragon] may take action to discipline us. I’d like to ask a question. [Flying Dragon], being one of the top 10 guilds, do you really have only this level of character and bearing? Let me tell you, we the [Crimson Contract] are not afraid of you, let’s have a war!


Following the post were a series of various responses, both sides almost started a war from comments–

【1st comment (Player Sheltering Guest)】: Keep calm, [Flying dragon] does that all the time.

【2nd comment (Player Fierce Tiger)】: Saying that [Flying Dragon] members stole your boss, bring out the evidence to prove it! Otherwise, you are just slandering our name, we won’t let [Crimson Contract] off so easily!


【12th comment (Player Soaring Dragon)】: Let’s hope that this is just a misunderstanding. But if [Crimson Contract] is really trying to slander [Flying Dragon], then you will be sorry. Don’t blame me if we won’t be so courteous anymore!


【57th comment (Player Sheltering Guest)】: Humph, Soaring Dragon has finally shown his true colors. Truly worthy of becoming [Flying Dragon]’s Guild Master. Just you wait until our Guild Master Han Bei Song logs on see what he has to say!


【129th comment (Player Han Bei Song)] : Damn! So much nonsense the moment I logged online. Dammit, who says that we [Crimson Contract] are slandering others, who are the ones bullying our members? Damn you, write down your guild name and house address if you have the balls to do so! Just you wait, I will definitely gather my former subordinates and lead [Crimson Contract]’s thousands of brothers to your house to kneel in front of your family gate for a long time!

TL: To kneel in front of your family gate shows that Han Bei Song wanted to apologize.


【241st comment (Player Yin Yang Appears)】: Damn, Guild Master where’s your integrity…

【242nd comment (Player Sheltering Guest)】: So shameless, with a capital S!!


Blinking, Dong Cheng Yue let out a sigh and laughed: “It seems as though Xiao Yao is right after all. Indeed, this guild’s future prospects aren’t too good. This Guild Master actually gave in to [Flying Dragon], such character…”

I held my fist and said, “Not necessarily. Being able to restrain themselves to this step shows that Han Bei Song is not your average Joe. I think [Zhan Long] should form an alliance with [Crimson Contract], after all we are fated to be [Flying Dragon]’s arch enemies. We should form an alliance in Ba Huang City and start by defeating [Flying Dragon] a couple times.”

Lin Wan Er’s dimples showed as she smiled, “Alright. I also feel that such a vulgar guild like [Crimson Contract] would actually rather suit [Zhan Long]. Although [Crimson Contract] may not become a super guild like [Vanguard] in the end, having a Guild Master like Han Bei Song who knows when to push or when to pull, he should be in the same league as those Guild Masters ranked in CBN Networks list. I support an alliance between [Zhan Long] and [Crimson Contract]; it shouldn’t be something bad.”

I nodded and laughed: “Alright. Then I’ll listen to you, Missy!”

“Just try and call me Missy again!” Lin Wan Er stuck out her chest, slightly angry.

I laughed faintly: “Wan Er, eat more……”

Wan Er harrumphed, saying: “Fang Ge Que has already reached his 3rd job advancement, we’ll also need to do our best. I’m level 59 and already at 87% experience. It should take me seven hours at most to level up to 60. How about you Xiao Yao?”

“I still need a little more to get to level 59. If only I didn’t die once during the Guild Battle Challenge, I could be level 60 already now…”

“Yup, good luck!”


In the afternoon, I went online!

Appearing in the Ba Huang City’s forest, I summoned Baby Bobo and leaned against a pine tree as I opened the player list to look for player Han Bei Song. Sure enough, he was online, so I quickly added him as a friend and turned on the chat system–

“Haha, Xiao Yao Zi Zai?!” Han Bei Song spoke first: “You actually took the initiative to add me as a friend, seriously…… Hehe. Actually, I had long since wanted to make friends with you, but I was a bit embarrassed and scared you’d refuse. I am a man who is afraid of rejection……”

I said, “Then you are destined to remain single!”

Han Bei Song was surprised: “You have even realized this……”

I laughed out loud and continued to joke with him, “I’ve heard that you are taking all 1000 members of [Crimson Contract] to Soaring Dragon’s house and kneel for a long time in front of his house entrance, this… this is not something a normal person could do…”

Han Bei Song was a little awkward; full of regret, he said, “What else can I do? We [Crimson Contract] are just a newly established guild of 100 people and including the outside contacts we have, we only have a little more than 300 people. We can only swallow our broken teeth with blood and endure. If we really fight, our 300+ players can barely count as a meal for [Flying Dragon].”

I laughed, “Don’t look down on yourselves, [Crimson Contract] is not as weak as you think. [Flying Dragon] is also not as strong as you think. A person like Soaring Dragon won’t be smiling for too long…”

Han Bei Song laughed softly and then tried asking, “Xiao Yao, your [Zhan Long]…yesterday you’ve just annihilated [Wrath of the Heroes]. That [Wrath of the Heroes] is known to have 3000+ connections to outside players, although they won’t all be able to log online at the same time, they would have at least 1500+ people right? [Zhan Long] was just a newly established guild, how could you annihilate a guild with far greater numbers than yours?”

“There’s a video of our fight with [Wrath of the Heroes] in the forums. You could take a look at it. They are definitely greater in numbers but [Wrath of the Heroes]’s quality is far lower than ours. Moreover, the cohesion and understanding between them just isn’t good enough, so their loss was not a surprise. Furthermore, [Zhan Long] had help from the elite General Family and with the addition of Deputy leaders Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang, what can [Wrath of the Heroes]’s lousy players do? Wait till [Zhan Long] rises to a level 3 guild and has 1000 players total with at least 700+ people online at any time. Then we’ll become even more powerful and even if it is [Flying Dragon], we will not be afraid!”

Han Bei Song stared blankly for a moment then couldn’t help but laugh, “Okay…and here I thought all the guilds in Ba Huang City are like [Prague] who tried to preserve their position or like [Vanguard] who don’t bother to bicker with [Flying Dragon]. Or that everyone is just a bunch of cowards, watching [Flying Dragon] tyrannically abusing others and doesn’t dare even fart. Now that I look again, with [Zhan Long]’s appearance, Ba Huang City’s chaos might have just met its end!”

I laughed mildly, “Maybe there would be more chaos instead…”

Han Bei Song laughed knowingly: “Xiao Yao, have you ever thought about…”

I unhesitatingly said, “There’s no need to say so much nonsense, come to the bridge outside the North Gate of Ba Huang City, I’ll wait for you. Today is the day that [Zhan Long] and [Crimson Contract] form an alliance. We are comrades from today onwards!”

“Sure! This was just my intention!” Han Bei Song became extremely excited.

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