Zhan Long

Chapter 203

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Chapter 203 – Making Peace
Translated by: Lnfan
Edited by: Zephir, Based Jessica
Final Check: Zdog, GGP

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10 PM.

As our group was walking down the campus avenue, I couldn’t help but notice how Lin Wan Er’s flawless white skin and t-shirt were illuminated by the silvery light from the street lamps. Carrying her purse, Dong Cheng Yue looked at me with worried eyes, “Xiao Yao, did you really set up a meeting with Li Ying at the 3rd cafeteria?”

I stretched my arms and nodded, “Hmm.”

Lin Wan Er puckered her red lips, “[Zhan Long]’s clash with [Wrath of the Heroes] in Green Qilin Valley has been the talk of the game. Knowing Liu Ying’s personality, won’t he act against you in school?”

I shook my head, “He definitely won’t!”

“How are you so sure? ?”

“Because Liu Ying is actually an intelligent guy. After what happened last time, he knows that his people are no match for me. So in this offline meeting, he must want to settle the feud between [Zhan Long] and [Wrath of the Heroes].”

“Well, let’s hope so.”

I looked at the beautiful Miss and couldn’t help but laugh, “Be at ease Wan Er, I can protect the two of you if anything happens. In my eyes, the power level of Liu Ying’s group is barely 5.”

Wan Er burst into laughter and turned her beautiful eyes towards me, “Okay. Besides Dong Cheng and my safety will be in your hands. And don’t forget we are here to eat so try not to fight.”



In the 3rd cafeteria, on the 2nd floor.

I brought Wan Er and Dong Cheng upstairs. Inside the dining area, a group of 7 people were there. The most impressive looking amongst them was the Armani dressed Liu Ying whose face looked a bit ashen.

We chose a table by the window. After the two beauties sat down, I raised my hand, “Waiter, order!”

A waitress came over and handed the menu over to us. I picked a few stir-fried dishes and returned it to her.

“Shua, shua.”

Liu Ying and his people stood up and walked over step by step. The waitress, feeling the situation taking a turn for the worse, grasped the menu and said, “Please wait a moment, I’ll take your order now.”


Liu Ying sat down to a table next to ours. His eyes shone indifferently as he looked at me, “Li Xiao Yao, what? Don’t you have anything to say? Even now, your people in Green Qilin Valley are still camping the 300+ members of [Wrath of the Heroes]. You find it interesting? No one is leveling now. In the end, it is advantageous to [Vanguard], [Flying Dragon] and [Prague], those big guilds..”

With a wave of my hand, I replied while smiling, “Not a problem, only 40% of Zhan Long is currently camping the corpses of your men. The others are leveling up. It will not affect the guild’s progress nor will it deter everyone’s leveling speed.”

Liu Ying pounded his fist on the table and yelled viciously, “Li Xiao Yao, what do you want?”

I looked at him and lightly said, “It’s not what I want but rather what do you, Tyrant of the Western Chu wants. We from [Zhan Long] were only leveling in Green Qilin Valley but wasn’t it you, your [Wrath of the Heroes], that launched an unprovoked attack on us? Wasn’t it you, Liu Ying, who gathered 1300+ people with the desire to chase us out of the valley? Since the matter unfolded this way, you must endure the cost.”


Liu Ying growled and stared at me to the point where his eyes were about to pop. It seemed like he was going to eat me alive. However, I rolled up my sleeves and which meant that I wasn’t afraid of a fight. Actually, I would be quite glad to teach an arrogant bunch like them.

“Okay!” Liu Ying gritted his teeth and said, “This affair should be settled no matter what…. [Wrath of the Heroes] has been too headstrong. I will take responsibility. We shouldn’t have tried to drive you away and engaged in battle nor should we have attacked you three times in the wilderness. Because of those incidents, I’m apologizing to you!”

With that, Liu Ying took out a bottle of wine and poured out two cups. One was given to me and he said, “This wine is my, Liu Ying’s, apology to you, Li Xiao Yao. Starting from now, we shall no longer interfere with each other’s business.”

I sneered, “You have spilled wine on me before…”

Liu Ying’s face turned green, “What? You want to spill wine on me? Don’t you dare forget who I am!”

“Is that attitude of yours making amends?”

Liu Ying clenched his teeth and puffed his chest. Closing his eyes, he said, “Ok, you can spill it. Back then, when I spilled my wine on you, I should have thought of this day.”

My arm flicked and the red wine shot out like a sword and with a “Pa”, splashed over Liu Ying’s face.

Liu Ying opened his eyes as he started spitting. His white Armani shirt was stained red but he didn’t care, he smiled instead, “Damn, I found out that I am starting to appreciate you as a person. You really did pour your wine on me.”

I replied, “Who do you think you are, why wouldn’t I dare.”


Liu Ying raised his glass, finished it in one gulp and said, “Let this wine be the solution to our thousand enmities and forget the grudges between us. I admit, in the beginning I was opposed to you. Mainly because I wanted to …”

As he was talking, he glanced at Lin Wan Er. Suddenly, Wan Er gave him an evil stare but remained silent.

Feeling embarrassed, Liu Ying coughed and continued, “Truth be told, ever since Lin Wan Er entered the school, I have liked the beautiful her. Even now, I feel the same. It is in my nature to get my hands on a woman I like, but Lin Wan Er didn’t even acknowledge me, which has been beyond my expectations.”

The corners of Lin Wan Er’s lips curved, revealing a refreshing smile as she joined the conversation, “You’re the kind of person that can only woo naive little girls…..”

Liu Ying laughed as he responded, “I see. I acknowledge that the Lin Wan Er cannot view me as her equal. But I would have never thought that you would fall to Li Xiao Yao’s level…”

Lin Wan Er’s cheeks flushed red and her hand formed a fist, “What did you say?! Li Xiao Yao… What about him?”

Liu Ying countered, “You know, this guy doesn’t have any money and is more shameless than me. He’s gotten himself into trouble with various big forces in Ba Huang City and when I spilled my wine over him, he didn’t dare say anything. I figured that you would never fall for someone like him, but it turns out that you have been unceasingly supporting him…. It seems that Liu Hua University’s finest beauty is in love with Li Xiao Yao!”

Her cheeks becoming more flustered, Lin Wan Er retorted, “Shut up! Don’t talk anymore!”

I glared at Liu Ying, “Shut up or else I’ll order Yue Qing Qian to have people guard your corpses for three days and three nights!”

Liu Ying swiftly excused himself, “Don’t, pretend I didn’t say anything.”


At this time, a person came walking up from downstairs. It was Xu Yue, who seemed to be much older than a 20 year old sophomore with her thick makeup. After arriving, she glanced at Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue with dismay. She then grabbed Liu Ying by the arm and asked, “My dear, when are we going to Suhe Bar?”

Liu Ying chuckled as he wrapped his hand around Xu Yue’s hips and said, “Wait, don’t you see I’m negotiating with [Zhan Long]’s leader?”

Xu Yue nestled in his arms and sweetly said, “Hehee, then I will wait.”


I looked at them and whispered, “A person’s morals drops every day.”

Lin Wan Er said in a low voice, “Those are the kind of people you’re talking about.”

Dong Cheng Yue lightly giggled, “It’s just that Liu Ying and you come from different worlds.”

I didn’t reply.

Liu Ying had been listening and snickered, “The beautiful Dong Cheng Yue is right. Me and Li Xiao Yao are from different worlds but it cannot hinder us from becoming friends, right?”

I frowned, “What are you talking about? You got scared from the beating you received in Green Qilin Valley. Now you are trying for peace since you lost….”

The sound of Liu Ying gritting his teeth could be heard, “Damn. Say what you want to say. I’ll think that we’re friends anyway.”

Liu Ying added, while his hand was still on Xu Yue’s hip, “Li Xiao Yao, I don’t know what kind of person you are but I can tell you what kind I am. I’m a man who has seen much of this world. In my eyes, there is nothing money can’t solve. Besides my looks aren’t bad, so there will be no deficiency of women. As long as I, Liu Ying, desires someone, I will always get her. Moreover, a woman…..”
Liu Ying smiled, “Women are very emotional creatures….. They will feel lonely, are vain and lose their reason. Some women want to be loved while wanting other things. And I, Liu Ying, am very lucky because the women beside me belongs to the latter. I don’t play with emotions, what is emotion anyways? We are just ordinary humans who can’t afford to play!”

I nodded.

Lin Wan Er’s pair of eyes stared at me, “Do you understand?”

I smiled, “If a person never has eaten pork, does that mean he doesn’t know what a pig looks like?”
TL: Means that even though one has not experienced something, they can still understand it.

Dong Cheng Yue looked directly at Xu Yue and gave a provocative smile, “Xu Yue, just as what your man said, do you belong to the latter?”

Still burrowed in Liu Ying’s arm, Xu Yue didn’t answer. Her eyes showed no signs of any emotion. She only reached for Liu Ying’s cheek and gave it a kiss, as if agreeing to what was just said.


At this time, Liu Ying coughed and raised his hand, “Li Xiao Yao, now that we’ve talked. From now on, [Zhan Long] and [Wrath of the Heroes] will no longer be in each others path. Shouldn’t the battle be stopped now?”

I nodded, “Well, looking at [Zhan Long]’s guild rank, there is no longer a point in wasting time on [Wrath of the Heroes]. I’ll call Yue Qing Qian and order her to stop camping on your people’s corpses. You must leave the Green Qilin Valley, as this area will be our main base. You people must never provoke us again or else [Zhan Long] will return the pain many times over!”

Liu Ying seriously accented, “I know. Aren’t we friends now?”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I crossed my arms across my chest and said to Liu Ying, “You know that we are from different worlds and are destined not to be friends. However, I hope that we won’t be sworn enemies in the future. Liu Ying, I don’t believe your words today, even if you believe them yourself, I don’t. Starting today, [Zhan Long] and [Wrath of the Heroes] will no longer be involved with each other. But if [Wrath of the Heroes] tries to interfere with [Zhan Long] again, I assure you that I’ll hunt you down and you’ll be the first one to be killed. I know that you know that I have the ability to erase [Wrath of the Heroes] from Ba Huang City!”

Liu Ying took a deep breath then nodded, “I get it. By the way, tonight will be the opening the new Suhe Bar. Wanna come with us and have fun?”

I, “….”

Lin Wan Er, “….”

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