Zhan Long

Chapter 202

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Chapter 202 – Resolving Grudges
Translated by: Lnfan
Edited by: Sac, Zephir, Hendricksen-sama, Based Jessica
Final Check: Zdog, GGP

In less than an hour, the battle drew to a close as [Zhan Long] reigned supreme. Soon enough, there was no longer a living player from [Wrath of the Heroes] in the valley.


With my sword on a rock, I looked at the ground that was full of items and said, “[Wrath of the Heroes] is so friendly. They didn’t come here for revenge but to give us equipment!”

Still wielding his sword, Li Mu sat down on a green colored rock and gleefully commented, “Boss, this battle has been fought enjoyably and perfectly. After examining the outcome, do you think [Zhan Long]’s fighting strength to be decent?”

I nodded, “Ah, there is almost no obvious problems aside from Old K dying too early.”

Yue Qing Qian gently came over with a dagger in her hand and smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, what shall we do now? All the players from [Wrath of the Heroes] are already dead. Should we camp them or leave?”

I pondered for a while then said, “50% of our people should go continue leveling and earn experience for the guild. The ones remaining will camp the corpses here. All Assassins should activate their [Stealth] and exterminate those who resurrect. Since Liu Ying dared to bring troops here then we should warmly entertain him. Immediately kill the Healers to prevent them from using [Revive]. Yue Qing Qian, you shall manage this matter; you are the deputy leader.”

Yue Qing Qian nodded with a smile, “Oh, I’m an expert when it comes to these kinds of things!”


“Also ….”

“What else?” The beautiful young girl tilted her head as she looked at me, her face full of smiles.

Clenching my fist, I responded, “Qing Qian, I want you to initiate a talk with Thousand Suns. She is a great Mage whom I am very interested in. Tell her that [Zhan Long] is sincerely inviting her to join us. We are in need of first class Mages, especially since Dong Cheng Yue hasn’t joined us yet. Simple is Jian Feng Han’s sister while Tornado is an elder of [Prague]. We won’t be able to poach them, then only Thousand Suns will qualify. Tell her that [Zhan Long] is in need of her skills and is sincerely extending our invitation towards her.”

Qing Qian pursed her lips in thought. After a while, she looked up at me and smiled sheepishly, “Brother Xiao Yao, if I get Thousand Suns to join [Zhan Long], what will you reward me?”

Startled, I laughed, “Whatever Qing Qian wants as a reward, I will give it to you.”

“Well, Brother Xiao Yao shall treat me to a meal.”

I stuck out my lips while patting my chest, “Sure, it won’t be that hard. Here I thought it’d be a request to destroy 3 monasteries or sacrifice my life or something. I was worrying for no reason…”

Yue Qing Qian’s cheeks started to blush, “Brother Xiao Yao, you big rascal…”

Li Mu chortled, “Damn, Qing Qian, If only I was 7 or 8 years younger, I would have crazily went after a girl like you. ”

Matcha interrupted, “Looks like it’s never going to happen; Qing Qian would never fall for you. Your specs are too bad.”

Li Mu, becoming teary eyed, said: “You should not say things like that…”


I used [Camouflage] while holding my sword as I stood in the grass. I was not in a rush to level up as I observed the surrounding. It’s about time for [Wrath of the Heroes] come back attack after being wiped out.

Qing Qian’s enchanting figure sat beside me on the grass and smilingly asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, will we just wait here?”

“Well, it’s going to be soon…”

“What’s going to happen soon?”

“They will resurrect soon.”


In the guild chat, I whispered, “Everyone, be alert! They will probably start resurrecting now. After that, they will have half health points and mana so don’t worry too much. Recall all the groups leveling outside and get ready to kill with them. Kill them one more time. Let’s have them gift us more equipment. We will make Tyrant of the Western Chu cry to death!”

The others laughed.

Sure enough, they started resurrecting after a few minutes!

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.”

After a whole beam of lights came from the resurrections, I quickly took my Frost Rain Sword as golden hexagrams appeared on the edge of my sword. My [Combo] killed 3 players simultaneously. At the same time, I let loose Baby Bobo to let him wreak havoc everywhere too.

“Hurry, tighten our defense!” Piggy shouted amidst the crowd.

Unfortunately, his voice wasn’t heard. Matcha’s [Phantom Ray Slash] fell down with a “Boom!” – directly killing a group of Archers who had not yet drank their health potions. In the rear, Old K brandished his battleaxe and with a ferocious roar; he activated his [Whirlwind Slash] and swept through the crowd of players. Wang Jian and Gentle Touch followed Old K to protect him. Darling Duck, on the other hand, brought with her several Assassins to pass through the encirclement and struck towards the core using the path created by Old K’s previous engagement. This will be enough to completely slaughter them!


In the middle of the crowd, Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang exhibited their dodging ability as their daggers unceasingly danced. One after another, Archers and Healers fell. They were like two beautiful butterflies killing people wherever they passed!

Little Wolf’s fighting style was more violent. He simultaneously executed [Bleed] and [Gouge] along with a normal attack, slaughtering heavy armored players. A stylish way to murder.


With [Zhan Long]’s 300+ members attacking together, the reviving enemies were immediately eradicated. Even though [Wrath of the Heroes] 700+ player revived at the same time, they were reduced to nothing in 10 minutes.

Strawberry Matcha led a few dozen people to clean up the field. After killing 21 players, I went back to squat on a thick patch of grass and turned invisible. Yue Qing Qian beside me giggled as she said my tactic was too dreadful.

I asked, “Yue Qing Qian, about Thousand Suns’s matter, is it already handled?”

Qing Qian tilted her head and said, “Sister Thousand Suns already promised me to leave [Wrath of the Heroes]. She even had a quarrel with Tyrant of Western Chu last evening…”

“Oh, what were they arguing about?”

Yue Qing Qian blinked, “Actually, I myself am not too sure. However, I heard that Tyrant of Western Chu demanded sister Thousand Suns to travel to Hangzhou but she rejected him. In return, he demoted her from being an elder of the guild to a flag bearer. Brother Xiao Yao, why did Tyrant of Western Chu ask sister Thousand Suns to go to Hangzhou?”

I gaze at her beautiful star-like eyes, I couldn’t help but smile, “Nothing much. They would just lay down together and have a chat about life…”

“Ugh, shameless. Can we get Thousand Suns now?”

“Yes, her coordinates are (7423,1287). We’ll go there and protect her resurrection spot!”


I moved out from the patch of grass as I carried my sword. Accompanied by the beautiful twins, Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang, we arrived together at the coordinates mentioned by Qing Qian. Immediately sheathing my sword and placing a hand on my chest, I beamed as I said, “Beautiful Thousand Suns, please resurrect now. It would be an honor for us to welcome you to join [Zhan Long]!”


A white light rose as Thousand Suns came back to life. Her admirable stature stood there and she instantly activated [Mana Shield] for fear of my sword killing her.


“Protect Brother Xiao Yao!”

Behind me, Dong Cheng Lei lifted his axe as he wildly charged towards us along with some few Berserkers and roared furiously, “Slaughter this [Wrath of the Heroes] chick, protect Brother Xiao Yao!”

I quickly cross my arms and bellow, “Ah Lei, stop! From now on, Thousand Suns will be on our side. She is part of [Zhan Long]!”

“Ah?” Gentle Touch was rather anxious, “Boss, that is not possible. She has killed at least 20+ of our people. Our brothers loss of 1 Lv cannot be in vain? We must kill her!”

I shook my head, “Before she followed her Guild Master’s command and killed many of our brothers. That is a proof of the beautiful Thousand Suns’ strength. Such a talented person is qualified to join [Zhan Long], am I wrong?”

“That … guess it’s fine … but our brother’s deaths are in vain …..”


I gave Thousand Suns a look, pointed at the emblem on her arm and said, “The beautiful Thousand Suns, you can now remove that. It isn’t worth staying with [Wrath of the Heroes].”

Thousand Suns smiled and stretched her hand to remove the emblem and thereby leaving her guild. I invited her and in the next moment, she became a member of [Zhan Long]. I directly promoted her to team leader. For now, she is our most powerful Mage player.

Thousand Suns tilted her head while smiling and stared intently at Qing Qian, “Qing Qian, you owe me meals for a week. Sooner or later, I’ll come and get it from you!”

Yue Qing Qian giggled, “I don’t mind. I will go Brother Xiao Yao’s place to eat!”

Thousand Suns oogled me, “Guild Master Xiao Yao, I also want to have a meal with you…”

I smile, “Sure, whenever you accompany Qing Qian to visit Hangzhou! I will treat you guys and won’t be cheap, it will be meat! By the way, you sure gave me a ton of pain, how much is your magic attack?”

“Hehehe, 1977. Is it enough to be [Zhan Long]’s Mage?”

“It’s enough. You are now [Zhan Long]’s strongest Mage!”

“I heard Fan Shu City’s number 1 Mage Cang Yue’s maximum magic damage is 2050. I’m not sure if it’s true though.”

“It should be true. Yesterday, she was bragging about how high her magic attack was. ”

“Wow, you really know her and Cang Tong.”

“But 2000+ magic damage is nothing. Jiu Li City’s Fang Ge Que’s magic damage already exceeded 2100. Now that’s scary. As of now, the number 1 staff is in his hands.”



Zhan Long new recruit, Thousand Suns, would improve our guild’s Mage strength by a huge amount. A killer Mage like Thousand Suns is extremely rare and in team fights, she and Old K’s [Whirlwind Slash] would break apart anyone’s defense.

Splitting half of the team to level while the others kept camping the [Wrath of the Heros], we successfully eliminated another mass revival. After another two hours, no one revived anymore; looks like they gave up.

Finally, with a “Di!”, I received a message: Player [Tyrant of Western Chu] has applied to become your friend, confirm?


Quickly, Liu Ying sent out a message: “Li Xiao Yao, you win!”

I smiled and replied: “Huh, [Wrath of the Heroes]’ Guild Master, what happened? We only have about 400 people, is [Wrath of the Heroes] scared?”

Liu Ying: “Li Xiao Yao, this is not a solution to our problem. Why don’t we resolve our differences in real life!”


“Tonight at 10, the school’s third cafeteria, second floor. Do you dare to come?”

“Why not?”

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