Zhan Long

Chapter 201

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Chapter 201 – Natural War Machine
Translated by: Decepticon, Vk
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Once Tyrant of Western Chu heard this, he became flustered while holding onto his sword, “Where…where did that group of people go to? The General Family? Hmph, they’re a group of losers… they shouldn’t be a threat to us, right?”

Piggy couldn’t help but laugh, “Losers? Guild Master, if you really think the General family are losers then you are gravely mistaken. Although they lost at the Guild Prestige Battle, it was because their opponents were far too strong. [Flying Dragon] had hired [Vanguard]’s elite squad: the 13 Eagles and top ranking CBN players from both Fan Shu City and Jiu Li City. Even with that, they barely defeated [Valiant Bravery]. Now…[Valiant Bravery]’s elite group has joined together with Xiao Yao Zi Zai; Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang are experts in the Ba Huang City’s rankings. They are already out for vengeance with a burning fury, do you really think [Zhan Long]’s strength is less than [Valiant Bravery]?”

Tyrant of Western Chu’s face became pale as he realized the gravity of the situation. But with a slight chuckle, he said, “It shouldn’t be as bad as you make it out to be, after all…after all, we have nearly 1400 people, a number that is 3 or 4 times bigger than theirs. Even if each [Zhan Long] member becomes like Spartans, we’ll still win…”

Piggy took a deep breath: “We’ll have to fight with our full strength or we’ll lose for sure!”

Tyrant of Western Chu did not speak, the only thing he could do was shudder.



Finally, a roar came from the other side of the hill. I’ve been looking forward to hear this sound for ages. A dense group of elite heavy armor players came rushing at us from the hillside, with General Li Mu and General Wang Jian leading in the front. Their golden titles had Ba Huang City’s ranked 5th and 10th over their heads, it was far too obvious!

“Crap, they really came!”Piggy’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out from his head.

Tyrant of Western Chu’s face ashened but he raised his sword up into the air and commanded out loud, “Sixth group, seventh group, rush forward to block them!”

Immediately, two one-hundred man squads leapt forward to meet their enemies. A group of Monks pounded their shields onto the ground and crouched down under the shields. It was a typical defensive formation.


General Li Mu lowered his body and knocked a shield away. At the same time, golden hexagrams appeared on his sword and he easily killed a Lv 49 Knight; the difference in stats was way too large and the opponent had no chance of blocking him!

Old K was also at the forefront, wielding his beloved Haunted Twin Blade Battle Axe. With a roar, a strong wind picked up as he snarled and whirled his battle-axe. He was like a killer windmill as it swirled out; [Whirlwind Slash]’s AOE killing ability was truly too powerful. Combined with the damage of the Haunted Twin Blade Battle Axe, he was basically invincible. Completely engulfing the vanguard of [Wrath of the Heroes], he dealt astonishing amounts of damage–



He had split open a path by his own might!

Wang Jian stabbed an Archer while saying, “My god, Old K’s attack power has no limit! What kind of S ranked skill is [Whirlwind Slash] supposed to be? It should be a SSS ranked skill instead…”

General Li Mu couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t think about it too much, the current SSS and SS ranked skills are all passive skills. The real SSS ranked attack skills will surely be super terrifying. Just you wait, there might be an SSS rank skill that could split apart a city with just one sword slash!”


A arrow stunned Li Mu as a group of Archers growled. “Fire! Kill that idiot Li Mu!”


Old K suddenly lowered his body as his feet were surrounding by a raging fire. With a “Bang”, he leapt from the ground into the sky and snarled as he activated [Savage Jump Slash]!


The Haunted Twin Blade Battle Axe shone with a light that signified an AOE skill and immediately tearing the 5 Archers apart! Rays of white light rose continuously, wherever Old K passed by, not even a single blade of grass was left standing.



Tyrant of Western Chu clenched his sword tightly, his eyes full of anger, “That…that Hero Ran Min (Old K), wasn’t he a noob? How did he…how did he become so strong and reach Lv 54 so quickly? Isn’t the leveling speed too fast?”

Piggy nodded, “Yes, Ran Min is part of Zhan Long’s Studio; he’s also one of Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s closest friends in real life. Did you not see this coming? Xiao Yao Zi Zai has trained people like him and Ran Min in the future will definitely be one of our biggest enemies. However…he’s all brawn with limited intelligence. He rushes way too far, should we order the Mages to focus and kill him?”

“Yea!” Ageless Beauty nodded.

The next moment, countless Mages locked onto Old K!


Old K activated [Whirlwind Slash] once more with his Haunted Twin Blade Battle Axe. Followed by a [Savage Jump Slash], he once again killed close to 30 people before a raging flame surrounded him, killing him!


Old K fell to the ground and his Haunted Twin Blade Battle Axe dropped. The members of [Wrath of the Heroes] almost died from their greed, each and every one of them rushing over!


Li Mu arrived first, his sword pushing back the enemies. Grabbing the Haunted Twin Blade Battle Axe, he placed it into his inventory. In the guild chat, he said, “Old K, I picked up your battle-axe so don’t worry, I’ll give it back to you later!”



I clenched my fist and flung back a Berserker while looking off at the distant fighting.

Matcha’s red lips gently laughed, “Eh… Old K already died…”

“I was expecting something like this to happen. Say no more…”

“Uu… however their attacks are intense. Hehe, these are Zhan Long’s elites. Having these troops, Zhan Long will be able to settle down in Ba Huang City! Also, even though Old K got killed, with his 2 skills, he managed to kill 50 people, even more than you! It was worth it…”

With tears flowing, I said: “Damn, if I had two S Rank AOE skills, I wouldn’t be so miserable…”

“Hoho… Boss you are so cute~~”


Within a short 5 minutes, [Wrath of the Heroes]’s two groups were eliminated. They couldn’t defend against General Li Mu and his group’s attacks. Tyrant of Western Chu’s face grew ugly as he furiously shouted: “Motherf*cker, Group 1,2,3 and 4 charge together! I don’t believe we can’t block their measly 100 heavy armored players! Damn it!”

“Boss, relax…”Piggy continued to plead with him.

Under the command of Ageless Beauty, nearly 300 people went to defend against Zhan Long’s melee group’s attacks. With this, the pressure on our side had lessened. Then, Yue Qing Qian, Wolf and their Assassin group started ambushing enemy troops everywhere. They would use [Bleed] and [Backstab] before quickly using [Stealth] to hide themselves again; they were extremely effective in killing leather and cloth armored groups to the point where the enemy’sHealers were so few that most [Wrath of the Heroes] players couldn’t expect a heal anymore.



Wielding his axe, Dong Cheng Lei rushed forward. To his front were shielded arrays, consisting of Knights and Monks, but Dong Cheng Lei did not halt his steps and headed straight forward.

“Crap! What’s this Cang Lei doing?”, General Li Mu said with his eyes open wide.

General Wang Jian shook his head and said:”I… I don’t know what he is thinking…”

The next moment, with a “Peng”, Cang Lei’s knocked into the shield formation and blew away 7 Knights and Monks by more than 10 meters. This was a innate super strength!


General Li Mu’s lower jaw dropped. “Is that… is that even possible? This… this kid is literally a Natural War Machine! Brothers Charge! Destroy these players from [Wrath of the Heroes]!”

Like broken bamboo, [Wrath of the Heroes]’s cooperation and player ability were both severely inferior to Zhan Long’s. They couldn’t maintain their situation for long and steadily retreated.


Holding my Frost Rain Sword with jubilation, I shouted, “It’s time to counterattack!”

Our group of Archers, Mages and other classes rushed in while Matcha and I led the counterattack. After being sandwiched, [Wrath of the Heroes]’s people lost their motivation and got slaughtered one by one. They could barely defend against our barrage of attacks.

Like a typhoon blowing leaves away, within 30 minutes, out of [Wrath of the Heroes]’s 1200+ people, only 100 or so were left. Unfortunately for them, [Zhan Long] still had over two hundred players still standing. An overwhelming advantage!

“Shua shua shua…”

In a distance, members from [Wrath of the Heroes] were constantly reviving!


“Guild Master!”, General Li Mu called out while holding his longsword stained with blood. Happily, he said, “Members of [Wrath of the Heroes] are reluctant to give up and they keep on reviving to fight with us. What should we do?”

I freed my sword from an Archer’s chest and kicked away his corpse, shouting, “Continue killing them without mercy! [Wrath of the Heroes] tried to bully us. Today, let’s let them taste despair! Any revived players from [Wrath of the Heroes] will be killed, leave no one alive!

General Wang Jian laughed, “So ruthless. I love it!”


“Sha Sha…… ”

Battle boots stepping on the lush grass, I approached the opposite commanding position. Behind me was the beautiful Matcha. Looking at me, she cheerfully said. “Boss, do you finally want to take down their leader?”

“Yes. If I don’t get Liu Ying, it’s not enough to make them understand!”

“Alright. I will coordinate with you!”

“Ok !”

Wielding my sword I rushed forwards with high speed, running straight towards Tyrant of Western Chu. Beside him were over ten players guarding him. When Ageless Beauty saw me heading towards him, her face turned green. “Xiao Yao is coming! Kill him quickly!


Dodging a Swordsman’s attack, I activated the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] and used [Haste] as I charged forward!

Tyrant of Western Chu also had a strong bloodlust and didn’t hide behind his soldiers. Holding his longsword, he rushed forward and yelled, “Li Xiao Yao! Let’s have a showdown !

Unfortunately, he was mistaken. I was no longer the little Swordsman from before. My speed of advancement exceeded his imagination while Western Chu was stuck at the level of a RMB warrior.
TL: Someone who uses money to get better


Turning with my feet, I avoided Liu Ying’s [Combo]. Then, Frost Rain Sword’s [Fierce Ice Blade] pierced his chest from behind. With another flick of the wrist, I used a [Combo], and insta-killed him!

My back trembled and I was stunned. It was Ageless Beauty’s attack!

In the air, a cold sword slashed downwards, killing her!


Ageless Beauty slowly fell to her knees and died.

Hefting her sword, Matcha’s lips quirked: “Hmph, sneakily attacking my boss, you’re just asking to be killed……”

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