Zhan Long

Chapter 198

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Chapter 198 – I Will Miss You
Translated by: SoloNeko, GGP
Edited by: Zephir, Hendricksen-sama, Kaylee, and Video!

TL: 20 Million Celebration but there might only be 1 chap tmrw.

After staying up till 7 AM in the morning the next day, finally, a bell sounded as [Zhan Long] leveled up to a Lv 2 Guild –


System Announcement: Congratulations, your guild 【Zhan Long】 has leveled up to a Lv 2 guild, you receive a new guild skill【EXP Increase】!


[EXP Increase] increases a guild member’s exp gain by 10% which is similar to Fan Shu City’s buff. This is also the reason why a guild is so special; from Lv 2 onwards, the guild would receive a new buff for each level. A Lv 3 guild would have【War Drum】which increases the attack of all members by 5%. A Lv 4 guild would have【War Barrier】which increases the defense of all members by 5%. A Lv 5 guild would receive【War God Blessing】which increases all players’ monster and player kill drop rate by 20%. This is considered to be a first-rate buff!

Therefore, we must rush our guild to Lv 5. Not only can we increase our member intake, we would also be able to increase our drop rate by 20%. With this 20% increase in drop rate, the members’ basic equipment and drop rate will be much higher, thus having the an advantage over everyone else. Furthermore, high level guilds can use buff advantages to attract high leveled players to join, which puts the guild into a good cycle.



Guild Announcement: Please note, Deputy Leader【Yue Qing Qian】has approved player
【Dream of a Thousand Cities】to join the guild!


Guild Announcement: Please note, Deputy Guildmaster【Yue Qing Qian】has approved player 【Ling Xiao Wu】to join the guild!


Guild Announcement: Please note, Elder 【General Li Mu】has approved player
【General Hua Xiong】to join the guild!


Guild Announcement: Please note, Elder【General Li Mu】has approved player
【Cold Eyes】to join the guild!


The Guild Announcements flowed endlessly as the number of players in [Zhan Long] also increased rapidly. In the end, not even half an hour later, we had reached the maximum limit of 300 people!

As I looked at the average level of the players in the guild, which was 52.4, I couldn’t help but smile. A level average of 52.4 would definitely shoot us into the top-notch guild category at the present stage. Even [Vanguard] might not have such a high average. But we still lacked in numbers, so the level average might drop if we invite more players.

Through the Guild Masters tools, I looked at the players statistics. Currently, the players’ equipment were really shocking. Out of 300 people, there were a total of 4 Emperor Tier equipment, it seemed like Yue Qing Qian had one. Then there were a total of 249 Purple Tier and 1244 Gold Tier equipment. The lowest Tier was Silver equipment and not a single Bronze or Green Tier equipment existed. Just based on the equipment, one can already catch a glimpse of this guild’s battle prowess!

Opening a chat with Yue Qing Qian, I said, “Qing Qian, staying up the whole night, aren’t you tired? Shouldn’t you sleep a bit?”

“Yeah, I’ll go sleep a while. Brother Xiao Yao, I will wake up earlier and continue to fight with the others to level…”

“Yup, yup!”

“Brother Xiao Yao, you should give a speech in the guild chat. You are the Guild Master…”



I opened the guild chat function and entered a few words. They immediately came up on the guild chat screen that was visible to all guild members.

Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Guild Master): “Hi everyone, I am Li Xiao Yao and thank you for joining [Zhan Long]. I will definitely not betray your trust! We, [Zhan Long], are a new and uprising guild. Our mission is to fight to protect the weak. Currently, [Zhan Long]’s primary goal is to have everyone to level quickly and earn guild exp so that we can reach guild Lv 5 as soon as possible. Only after that happens will we be on par with other powerful guilds! As a part of [Zhan Long], we are brothers and sisters from today onwards. Whoever bullies one of us will have to face all of us!”

Immediately, the guild chat bustled with noise and excitement-

Yue Qing Qian: “Heehee, Brother Xiao Yao is so macho!”

Yue Wei Liang: “Guild Master, you should sleep now…”

General Li Mu: “Haha, the Guild Master is right, we of Zhan Long are one body. In the future if one of us is bullied, everybody else has to prepare to roll up their sleeves. Whoever bullies us, we’ll bully them right back!”

General Wang Jian: “Yup, it is a must!”

Matcha: “Boss, you should sleep now…”

Me: “Yeah, I stayed up online the whole night since yesterday. I’ll sleep first. Qing Qian, could you arrange a capable assistant to manage the matters during the day? I’m already quite tired.”

Yue Qing Qian: “Okay, rest assured. Yesterday, Wei Liang didn’t level, so today I’ll let her manage during the day. She also has the position of a team leader, so that should be enough.”

Me: “Okay…Everyone continue to work hard, we’ll aim to reach guild Lv 3 in 48 hours!”

Ling Xiao Wu: “Yes, yes. Have a good rest, Guild Master!”
TL: Ling Xiao Wu is using ancient chinese sayings that would have been directed to kings/emperors.

Me: “…”


Logging off, I went downstairs to buy two fruit pancakes to eat and then I went back to the dorms and slept like a log.

When I woke up it was almost 6 PM. Looking at my phone, there were 2 missed calls, both from Lin Wan Er. She called me an hour ago but I had slept so soundly that I didn’t hear my phone ring. I hurriedly called back and after a few rings, Miss finally picked up my call. But there were clanging and slashing sounds of swords in the background; she had obviously picked up my call from in game-

“Oh, did you just wake up?” She asked with a laugh.

Me:”Yes, I stayed up too late, so…”

Lin Wan Er smiled lightly, “First of all I should congratulate you, [Zhan Long] is finally established. Even though it is the 36th Guild amongst all 3 big cities, it’s still not that bad. You should now be a Lv 2 guild right?”


“In the future, take note of the guild rankings in the Chinese server. Hopefully [Zhan Long] will enter the top 10 before long!”

“Of course, what’s our rank now…”

“I told you, your guild rank is 36th…”

“Then that’s close to top 10 already…”

“Pei, such an unscrupulous guy! Originally I wanted to ask you to eat with us but you actually slept so late so Dong Cheng and I have already eaten something else. You can eat your dinner alone, then log online again. Being a new Guild Master must be very tough.”

“Yeah…” I sighed once, “When are Dong Cheng and you joining [Zhan Long] to help me?”

“That… wait for a while more. Wait until Q-Sword cools down from his anger for a while, then we’ll talk again…Since Hangzhou, after he was beaten up by you, he seemed to be kind of depressed. He looked so gloomy and sad…”

“Haha, he should be…”

“Then I’ll continue to level!”

“Okay.” Then, I suddenly said another word, “Miss…”

“What’s wrong?” Lin Wan Er smiled softly.

I wanted to say something, then I stopped. After a few seconds, I asked, “Then I won’t be meeting you today, right?”

“I think so…” Lin Wan Er jumped, “Not seeing each other…not seeing each other is not something big…:”

I said, “Not seeing you for 24 hours, I will miss you…”

“So it’s like that…” Lin Wan Er laughed softly, “Even if it sounded really fake, but…tonight before 12, we can log off and you can take Dong Cheng and me for a midnight snack…”

“Yup, yup. I’ll go message you before I go offline.”

“Alright, go on then~”


I went downstairs, ate 3 fruit pancakes, went back home and logged online!


Appearing in the middle of Ba Huang City, I checked the guild exp. Currently it was Lv 2 at 5%. Indeed, going from Lv 2 to Lv 3 required a lot more guild experience. We could only go slowly, reaching Lv 3 in 48 hours was going to be a little hard.

Looking at the list of players in the guild, from Guild Master to Deputy Leader, Elder, Team Leader and Flagbearer, all 44 management level players were all online. Everyone was really devoted, I was the last management level player to be online.


A message was received from Matcha: “Boss~”

I asked: “Matcha, did anything happen in the guild during the time I was offline?”

“Basically no…” Matcha pursed her lips and laughed, “There’s one thing though. When the twins Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang brought 100 players to train in Green Qilin Valley, they met a 50 man [Wrath of the Heroes] team. When taunted, they decimated the [Wrath of the Heroes] 50 man team… Boss, are you going to scold the twins?”

I laughed out loud, “What do I need to scold them for? If it were me, I would’ve also done that! [Zhan Long] currently has 300 people already. We may not be able to afford to offend [Vanguard] and [Flying Dragon], but don’t tell me we also cannot offend [Wrath of the Heroes], these kind of lousy players? Since we have already killed them then it’s alright. If Tyrant of Western Chu brings people to attacks us, then take it as them delivering equipment to us.”

“They are indeed going to fight back. They are currently preparing a huge number of players to head towards Green Qilin Valley. They numbered around 500+ people… Boss, what do you think we should do now?”

“What else can we do?”

I made a fist and laughed, “Pass my command along, all members of [Zhan Long] that are online should head towards Green Qilin Valley quickly. We’ll change our training map to Green Qilin Valley. The monsters there are suitable for leveling, moreover there are also Elite Monsters and high drop rates. If [Wrath of the Heroes] wants to fight with us, then we’ll face them directly. [Zhan Long] is not a group of 10 people anymore. Since the big powers of Ba Huang City are not letting us off easily, then we’ll kill everyone. Fight a battle to train for another battle. Today let’s use [Wrath of the Heroes] as our training dummy!”

“Okay, I like this kind of Guild Master. So aggressive, heehee…”

“I also like this kind of team leader…”

“What did I do?” Matcha pouted her small lips.

“Moe…” I laughed out loud.

Matcha angrily stomped her feet, “Boss!”


After repairing my equipment and grabbing some health potions and Pardon Cards, I set off!

The target was Green Qilin Valley. From before, Green Qilin Valley was my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it will also become [Zhan Long]’s pot of gold. Since [Wrath of the Heroes] decided to challenge us in Green Qilin Valley, then we should ruthlessly teach them a lesson!

Checking Tyrant of the Western Chu’s Guild, it was a Lv 3 guild with 1000 members, reaching the maximum limit. Outside the guild, there were around 2000+ members. After counting out the players who were offline and those that didn’t listen to his orders, Tyrant of the Western Chu could more or less mobilize 1000 online players. On the other hand, [Zhan Long]’s current online players numbered at 279 people. Outside the guild, there should be around 100 players and approximately 400 elite players. This should be sufficient to crush 1000 lousy players from [Wrath of the Heroes]!


Dozens of minutes later, after coming out from the forest, my camouflage effect disappeared. I carried the Ancient Tablet and Frost Rain Sword on my back and jumped into Green Qilin Valley. Far away, a group of people were killing a Dark Green Vine Monster. One of them was a girl wielding a dagger; it was Yue Qing Qian. She glanced back and looked at me before saying, “Everyone, Brother Xiao Yao is here! Hee hee, these people from [Wrath of the Heroes] are going to suffer!”

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