Zhan Long

Chapter 194

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Chapter 194 – Brother, We Finally Met
Translated by: SoloNeko
Edited by: Eric, Hendricksen-sama, Zephir, Based Jessica
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With a “Pa Da” sound, a light purple colored book fell into my inventory. Seems like I really was this Guild Prestige Battle’s MVP. Unfortunately, all these rewards couldn’t make up for [Valiant Bravery]’s scars. In just a moment, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others had been left with nothing at all. The guild that they staked their everything on turned into a lost dream in just an instant.

I glanced through the skill book. The effect wasn’t that bad-

【Camouflage】 (S-Rank): Understanding a battle’s hidden aspects, the owner of this skill will be stealthed when entering into bushes among other vegetation. A passive ability. Level required is 50.

A ray of light swept past, as I learnt the skill. The surrounding areas of Ba Huang City were all forests, this skill would be fairly useful to a certain extent.


Slowly standing up, I looked at the others and said with a serious voice, “I’m sorry, Zhan Long could not really help [Valiant Bravery] much but we will continue to work hard and help Li Mu to re-establish a guild with another name. I hope everyone will not give up.”

Li Mu slowly shook his head, “Forget about it Xiao Yao, it’s too late…We don’t have the resources and connections to make a comeback anymore…”

The guild crest on everyone’s shoulders slowly faded away. Very quickly, a few people walked forward and said, “Guild Master, we…we have friends who joined [Legend]. They have actually invited us over before since it’s already like this now, we…”

Li Mu smiled blankly, “Just go, thank you for having placed your trust in me, Li Mu, so much before…”

One after another, members of [Valiant Bravery] left.

I stood there, watching Li Mu’s pair of eyes full of sadness and grief. He probably never had thought that today would happen. When a tree topples, the monkeys scatter. [Valiant Bravery] was disbanded, so they wouldn’t be able to pay the salaries of the players. Hence, the group of people leaving was also an inevitable matter.

“Don’t be too depressed…” I said in a low voice as I held my arms against my chest, looking at Ba Huang City in the distance.

Li Mu mocked himself and laughed, “We are back to right at the beginning, what’s there to be sad about? Perhaps we, [Valiant Bravery], only amount to this much and can only go this far. [Vanguard], and all the other prestigious, super influential guilds, only needs to send a few of their elites to push us, [Valiant Bravery], back to the beginning…”

I was a little enraged as I abruptly hit Li Mu on his chest. I yelled, “What disgraceful things are you talking about? It was only a one time failure, does it matter? As long as your heart never dies, [Valiant Bravery] will not die. One failure doesn’t matter much. Right now, mourning for your failure should be the last thing on your mind. You have to think about how to seek revenge against [Flying Dragon], how to show off the General Family’s honor to the people in Ba Huang City, Jiu Li City and Fan Shu City! The Li Mu I knew was an indomitable spirit, a force who was able to support both heaven and earth. With just a sword, he and his brothers had conquered all of Ba Huang City’s people!”

Li Mu’s body rammed against a big tree. He looked at me in a daze then suddenly laughed, “Xiao Yao, having a brother like you…it’s very nice…”

Wang Jian also laughed, “Yup, what Brother Xiao Yao said is right. One failure doesn’t matter much. We have to pick ourselves up and once again prove our General Family’s honor!”

I nodded and smiled, “That’s the way!”

Wolf also laughed, “Having the ability to make a comeback, that is a real true hero!”

Li Mu laughed heartily, “Yeah, it’s okay even if we lost the Guild Battle. After all, we became acquainted with so many brothers and sisters from Zhan Long! Yep, since it’s like that…where are you guys from?”

I said, “Zhang Long’s base of operations is in the West Lake area of Hangzhou.”


Li Mu made a fist and laughed, “Wang Jian, Bai Qi, Lian Po and I are from Yang Zhou. We’re going to buy a bus ticket to go to Hangzhou tonight. How about having a few drinks later?”

I nodded, “Sure! We’ll wait for you all!”



At this moment, a line of people passed through the forest and came over to us. The first person looked rather familiar, it was Gentle Touch. It was the person I met once before. Gentle Touch who was followed by tens of people, faced Li Mu and said, “Guild Master, aren’t you going to say a few words?”

Li Mu froze, “The guild was disbanded, what else am I going to say?”

Gentle Touch balled his fists and said, “We brothers will follow you and won’t leave because of a guild disbanding. As long as you are still here, us brothers will follow you. You might have let us join the Guild Prestige Battle because you thought we were weak but we’ll never abandon you, our Guild Master. With your one word, we will wait, wait until you can establish a new guild!”

With Gentle Touch’s words, 40+ core players of [Valiant Bravery] who had been a part of the Guild Prestige Battle also started to gather around us. Everyone’s eyes were without the slightest doubt. “Guild Master, we will forever be [Valiant Bravery]’s people. This fact will never change!”

Li Mu was moved. With his eyes turning red, he nodded and said, “Thank you, brothers, for your trust in me. If it’s this way, I want to add all of you as friends. The moment a new guild is established, the first thing I will is to invite you all back!”



After all was done, I went back to the city. I sat on Ba Huang City’s walls and set up a stall. There was a lot in my mind. [Valiant Bravery]’s dissolution was not a small thing to me, it was a scar to my confidence. But it made me become more resolute in creating my own guild and for that we must have our own army. Otherwise we would not be able to survive in this chaotic Ba Huang City that was constantly enveloped by the flames of war.


A chat message appeared from Lin Wan Er, “Don’t be sad…”

I replied, “I’m not sad…”

“You’re going to be a puppy if you lie…”

“Actually, I do feel a little bit sad…”

“Then, I have a few things to show you…”

“Oh? What things?”

“Wait a second…”

Very quickly, Lin Wan Er sent me a picture. It was a golden tablet – Guild Creation Tablet!

My whole body shivered, “Wan Er, this Guild Creation Tablet, where did you get it from?!”

Lin Wan Er laughed softly, “When you were fighting the Guild Prestige Battle, Dong Cheng and I were training in Thousand Demon Valley with a few others. We happened to kill a level 60 Purple Tier boss and it dropped this… How about it? Will Zhan Long need this tablet? I’ll give it to you…”

I frowned, “Give? That…That is not very good… I won’t receive something I didn’t work for. I don’t want to be like those people who reap where they have not sown.”

Lin Wan Er pursed her lips, “Then what would you like to do? Don’t tell me you want me to sell it to you at market price?”

“Now…What is the market price of Guild Creation Tablet?”

“I think it’s around 350,000RMB…”’

“Eh, forget about it then, I can’t afford it…”

“You really don’t want it?’


“Humph!” Lin Wan Er angrily retorted, “Li Xiao Yao, you are an idiot. What the heck are you thinking, didn’t you say I’m one of Zhan Long’s people? If that is the case, why don’t you want my Guild Creation Tablet?”

“It’s not the same…” I thought about it and said, “Wan Er, you can just sell this Guild Creation Tablet. I will find another way…I don’t want to owe you too much…”

Lin Wan Er pouted her dainty mouth and closed her eyes, seemingly thinking about something. A few seconds later she opened her eyes and showed a sweet smile, “Okay then, I will sell this Guild Creation Tablet…But promise you won’t be too depressed, okay? I’ll accompany you for dinner later!”

“Err, I have a dinner appointment…”

“I don’t care what dinner appointment, I’ll accompany you!”

“Okay then…The four people from the General Family are coming over tonight. They’ll arrive around night time. Will you, the [Hero’s Mound]’s Deputy Leader, want to eat with us, a group of losers who were defeated and just had their guild disbanded?

“Yes I do, I’ll also bring Dong Cheng…”



Having nothing to do, I went back to Dragon City to receive another profession quest to kill the monsters disturbing the Dragon Tomb. In 2 hours, I reached Lv 58. Wolf and the others were also anxiously training, racing against time. Everyone understood that Zhan Long could be established anytime, so maintaining our own level superiority was extremely important.

Around 5pm in the evening, I went offline when I received a call from General Li Mu. They had arrived at the district of West Lake in Hang Zhou. Acting as the host, I reserved a table at Xiang Wei restaurant near the school. With everything settled, everyone simply needed to go there on time.

In the campus, I met Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue who looked like a pair of twins, inseparable.

I walked up to them and said, “Let’s go quickly, Li Mu and the others might have already arrived. We shouldn’t be lagging behind.”

Lin Wan Er stepped forward with her long legs, following me while her dimples showed as she smiled, “What kind of people are the General Family? Do you think they will be old boorish men?”

“I have no idea, I have never met them in real life before.”


At Xiang Wei restaurant, Wolf, Old K, Matcha and Fox had already arrived. Matcha, who was wearing a cream colored short skirt, looked fresh and pleasant to the eyes. She started waving her hands from afar and smiled, “Boss, we’re here…”

I grinned as I reached them. Fox, who saw Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to my sides, also grinned and said, “Ah, we are eating with 3 beautiful ladies, this is bliss! What should I do if I can’t sleep at night later?”

Matcha furrowed her brows, “Go away…don’t you see us everyday? If you can’t sleep, then go and level, you are currently at the bottom of Zhan Long members’ levels. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Fox gawked, “Isn’t your level lower? Matcha…”

Matcha turned red and dropped her head, “I don’t count…”

“You little…” Fox became a little mad.

Me: “Let’s go, all of you can go up first, I’ll wait a while for Li Mu and the others at the entrance!”


I supported Lin Wan Er’s arms, then looked at Wolf and said, “Wolf, bring Lin Wan Er up, and secure the perimeter…”

Wolf nodded, “Rest assured, brother!”

He knew that Lin Wan Er was my employer and that protecting her was my job’s. Thankfully, there were no strong Qi-practitioners in Xiang Wei restaurant. If it was just the average hoodlums, Wolf and Old K would be more than enough to deal with them. Wolf’s skills are extremely good and Old K has a lot of brute force; both of them were great at fighting. If not for the fact that I practiced martial arts, these two people may have become Zhan Long studio’s bosses already.


Seeing everyone off, I stood quietly at the restaurant and waited.

Less than 10 minutes later, I could see the shadows of 4 people walking slowly down the street. The one leading them looked like a young man around his mid-twenties, looking exactly like Li Mu in game. Behind him, a slightly younger man looking like Wang Jian followed.There was also a burly looking young man who looked like Bai Qi and a 50 year old looking man that was definitely Lian Po.

“Xiao Yao?” Li Mu saw me from afar, not believing his eyes, “Damn, you are more handsome in real life than in game! No wonder [Prague]’s Yue Qing Qian likes you so much…”



With a bear hug, Li Mu hugged me hard and laughed loudly, “Brother, we finally meet!”

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