Zhan Long

Chapter 193

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Chapter 193 – Valiant
Translated by: SoloNeko
Edited by: Zephir, Seb, Hendricksen-sama, and Video!
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“Brother Xiao Yao, be careful!” Wolf was hiding in the bushes as he softly said, “They know we are coming and will have prepared a trap. Your [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]… can it really be strong enough to resist Soaring Dragon’s magic attack? Also, the Archer’s [Scattered Shot], you need to dodge it, otherwise you will die…”

I hid myself in the shrubs and slowly moved forward. “Yup, whether we advance or not, we’ll lose either way. Anyways, my inventory is filled with 9 pieces of equipment dropped by [Flying Dragon] members, even the lowest one is Gold Tier. Even if we die, it is still worth it. Little Wolf, go there in stealth and remember to focus on their Healers the moment I attack. Keep track of your cooldowns and try to escape without dying so that even if I die, you still have a chance.”

Wolf couldn’t help but laugh, “Brother Xiao Yao, if you die, how could I continue to live by myself?”

“That’s enough, stop being so low class. Let’s prepare to attack!”



The map showed that Wolf’s figure was already on the plateau. High leveled Assassins’ [Stealth]s were very difficult to uncover. Furthermore, points in agility would increase the effectiveness of [Stealth] and Wolf’s equipment was not bad; his agility could probably rank among the top 100 in Ba Huang City. Naturally, his stealth wouldn’t be that easy to uncover.

“Brother Xiao Yao, I have reached my position!”


Sucking in a deep breath, I called forth Baby Bobo as I tightened my grasp on the Frost Rain Sword. Pumping power into my legs, I lept out from the bush. It was only 100 meters, just one charge!

On the plateau, Soaring Dragon froze and pointed to his right, “There! Xiao Yao Zi Zai is coming, prepare to attack, kill him for me! If you kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai, a trivial Assassin like Wolf Totem wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything against us!”


An Archer hiding quietly in the bushes slowly opened his bow, his shoulders shone with Jiu Li City’s crest. That’s one of the elites from Jiu Li City, a level 56 Archer, one of the very best. Pulling the bow without shooting the arrow, his bow shone with the prelude of [Scattered Shot]. This definitely was one of an expert Archer’s moves. He was waiting; waiting for the best opportunity to unleash the [Scattered Shot]. As long as he had me stunned, a round of magic attacks would be able to kill me!

Soaring Dragon gnashed his teeth, waved his arms and said, “The two Knights from Fan Shu City, help me block him for a while. Slow Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s advancing speed!”

Behind him, the two level 55 Knights immediately lifted their long spears and rush forward. With their long spears glowing with [Flame Spear] attack, the two Knights intentions were extremely clear. They didn’t wish to kill me, they were just trying to interfere with my running path. Afterwards, [Pillars of Fire and Ice] and [Scattered Shot] would be able to finish me off.


My blade glowed with a biting cold [Fierce Ice Blade] and a “bam” sound was heard when it pierced through the Knight’s chest. I grabbed his chestplate and seized the opportunity to use his body as shield for about 0.5 seconds before passing him by and then giving him a kick with my boots. The Knight immediately slid backwards and collided with the other Knight’s body. The two of them tumbled down into the bushes.

“Swoosh swoosh…”

Raising my sword, I threw myself into a thicket of bushes, enduring the pain of thistles and thorns pricking my body. I quickly crawled away, while behind me the sounds of [Pillars of Fire and Ice] and [Chilling Wind Spell] bombarded the bushes. Unfortunately, they couldn’t guess my position accurately.


The Archer squinted his eyes, drew back the corners of his mouth, sighed and said, “This Xiao Yao Zi Zai is indeed an expert…I can’t find an opportunity to lock onto his position for the time being…”

Soaring Dragon said apathetically, “Have a little bit of patience, wait until he comes nearer. We’ll attack him and kill him!”



Time was running out, so there was no time to hesitate. I lept out from the bushes, activated my [Haste] skill and ran following a zigzagged pattern. As I moved forward, unceasingly closing in on Soaring Dragon’s position, I followed the movement of the Archer’s hands closely. He was the biggest threat to me. If I got hit by [Scattered Shot], I would definitely die. If he missed, I would still have a thread of hope.

“He’s coming!”

The Archer furrowed his brows while the strings on his bow creaked loudly. His powerful arms pulled strongly, almost causing his, at least Purple Tier, bow to snap. The bow glowed with [Scattered Shot], and with a “bam”, he shot the arrow. He was only 15 meters to the left of me, it was too near, no matter how fast I was, I couldn’t dodge it it!

As I watch this happen, I abruptly bent my legs to the ground but a huge amount of inertia drove my body forward. If I move forward even a little, I would have entered the Archer’s anticipated range!


Abruptly, I pierced my Frost Rain Sword into the ground, splashing flickers of sparks, rapidly decreasing the speed of my slide. That [Scattered Shot] arrow swept past, barely above the tip of my nose!


“Too cool!” Wolf couldn’t help but laugh happily in the party chat.

I picked myself up as the two Knights chased me from behind. I didn’t care about them anymore. With a wave of my arms, the ground started to tremble as a scarlet, red dragon’s flame burst forth and condensed to form a figure of a scarlet dragon that circled around me, becoming my shield. My physical and magical resistance increased by a substantial amount!

“Clang clang…”

I endured two attacks of [Flame Blade]s on my back and I used their momentum to, “Bam”, punch the ground!


[Binding Chain] burst forth, immediately ignoring Soaring Dragon’s [Mana Shield]. After binding Soaring Dragon’s two legs, the Lv 6 [Binding Chain] would persist for 4.7 seconds; Soaring Dragon had no way of moving anymore!

“Little Wolf!” I yelled loudly, “Kill!”

As I shot forward, I aimed straight for the Archer’s throat. The Archer’s playing style was extremely astute, he retreated while shooting a [Triple Shot]. Even though it managed to cause some damage, it was not that much.


A crimson-red flash flew past as Wolf appeared from the back and stunned the Archer!

I did not say another word and with a roar, a cyclone encircled the surrounding area. After charging for 0.2 seconds, [Wind Blade] was ready. With a “Ka Cha” sound, I almost slashed the Archer into two, inflicting fatal damage!



“Use [Pillar of Fire and Ice], cast it at the same time to kill the Assassin!” Soaring Dragon hollered furiously.

Wolf’s dagger swept past, killing a Healer on the spot. But his body trembled slightly as a [Pillar of Fire and Ice] appeared beneath his legs. Furthermore, they were consecutive attacks since the two Mages casted 2 [Pillar of Fire and Ice]s!


Wolf’s magic resistance was not as strong as mine and naturally he couldn’t resist this kind of attack. With his knees on the ground, he died just like that, dropping a leg guard.

I did not hesitate for a moment and flew forward, twisting my body to bring forth my [Combo]. “Pa pa pa pa” my 4 hit [Combo] fell on the two Mages’ [Mana Shield]s, shaking them violently. Then, Baby Bobo attacked one while I attacked the other. At the same time a Killer Bee and Ice Rat made a ruckus behind me. The enemies’ pets were equally strong and even through they were attacking [Shield of the Crimson Dragon], my health still depleted quickly.


With a miserable cry, Baby Bobo killed one of the Mages. Meanwhile, my Frost Rain Sword slowly shook as a pillar of green light fell upon me; a fatal strike was coming!

“What!?” The Mage gasped, before he understood, his chest was pierced by a sharp blade!



The two Mages fell to the ground, only Soaring Dragon was left!

I turned around without hesitation and slashed my sword. Soaring Dragon was still bound and could not budge, hence he used [Pillar of Fire and Ice] to counter my attacks. My feet felt surges of heat and cold; it was extremely uncomfortable as my health also dropped significantly. I hurriedly used [Heal] and drank a health potion to regain my health.

Behind me, a burning hot sensation came forth once again. Soaring Dragon sinisterly laughed, “Kill! Kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai! F**ker, you think you and your lousy Zhan Long group have the power to turn the tide? You think you, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, can rule the universe? I will tell you today, you are just a bunch of sh*t, you are not even worth being stepped on by [Flying Dragon]’s shoes!”

The effects of [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] had already ended as the two Knights attacked me from behind-


As my health lowered even more, Soaring Dragon’s also raised his staff, seizing the opportunity. Was he going to make the last?

I laughed lightly. I already knew [Valiant Bravery] was done for. Even after doing all I could, I still couldn’t reverse the situation; [Valiant Bravery] was fated to be disbanded.


Air surged beneath my feet as my eyes were filled with killing intent. No matter if we win or lose, I must kill Soaring Dragon, that vile person!

[Strength of a Thousand Men]!

“Pa pa pa…”

With 3 continuous attacks, the [Mana Shield] broke. Then, I lowered my shoulders and rammed forward. “Bam” I rammed into Soaring Dragon who was pushed back and lost 1100+ health from the attack. Then, the fifth move struck down like lightning!



Soaring Dragon’s eyes were still open as he slowly fell to the ground. Naturally, he never thought that I would still have this kind of explosive strength when I was about to die!

Turning my body, I struck my Frost Rain Sword horizontally. “Peng” I blocked a Knight’s spear, but couldn’t block the other knight’s attack to my abdomen. The sudden pierce took 977 health which was my last bit of health. That Knight was one of Fan Shu City’s elite and he looked at me with clear eyes and spoke, “Drop dead, Xiao Yao Zi Zai. You are really an opponent that deserves respect!”


A bright light shone in front of me. I was sent out from the Guild Prestige Battlefield.


In the forest of Ba Huang City, I was back at the place where I was first sent into the battlefield. There was a group of [Valiant Bravery] members around me, all disappointedly standing. General Li Mu clenched his fist, his eyes red. General Wang Jian stood still and stared blankly, tears almost falling from his eyes, “The [Valiant Bravery] we took blood and tears to establish, met its end just like that?”


I fell on my knees and punched the ground, causing blades of grasses to scatter about. My brows furrowed, I whispered, “I’m sorry…Li Mu…I’m sorry…”

Li Mu tapped me lightly on the shoulders and said with a trembling voice, “Don’t say you are sorry; we are all brothers. Never say you are sorry, Xiao Yao, you’ve tried your best…:”



System Announcement: The current Guild Prestige Battle has ended, the survivors in the end numbered 5:0. Congratulations to the【Flying Dragon】guild who won with 5 remaining members. As the losing guild,【Valiant Bravery】will be disbanded automatically. In addition, within a time period of 365 days, no guild can use that name.【Flying Dragon】obtained 10% of the other guild’s experience as a reward. The current Guild Prestige Battle MVP is Xiao Yao Zi Zai who killed 17 people. He will receive【Camouflage】(S-Ranked Skill book) as a reward!

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