Zhan Long

Chapter 192

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Chapter 192 – Death Match
Translated by: SoloNeko
Edited by: Sam, Based Jessica, Zephir, Video and Algaivia!

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A dragon’s screech sounded as scarlet flames burst from the ground, instantly taking the shape of a scarlet dragon. Encircling my body, it increased my defense by a huge amount. At the same time, I strode forward and slid through the gap between the three enemies. As I dodged 2 [Ice Blade] attacks, two big MISSes appeared above my body. However, I couldn’t avoid the damage from the other 7 [Flame Axe] attacks.



A continuous stream of damage numbers burst out. These 7 violent [Flame Axe] attacks instantly depleted my health. Without a second thought, I drank a healing potion and cast [Heal] on myself, regaining 2000+ health immediately. At the same time, with a flick of my wrist, my Frost Rain Sword flew like an ice dragon bursting forth from the sea, “swoosh swoosh swoosh”, and sliced through a Berserker.

“Clang clang clang…”

Sparks of fire splattered endlessly out of my Nebula Armour. However, with the protection of [Shield of the Crimson Dragon], each attack only amounted to approximately 100 points. Then, a holy light descended upon my head as I regained about 1000 health. That was Darling Duck’s [Heal].


One of the Vanguard’s 13 Eagles Swordsman clenched his longsword tightly while his eyes almost popped out of their sockets, “What kind of shield is that? It’s so tough! We can’t break it. F*** it! Even [Flame Blade] can’t break his defense, what kind of defense is that!?”
TL: Break defense = Do significant damage = Have attack higher than defense

Fallen Wolf looked from afar, clenching his teeth, “Where is Zhan Long’s healer, Darling Duck? Two of you go and kill her! The others continue to surround Xiao Yao Zi Zai, his shield definitely has a time limit!”


I kept brandishing my sword and attacked while shouting in the party chat, “Darling Duck, move back, don’t mind us, you can retreat already! Old K come on up, pave your way with [Whirlwind Blade] then use your [Savage Jump Slash] to kill people with low health. Little Wolf continue to stun people but don’t put yourself at risk!”

Old K carried his battle axe while rushing forward, splitting the grass in his path. His body was slightly lowered as a circle of cold wind whistled on his battle axe. Then, the entire group of people were suddenly flung away and spun within an endless hurricane that was sweeping everything away. “Slash Slash Slash” [Whirlwind Blade] swept past the crowd, its attacking power was exceptionally brutal. The three players whom I had just attacked fell in a flash.

“This is bad!”

Originally Fallen Wolf wanted to pursue me, but with the presence of my [Shield of the Crimson Dragon], I became an unmovable iron plate. Old K’s sudden attack also caused Fallen Wolf to be completely unable to kill him. In the middle of [Whirlwind Blade], Old K was an invincible killing machine. No one dared to take the initiative to approach him, it was the equivalent of seeking death. As Fallen Wolf watched the situation spiral out of control, he roared in fury: “Retreat, wait for an opportunity to fight back!”

“Where are you running to?!”

Old K roared and then suddenly leapt forward, his battle axe landed on the forehead of a Swordsman with only 31% of health left. He was immediately killed. With a flash of his battle axe, his [Flame Axe] charged into another Berserker!


Wolf also appeared just at the right time. He stunned a Berserker that was running away and thanks to the poison debuff from earlier, when Wolf was finding opportunities to slip shots in, the Berserker’s speed got reduced. Trapped in Wolf’s hands, he was fated to die.


In the blink of an eye, 10 of Vanguard’s 13 Eagles met their end, only 3 were left.

“Matcha, block him!”

I shouted loudly. Matcha immediately descended from the air and executed [Phantom Ray Slash] with her sword. With a “bang” sound, it hit its target; a Swordsman standing at the very front. The angry Swordsman rushed forward toward Matcha, while at a low health level, and bellowed, “Even if I die here, I must at least kill someone!”


The light from his [Combo] flickered. Matcha hastily activated [Reflect], but unfortunately, it could only reflect one attack. With the dying Swordsman’s [Combo], she received 3 additional attacks. Then, at this time, Fallen Wolf rushed towards Matcha from the back, with flames erupting from his battle axe. It was a [Flame Axe]!

“Careful!” I yelled, “Matcha, move to your right, there’s an enemy behind you!”


Matcha gasped with her rosy lips. However, she made a grave mistake as she tripped over a strawberry plant. Fallen Wolf’s battle axe swept past her shoulders, bringing forth a huge amount of damage-



“Boss…” Matcha looked at me, her body disappearing into fragments of light and scattering with the wind.

Zhan Long Studio had once again lost a member. My heart sank as I held my sword and dashed forward. With a “bam”, I brushed past a Swordsman, killing him with a slash from my Frost Rain Sword quickly. Then, I raised my sword with both hands as I rushed towards another Swordsman.

“F*** you, Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

His face twisted with anger, the Lv 53 Swordsman suddenly raised his sword; he was going to trade hits!


A ray of light appeared around him, it was [Reflect]!

I changed from using my sword to using my bare hands and hit him, effortlessly neutralizing [Reflect]. Then I rushed forward and kneed the Swordsman. “Bam”, he was pushed back while my Frost Rain Sword pierced him through his chest. A ray of green light descended from the skies as a huge amount of damage was dealt.. An fatal strike-


Once again, another enemy was killed!



Fallen Wolf huffed roughly, standing in the middle of the plains, with his whole body slightly trembling. Battered and exhausted, he looked at me, surrounded by 12 corpses. All of [Vanguard]’s 13 Eagles members had fought with outstanding results before but he was the only one left now. This arrogant chap was the last man standing.


I thrust my Frost Rain Sword into the ground and propped myself up on the sword. Indifferently, I said, “Fallen Wolf, where did your arrogance go? Didn’t you claim that [Vanguard]’s 13 Eagles were undefeatable? Didn’t you look down on Zhan Long? How about now, without your superiority in numbers, what advantage does [Vanguard] have?”


Fallen Wolf swallowed his saliva and looked toward me, his gaze cold and overcast. “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I admit you are extraordinary! Remember this, sooner or later we will return you this debt. [Vanguard] will definitely not bear this kind of humiliation!”

I abruptly pulled out my sword and pointed it at his chest. Enraged, I said, “Who’s the one shaming to [Vanguard]? Who’s the one who backstabbed me for the sake of a Heaven’s Plan Sword in the Valley of Everlasting Wind? Who’s the one who tried to take advantage of me again and again? Indeed, who’s the one that is embarrassing [Vanguard] in the end? It’s [Vanguard] itself. It’s Jian Feng Han! It’s you, Fallen Wolf! It’s all of your arrogance that brings shame to your former glory!”

Fallen Wolf gritted his jaw, “We have nothing to talk about. Prepare to die!”

His battle axe shone with a glint while Fallen Wolf silently appraised me.



With a wave of my arm, I called forth [Binding Chain], binding Fallen Wolf at once. I raised my hand and commanded Baby Bobo to attack while saying, “Wolf, Old K, finish him!”

Turning around, the sounds of a blade slashing through armor resounded, Fallen Wolf howled miserably and fell to the ground. Finally, [Flying Dragon]’s reinforcements, [Vanguard]’s 13 Eagles, have fallen. It’s just as what I had said before. We can lose the Guild Prestige Battle but the [Vanguard]’s 13 Eagles must die!


Behind me, I heard a female voice crying out. My heart sank, there’s trouble again!

Indeed, Darling Duck’s name in the party list had turned dim!

Wolf raised his dagger and entered stealth mode while angrily shouting, “Brother Xiao Yao, Darling Duck was killed by an Assassin’s sneak attack!”

“Kill him!”

I raised my hand and healed myself before lifting my sword and rushing to Darling Duck’s corpse. She had been on a grassy plain but the Assassin had hidden thanks to his [Stealth]. The problem is that he couldn’t have gone too far; he hasn’t had the time to escape yet.

Old K also lifted his battle axe, his eyes sweeping around, trying to catch any movements or irregularities.

Wolf softly said in the dark, “Nobody move. If we carefully observe every movement in the surrounding area, we’ll find the assassin’s position…”



All three of us stood still like tree stumps in the wilderness but there were no movements for three full minutes. I looked at every grass and trees in the surrounding areas all the more, how could it be?

Could it be that?

At this time, a small gush of wind blew in the distance, carrying a cloud of dandelions. I hastily lifted my sword and said in a low voice, “Little Wolf, pay attention, an opportunity has come…”

Wolf nodded his head, “Yes, I’m watching carefully!”


As the dandelions flew around, suddenly at a point, a few stalks of dandelion’s changed their trajectory, obviously hitting some obstruction. But it appeared as if there was nothing there.

I quickly whispered, “ Old K, use [Whirlwind Slash] immediately! The target’s position is at (7471, 2973), now!”


Old K turned around and immediately swept to the left. Then, there was a “ding” sound from an Assassin’s dagger blocking Old K’s battle axe but the Assassin was knocked back by the impact!

“This bastard, you are indeed here!”

Old K laughed maniacally and lifted his battle axe to give chase and kill him. But suddenly his whole body trembled and he fell into a stunned state. On his forehead a large damage number burst forth- 1109!


My heart sank, I never would have thought that there would be another Assassin here!

The fleeing Assassin, who was running away, suddenly turned back to attack. With his daggers dancing in the air, “Slash Slash Slash”, he made three continuous attacks and Old K immediately fell to the ground. Even his battle axe was dropped.

“Damn it…”

I lifted my sword and flew forward, knocking away the second Assassin with a [Combo] before finishing him off with a stab through his chest! Wolf appeared behind the first Assassin, successfully sneak attacking him and killing him with one attack!


“Pa Da! Pa Da!”

Another two bodies fell. Wolf and I glanced at each other with immense concern in our eyes. Old K, Matcha, Fox, Darling Duck, and Dong Cheng Lei had all died. There were only two of us left but there were still 10 elite players on the other side, including [Flying Dragon]’s Guildmaster, Soaring Dragon. This Guild Prestige Battle was going to be an extremely difficult fight!

We collected the equipment drops on the ground. 7 Gold Tier and 1 Purple Tier equipment all went into our inventory. As all the players here were hard to deal with and thus the equipment dropped were all exceptional.


I stood on the field as I raised my hand and sheathed my Frost Rain Sword. Wolf stood by my side and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, how are we going to fight later on? Matcha and the others are probably really worried about us. Unfortunately, they can’t give us any news now. The Guild Prestige Battle has blocked all communication from the outside.”

I looked up at the distant plateau and said, “Let’s go, we’ll find an opportunity. Even if we don’t win, we need to at least kill that Soaring Dragon bastard!”



A few minutes later, at the plateau area in the Guild Prestige Battlefield.

I hid myself in a bush, watching the plateau, and saw Soaring Dragon holding his staff and standing straight with 4 heavy armor players, 2 Healers, 2 Mages and 1 Archer. This group was extremely formidable. The Archer’s [Scattered Shot] could stun us and then the Mages could bomb us indiscriminately with their attacks. Even God would not be able to withstand this combo.

“How shall we fight?” Wolf asked.

I muttered, “I only have 44 Rage Points left, so I can only call [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] once more. To begin, I will move first, attracting their firepower. I’ll try my best to kill 1 to 2 heavy armored players. Little Wolf, wait at their escape route, focus on killing the two Healers but don’t stay too long. Once you have used your skill two times in 6 seconds, retreat back and wait for your cool down to finish. You can kill two to three people with each rotation and we can win with 2-3 rotations!”


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