Zhan Long

Chapter 191

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Chapter 191 – Arrogance
Translated by: Lnfan030813, SoloNeko, GGP
Edited by: Based Jessica, Hendricksen-sama, Sac, Eric

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I felt a surge of pain as my legs got entangled in some shrubs. Tightly gripping my Frost Rain Sword, I stayed behind the Zhan Long members still alive, consisting of Old K, Darling Duck, Matcha and Little Wolf. On the map, the red dots far exceed the blue dots in number; [Valiant Bravery]’s players had almost been completely wiped out. The number on the map now indicates 5 VS 25. There are only 5 of us now – 4 from the Zhan Long Studio plus Darling Duck. Who would have thought that after that one battle we’d only have so few players remaining.


I sat down under a towering tree. Clenching my fist, I said with annoyance in my heart, “Was…. Was our tactic to attack the highlands wrong?”

Little Wolf appeared from a thick patch of grass and comforted, “Brother Xiao Yao, it has nothing to do with our tactics; the disparity between our strength is simply too huge. The reinforcements acquired by [Flying Dragon] are astounding, especially the 13 Eagles. Any one of their attack power is not lower than 1900. A clash against them left most of the heavy armor group from [Valiant Bravery] dead. There wasn’t much of a fight.”

Old K with his axe in hand sat down on the grass and said, “We only have 5 people while they still have 25. This is impossible to overcome.”

In the air, Matcha interrupted as she flapped her wings while carrying her sword, “We still have a chance but we must not attack the highlands, we will instead use mentality.”

“What mentality?” Wolf replied in astonishment.

Matcha beamed, “They’ve had such a successful battle and even killed the guild master of [Valiant Bravery], can they not be proud? Therefore, we’ll just send a bait and lure them bit by bit.”

I asked in a low voice, “Who will be bait?”

Matcha patted her 34C as she smiled, “Who else but me. Though I am the lowest leveled here, I am not that weak and should still have some value. Boss, you didn’t see it but I almost killed Fallen Wolf with [Phantom Slash] so he must hate me a lot. As long as he sees me flying in the highlands, he’ll be rushing down towards me with the 13 Eagles. At that time, Boss and Little Wolf should begin, divide and conquer, this will be our best chance.”

“With a Musketeer’s long-range, killing them would be easier.” I glanced around, “Hey, where is Fox?”

Old K says with a grin, “Fallen Wolf’s axe already sent him to Ba Huang City.”

Me, “…..”


Clasping her hands, Matcha declared, “In that case, everyone must prepare! This Guild Prestige Battle is the first among the three main cities of China’s server. This event is on live TV. As you can see, many people are observing this battle; millions of players are currently watching us right now, let us not shame ourselves so go and prepare!”

I shot a glance on the viewer count and discovered that this Guild Prestige Battle has a total of 2,748,872 observers. With the 3rd and 4th batch helmet issued, the Chinese server’s players sure have skyrocketed; the number of people watching us is almost 3,000,000. Regardless of victory or defeat, the three main cities will surely be aware of the “Zhan Long” name after this battle. We must do this beautifully or else we will just be wasting such a good propaganda opportunity.

I stood up while further strengthening my grip on the Frost Rain Sword and said, “Good. Everybody follow the plan; we only have 5 people so everyone must do their best!”

Scanning the map, I found an area of motley hedgerows and pointed my hand over there before saying, “This is the place where we’ll assemble. Little Wolf, sneakily make your way towards the front. Old K and I will remain hidden in the central area. We’ll employ this dense vegetation to conceal ourselves from their maps and avoid being seen as red dots. Darling Duck will be at the rear end. We will take advantage of Matcha’s mobility and attract the 13 Eagles here. I will launch the first attack and have their attention focused at me. I will then activate the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] to withstand their attacks for 7 seconds. Little Wolf, you must eliminate 1 of them while they are concentrated on me; I will try to kill 1-2 of them. When my [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] only has half of its duration left, Old K, use your [Whirlwind Slash] and [Savage Jump Slash] and kill 4-6 of them. Do not go on fighting after that and simply escape after completing your attacks and continue to look for new opportunities!”

Everyone nod, “Okay!”


Following the plan, our group of people used the natural cover and approached the plateaus. In the air, Matcha fluttered her fairy wings as her snow white legs appeared exceptionally charming. She gave a laugh and said, “I will go now; pray for my safe return!”

I nod, “Take care, we’ll be waiting for you here!”


Matcha flew away with a gust of wind. Little Wolf, carrying his daggers, faded away as he used his [Stealth]. I drew my sword and cut down a large number of vegetation and packed it in a small ditch. Old K and I immediately jumped down and buried ourselves deeply within it until what little indication that was visible on the map disappeared.


In the distance, Matcha with her wings dancing, looked at the ground. Her pair of beautiful eyes were on full of alert as she maintained her distance from the forest where the crowd was. She barked into the darkness, “Fallen Wolf, shame on you!”

Fallen Wolf with his axe exposed said with a livid expression, “Shame on me? The people from Zhan Long are the ones who are shameless. After striking, you quickly leave. Where are you hiding? Xiao Yao Zi Zai, come out and fight with me. Don’t be a coward who only knows how to hide. When the 120 minutes are up, we will still be the winners. [Valiant Bravery]? What a joke!”

Matcha blinked as she proudly looked at Fallen Wolf before continuing to taunt, “[Vanguard] is merely a group of villains. I think it should not be 13 Eagles, it should be 13 Crows. No, it’s 13 Ducks!”
TL Note: Ducks is also slang for male prostitutes in China.

Fallen Wolf trembled with anger, “Do not insult our [Vanguard]. You have no right to do so!”

Matcha gave a subtle smile. She suddenly made a hand gesture as she formed a gap of about 2 cm between her index finger and thumb and said with a nifty smile, “What a shame, you’re only this long!”


Fallen Wolf lost himself in his fury. He roared as he raised his axe which had fire jumping on its surface. Charging at Matcha, he cried, “Go to hell!!”

“Swoosh” a miss flashed as Matcha hurriedly retreated and began her escape, never glancing back.

“Fallen Wolf, don’t be rash!” Soaring Dragon lifted his wand and gave his orders, “Defend the plateaus and we’ll win. It doesn’t matter if they drag this on for 100 minutes more. We can afford to wait, so don’t act impulsively!”

Fallen Wolf retorted with a smug look on his face, “They only have 5 people now which includes a Healer. With so few opponents you still want to hide in the plateau, what’s the difference between us and that Zhan Long turtle group? Soaring Dragon, you can stay holed up here. I’ll kill them, [Vanguard] will not cower. 13 Eagles, follow me and slaughter them!”
TL: Turtle = can only defend, no way to attack

In the forest, the other 12 heavy armored players jumped out of the grass with their swords, axes and spears and started the hunt.


“Boss, they are coming!” Matcha whispered in the team channel.

“I can see them. Just keep flying; they have no long range skills or long range classes so they can’t hurt you. Don’t fly too fast so that they can follow you!”

“I know!”

“Be careful!”


A few minutes later, a player flew through the sky. It was Matcha who was followed by red dots coming from the forest one by one. Fallen Wolf walked ahead with 2 Swordsmen and 3 Berserkers behind him. They were all near the front.

Little Wolf mumbled in the team channel, “Brother Xiao Yao, should we kill Fallen Wolf first?”

“No!” I shake my head and smirks, “Let’s kill the others first. Fallen Wolf is not that good of a target. I want to butcher the 13 Eagles before him and watch him seethe in fury!”


“Get ready, I’m going out!”

“All right!”

As they came closer and closer, the battle erupted when a Berserker was about 5 meters away!


Brambles and grasses split apart as I jumped out of the ditch. The Frost Rain Sword glowed with golden hexagrams. Four slash marks imprinted on the chest of the Lv 54 Berserker and caused super high damages.


Instant kill: Berserkers suffer from low defense!

Turning around, I stretched my hand to seize the hilt of a Swordsman’s sword that was flying towards me. I countered with my [Fierce Ice Blade] towards his chest and a huge damage number appeared, 1574. Not waiting for the Swordsman to react, I quickly used another basic attack, and dealt 974 damage. My second kill! The effect of my equipment added with my [Turmoil Sword] was truly terrifying. My attack was too powerful; enough stand at the top of Ba Huang City!

I swung my leg and it found its way to a Swordsman’s chest with a “Bang” which knocked him back. Air started to swirl around my feet as I was about to use my [Strength of a Thousand Men]! I ended with a normal attack to save cooldowns and it did the job. With a whining sound, the third player fell before my sword.



2 seconds after that, Fallen Wolf had finally come to his senses. He charged at me as his eyes burn with hatred, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I dare you to come at me. Stop killing my brothers!”

I lift my hand and a “Clang” could be heard as my Frost Rain Sword collided with his axe. I swiftly kicked him at his stomach; the shock wave knocked him back several meters. The difference in strength was obvious!

Behind me, Wolf’s Purple Tier dagger gleamed as he stunned a Berserker by using [Gouge], and attacked him with three consecutive strikes. The Berserker sobbed and fell to the ground. In a few seconds, [Vanguard]’s 13 Eagles became 9!


“Center, defensive formation!” Fallen Wolf growled as he commanded, “Use your [Flame Axe] and [Ice Blade]. Surround Xiao Yao Zi Zai and kill him. Just exterminate him and we’ll win!”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh”

Seven successive [Flame Axe]s and 2 [Ice Blade]s came rushing directly at me. Escaping this barrage of attacks was out of question.

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