Zhan Long

Chapter 189

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Chapter 189 – Every Strike Draws Blood
Translated by: Deception, Ciel and GGP!
Edited by: Eric, Zephir, Thaddpole, Northfury and Hendricksen-sama!

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“I’ll head up first!”

To save time, I traveled quickly with [Haste] and my Purple Dawn Boots’ built in movement speed which made me faster than anyone else. Within moments, I was near the base of the plateau. I rushed up, carrying my Frost Rain Sword, while Baby Bobo buzzed behind me, ready to fly in to assist me.

I sprinted up the rocky cliffs of the plateau. By the time I arrived at the top, I noticed that no one from Flying Dragons had arrived yet and immediately rushed to the other edge. However, before I even managed to get halfway, a player appeared in my field of view. It was Drunken Spear, the Nature Knight!

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

Drunken Spear was wielding his True Soul Spear as he charged at me, his eyes were cold with determination. “Let us fight once more!” He shouted.

The Frost Rain Sword hung low as I powered forward. Right as his spear was about to pierce me, I threw myself to the ground and continued to slide forward at Drunken Spear. The Frost Rain Sword swept out from ground cutting deeply towards both of Drunken Spear’s legs!

TL: Sound of surprise/fear.

Drunken Spear jumped up to avoid my sword as he simultaneously stabbed my back with his spear. At the same time, his Fire Wolf pet snarled, it’s sharp claws were coming straight for me!

I kept calm, sliding forward with my body like a bullet; my boots caught onto a gigantic rock, and I sprang off of it with a strong kick! Both of my hands held firmly onto the Frost Rain Sword as I activated my Lv 6 [Combo]. Since Drunken Spear was in the air, he couldn’t dodge it and so I unleashed the first four hits onto his back!



As his health dropped , I didn’t wait for his reactions; my Frost Rain Sword trembled as I unleashed the 5th hit, [Wind Blade]!


Chugging down a health potion to recover 1000 health, Drunken Spear unleashed his [Rock Piercing Thrust] as I released my [Wind Blade]. Only then did I realize that the [Rock Piercing Thrust]’s knockback capabilities which would help him avoid my [Wind Blade].


After getting hit by the [Rock Piercing Thrust], I was forced to move back and couldn’t finish Drunken Spear off. However, Baby Bobo came streaming in with his own [Combo] + [Sting] and although two of the attacks missed, Drunken Spear’s health still fell back down a good amount!

“What a strong control…”

Drunken Spear fell back while stomping with a “Pow!” The earth began to rumble as he activated his skill [Scorching Spring].

Flying back with a MISS flying overhead, I smashed the ground with my fist , activating [Binding Chains]! Drunken Spear quickly leaned 3 meter to the side, resulting in a large MISS to appear over his head. Holding his spear in his hand, he laughed, “I’ll be going back, what a good adversary! Don’t you dare die too early on me…”


I stood still and used a [Heal] to recover 900 HP. At the same time I looked forward and saw that there was a mass of people rushing uphill. They were the Vanguard’s Thirteen Eagles with Fallen Wolf in the lead! As expected, all of them were heavy armor classes: Swordsmen, Berserkers or Knights!

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you will die today!” Fallen Wolf held his battle axe and rushed forward, roaring “Brothers! Let’s teach the ignorant Zhan Long what defeat tastes like!”

So aggressive, Fallen Wolf is too arrogant!

On the other side, Li Mu’s eyes turned cold. He gripped his sword and rushed forward yelling “Advance! Let’s buy time for Xiao Yao to regain his breath!”


Soon, both sides had over 20 people on the plateau. In the distant skies, above the trees, more than 20 Wind Elves belonging to [Flying Dragon] revealed themselves. Perhaps this was their true trump card!

Behind me, Darling Duck, Fox and the others finally appeared, I was relieved; back-up had finally arrived.

Quickly running forward, I activated a Lv 6 [Combo] aimed at Lv 55 Swordsman’s forehead. That caused a string of numbers to burst forth but a Healer managed to cast [Heal] onto him at the last second, keeping him alive. The insignia on the Swordsman shoulder showed that he was from Jiu Li City. With a happy smile, he reversed the tip of his sword and unleashed a [Combo]!

“Keng keng keng…”

After a chain of hits, the numbers flew up over the blade of my sword, totaling over 1800 points of damage. The people from Jiu Li City were not easy to deal with at all.


A burst of air came from under my feet as my Frost Rain Sword shook; seeing that, the Lv 55 swordsman’s eyes widen, “This…this is a unique [Combo] of a Swordsman? It’s Xiao Yao Zi Zai!!”

With a fast paced combo, I rammed through [Flying Dragon]’s front line and into the core of their team. A final [Wind Blade] cut through a Lv 55 Swordsman’s battle armor, killing him instantly. There weren’t many that could withstand the full length of my [Strength of a Thousand Men].


Li Mu’s group was also fighting against [Flying Dragon], Wang Jiang snarled as he brought his sword up, “There’s a Lv 54 Berserker to the right. Focus on killing him first!”

“Shua shua shua!” Three swords struck together, resulting in the Berserker whimpering as he fell to the ground. At the same time, Fallen Wolf’s battle axe grew hot with a raging fire while another one of [Vanguard]’s 13 Eagles initiated a [Combo] onto one of our own Berserkers. Both sides were feeling the damage and so the situation was getting desperate!


The earth trembled faintly as a [Pillars of Fire and Ice] exploded out from the ground, marking the first attack of Soaring Dragon. In addition, their Archers from the side shot at us with [Scatter Shot]s, landing with a “pa pa pa” sound. Immediately, two Swordsmen from [Valiant Bravery] keeled over; killed instantly as a result of the [Scatter Shot].

In the air, another group of Archers and Mages began firing at the ground with a fierce firepower. In a flash, 10 players from [Valiant Bravery]’s frontlines died, in a battle of 100 people, this was a huge loss. Things couldn’t continue like this or we would lose for sure!


“This is no good, kill one of the main guys first!”

I marked Fierce Tiger who was [Flying Dragon]’s Deputy Chief and then barked out a command, “In a few seconds, I’ll burst in and use [Combo]. Old K, you’ll use [Whirlwind Slash] to try and kill him and then use [Savage Jump Slash] to jump out. It’s important that you succeed because once Fierce Tiger is killed, [Valiant Bravery] will have a chance!”


Moving sideways, I knocked back a Knight. And then evaded the two [Combo]s by incoming Swordsmen with ease and smiled at the two MISSes that appeared. Moving past the two Swordsmen, my sword glowed with the golden hexagrams and was ready to cleave Fierce Tiger in two!


Fierce Tiger jumped back in a hurry and my [Combo] MISSed the first two hits!



Before he could recover himself, a roar was heard from Old K as he brought his battle axe up. The winds of [Whirlwind Slash] engulfed the crowd and with two “Kacha!” Two hits landed on Fierce Tiger; he died!


Fierce Tiger sunk to the ground, his eyes looking at the wound on his chest. He did not think he would be a victim so quickly; casting an eye of hate at us, he cried out, “You dare… focus on me?!”

Feeling something was coming, I retreated while calling out to Old K, “Old K, retreat now!”

The earth shook with a ferocious tremble as a [Pillars of Ice and Fire] exploded from under Old K’s foot, smashing into him for 1200 damage. From midair Soaring Dragon quickly cast another [Pillars of Ice and Fire]! Old K was on the verge of death now!

“Get lost!”

Ignoring the fact that he was close to death, he cut into an Archer with his axe while his entire body began to glow red. Springing up with his [Savage Jump Slash], he targeted a Swordsman and then dragged his battle axe while retreating, “Darling Duck, heal me…”

Darling Duck nodded her head in silent acknowledgement, her staff raised to cast a [Heal] onto the scarred body of Old K.


Soaring Dragon trembled with anger, “It’s always you that gives me trouble, Xiao Yao Zi Zai! You and your Zhan Long! Screw you! Must you always fight with [Flying Dragon] until the bitter end?! [Flying Dragon], every Wind Elf, Mage, Archer, and Musketeer, lock onto Xiao Yao Zi Zai and kill him at any costs! Every heavy armor class player, lock on to Xiao Yao Zi Zai; break through his armor and break him!”

Staring coldly behind me, I yelled out, “Fox, prepare to fire!”

“Got it!”

Not bothering to retreat, I continued onwards; knocking away a nearby Berserker as the entire [Flying Dragon] concentrated onto me!

Inwardly panicking a bit, I activated the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]. The crimson dragon curled around me in the shape of a protective shield for 7 seconds and used up 40 points of Rage. But because of that, I gained a tremendous boost in defense!
TL: Rage will be the final call (may have been Fury before)

“Pa pa pa pa…”

Countless arrows and magic attacks splintered against me, ranging from a low 40 to a high, but still low, 300 points of damage. The [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]’s extra defense and magic resistance was extremely powerful!

General Li Mu looked at me with no small amounts of awe, “Healer, heal Xiao Yao!”

The lights of [Heal] enveloped me while I also cast my own at the same time. Estimating their position, I yelled, “Fox! Aim northeast 25 degrees and fire at 35 degrees!”

Behind me, I heard the sounds of 8 Musketeers casting their [Bombardment] skill. The sky lit up like fireworks as 3 Wind Elves Archers and 2 Wind Elves Mages were blown apart!


Soaring Dragon’s face grew purple, “Wind Elves fall back, don’t die for nothing!”

I commanded Baby Bobo to fly forward and he killed an Archer. But afterwards, Baby Bobo unfortunately died by concentrated attacks after killing that Archer; it was worth it though.



Li Mu knocked back the shield of a Monk with a [Combo] and without skipping a beat, he activated [Absolute Authority], killing the Monk that had been standing on the frontline.

Wang Jian’s eyes locked together and whispered into the chat, “Boss, a player has disappeared…”

“Who?” Li Mu asked.

“Drunken Spear!”

“Ah?” Li Mu turned towards the back, “Have an Assassin do recon!”

Soon after, a blood-curdling scream came out as two [Valiant Bravery] Assassins perished from the back as a horde of [Flying Dragon] players launched an attack from the back. Drunken Spear was leading the attack with a bold look on his face! Singlehandedly charging into [Valiant Bravery]’s back line, he dodged various [Scatter Shots] with ease. Slamming down his foot, a [Scorching Spring] exploded from the earth and into the crowd. At the same time, he launched an [Iron Spear Thrust], killing a total of 7 members of [Valiant Bravery].

“Forward, kill them all!” Roared Drunken Spear.

My heart grew cold as I saw the event that had just transpired, “Matcha, block Drunken Spear from moving towards us!”


“Sha sha…”

Our little Phantom Knight brandished her sword as a surge of energy escaped forward!


Her [Phantom Ray Slash] swept through a group of people and although the damage wasn’t high, it hit many people.

Drunken Spear didn’t say anything but his True Soul Spear did all of the talking for him. Stabbing Matcha on the shoulder with a “Pa!”, a spurt of blood came out while the attack forced Matcha to retreat while crying out in tears. Activating [Reflect], she tried to hit Drunken Spear before getting out of range but unfortunately Drunken Spear easily dodged it with a MISS floating up!


Three golden shields encircled Matcha as she activated her [Phantom Holy Shield].

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