Zhan Long

Chapter 186

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Chapter 186 – Phantom Knight
Translated by: Deception, T, GGP
Edited by: Based Jessica, Noah, Ashley(Colby), Thadpole.
TL: Sorry about last chapter, it should have been any heavy armor class can use the certificate.


Quickly, I shoved the Class Change Certificate into my inventory. Staring at Li Mu, I said. “A gentleman keeps his promise, I came as soon as you called so I could help. It’s only fair that you gift me the Phantom Knight Class Change Certification. Don’t you agree?”

Li Mu couldn’t help but laugh and nodded furiously, “My god, how could you think that I would be like that? Zhan Long helped secure this Emperor Tier boss and helped [Valiant Bravery] preserve our dignity. Giving you something like the Phantom Knight Class Change Certification wouldn’t even be close to enough for compensation. You have a bunch of expert players and thus have a bigger need for it than I do!”

My eyes glanced over to Wolf and Matcha, nodding in return. I smiled, “Ah, then I’ll have to thank you Li Mu. The battle is over so I’ll be taking everyone back to Ba Huang City; I’ll leave the cleaning of the battlefield to you!”


Li Mu announced, “I, Li Mu, may not have many friends in this life but Li Xiao Yao is definitely one of the most honored friends of Li Mu! It is because of the General Family that Zhan Long has incurred the enmity of a guild like [Flying Dragon]. Better friends than Zhan Long cannot be found even after a lifetime of searching. There is no other way to say this but whenever Zhan Long has need for my help, in any way, I, Li Mu, will definitely not hesitate to sacrifice myself!”

I smiled slightly, clenching my fist and said: “We all have people we want to side with no matter who they are; for that, there is nothing to be ashamed!”



Carrying the Class Change Certificate, I looked to Wolf and the others and said: “Zhan Long, let’s return to Ba Huang City, our task has been completed. Today, we have all worked very hard….”

Matcha blinked her eyes: “Boss, the 10 Purple Tier bosses were all killed, there are still another two Emperor Tier Bosses that are being fought at this moment, are we really are getting offline now?”

“No, everyone return to Ba Huang and wait for me at the blacksmith area, I have something to tell you all.”



I pulled out a return scroll and used it; “Shua” I was back in Ba Huang City. I headed straight for the blacksmith’s corner where Wolf, Old K, Matcha, Fox were and thus Zhan Long Studio’s online meeting began.


Sitting on top of the warm furnace, I crossed my arms over my chest, smiled and said: “Today’s mission to kill the Guardian of the Earth proceeded fairly smoothly but Drunken Spear was difficult to kill. If it were not for us working together, I am afraid that we wouldn’t have been able to kill the highly offensive and defensive Nature Knight.

Old K clenched his fist, “His skills [Rock Piercing Thrust], [Scorching Spring], and [Iron Spear Thrusts] were far too strong. Those are class specific skills that others don’t have.”

Wolf waved his hands with a laugh, “Will the future of be dominated by those with hidden classes, I wonder?”

I shook my head, “Not necessarily, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, and Fan Ge Que are amongst the few players that have reached the pinnacle with basic classes. Strength in depends on the person and not the class. Anyways, we will have even more hidden classes in the future. Leaving aside my profession of Tomb Guardian of Dragon City, we will have another hidden class soon enough in our ranks!”

“Oh?” Fox asked, “Boss, what hidden class are you talking about?”

With glee I quickly pulled out, with glee, the Phantom Knight Class Change Certificate from my bag. The words floating in mid air above it proved what I said to be true. Immediately, the people around me began to stare blankly–

Wolf swore, “Damn, Phantom Knight, that sounds like a strong class…”

Old K was speechless, “This…this certificate, how did you come across it?”

Without skipping a beat, I answered, “The Guardian of the Earth dropped it and as a reward to Zhan Long for coming to [Valiant Bravery]’s rescue, Li Mu personally gave it to me. I want to pursue being a Swordsman so I don’t wish to transfer over to becoming a Phantom Knight, so let’s see which one of you guys want it.”

Wolf licked his lips with a smile, “I have been focusing on Assassins for over 30 years, I don’t want to suddenly switch over to a heavy armor type class. Old K, it’s just you and Matcha left, what do you two think?”

Old K held his axe for a moment, thinking about the decision carefully, “If I were to change classes, would there be any detriments?”

I nodded, “Yea, once you transfer over to a new class, you can only randomly keep one of your original skills. So for example, if you were left with [Flame Blade], you’d burst into tears.”

Old K let out a deep breath and then said, “F*ck it then, I’d rather not lose my [Whirlwind Slash] and [Savage Jump Slash]. Playing around with those two skills made my life so much easier and now I feel like a master at my class; I don’t want to suddenly become a noob.”

I laughed and handed the Class Change Certificate over to Matcha, “Then this is yours Matcha since you are a Swordsman and me being a Swordsman is enough for the studio. So take the class transfer to become a Phantom Knight. You would essentially become a mobile war fortress. If you become a Phantom Knight, we would be able to easily boss and PK– with someone like you having such strong defensive capabilities.”

Matcha looked at the Class Change Certificate being held towards her chest and her watery eyes blinked in surprise, “Boss, you… you really want to give an SS Class Change Certificate to me? This…this is pretty much priceless though, isn’t it?”

“It is…” I laughed, “It’s because it’s a priceless treasure that I’m giving it to you. I’d only feel secure knowing that something like this is in the hands of one of our own. Besides, Matcha is a priceless treasure as well. To be able to do the laundry, cook, and so on…”

“But, but…” Matcha lips trembled as she looked up to me shyly with her beautiful eyes, “I feel so bad about my horrible gameplay. I’m afraid…I’m afraid that I’ll waste this SS Class Change Certificate, so give it to Old K, he’d do it more justice than I would…”

I shook my head, “Don’t bother complimenting Old K, he only knows how to use three moves. I know him all too well. Matcha, you have an excellent understanding of the game mechanics and strategies that surpasses Old K by a lot. So become a Phantom Knight, this will give Zhan Long a better opportunity when you become a super-beautiful Knight. You’ll become Zhan Long’s symbol player with the start of this SS Class Change Certificate…”

Wolf walked up to pat Matcha on the shoulder and said, “Prepare to take that Class transfer Matcha! In the future, you’ll be Zhan Long’s number 1 tank and we’ll easily trample all of the small fries…”

Fox grinned, “That’s right, we’ll absolutely stomp them!”

Matcha slowly accepted the Certificate, her eyes barely restraining the tears from flowing down her face. Quickly, I tried to soothe her, “Don’t cry, whoever cries is a puppy. This is only a Class Change Certificate, nothing more. Come on, let’s go accompany you to get your Class transfer quests over with. Since this is a SS Level hidden class, it might be difficult to accomplish.”
TL: Common saying to get people to stop crying

Matcha slowly nodded her head in joy, “Ah, yes! You’re such an amazing Boss…”


Opening the blacksmith’s door, our group of 5 walked straight towards the job instructors within the grand hall. A group of professional instructors stood there while to the side of the barracks was a group of armed soldiers practicing how to fence. This spot here may be the safest spot of Ba Huang City. All the NPCs here were high leveled, so any hostiles would be toast by the time they took a single step in here.

Not too far away, a stout man with a beard growing all over his face stood there, slapping his chest with a loud laugh, “Guardians of the Order of Life, become a Knight! You will wield magnificent weapons and cultivate a strong body that is tougher than steel as you protect those human ladies. In addition, perhaps you may even seize the one with the biggest breasts to become your wife! Haha! Become a Knight of the Holy Alliance Faction!”

Matcha’s face suddenly grew dark. Turning right round, she said, “I don’t want to transfer classes anymore…”

I quickly pulled her arm, “Hey hey, don’t be so impulsive, the instructor may be a wretched person but this doesn’t affect you personally. Go on and show him your Class Change Certificate and see what type of mission he’ll give you…”


Shivering, Matcha walked over and handed the Class Change Certificate. The Knight instructor looked at Matcha with astonishment, “Little girl, you actually managed to get your hands on an ancient letter; this is a Certificate for changing classes. This one in particular will lead you down the path of power. You…do you really wish to become a Phantom Knight? Do you really desire to hold a spear between your hands for the honor of Humans, Moon Elves, Barbarians, and Wind Elves?”

Matcha nodded with a smile, “I do!”

“So be it then!”

The Knight Instructor held out his fist and said, “Well, take your weapon to the southern jungles of Ba Huang City. You will find a Phantom Rabbit, kill it and deliver it to me along with 10,000 Gold and you will become a Phantom Knight as a reward!”

“Say what? 10,000 Gold?!” Matcha cried out loud, “No way, 10,000 Gold is too much…”

The Knight Instructor did not speak, he had already given the quest.

I pursed my lips together, “Don’t bother complaining about it, 10,000 is 10,000. Everyone pool your money together, how much do you all have?”

Wolf said, “I have a little over 1100 Gold…”

Old K muttered, “700 Gold…”

Fox waved his hand, “I took a look at the studio finances, Zhan Long has around 5900 Gold that we can spend.”

I pondered out loud, “Ah, that’s enough then, I have 3400 Gold. Give it all to Matcha so that she can transfer. This is a hidden class, it’s essential to the development of our future!”



We pooled together our money, and handed the 10,000 Gold to Matcha to hold onto for now. It was time to get out of the city and look for that Phantom Rabbit!”

Twenty minutes later after looking in the depths of the Ba Huang Forest. We arrived at where the quest had marked on the map. The group went on high alert as I beat the brushes with my sword in hopes of scaring the Phantom Rabbit out of its hiding place.


A grey blur flew out, resulting in Matcha widening her eyes, “There!”

But the rabbit dashed into the bushes once more, evading capture. Wolf held his daggers with a stern look, “Wow, this rabbit is extremely fast. Its speed almost makes it look like a phantom!”

Old K crossed his battle-axe, “Depending on where it’ll pop out next from, I’ll split the rabbit in half.”

“Fox, fire a shot into the grass. We’ll get it: and there aren’t many places where this rabbit can hide!”

“Got it!”



An explosion went off and a gray blur passed by again. I quickly lashed out with my sword and Wolf slashed with his daggers, but unfortunately, we both MISSed. Old K didn’t even have the time to swing his battle axe!


After seven or eight tries in a row, Old K got fed up and used [Whirlwind Slash] once, doing a good amount of damage and dealing the money shot to that rabbit!

With a “jiji!”, the Phantom Rabbit fell to the ground, dead. It was gray rabbit with smooth fur and Matcha, smiling, said, “It seems that I can finally make that class transfer…”



Returning to Ba Huang City, we handed over the quest item and the 10,000 Gold to the Knight Instructor. Suddenly, a golden beam of light fell onto Matcha, showing that she had successfully changed classes! She was now Zhan Long’s professional Phantom Knight!


At the same time, a message came from General Li Mu, “Xiao Yao, terrible news…”

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