Zhan Long

Chapter 184

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Chapter 184 – Getting Shot Hurts
Translated by: Deception and GGP
Edited by: Zdog, Zephir, Based Jessica, Video!


Knocking into a nearby Berserker, I dashed ahead with my sword tip ready to strike. There wasn’t much distance between us, less than ten meters now. My Frost Rain Sword was already glowing bright with a [Fierce Ice Blade] ready to be activated. In a quiet roar, I said: “Drunken Spear!”

Drunken Spear noticed my existence, revealing a pair of black eyes that showed no fear. Yelling back at me, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you really are here!”


Some people are destined to be rivals and the moment I saw Drunken Spear, I knew he was that fated rival. He would be a powerful rival, powerful enough to be a deadly threat to me!


The raindrops on my Frost Rain Sword flew off the tip as I swung my sword at Drunken Spear’s neck. That was generally the weakest point of a person, striking there would do an additional 25% damage. This was general knowledge that every gamer should know, let alone Drunken Spear. His uncanny ability to move like a cloud and flow like water showed that he was a master at the game.
TL: The Author is not bsing this part about the neck, he mentioned it before…


I smashed my sword against his spear with a boom and wait, that was the True Soul Spear from the Five Barbarians’ Desolate Tomb quest. It had ended up in our opponent’s hands!


Drunken Spear’s spear slid back 20 centimeters, blocking the Frost Rain Sword from sliding down and at the same time, he abruptly kicked the bottom of the spear to make the tip of the spear move like a living thing. It was a special skill of his, [Rock Piercing Thrust], a skill unique to Nature Knights!


My chest went numb as my Nebula Armor had a huge hole in the middle of it. At the same time, I was involuntarily knocked back a few meters. [Rock Piercing Thrust], a skill that could pierce through defenses as well as knock enemies back!

Drunken Spear smiled and rushed on forward, his right hand clasping the back of his spear as the tip of the True Soul Spear shot forward like a viper. The activation sequence for [Flame Blade] began. Here we go again. His spear handling was exceptional, and the way he worked the spear was pleasing to the eye. Although he was an enemy, with that move, I began to respect him.


My shoulders began to burn. Drunken Spear’s attack was extremely strong, doing over 1200 damage. However, he was shocked by how small the damage number was, apparently, he didn’t think my defense would be so high.

The True Soul Spear was cut off from making contact with me as I flicked my wrist which caused the hilt of my sword to catch the True Soul Spear’s shaft with a “ka!”. Taking advantage of this opportunity to leap into the air, my sword glowed bright with the colors of [Fierce Ice Blade] and instantly slashed into Drunken Spear’s shoulder. A big number came bursting out above him–


“Ugh…” Drunken Spear frowned, he had roughly 50% of his original 3000 health left. After taking my attack, he abruptly stomped the ground with his boots. “Bang”, the earth began to tremble as all of a sudden scorching hot water came bubbling out of the ground around us. With no way of dodging it, I was scalded by the intense heat.


This skill was far too ruthless!

Lifting a foot, I lashed out to kick him!


Drunken Spear brought his spear up to block against my Purple Dawn Boots, but his strength was lower than mine so he was knocked back a good 5 meters. His face showed surprise, though that didn’t stop him from dashing back toward me with his spear. His iron spear started shaking as he activated [Iron Spear Thrusts]. This was his finisher, an AOE skill!

This was the first time I had seen a physical killing skill, so without hesitation, I activated the [Crimson Dragon Ring]’s special ability, [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]. Immediately a crimson dragon’s head took form around me, acting as my shield and increasing my defense by a large amount. The Frost Rain Sword remained horizontal to my chest, a standard defensive position!
TL: Xiao Yao chooses to use the [Ring of Crimson Dragon] over [Reflect] mainly because the skill Drunken Spear is using is new/may have more than 1 attack.

“Keng keng keng!”

The spear stabbed into me three times, and three numbers began to rise up as a result–



Waving my hand to cast [Heal] on myself, I recovered 900 health and then drank a Lv 6 health potion, which added another 1000+ health. Adding to the efforts of the group of Healers behind me, I was already back to full health!

Drunken Spear bit his lip, and growled under his breath, “F*ck, Xiao Yao Zi Zai has a ton of skill. Why is he helping [Valiant Bravery]…”

I didn’t speak and instead dashed over to him and used a skill. The Frost Rain Sword flashed after feinting a hit against Drunken Spear to force him backwards; power surged through me as I unleashed [Strength of a Thousand Men] onto him!

“Oh crap! Combo!” Fierce Tiger cried out from far away. He snarled, “Be careful Drunken Spear, that’s an S rank combo!”

Drunken Spear looked very calm despite the impending skill and with a flick of his wrists, the True Soul Spear hit against my sword thrice, “pa pa pa!” and defended against the first three strikes. Although my first three moves were blocked, the fourth move landed on him!


My shoulder sank as I knocked into Drunken Spear, forcing him into a stun. The Frost Rain Sword trembled for the final skill, [Wind Blade]. Even though it landed on Drunken Spear perfectly, it wasn’t enough to kill him. A Healer from [Flying Dragon] cast [Heal] on him before I could do any more damage. This made killing Drunken Spear even harder!

An iron fist landed with a “bang!” onto the ground, activating [Binding Chains] to lock Drunken Spear’s legs. I growled, “Old K, use [Whirlwind Slash], Ah Lei, use your [Flame Blade]!”

That’s right, I deliberately angled my shot to knock Drunken Spear near my Zhan Long members. This would make killing him much easier. If we didn’t kill him now, then this would be a hard fight!


Old K roared, his [Whirlwind Slash] lashed out as he danced with his trembling battle-axe. People that were close to Old K were immediately engulfed in the whirlwind. He had 5 hits on everyone caught in the skill for 400 damage per hit and a total of 2000. Dong Cheng Lei also flew forward, his [Flame Blade] at the ready!


But because of the approaching [Flying Dragon]’s Healers’ [Heal]s, Drunken Spear was still hanging on with 30% of his health!

I called out to Old K while running forward, “[Savage Jump Slash]!”

Old K roared as he leapt forward; his Battle-axe heavily shook the ground when he attacked Drunken Spear with the skill!



The Frost Rain Sword grew brighter as it flew through the air, delivering the final blow to Drunken Spear. He fell to the ground and a helmet dropped from him, which I picked up. It was a Lv 44 Purple Tier, so I threw it over to Old K, further strengthening our Berserker!


“It’s over…”

Fierce Tiger’s face paled, “Drunken Spear was killed! Dammit, he had 1547 defense and still died! How high of an attack do the people in Zhan Long have?”

In the distance, Soaring Dragon carried his staff as he flew in the air crying out, “Fierce Tiger! Don’t worry, hurry up and break through their defensive line, we have to secure the Emperor Tier boss for ourselves! Also, don’t fight with Xiao Yao Zi Zai, let our Mages and Archers take care of him. There is no need to duel someone like him!”

Biting my lip, I took command of the situation, “Everyone, charge, now!”

Meanwhile in the distant enemy lines, the Assassins were finally attacking!


A red ray of light beamed down on a Lv 53 Mage and stunned him before a [Bleed] + [Backstab] combo to insta-killed him. Right after, the Assassin disappeared by using [Stealth]. Our 50+ Assassins were killing the Mages and Healers of [Flying Dragon] left and right. This strategy was without a doubt a decisive blow!

Seeing the Mages beside him killed by the surprise attacks, Soaring Dragon was livid. His staff shook the ground as he cast a [Rock Spike] while forced a [Valiant Bravery] Assassin out of his [Stealth]. Soaring Dragon immediately followed up with a [Pillar of Fire and Ice] that killed him off instantly. At the same time, he bellowed: “Use AOE spells to force the Assassins to reveal themselves! How despicable, to send Assassins to try a sneak attack. Musketeers, all of you crouch and use [Bombardment] on the whole area. I don’t believe that the players in [Valiant Bravery] are invincible!”

In a flash, a rumbling sound was heard and each invisible Assassin was forced out of their invisible state and met by the anger of the remaining Mages and Archers. The original 50 Assassins quickly dwindled, leaving behind Wolf and a few other Assassins who quickly went into the bushes to hide. Although the Assassins had quite a few losses, they managed to kill over 100 cloth armor players!

The battle continued to spread out even more as players continued to collapse one after another. The long range members of [Flying Dragon] began to advance forward as we started to give way. Our losses were building up: over 250 players left alive and the closest graveyard to this area was 30 minutes away, so there was no way any dead player would be back anytime soon. Healers were also limited by their cooldowns, so [Revive] couldn’t cover everyone.


My Frost Rain Sword ripped through a high leveled Archer while I simultaneously turned around and kicked away a Berserker that was planning to ambush me, “What is General Li Mu doing? Why aren’t they here yet?” I cried angrily.

Matcha was carefully removing an arrow stuck on her chestplate as she bit her lip and said, ” I don’t know either, its should be soon…Boss, I can’t dodge the Archer’s arrows. Getting shot hurts…”

Reluctantly, I said, “Learn to run in a Z formation, Archers who are trying to lock in on you will have a higher chance of missing.”

“Oh, but I can’t run in a Z formation well enough…”

“I know, slowly adapt to the game environment, try to get more balance…”

“Yes, I’ll give it a try!”

As she said that, Matcha was once again shot in the chest, causing her face to flush red as she moved it again. Darling Duck began to cast [Heal] as Matcha whined to herself, “Ugh, why do I feel like we’re going to lose…”


Seeing my comrades fall one by one, I was starting to feel a little despair as well.

Suddenly, loud roars sprang up behind [Flying Dragon]’s frontline as a Swordsman with 10% health left came tumbling onto a hill. Over his head, the name “Mu Tian” could be seen. He stumbled towards Soaring Dragon with a cry, “Boss, the rear guard has been ambushed! The losses are disastrous, at least the 16th – 22nd 100 man teams are all dead within 5 minutes. [Valiant Bravery] has gone mad!”

Soaring Dragon trembled with astonishment, “What? 700 men killed within 5 minutes? I didn’t hear wrong, did I? Damn it, why didn’t you send me a message?”

Mu Tian clenched his teeth, “I thought we could win since their main team was out trying to kill the boss but who would have thought that more and more people would appear? The main attack force of [Valiant Bravery] has already penetrated our rear guard. The people in the Basin are just some random members with Xiao Yao Zi Zai leading them!”

Soaring Dragon clenched his staff with a great deal of force, the wood creaked under the pressure. His eyes were bulging out with no small amount of anger–

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai, General Li Mu, you two are really godd*mn despicable…”

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