Zhan Long

Chapter 181

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Chapter 181 – Spirit Fire Beast
Translated by: Eric, SoloNeko
Edited by: Sac, Zephir, Based Jessica, and Noah
Final check: GGP, Zdog

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In the midst of a peaceful valley, a giant wielding a stone hammer stood among some scattered rocks. He was very tall and burly, approximately three meters high. His entire body shimmered with a metallic glow. A pair of bell like eyes sat in the middle of his rock like head; the slightest glance could scare a person half to death.

“Level 58 Gold Tier BOSS, Luke the Rock Giant!”

Matcha clutched her sword and flew to a branch, saying: “Just the boss is enough for this. Darling Duck, make sure you heal the boss well. Basically the two of you could finish off this BOSS!”
TL: Boss – Xiao Yao and BOSS – Monster (Maybe get used to this since might not have a TL note every time)

Darling Duck nodded: “Yup, I know!”


I drew the Frost Rain Sword and stepped closer with my Purple Dawn Boots. With large strides I charged toward the boss like a shooting star. The edge of my sword was angled down and slightly trembling while ice particles started to swirl around. Before I even made it to the boss, I had already activated [Haste] to increase my movement speed. Waving my sword,“Puchi”, my Frost Rain Sword plunged deep into the Rock Giant’s chest with [Fierce Ice Blade], splattering shards of rock and blood.


“What the hell…” Old K clenched his fist, dumbfounded: “How much attack does that brat Xiao Yao have? The Rock Giant has a defense of 1100, yet he lost so much health with just one attack?”

Wolf held his dagger up and laughed: “I’ve seen his equipment stats, Xiao Yao’s base attack is 2164, his equipment adds 26% physical attack, [Turmoil Sword] increases it another 10% and with the addition of 6 % from Darling Duck’s [Encourage], his actual attack is 142% his base attack. That’s almost 3000+ in physical attack. Don’t you think dealing 1800 damage is normal?”
TL: Attack (Varies like 120 – 150) – Defense = Damage

Old K sighed, “Sigh, his attack is so overpowered… I’m afraid that even after I equipped Haunted Twin Blade Battle-Axe, I still can’t compare to his attack…”

Wolf couldn’t help but laugh, patting Old K’s shoulder and said, “Old K, don’t bother competing with Xiao Yao’s attack, I don’t think you’ll ever catch up to him. He can create an SS ranked custom skill, [Turmoil Sword], you can’t. Moreover, brother Xiao Yao has 2 Emperor Tier and quite a few Purple Tier equipment equipped. His overall equipment exceeds you by at least 2 tiers…”

Old K wielded his axe and laughed, “Luckily he’s our boss…”



The Rock Giant roared and attacked with his rock fist, smashing against my Nebula Armor and causing sparks to fly out. It’s a shame that he could only deal 500 damage to me, so weak. Another reason for my high damage was that my Nebula Armor could decrease the boss’ defense by 7% which was a huge amount.

Behind me, a couple of Mages started their magic attacks and caused the Rock Giant’s health to flow like water from a faucet. Before 2 minutes were up, he cried pitifully and died!


The first Demons’ Descent Event Gold Tier boss had fallen, what rewards would there be? I hurriedly moved forward and kicked away the rock giant’s corpse, to check the drops that were scattered over the floor. I ended up disappointed, the 20% probability wasn’t reached, there were no Guild Creation Tablets among the whole ground full of drops. However, at least there were still some equipment, all Gold Tier. Everyone in the party rolled for the equipment since we all came together but I didn’t participate since Gold Tier equipment was a bit shabby for me.

”Continue searching the surrounding maps!” I commanded.

Matcha sat on a tree branch with her long white legs swaying gently. Suddenly, she jerked upwards before flying downwards to call out: “Boss, a Purple Tier BOSS has spawned!”

“Where?” I replied, surprised.

Matcha’s beautiful pair of eyes looked to the east, “I heard the news from the forums, a boss spawned at the borders of Green Qilin Valley. There is a small party of 7 engaging it and it isn’t going well for them; they’re nearly wiped out. We should rush there quickly and finish the Boss!”



Sword in hand, I took the lead. Little Wolf, Dong Cheng Lei, Old K and the others followed one by one. The 20 members of Zhan Long rushed towards the east side of the Green Qilin Valley and since we weren’t that far from the boss, it only took 3 minute to reach there!


Coming out of the dense forest, a giant roaring monster suddenly appeared in the empty field in front of us. The creature’s whole body was covered in a flaming red light and each breath spewed out smoke and fire. Above his head hovered blood red words-

【Fire Soul Beast】 (Purple Tier BOSS)

Level: 58


Around the Fire Soul Beast, there were only 5 players, all with less than 50% health remaining. There were 2 corpses lying on the ground, a Lv 51 Mage and another Lv 52 Monk!


Swords and blades struck the Fire Soul Beast’s body, but the blows only agitated the beast further. The Lv 53 Swordsman who carried the party leader symbol furrowed his brows, commanding:“ Archer, lock onto the boss and use [Scatter Shot] to stun it; this monster’s attacks are too powerful. The two Healers, remember to heal me at separate times or else I will be in danger!”

His voice was hardly heard as the Fire Soul Beast suddenly roared and rushed forward, his 2 claws tearing down lightning fast!


The Swordsman body trembled and slowly fell to the ground, his eyes filled with helplessness.

“Damn, this BOSS has a 2 strike combo attack? Such a strong attack, boss has already been killed!” The Archer panicked and tried to run away.


The Fire Soul Beast’s whole body shook as he suddenly opened his mouth and a blazing arrow shot forth to pierce the Archer’s heart!


“Sh*t!” The Lv 51 Berserker couldn’t quell his anger and he immediately used [Penetration] and [Flame Blade] to hack the boss’ forehead, causing 1400+ damage. His attack was not bad but unfortunately, it angered the Fire Soul Beast and the Berserker was killed by a 2 hit combo!

The two female Healers were dumbfounded. They couldn’t escape or stay.


With pitiful cries, the two Healers also fell to the ground dead. This small 7-member party had been officially wiped out.

“It’s our turn now!”

Matcha pat my shoulders and laughed, “Boss, work hard, okay? I’m going to be Lv 50 soon so if there are any Purple Tier equipments I’d like to roll for them; I want to become stronger…”

I nodded and smiled, “Some of the Healers come and follow me. I’m going to try and figure out the boss’ attack pattern!”

“Okay boss, work hard!” Darling Duck smiled sweetly.

The Frost Rain Sword moved like the wind as I rushed forward and used [Wind Blade] to greet the Fire Soul Beast’s butt. My attack slashed his skin, causing a fatal blow!



The Fire Soul Beast bellowed in pain and quickly turned around and swung his claws, it’s the 2 combo attack!

My Nebula Armor shook twice as a brief surge of pain washed over me with two numbers floating up-


In that moment, Matcha laughed from afar: “Boss’s defense is indeed much stronger than that Swordsman’s…”

Darling Duck cast [Heal] me and said: “Boss, go on!”

Currently my max health was at 3370 points, so it was relatively safe for me. With the flick of my wrist, my Frost Rain Sword unleashed a Lv 6 [Combo] and because of the additional damage from the “increase in combo attacks damage” extra from [Desolate Divine Bone Chain], the damage output was increased by 25%! In the midst of the Spirit Fire Beast’s cries, the golden hexagrams fluttered away as a stream of 4 continuous numbers floated up-



With that attack, the boss’ aggro was firmly locked on me. This was a Lv 58 Purple Tier Boss, which is the same level as me. Moreover, I had 2 Emperor Tier and 6 Purple Tier equipments and was far from the same person who fought the General of the Everlasting Wind from before. There were some high level Healers behind me so this Spirit Fire Beast would definitely die by my hand.

In just 4 minutes, the BOSS’ health dropped to less than 20%. We should be able to wrap this up within a minute!

Matcha sat down on the grass and laughed happily, saying: “Purple Tier bosses have a 40% probability of dropping a Guild Creation Tablet, 2% probability of dropping an SS ranked skill book. Heehee, if our luck isn’t too bad, we might still be able to create a guild today. I’m looking forward to it~~ We won’t be wandering adventurers anymore, we’ll have our own guild!”

Wolf was speechless, “Matcha, don’t be too optimistic, things might not go that smoothly…”

Out of the blue, with an unexpected “Swoosh”, a pillar of light flashed up. The dead Monk suddenly stood up; he had resurrected. He quickly retreated back to safety, carrying his steel shield and looked at me, fully alert. He cried out: “Who are you guys and what gives you the right to steal our boss?!”

Following that, another few bright lights flashed as the previous party’s Swordsman and the five other members of the party also resurrected. One after another they moved back, putting a distance of 20 meters between us, while looking at us suspiciously.



I knocked the boss a few meters back with a slash, looked at them and said: “Please don’t misunderstand, we are not stealing your boss. We only took on the fight after your party died helplessly against the boss. We are not taking advantage of the situation.”

That Swordsman leader brought up his sword and said: “You put it so nicely; isn’t it the same as stealing our boss?”

I shot him a glance, this Swordsman’s level and equipment is actually not bad-

ID: Gentle Touch Lv 52 Silver Swordsman
Main City: Ba Huang City
Guild: None


“Gentle Touch!” Old K carried his battle axe and walk over, replying menacingly, “Your boss still had 90% health left when you were all slaughtered, now the boss only has 20% health left, what do you guys want? Don’t tell us you want us to back away and give this dying boss to you? Do you think that people from Zhan Long are easy to pick on?!”

Gentle Touch looked at me: “Humph, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are a renowned player throughout Ba Huang City. Show me how you’re going to solve this problem.!”

I moved backward a little and replied, “Old K, calm down! How about this, Gentle Touch, your group doesn’t have the ability to kill this BOSS but you have suffered losses. How about…when I kill the boss, if a Guild Creation Tablet drops, it will definitely be mine. For the equipment, without looking at the tiers, I’ll let you take one. How’s that?”

Gentle Touch blinked: “Really?”

“Of course!”

“Alright!” Gentle Touch laughed: “Previously the forums were in an uproar, saying Jian Feng Han was dishonest person and unfit to be called Master of Battle Reflux Style. Today I want to see whether the best Healer Swordsman, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, is a trustworthy person!”

I smiled lightly: “Then keep your eyes wide open and watch carefully…”


The killing of the boss proceeded smoothly and in a few seconds, his health dropped drastically.


The other party’s Mage moved slightly forward and tightened his grip on his staff. He looked as if he wanted to take the last hit to get experience.

However, a beautiful shadow fluttered down beside the Mage. It was the pretty and beautiful Swordswoman, Matcha. With her hand resting on her sword hilt, she said: “Don’t move, otherwise I won’t be so courteous to you…”

Her sword peeked out from its hilt by 10 centimeters, showing off her readiness to strike. Golden Hexagons peeked out: It was the prelude to a [Combo]!

Stunned, the Mage gritted his teeth and stood there quietly.

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