Zhan Long

Chapter 176

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Chapter 176 – [Flying Dragon]’s Activity
Translated by: Deception, Vk, GGP
Edited by: Sach, Kaylee, Video, Zephir

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“An Emperor Tier leather armor?” I looked at her in amazement. “Wan Er, is it really an Emperor Tier equipment?”

“It is!”

Wan Er brushed her hand and equipment stats appeared in front of her. It was indeed a Lv 58 Emperor Tier leather armor. Owning a piece of equipment like that, Wan Er’s defense will skyrocket and coupled with her Moon Elf unique Iron umbrella, Wan Er’s defense was definitely much higher than the normal Assassin. Perhaps her defense was already on par with a heavy armor class player of the same level.

“Wolf, Matcha, what did you guys get?” I turned to them.

Wolf said, “A Lv 52 Purple Tier dagger! Now I’ve got a dagger in each hand. Hehe!”

Matcha said, “I’m still at a low level, so I only got Lv 48 Purple Tier boots. The attributes are pretty good and are comparable to your own Purple Dawn Boots, Boss…”

Holding his battle-axe, Old K boasted, “I got a Purple Tier ring with a lot of attack and I can even use it right away! I’m also Lv 52 now, so in another 2 levels, I’ll be able to equip the Haunted Twin Blade Battle-axe. At that point, I can then pretty much charge in and break through any enemy frontlines.”

I nodded, “Not bad!”

Besides us, Darling Duck and Dong Cheng Yue each got Purple Tier items as well. Fox, on the other hand was luckier and got a Lv 51 Emperor Tier necklace that would increase his attack by 11%, not bad at all! In short, this Five Barbarians’ Desolate Tomb journey had increased our battle potential immensely. It can be said that we struck gold, especially those who got an Emperor Tier equipment! Emperor Tier equipment wasn’t like regular Gold or Silver Tier equipments. Their value wouldn’t drop much anytime soon so when we sell them later on, they’d still sell for an incredibly high price.
TL: As time goes on and good equipment becomes more common and thus the prices of ‘regular’ equipment would drop. Despite that, Emperor Tier will reign supreme for a while.


I grinned and flaunted my reward, the Crimson Dragon Ring. The whole group was stupefied after looking at the additional effect – that was far too strong – of the ring. It was to be expected since the unique [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] skill gave 7 seconds of increased defense at the cost of 40 Rage. Each player has a maximum of 100 Rage at any one time, so one can use this skill twice in a row without waiting for the points to recover.
TL: Rage is a new stat that was unlocked with high tier equipment and charges with damage/attack

“Do you want to put the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] to the test?” Wan Er chuckled.

I nodded, “Bring it on!”

“Pa!” a blood-red battle flag fell between Wan Er and me. While I didn’t activate my shield, I beckoned with one hand to Wan Er, “Come on Wan Er. Come at me with a normal attack!”


Wan Er gently approached, brandishing her Scarlet Edge. A slash across my Nebula armor caused a damage number to float above–


I was secretly surprised. Godd*mn, Wan Er has such a strong attack; my defense of 1645 was non-existent under her attack, it was as if she was cutting through paper. If she were to have used a skill, then I would have died in two hits.

“Isn’t it time you activated your shield?” Wan Er happily said.

I nodded and activated the ring’s skill, [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]!


A dragon’s roar echoed as a red ray of light immediately engulfed me. The crimson light condensed and took the form of a dragon, encircling my whole body like a gigantic shield that protected me from all sides. So this was the ring’s unique skill!

“Come on!”

Wan Er’s white arm swung and attacked me twice!




Dong Cheng Yue’s mouth dropped open with shock. “Woah, [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]’s gives so much defense if Wan Er was only able to do that little damage. Arrows and bullets wouldn’t even be able to break through your defense!”

I nodded while both of us accepted the draw and laughed, “This ring is really awesome! In the future when we fight in team fights, I’ll be able to activate [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] at the start and rush into the frontlines. Relying on the fact that they won’t be able to kill me soon, the rest of our team should be able to close the gap quickly while I’m still alive. This tactic will surely be the bane of our enemies!”

Wan Er giggled, “Okay then, stop bragging. It’s almost night time. Dong Cheng and I want to go offline, take a bath and then rest. Do you want to go get dinner afterwards?”

“Yeah. The mission is finished. Thank you everyone for participating!” I said.

Yuzi Chengshuo nodded happily and said, “Alright, I’ll head back to Fan Shu City now. Well done guys! ”

Everyone said goodbye to one another and left for their own separate destinations.


Ran Min, after being revived, remained on [Dragon City]’s peak and continued to train while also guarding that part of the city. Luo Lin had been wise in persuading Ran Min to stay because in doing so he had raised [Dragon City]’s battle capacity. In this tumultuous period, when wars become abundant and [Dragon City]’s population is low, splitting up the remaining forces between work and war would be difficult without Ran Min.


Returning to Ba Huang City, I looked in my inventory and thinking of nothing else to do, I went straight to the auction house to sell the True Soul Spear. A Lv 53 Purple Tier weapon that was the strongest spear right now should fetch a high price. I set the minimum price at 3000G straight away with the highest bidder winning in 12 hours! However, if anyone wanted to. they could to purchase it immediately for 15,000G. Amazingly, without having to advertise it myself, the spear reached first place in the auction house right after I put it in.

After putting the spear up for auction, I sat myself near the city walls and set up a stall to sell all the Silver and Green Tier items I got from Five Barbarians’ Desolate Tomb. In 10 short minutes, all 7 of the items were sold, netting me a profit of 91G. Looking at Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, their character portraits dimmed as they both went offline.

Bringing up the system fairy, I glanced through the forums to discover the forums full of excited chatter about the first Emperor Tier boss defeated in the server. Because my name was revealed as the one who defeated it, I became the focal point of all the gossip. Everyone began to discuss the Emperor Tier boss in great lengths, wondering about what items he dropped. After looking through the equipment rankings and seeing the Emperor Tier items that recently appeared, even more speculation arose as everyone began to formulate new theories. For example, one commenter said, “Zhan Long’s Leader Xiao Yao Zi Zai has gained several Emperor Tier equipment and will definitely seek revenge against Jian Feng Han.” Another, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai killed the boss and found the Emperor Tier Scarlet Edge dagger but out of his love for the number 1 beauty of Fan Shu City, Cang Tong, he gave it to her as a token of his undying devotion.” I couldn’t bear reading the rest of the comments, they were all filled with mindless speculation that I couldn’t take seriously.


After logging off and removing the game helmet, I let out a breath. The SS ranked mission was finally completed and it had gone particularly well.The drop rates and final mission rewards were both especially gratifying. After completion, the SS ranked mission also gave us a ton of experience, Wolf got to Lv 53, Old K and Fox both reached Lv 52, while Matcha leveled up to Lv 48, not to mention all those Purple and Emperor Tier items that we changed into; this was our Zhan Long’s upward climb to power and using the merits of our core members, we’ll attract even more experts to join. The epic undertakings of Zhan Long were on the way of becoming sung in taverns and told throughout Ba Huang City.

“Hi, Xiao Yao?”

By my side, Glasses was holding onto his helmet as he stared at me with wide eyes. “The one that killed the Emperor Tier boss, that couldn’t have been you, right? God d*mnit, tell me it isn’t true!”

I smiled. “It was me. I was invited by Fan Shu City’s Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to complete the mission together. We were able to kill the boss although we lost a few levels doing so. What’s wrong, Glasses, do you have a problem with it?”

Tang Gu’s face went green, “Motherf*cker, it really was you. To have acquired an Emperor Tier item, you should treat me to a meal now!”

I smiled, “We will talk after I return, I’ll be taking a shower now. I’ve been online for far too long, I’m starting to stink!”

“Ah, go on then!”


I entered the bathroom and took a cold water bath, feeling much more refreshed after it. As I looked at my handsome reflection in the mirror, I saw a face that has grown more stern compared to my younger days. My features, looking sharp as if they were engraved with a knife, revealed an unwavering determination. The muscles on my body were well built and defined, as if carved from stone. Bullet scars dotted my chest mixed among a tangle of various thin scars from knife wounds, all of which I had accumulated over the years since I was 17 years old. I have been constantly teetering dangerously on the border between life and death.

Truth be told, it was impossible to come out unscathed, but in the end I still survived. Admittedly, surviving had nothing to do with luck; one could only rely on themselves. As the old man had always said, ‘Only those who have walked through many life and death situations can be called true practitioners.’ Perhaps I have already accomplished the task he had set out for me.

Getting dressed, I heard the phone ring: Wan Er was urging me to turn up at the girls’ dormitory lobby at exactly 8pm to go for dinner. As expected, when I arrived at 8 PM, the two beautiful girls were already waiting for me downstairs. We all walked towards the Hunan restaurant to hopefully eat our fill.

After eating, on the way back, I quietly followed Wan Er by her side.

“Li Xiao Yao?” She looked at me suddenly.

“Yes.” I gave her a wide smile. “Young miss, what’s wrong?”

Wan Er gave a small laugh, “It’s not anything major, but I wanted to tell you that tomorrow at 11AM, Q-Sword and Jian Han will arrive at Hangzhou’s Western District. At that time, we’ll be going out to greet them at the campus gates. Then I’ll be inviting them out to eat lunch as a sign of our friendship. You’re also from Hangzhou, so come with me.”

I nodded slightly, “Of course I’ll be coming. Don’t forget, I am your bodyguard, if you are meeting with a stranger, I have no reason not to follow you…”

Wan Er couldn’t help but smile, “Okay then, follow me if you must. I never said you couldn’t follow me.”



As I got back into the dorms, it was still early, so I logged back online.


Appearing in Ba Huang City, I went to take a look at the Auction House. I received a pleasant shock there; unexpectedly the True Soul Spear I had put on the auction had already been sold! There was no bidding because someone had used the “buyout option”! 15,000G with the current exchange rate of 1:7, was about 105,000 RMB! How could anyone spend that much money for a single spear!?
TL: 105,500 RMB translates to roughly 17,000 USD

I took a look at the buyer’s name—Mu Tian? Why did this name sound so familiar?

Looking at his information, I saw–

Mu Tian Lv 52, Silver Swordsman.
City: Ba Huang City
Guild: Flying Dragon
Position: Team Leader
TL: Team leader is the position below Guild Master, Deputy and Elders


So [Flying Dragon] bought the True Soul Spear? That’s kind of dumb… To give a Swordsman the True Soul spear …. Isn’t that kind of a waste? They should know that 25% specialization bonus is a scary thing if used correctly… A Knight wielding this True Soul Spear would be on a completely different level than a Swordsman wielding it!

I took another look at the rankings list. Unsurprisingly, the owner of the True Soul Spear was someone else: Drunken Spear, the Nature Knight. Surprisingly, [Flying Dragon] spent over 100,000 RMB for the True Soul Spear just to give to Drunken Spear. Godd*mn, [Flying Dragon] sure knows how to get money. They don’t ever seem to be short on that end!

Taking out all of the gold directly, I threw it into the auction house for sale. It was all sold in 10 minutes given the large amount of people selling Gold at a 1:8 ratio while I was selling it at 1:7. Thus over 105,000 RMB was sent to my bank account, I even personally paid the tax fee. Splitting the 105,000 RMB into ten different packages, I sent equal portions to Wan Er, Yuzi Chengshuo, and Darling Duck’s bank accounts. With the price of the True Soul Spear easily searchable, no one could say they were treated unfairly. In a few minutes, everything was done and the transfer was confirmed.

Finally I went offline, it was time for me to sleep!

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