Zhan Long

Chapter 171

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Chapter 171 – Final Guardian
Translated by: Anne, Daikon and GGP
Edited by: Video, Eric, NamelessEcon, Zdog

“I’m six levels lower than the war chariot so I can’t see the attack damage. Lin Wan Er how about you?” I asked as I turned toward the pretty lady at my side.

As the Rainbow Cloak behind her fluttered, a pair of long, snow white legs wearing small barbaric boots stepped onto the hillside. Her laugh rang like flowing water, “Their attack is greater than the Han Tribe Horsemen by about 20%, completely exceeding the attack power of what monsters should have at Lv 62. Their defense is at 1200, quite high, and health is 10,000 per chariot. How should we fight this time?”

Yuzi Chengshuo narrowed her pretty eyes, saying, “I suggest we don’t be reckless and let Xiao Yao test the waters first. We can’t act before we think, seeing as how these Xianbei War Chariots are a bit odd. We must fight them carefully, treating them as if they’re bosses”

Lin Wan Er nodded, “Yea, I approve of Sister Chengshuo’s plan. We must be cautious.”

Raising my hand, I drew out my Frost Rain Sword making a “Keng” sound. I spoke in a low voice, “Beautiful Chengshuo, buff me with a Lv 6 [Encourage]. I’ll attack now. Darling Duck, lock onto me and be ready to heal me at anytime.”

Darling Duck laughed lightly, “Don’t worry boss, I won’t let you die.”



Hefting my sword, I dashed over to the nearest Xianbei War Chariot. I hadn’t even gotten close when the Departed Xianbei Soldier Spirit holding the reins already unleashed a cry, “There’s an intruder! Kill him immediately! Hyah!”

As he whipped the reins, the four war horses simultaneously lifted their front hooves and charged towards me with the chariot in tow. Concurrently, I noticed that the front of the war chariot had four protruding spikes while the two wheels of the chariot also had spikes protruding from the side. If a person got tangled in that, his life would probably be over.


My Purple Dawn Boots stepped onto the floor and with my body slightly leaning forwards, I quickly dodged the spikes on the front of the chariot. Swinging my Frost Rain Sword, I unleashed a [Fierce Ice Blade] from the side and attacked the core of the chariot, bringing about a large damage number–


However, the chariot was not something alive and as a result, it did not slow down from [Fierce Ice Blade] in the least. Rather, the spikes on the wheels suddenly caught me on my shins as it swept by causing piercing pain to burst out. I straight up took 794 points of damage. Though, that was not the end of it as the five undead pikemen on the chariot started to attack in unison. “Keng keng keng” sounds burst forth as pikes were thrust onto my Nebula Armor, bringing about a chain of damage numbers–



Five continuous hits! Fortunately, I healed myself just in time, or else I would have been slaughtered by a Lv 62 elite monster! Behind me, everyone stared in astonishment–
TL: Entire chariot counts as 1 monster

Wolf: “F*ck, is this still an Elite Monster? Are you sure it’s not a Lv 62 boss?”

Lin Wan Er clenched her fists, “So strong…….”

Yuzi Chengshuo’s pretty brows furrowed, “It’s not looking good. These Xianbei War Chariots are quite difficult to kill……”

Matcha gripped her longsword tightly, “We need to try another strategy. Don’t charge directly, or else it’ll be too difficult!”


Right after I suffered the first round of attacks, I immediately hefted my sword and attacked from the rear. Leaping up, I grabbed the rim of the chariot and flipped over onto it, starting a [Combo] with my Frost Rain Sword. I attacked the Xianbei soldiers that were riding in the chariot four times successively–



In an instant, the four undead soldiers fell. My eyes lit up as I said, “Everybody pay attention, the health of the monsters in the chariot don’t exceed 2000 points; they’re very easy to kill!”

At this, a undead soldier on the chariot used his pike to attack, forcing me to get off.

Dong Cheng Yue raised her staff, unleashing [Pillar of Fire and Ice]!


The war chariot suddenly shook, losing more than 1200 points of health. However, the soldiers riding the chariot didn’t even flinch and Dong Cheng Yue opened her small mouth in surprise, “It can’t be? I can’t directly attack the soldiers?”

Lin Wan Er softly answered, “Dong Cheng, how about trying a single target attack?”


Dong Cheng Yue raised her delicate fingers with lightning writhing around them. With a “Bang!”, a bolt of lightning shot out, wreaking havoc on the bodies of the several soldiers in the chariot. Killing them all in one go, it was too ferocious!

After losing its driver, the combat ability of the Xianbei War Chariot took a significant hit. As I restrained the chariot’s movements, our range DPS were able to cast their skills safely. Not even half a minute later, the 10000 health points had already disappeared.


The four horses wailed as they fell to the ground. “Hua La!” At the same time, the Xianbei War Chariot fell as well, finally turning into a bunch of scraps.


A gold beam of light fell as Matcha leveled up. She looked at me with her clear eyes “Boss…..this….”

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

Delighted, Matcha answered, “With just one Xianbei War Chariot, I gained 4% exp… So much….”

Dong Cheng Yue nodded in agreement “I also gained 1.5% exp. These gimmicky monsters definitely give a lot more experience compared to the ones on the first four floors! The disparity is really huge!”

I chuckled, “That’s good then. We’ll lure and kill the chariots one by one. Fighting on the fifth floor will definitely allow everyone to level up. Hehe, in a blink of an eye, Matcha is already Lv 45 and Wolf is almost Lv 50! This SS quest line is so broken!”
TL: Broken as in OP

Everybody became overjoyed as they understood that this one SS quest would boost our strength by quite a bit. Even for Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and me, the experience and equipment that we’ve gained since coming to Five Barbarians’ Desolate Tomb would put us on another level. Our equipment, especially, had improved by leaps and bounds.


Continuing on, we lured out a second Xianbei War Chariot. There’s experience to be had! I carried my sword and retreated backwards a bit, while saying, “Fox, use [Double Shot] to shoot the soldiers driving the chariot; that will make the chariot lose accuracy. Dong Cheng! Continue using your [Thunderbolt Finger]. If the chariot’s pikemen die first, then the [Reckless Pike Thrust] skill will be nullified, allowing me to fight them head on!

Fox nodded. He raised his gun, c**ked his head to one side, and aimed. “Peng! Peng!” [Double Shot], added with a regular attack, resulted in the soldier driving the chariot falling off with a howl. The unlucky undead, in turn, got ground into lumps of flesh by the chariot’s wheels.

Dong Cheng Yue followed with a [Thunderbolt Finger], finishing it for sure.


The war horses reared and started their [Savage Charge], knocking Dong Cheng Lei along with his axe back a few meters. He held his battle axe and panted roughly with a smile on his face “Brother Xiao Yao, this chariot’s too strong… I can’t push it back head on…”

I couldn’t help but laugh “Silly kid, don’t be too reckless…. leave it to me.”

Activating [Haste], I swiftly infiltrated the chariot and with a swipe of my Frost Rain Sword, I cut the harness connecting the chariot with the horses. Suddenly the four war horses neighed in despair and the chariot had suffered a critical blow to its mobility. Adding in Dong Cheng Yue’s two casts of [Pillar of Fire and Ice] and Lin Wan Er’s [Bleed], the chariot crumbled into dust. The amount that the experience bar jumped could be seen with the naked eye.

Pleased, I looked out into the distance. The amount of Xianbei War Chariots here were sufficient to bring me up to Lv 57. Yes, maybe I could even reach the top three of the Ba Huang Leaderboards. The most important thing right now is to raise my popularity. As long as I am recognized and have enough influence around Ba Huang City, I can easily recruit many skilled players with a simple wave or call when [Zhan Long] is established as a guild. Otherwise, we may become just like a zerg guild, such as [Wrath of Heroes]. At that point, we’ll for sure lose to [Prague] and [Vanguard] in terms of power.
TL: Zerg = many people but not many skilled people


Continuing on, luring and then disposing of the Xianbei War Chariots one at a time, we noticed their abnormally high drop rates. In general, for every three chariots that we killed, one piece of equipment would drop. Of course, most of the drops were Bronze or Green Tier, but occasionally, there would be Silver Tier equipment. Gold Tier items were basically non-existent. Well, it was to be expected or else equipment in general wouldn’t be worth much money.

“Cough, cough….” Dong Cheng Yue suddenly stopped attacking and said “Wan Er, I was just talking to Q-Sword just now and he asked us if we had any plans tomorrow?”

Lin Wan Er sounded surprised “What’s up?”

Dong Cheng Yue said with her smooth red lips “Umm… Tomorrow Q-Sword is going on a business trip to Shanghai to discuss a contract. He said that if we’re free, he’ll take a small detour and come see us in Hangzhou.”


Lin Wan Er knitted her brows, raised her head and looked at me, asking “Do we have any important stuff to do tomorrow?”

I shook my head “Except for trying to power level, we basically don’t have anything important. Don’t worry, if Q-Sword wants to meet with you guys, you guys should go see him. If my guild had Vice-Guild Masters as competent as you two, I would’ve tried to meet them already.”

Little Wolf grinned “This is a common tactic to win over your members isn’t it? Guild Masters tend to try to meet offline with central member once and make an attempt to foster the relationships between everyone. Every big guild tries to do this.”

Yuzi Chengshuo grinned and laughed as well “I’m afraid it might not be as simple as that right? Q-Sword, known as Bei Chen Feng in the real world, is the CEO of the Bei Chen Enterprise in Louyang region of Henan province and is the top swordsman player in . He’s regarded as the most perfect man in the whole Chinese server. Thus, you would never believe how c**ky his personality truly is. Now, he wants to personally go to Hangzhou to see you two beauties….Haha… I can’t explain it very well…”

Old K blurted out “Perhaps the rumor is true? That kid, Q-Sword, maybe he really does like Lin Wan Er?”

Suddenly, Lin Wan Er’s face paled. Looking at me and then at Old K, her face looked stiff “Old K! Quit your bullsh*t…”

I lightly bumped her shoulder and said “What’s wrong Wan Er? Old K is only saying some random nonsense…”

“I…I…nevermind…” Lin Wan Er lowered her head and stared at the Xianbei War Chariots’ remains. She then quietly said “Then…tomorrow afternoon, you’ll accompany Dong Cheng and I to see Q-Sword…Which also includes eating lunch together.”

I nodded my head and laughed “Ah, sure. To be honest, I also wanted to meet Q-Sword and see what he looks like. To be labelled as the most perfect man in the Chinese server, I really wonder what kind of person he is.”

Yuzi Chengshuo snickered “Oh? Does our handsome boy, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, feel a threat? Are you going to compare your looks with Q-Sword?”

“Hehe” I laughed, tightly holding my fists “A man’s beauty will never be in their looks! Instead I wanted to see how we would match up in a fight!”

Yuzi Chengshuo was stunned “Violence addict….”

With no retort I could only remain speechless “….”


After grinding close to three hours, we killed all of the Xianbei War chariots. As I had estimated earlier, I reached Lv 57 with my experience hovering around 49%. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were both already Lv 58. Everybody in Zhan Long also gained quite a few levels: Little Wolf was at Lv 51, Old K and Fox were both at Lv 50, and Matcha was at Lv 47. Everyone’s progress far surpassed my expectations, Old K’s especially. As he’s already Lv 50, turning in the quest should give him enough experience to reach Lv 52. Once he’s Lv 54, he would be able to wield the Haunted Twin Blade Battle-Axe. And when he does, he’ll become a killing machine! Whether comparing his levels, skills, or equipment, he could be considered one of the best. If he could improve his battle techniques a little more, he would basically become a strong commander on the front lines.

We all stopped and stood in front of an icy hall. There, a crystal coffin was sealed in ice with the contents blurry. Wrapped all around the coffin were blood red chains with copper coins and many talismans pasted all over them. As I was wondering if the spirit of the hero Ran Min was really sealed there, I looked up. Sitting above the coffin was a war general, covered head to toe with armor and holding a long sword. This was the last boss guarding the spirit of Ran Min — Xianbei Emperor – Mu Rong Jun!

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