Zhan Long

Chapter 170

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Chapter 170 – Number One Axe
Translated by: Deception and GGP!
Edited by: NamelessEcon, Video, KFox and Kaylee!

“Okay then…”

Hesitating for a while, eventually Wan Er equipped the Rainbow Cloak. Suddenly, the cape that was previously snow-white burst into 7 different colors. A hood with the same rainbow pattern covered her hair, showing only the delicate face underneath. Revealing only the faintest hint of emotions, Wan Er’s eyes stared at me. How was it possible that Wan Er’s figure had immediately transformed into something even more refined and graceful than before? If the Assassins had a princess, then she would be one… a princess with a great figure. Thankfully, the cloak was unable to conceal her prides; with a swish of her cloak, she’d be able to force any man into making a fatal mistake.


“Your defense has gone up by a lot, right?” I asked.

She nodded and smiled, “Yeah! I have 1029 defense now!”

Wolf was surprised. “Wow, I only have 814 defense. What a huge gap…”

Motioning to Wan Er’s Iron Umbrella, I said, “This is the reason for the gap. Moon Elves have the Iron Parasol to help with their defense, which allows them to go up to a whole new level of defense.”

Wolf gave a nod of understanding. “Ah, the Moon Elves seem to be really imbalanced. It’s a good thing only female players can create that class; female players are usually bad players…”

Suddenly, all of the females turned to look at him; their stares could kill.

Immediately bowing his head to escape the glares, Wolf waited a few seconds before looking back up. “I’m telling the truth, even if I were to fight Wan Er at night when I’m her level, my chances of winning would be less than 10%. And in the daytime, my chances of victory would still be under 25%, which isn’t that bad…”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled, “In the nighttime, you wouldn’t even be considered an opponent for her. And in the daytime, Wan Er could still beat you even though she has to use one hand to hold up the umbrella…”

Wolf had no response to that.

Laughing to myself, I continued to look over the equipment. The Hun Emperor’s second drop was a Scorching Red Ring. Dammit, it was a Lv 54 Silver Tier ring that added strength and agility. I gave the ring to Fox since he favored equipment that gave stats to agility+strength. If things continue this way, then Zhan Long will have a Musketeer that could fire away rapidly and powerfully from the back and kill anyone before they get to us. To be honest, once a melee player gets near a long range player, no matter how high the defense or health of that long range is, he would die before he can even start kiting.

The third piece of equipment were some leg guards that had a dark gold color. It had the symbol of a beast embossed onto it and was a Gold Tier item. The attributes were still quite decent—

【Leg Guards of the Beast】 (Gold Tier)
Category: Heavy Armor
Defense: 220
Strength: +40
Endurance: +36
Extra: +9% to the user’s physical attacks

Required Level: 55


“Damn, what a good item…”

Wan Er’s eyes opened up in surprise after she saw the stats. “Gold Tier armors generally give a bonus of 4% defense or attack, but this one gives a bonus of 9% to physical attacks! We got lucky with this drop!”

I nodded my head, trying to not drool at the sight of these stats, “This item far surpasses it’s counterparts. Even though it says Gold Tier, this item could outperform Purple Tier items! These types of items don’t drop often!”

I turned around and took a step toward the group, “Ah Lei, Old K! Come here and roll with me. Let’s see whose luck is better!”



3 rolls later, the numbers appeared– 71, 17, 1!

Wan Er’s mouth dropped in shock. “Please excuse this, but who the hell rolled a 1?”

My face went red in shame. “I rolled the 1…”

“Not bad, Brother Xiao Yao…”

Me: “…”


Old K held the Leg Guards of the Beast in his hands while silently looking at his own level “I’m only level 47, what the hell am I going to do with a level 55 leg guard? Boss, you take it….”

Giving my thanks, I took 1000G from my inventory and threw it to him. “It’s worth this much, so you might as well take it.”

Old K roared with laughter, “Take a hike, do you really think I’d take your money?”

I stared at him intensely, “Take it, I know you need the money. Your mom hasn’t been in good health lately, so go buy her something delicious instead of playing all day. Hurry up and go home to see her!”

Slapping his hand to his face, he groaned, “Yea, I’ll get on it…”

I happily took the leg guards from Old K. In the end, it was still I who received the treasure. Well, it can’t be helped. Within our group, the highest level heavy armor player is me and since we’re only killing high level monsters in here, the drops tend to be level 50+ equipment. To be honest, I could’ve kept all the drops for myself but I don’t think I have enough money to give out to do that.

Equipping the leg guards, the change in my stats were decent but the biggest change was the +9% to my attack. Although this stat was hidden from the status window, during fights, I would be able to see a noticeable difference in my attack and the enemy would feel the pain much more.


I looked at the last item: a crimson red double edged axe that looked extremely malevolent. If a Berserker were to equip it and give it a swing, then death definitely would come instantaneously.

【Haunted Twin Battle-Axe】 (Purple Tier – Superior Grade)
Attack: 800-1070
Strength: +42
Endurance: +40
Extra: Increase attack by 9%.

Special Effect: 3% chance of a superior strike.
Special Effect: When attacking the target, there is a 20% chance to summon one of the demons, ice or fire, that attacks the enemy for massive damage.

Description: In the ancient times, a group of demons tried to invade and destroy the Heavens. One by one, the Gods fell from the heavens and became mortal men. One of the Gods that fell brought two demons with him to the human world and became an imperial blacksmith. After 10 years, he sealed the twin demons into a single battle-axe and granted the weapon the ability to fight both demons and Gods alike. Therein lies the legend of this battle-axe.

Required Level: 54


Wan Er’s mouth dropped even further. “Wow, the second… the second superior grade Purple Tier weapon dropped. Its stats should surpass the Frost Rain Sword right? What is our luck…”

I nodded my head, “Yea, overall point-wise, this exceeded my Frost Rain Sword by 8%. This battle-axe is currently the server’s strongest weapon!”

Then, I turned to look at Dong Cheng Lei and Old K and said: “I’m not going to say much, both of you should roll for this. Whoever wins this Battle-Axe will be Zhan Long’s number one Berserker. This is a gamble that will determine your fate~~”

Old K nervously clasped the dice and asked: “Ah Lei, you’ll be nice, right?”

Chen Dong Lei simply said: “Sure, but I also want to be Zhan Long’s number one Berserker and help Brother Xiao Yao to kill our enemies. I also want to kill those people bullying Dong Cheng, so I also want this axe!”

“Stop talking nonsense, everybody is busy, roll it now!”

Both of them almost threw the dice at the same time-


Old K suddenly leaped, his face red with excitement:”What the hell, I’ve never won a lottery before, what’s wrong with today, my fortune is absolutely exploding!”

Dong Cheng Yue’s face was expressionless:”That’s because my brother’s luck is too low, not because your fortune is good…”

I handed the twin-blade battle-axe to Old K’s palms, then pulled out a skill book dropped by the boss and said:”This is also for you!”

I turned around, looked at Dong Cheng Lei and patted his shoulders. “Ah Lei, this time the good stuff is given to Old K, it was unfair to you. Next time, Big Brother will find a way to make it up to you.”

Dong Chen Lei smiled simple-mindedly:” It’s okay, as long as Brother Xiao Yao doesn’t drive me away, doesn’t kick me out of Zhan Long, I don’t mind.”

Lin Wan Er asked:”What skill book did you give to Old K?”

I laughed:”[Savage Jump Slash]… An S-rank skill book!”

“Huh?” She gaped with her small mouth:” Old K’s luck is so good, after the Desolate Tomb of the Five Barbarian Tribes, he turned from a third rate Berserker into a first rate Berserker…”

I nodded and held up my fist and swore “Yup, I’ve decided. I’m going to make Old K Zhan Long’s ace Berserker. Yep, wielding the Haunted Twin Blade Battle-Axe, using Whirlwind Slash to cut into the enemy crowd and then coming out with a Savage Jump Slash…. He’ll be unstoppable!”

Song Han laughed lightly “En, Old K is finally becoming a powerful player!”


After dividing the gems and Pardon Cards that dropped from the Han Tribe Emperor, we went onto the next floor, level five of the Five Barbarians Desolate Tomb, our final destination. The hero Ran Min’s soul should be sealed on this floor.

“Sha Sha”

Squatting behind the Han Tribe Emperor’s throne, I brushed away the wild grass and revealed a seemingly bottomless hole.

Lin Wan Er blinked her eyes at me “This is the entrance to the fifth floor?”

I nodded “It should be. I’ll go first!”

“En. Be careful!”

I recklessly jumped down. “Peng!” My head slammed onto a slab of rock going down. The hole turned out to be only three meters deep and there was no path or exit at the bottom. Ugh, it hurt so much.

Looking at how I fell, Lin Wan Er covered her mouth in worry “Li Xiao Yao, are you ok?”

I replied “I’m alright… But this doesn’t seem to be the entrance…”

Dong cheng Yue’s voice traveled down “Xiao Yao! Climb up quickly! There’s a set of stone stairs leading towards the fifth floor…


I used my sword to climb up the hole, feeling like I fell into some sort of dog hole.

When I reached the surface, I saw for myself that there really was a flight of stairs going down. Blushing with embarrassment, I walked to the front. Using my Frost Rain Sword to light the way with its glow, we walked all the way down. From far away, we could see large figures patrolling within the map of the fifth floor.

“What’s that?” Matcha asked.

“”I don’t know…”


We advanced cautiously. feeling a bit startled as we watched the large amounts of war chariots parked in the middle of the field. There were four horses pulling each chariot and by the looks of it, these were the monsters designated to guard the fifth floor…

“As I thought, the Xianbei tribe occupies the last level….”I muttered quietly.

Old K questioned “How do you know it’s the Xianbei tribe?”

I grinned and said “Because in the historic records, the person who killed the hero Ran Min was Xianbei tribe’s Emperor Mu Rong Jun. Mu Rong Jun and his army consisting of 150,000 soldiers that spelled defeat for the hero Ran Min.

“Oh…I see…. “ Old K raised his fist “Let’s completely destroy them! Let’s avenge my ancestor!”
TL: Old K and the hero Ran Min have the same name so this is a joke on “ancestor”

I inched up towards them slowly. When I was around 30 meters from the war chariots, I could read their status—–

【Xianbei War Chariot】 (Elite Monster)


Attack: ? ? ?

Defense: ? ? ?

Health: ? ? ?

Abilities: 【War Horse Roar】 【Savage Charge】 【Reckless Pike Thrust】

Description: The Xianbei War Chariots were the aces and elites of the Xianbei tribe. These expertly made chariots were extremely durable and flawless. Harnessing four sturdy horses, each chariot can carry up to eight Xianbei soldiers. Ever since Ran Min died, these Xianbei War Chariots have been one of the tomb’s guardians.

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