Zhan Long

Chapter 166

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Chapter 166 – Combat Strength of 5
Translated by: Deception and GGP!
Edited by: Sachin, Based Jessica, Kaylee, Zephir and VK!

“Boy, do you know what Yi Hai is?”
TL: Yi Hai literal translation = Ocean of Consciousness… basically a common wuxia term used by JinYong, an extremely famous wuxia author

“I don’t know, master.”

“Yi Hai is a type of force, an invisible power. Mastering both the Qi of Heaven and Earth is considered to be the pinnacle for one’s Yi Hai. With your Yi Hai at its pinnacle, you will be able to use Yi Hai to feel the life-force of all living beings–humans, animals and even nature itself. One would even be able to feel the movements of everything on Earth. Starting from today, you will begin to learn, and you must master Yi Hai within 5 years.”


My mind whirled as I thought of the old man; it had been 7 years since I last saw him. Unfortunately, I still hadn’t reached the pinnacle of Yi Hai as he wanted me to.

As I closed my eyes while lying on the dormitory bed, I started concentrating solely on feeling the Qi around me. The closest concentration of Qi around was Glasses. He was quite weak but somewhat healthy; his health wasn’t anything to worry about. Extending farther away, I felt the boys within the entire dormitory. My Yi Hai finally extended to even further places and picked up a couple of strong Qi sources that were at the pinnacle of the Refined Body stage. I could feel the Qi come from north of the school, probably near the brothels in the west district. The owner of the Qi must be the bodyguard of some underground mob boss, having a physique much different than the average person.

My brows furrowed as the sweat oozed down my face. This time, I was able to extend the Yi Hai 10 kilometers away. This surprised me since I hadn’t been training diligently at all.

As I thought, the old man helped develop for some reason. Could it be that was a game that could actually help develop the brain in order for it to be able to break through the limit most practitioners face? That would mean with , one would be able to learn how to surpass their limits by playing in game!

I kept up with my Yi Hai for some time and then finally I began to feel the exertion kick in. I reduced the circumference back to around 3 kilometers which was just enough to detect Wan Er. If by chance somebody above the Refined Body level or a “Werewolf” with at some unnatural energy level was near Wan Er, then I would be notified immediately.. If the enemy was below the Royal Air level, Wan Er’s regular bodyguards would be able to take care of it instead of me.


Drowsily, I went to sleep without knowing when I’d wake up. Soon enough, the alarm went off and woke me up. Checking the time, it was 6:00 in the evening. In an hour, it would be time for me to log on and finish up the rest of the mission.


My phone rang, it was Wolf calling —

“Hey Wolf, what’s going on?”

“Ah, Brother Xiao Yao, do you want to eat dinner together? It’ll be at that Hunan restaurant just outside campus. All of Zhan Long will be there, we’ll all become closer! Haha, actually, we just want to drink a bit.”

I laughed, “Alright, then can I bring Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue too? I’m quite worried about letting Wan Er eat alone…”

“Go for it!”


Hanging up, I dialed Wan Er’s number–

“Wu…” Wan Er’s voice sounded a bit groggy, even a bit annoyed.

Speechless, I asked, “Miss, did you just wake up?”

“Now I’m awake. What happened?”

“I’ll be going out with Zhan Long to eat together. Do you and Dong Cheng want to come?”

“Are you treating?”

“En, that’s fine.”

“Okay then, Dong Cheng and I will head over when we’re ready. Oh…that brat is still sleeping; let me wake her up…that girl…should we wear makeup?”

I was startled, “Don’t you normally go without makeup?”

“Matcha will be coming…” Wan Er trailed off hesitantly, “It’s not like… It’s not like I’m afraid of being shown up or anything…”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t worry Miss, even without makeup, there won’t be any pressure. Let Dong Cheng put on some makeup; our Zhan Long’s Matcha is quite the beauty…”

“Okay, then I’ll head over, be downstairs in 20 minutes!”



After 20 minutes, I arrived at the girl’s dormitory where the two girls were already waiting downstairs. True to her word, Wan Er didn’t put on makeup but she didn’t need any make-up with her natural refined snow white gloss. She was wearing brown clothes contrasting with a purple purse and small heels. Her pale, slender legs practically left people drooling. Combined with her slim waist and tight clothing, her figure alone could kill someone!

I turned to look at Dong Cheng Yue and sure enough, she had on some light makeup; her long eyelashes were curled and traces of eyeliner could be seen. Even as a 19 year old, she was exuding quite a mature womanly charm. Bowing my head to get a better look, Dong Cheng Yue’s face started blushing. Teasingly she asked, “What’s wrong, can you not look at me?”

I shook my head, “Dong Cheng’s sense of danger is too much, it’s not like Matcha will be eating you or anything…”

Dong Cheng Yue stuck out her tongue, “Hmph, this is a war between women. You wouldn’t be able to understand something of this level!”

I waved my hands, “It doesn’t matter if I understand or not, let’s go and eat some food!”


A few minutes later we got to the Hunan Restaurant outside of the school campus. Inside one of the inner booths, 4 of the Zhan Long members were already waiting for us. Once we entered, Wolf and Old K immediately stared at both Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue in a trance. The two girls were really top class beauties.

I glanced over at Matcha. She was busy pouring water for Fox and her pretty face held traces of sweat for some reason. She was wearing a lattice sweater with a short skirt, making her look like a diligent but pretty girl.

Sitting down at the table, I asked Matcha, “Hey Matcha, how’s the Zhan Long Studio treating you?”

Wiping her hands, she smiled sweetly, “It’s been nice despite getting less sleep than usual. At 5 I woke up to do the laundry for the studio and wiped down the floors. After that, I have to tack up new wallpaper. The original one is far too old and moldy.”

I nodded my head in satisfaction, “Good job!”

Opening and closing her mouth, Dong Cheng Yue was staring at Matcha, unsure of what to say.

I glanced up at her with a smile, and said, “Diligence is beauty, isn’t it?”

Dong Cheng and Wan Er both grew red in the face, “Yeah…”


We ordered many dishes and a case of beer while Wan Er gave a call to Yuzi Chenghsuo to tell her to meet half an hour after the original time. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to finish our dinner in time.

Holding her wine glass, Dong Cheng Yue turned to look at me, “Xiao Yao, why don’t you summarize what we have accomplished so far in the Five Barbarian Tomb Mission?”

Smiling, I said, “There’s not much to summarize; we’ve all performed nicely, and we have earned quite a bit. Old K learned [Whirlwind Slash] while Dong Cheng learned [Thunderbolt Finger] and a good amount of Purple Tier equipment dropped as well! These events have most definitely made us stronger. We just need to take down another 2 bosses and Zhan Long’s strength will shock the whole of Ba Huang City!”

Wolf laughed, “Brother Xiao Yao, what do you mean ‘our Zhan Long’? The beautiful Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue are not a part of Zhan Long…”

I turned to look at the two girl as their bright,wide eyes looked back at me. Swallowing hard, I said, “Who said that? Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue will join Zhan Long in the future, so they are one of us!”

Unexpectedly, Wan Er gave a wide smile without saying denying it while Dong Cheng Yue excitedly grinned, “That’s right!”

With that, Fox clasped his wine cup with excitement, “It seems like we’ve already persuaded Fan Shu City’s number one and two beauties to join Zhan Long. That’s great! If Cang Tong and Cang Yue joins as well, then that will make us even stronger! Come on, a toast, Ganbei!”
TL Note: Ganbei is the Chinese way of giving a toast, like saying Kanpai in Japanese.

We all drained the rest of our cups with joy.


After a few drinks, Wolf and I were far from feeling drunk but the lightweight Wan Er was already turning red in the face. She leaned back on her chair to breathe as her 34D breasts moved up and down with her breaths, making her look somewhat disheveled–not that I minded of course.

“What’s wrong, drank too much?” I asked, whispering into her ear.

Shaking her head in denial, Wan Er replied, “Not at all, how could I give up this early?”

“In that case…” I poured another glass of wine to toast with, “Young mi—Wan Er, why don’t we both have another drink?”


She gently nodded her head as she drunk the glass of wine, the sides of her lips curling upwards to form a beautiful smile. “Li Xiao Yao sure is careless…”

I stayed quiet.

Dong Cheng Yue was lying on top of the table, trying to watch us secretly when she shook her head, “It’s over, it’s like I don’t even have a chance anymore…”


Not even an hour later, the food was almost all gone.

Matcha was surfing the forums on her phone and then suddenly brought her head up. “Something happened in . Take a guess, what do you think just happened?”

Wolf raised an eyebrow, “Ba Huang City has collapsed?”

“Idiot…” Matcha replied.

“[Vanguard] is fighting with [Prague]?” Fox asked.

“Obviously not…” I commented, “I’m betting that [Flying Dragon] is about to fight with [Valiant Bravery]. The odds are too high for that not to happen…”

Matcha laughed and nodded her head, “Yea that’s exactly what happened, of course Boss is smart enough to guess it! Two hours ago, [Flying Dragon] entered Qilin Valley to look for Lv 6 Qilin herbs but was met with an exploration team led by General Wang Jian of [Valiant Bravery]. They started to fight it out in Qilin Valley with both sides constantly bringing in reinforcements. Finally, [Flying Dragon] brought over 3000 people to fight against the 1700 people of [Valiant Bravery].”

“What was the end result?” I asked.

“[Valiant Bravery] was defeated, but [Flying Dragon] was left with serious damages. By the end of the battle, [Flying Dragon] was left with around 40 people. I heard that if it wasn’t for the fact that General Bai Qi and General Lian Po were killed by a Knight that came out of nowhere, then [Flying Dragon] would have suffered defeat instead.”

My eyes widened at the news, “That Knight…could it be Drunken Spear the Nature Knight?”

“That’s right, did Boss also take notice of this guy?”

“I have, I’ll have to keep an eye out for this guy in the future…”

“Yea, Drunken Spear is said to be very strong, so if we continue to fight with [Flying Dragon], then we’ll have to confront the Nature Knight, Drunken Spear someday.”

Wan Er looked at her phone, her mouth wide open, “What the…someone is mocking Zhan Long!”

“Who’s mocking us?” Old K asked.

Wan Er replied, “Drunken Spear… he said, ‘Zhan Long only has a combat strength of 5…”

TL: Combat strength of 5 = Dragon Ball reference – Raditz scans a human farmer and sees that his combat power is only 5 which by their standards is very weak – Credit to JohnFox

“Asshole!” Old K thumped the table with his fist, “He should pray that I don’t see him!”


I kept calm, “Don’t let words make you explode in anger. This kind of temper should be avoided at all costs. Zhan Long’s first step will be taking a foothold in Ba Huang City. If Drunken Spear wants to poke fun at us then let him do so. But after we finish the 5 Barbarian Tomb Mission, we’ll go and pay a visit to Drunken Spear!”


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