Zhan Long

Chapter 165

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Chapter 165 – True Soul Spear
Translated by: Daikon, GGP, Zdog and Anne!
Edited by: Sachin, Zephir, Video, Kaylee, Based Jessica and Northfury!

Kaa Chaa!

As I heavily slashed the boss’ head, I yelled out, “Everyone back off! I’ll deal with him alone! His [Thunderbolt Finger] is a lightning attack that can bounce! The single target damage on it is too high! Old K, where’s your soul? Can you revive?”

In the party chat, Old K replied, “ Yup, my soul is back at the first floor of the Five Barbarians Desolate Tomb. I can revive if I just run here!

“Ok! We’ll keep fighting!”


I was more cautious this time and the others wouldn’t even dare to come up and help so I held the boss back by myself. Fox and Dong Cheng Yue were designated as the long range damage dealers.

After 6 minutes, Jie Emperor Shi Le’s health was no more than 3%. His 3 main skills: [Barbaric Thunder], [Thunderbolt Finger], and [Lightning Blast] landed on my shoulders and cloak, creating faint traces of smoke. Despite this, he could not kill me. As long as I didn’t die, we had this boss in the bag.

Matcha pursed her lips “Just a few more minutes and Boss (Xiao Yao) will be roasted to perfection…”

Wan Er leaned on the rock wall and smiled “Good thing the boss is about to die. Dong Cheng, stop your attacks in a bit and let Li Xiao Yao get the killing blow the boss. He’s suffered quite a bit…Such is the life of a main tank. We’ve already fought 3 bosses and he’s almost been beaten into a pig head. Let him taste some sweet victory by killing the boss. Plus he has pretty high charm, so letting him kill the boss will raise the drop rate by a bit. Maybe something surprising will drop too!

Dong Cheng Yue nodded “Uh huh, got it. Don’t worry, I will!”



Not even a minute had passed and the boss’ health nearly hit rock bottom. I looked closely and as my Frost Rain Sword trembled, a light appeared beneath my feet signalling the activation of [Strength of a Thousand Men]. I combo-ed the first 3 hits and with a “Peng!” I knocked Shi Le back. Then as the power of the wind suddenly flowed through me, charging for 0.2 seconds before [Wind Blade] blasted through, directly slashing at the boss’ head.

“Ka Cha!”

With blood splashing out, Jie Emperor made a piercing scream. As the last of his HP fell, a bright light fell upon me; I rose to Lv 55!

“Hua la….”

A bunch of items exploded out and fell onto the ground! I walked forward, grasped my sword and kicked the boss’ corpse to the side. Three pieces of equipment that reflected out different colors of light were laying on the stone floor. Among them, there was a purple robe, a light blue dragon-shaped wrist guard and a shiny spear. Other than that, there was also a violet colored skill book and a few Pardon Cards!

“Wow, looks like there’s quite a bit of stuff” Dong Cheng Yue happily exclaimed as she knew that magic type bosses tended to have a much higher drop rate for magic type equipment and the robe was definitely proof of that. If that robe wasn’t for a Mage, then it must be for a Healer. And since she is the only Mage currently in the party, the chances of her getting it was quite high.

Picking up the robe and holding it in my hands, it started to quiver as lines of words floated in the space in front of me. Everybody was reading them with great excitement —

【Nine Heavens Robe】 (Purple Tier)
Type: Cloth armor
Defense: 140
Magic: +41
Endurance: +37

Extra: Raises max health by 400
Extra: Raises the user’s magic type damage by 7%

Gender Requirement: Female
Level Requirement: 55

TL: We are now calling ability power -> magic.

Dong Cheng Yue smiled sweetly. “Oh, oh! Brother Xiao Yao, that’s my equipment….”

Wolf laughed while holding his daggers “Man, just because of one single drop, you’re willing to call him ‘Brother’. Beautiful Cang Yue, do you still have any sense of pride?”

Dong Cheng Yue gave a “hmph!”, proudly raised her 34C bust, and smiled. “I do as I like, and it’s none of your business anyway! Even my brother calls him Brother Xiao Yao, so for me to call him Brother Xiao Yao shouldn’t be surprising! Right Wan Er? Do you have any problems with me calling him Brother Xiao Yao?”

Wan Er rubbed her arms and said, “Wait a moment, I’m getting goosebumps…”

Dong Cheng Yue “….”

I laughed and threw the Nine Heavens Robe toward Dong Cheng Yue, “Your luck sure is good. A Purple Tier robe adding both health and magic is highly valued. You can’t find good equipment like this anywhere, not even on the market. It even requires the wearer to be female… So unfair~”

Dong Cheng Yue cheerfully equipped her new clothes. “Shua!” A dazzling Mage beauty appeared before us. The robe was very elegant, and the white skirt of the robe added a bit of the traditional saintly feeling. Of course, the developers of never disappoint. The bosom area of the robe was very revealing and as Dong Cheng Yue’s breasts were quite large, they were showcased very well before our eyes. What a beautiful sight… one could forget to breathe seeing this. Damn, this game’s female Mage equipment was sexy to the max!


Old K licked his lips and laughed, “Leveling in this party sure is blissful….”

Dong Cheng Yue’s face flushed a deep red and she covered her chest with her hands “You stinky scum!”

Old K spread his hands. “But Boss Xiao Yao is also looking…”

Dong Cheng Yue looked towards me and smiled. “But I’m willing to let him look though…”

Old K complained in despair. “The difference in treatment is too obvious isn’t it?!

Yuzi Chengshuo facepalmed and said, “Let’s not talk about this for now. We should look at the rest of equipment instead, ok?…”

I woke up from my trance and quickly grabbed the 2nd piece of equipment: a floating wrist guard with a dragon pattern. Reaching out to it, the stats jumped out. It was still pretty good.

【Dragon Skull Metal Guards】 (Gold Tier)
Type: Armor
Defense: 170
Extra: Raises user’s attack by 40

Level Requirement: 52


Holding the Dragon Skull Metal Guards, I asked, “Old K, Dong Cheng Lei, which one of you wants this? I don’t need it. My Heaven’s Peak Wrist guards are Purple Tier and they add a lot of magic which gives me mana to heal and use higher level skills a few more times.”

Dong Cheng Lei shook his head, “Brother, mine are already gold tier. I don’t need it; the level requirement is too high”

I quickly threw it to Old K. “Take it. Quickly level up to Lv 52 and switch out your Lv 34 Silver wrist guards. They’re embarrassing.”

Ran Min laughed loudly, “Yes sir! Thanks boss!”

The last equipment was a spear which emitted a light purple color; the chances of it being a Purple Tier weapon were very high. Reaching out and brushing over it, the spear’s stats appeared before our eyes. Sure enough, they were pretty good—

【True Soul Spear】 (Purple Tier)
Attack: 670-880
Strength: +39
Endurance: +36
Extra: Raises attack by 6%
Extra: Raises accuracy by 14%

Level Requirement: 53

Wan Er opened her pretty little mouth and cried, “What a high attack! It’s enough to rival your Frost Rain Sword!”

I swiftly opened up the weapon rankings and sure enough, the True Soul Spear was ranked at #3. The overall stat points were lower than the Frost Rain Sword by 24% and lower than the 2nd ranked Purple Tier battle axe by 11%, but it could still be considered a godly weapon.

“What do we do with this weapon?” I asked.

Lin Wan Er blinked her big eyes. “We don’t currently have any knights, so we don’t have anyone that can use this weapon… What should we do? Old K, Cang Lei, do one of you guys want to use it?”

Old K carried his battle axe and shook his head “I’m already used to attacking with a battle axe. I can’t imagine changing to a spear now.”

Dong Cheng Lei: “I also like using axes.”

I then suggested, “Then how about this: Let’s sell this spear. We’ll then split the profits 10 ways, how about it?”

Yuzi Cheng Shuo laughed, “This isn’t a bad idea; at least no one draws the short end of the stick.”



After throwing the spear into my bag, I grabbed the skill book and conveniently, the details of the skill appeared. Immediately Dong Cheng Yue screamed excitedly—

【Thunderbolt Finger】 (S Rank): Charges the power of electricity and releases it at a desired target. [Thunderbolt Finger] will bounce to a secondary target within 10 yards of the target and will continue hitting up to a maximum of 10 targets. Each successive target hit will decrease the damage dealt while damage and the number of targets hit will rise as the skill levels up. Learning this skill requires 1 point of charm. Lv 55 requirement. Class requirement: Mage.


“A S class rank book….” Even I was kind of surprised. “This is a super overpowered spell… [Thunderbolt Finger], this is something else…”

Everyone here had just experienced the pain of the skill [Thunderbolt Finger], so naturally everyone understood how strong this skill was. Old K balled his fist. “Whichever Mage learns this skill would be too OP. A whole field of players would die to a single Thunderbolt Finger if his or her magic power is high enough!”

I lightly laughed, “Don’t worry, this skill book is ours. Whoever learns this would be a close friend! Right, Dong Cheng?

Dong Cheng Yue nodded excitedly. “Yup, yup! Xiao Yao … Brother!”


Feeling a bit creeped out, I gave the skill book to her.

Quickly, Dong Cheng Yue learned [Thunderbolt Finger] and tried the skill out on Dong Cheng Lei. A Lv 1 [Thunderbolt Finger] took out 700+ health from him! If she gets the skill to Lv 6, it might be as strong as the boss’! Just thinking about it was scary.

By the time we finished distributing the boss’ drops, it was already noon.



Lin Wan Er stood beside me and yawned gently “So tired…. Let’s go offline for a bit and sleep before we tackle floors 4 and 5.”

Yuzi Chengshuo agreed “Yeah, it’s really tiring and it’s going to affect our performance. The next two floor’s bosses will definitely be difficult as well so we should make sure we are at our peak condition before we challenge them.”

I nodded “That’s fine. Everyone let’s go offline and meet up in 10 hours…. around 7pm. Is that ok?”

Everyone nodded in agreement “Yup!”


After we went offline, I went to the girls’ dorms to pick up Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue as we had to go out to eat, I guess it counted as lunch for now. At the restaurant, we chose to eat rice noodles. When I wolfed down two bowls of noodles, Lin Wan Er looked at me in shock since she had only got around to half a bowl.


My phone rang and I saw Wang Xin’s caller ID. I immediately stood up, nodded towards the two girls then turned around and picked up the phone.

“Leader Wang, did something happen?”

Wang Xin answered, “Yeah, remember the ‘wolf man’ we killed in our last mission, the autopsy results came in. The research institute has verified that this man’s DNA has been damaged and reformed which basically allowed him to turn into a werewolf. It’s a variation having to do with DNA but our resources are limited and we can’t completely analyze this DNA’s abnormalities.”

I knitted my eyebrows, “It sounds like there is something fishy going on for this case.”

Wang Xin said thickly, “It is, you didn’t guess wrong. There were two incidents of murder and the young master of Ruixin Corporation in the northern district was kidnapped last night. His two bodyguards were killed as well. We analyzed the hair found at the scene of the murder and the results showed that, it was almost identical to that of the werewolf we killed, they both had varied DNA. The other murder case was basically the same; these monsters are committing the crimes. Therefore, I suspect that this is the work of an organization consisting of interconnecting groups. It’s definitely not the work of an individual werewolf, which suggests…”

I stared blankly, “Which suggests… Hangzhou’s residents are no longer as safe as other normal cities, right?”

Wan Xin laughed lightly “You could say that. Today at noon, Central Safety Headquarters are sending some professionals over. Hopefully, they can discover something new from the mutated DNA. They already have a theory that those werewolf are the product of some kind of high tech experiment, a mythical method of genetic implants, humans are able to surpass the limits of DNA, gaining enhanced physique and power…. at the cost of closely resembling a beast’.”

I furrowed my brows, “What do you need me to do?”

“Nothing at the moment! “

Wang Xin added “Protect Lin Wan Er well in the mean time. If we have any more mission, I will contact you beforehand. Train your skills too since the police have no way of fighting against those ‘monsters’. We can only depend on you.”

“Ok, I got it. Contact me immediately if there’s any news.”

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