Zhan Long

Chapter 164

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Chapter 164 – Thunderbolt Finger
Translated by: DeviousBookworm, Anne, Zdog and GGP!
Edited by: Sachin, Zephir, Kaylee and Based Jessica!

【Nebula Armor】 (Purple Tier Armor)
Category: Armor
Defense: 320
Strength: +40
Endurance: +37
Extra: Increases magic resistance by 21%
Extra: Nebula Rain–Summons the power of the stars to reduce the defense of surrounding hostile targets within 5 meters by 7%

Level Requirement: 54

“Nice…” Said Old K, carrying his battle-axe as he peered at the armor, “This is really a OP armor, with its good defense and the additional effect of reducing the defense of the surrounding enemies…”

Little Wolf nodded, “Yup, the attack and defense attributes are both extremely high.”

Yuzi Chengshuo joked, “The three heavy armors are going to roll for it?”

Old K waved his hand. “No, we are just Lv 40+ compared to the Lv 54 requirement. Give it to boss Xiao Yan since he is able to use it now. It will give us a higher chance of victory against the new bosses to come; giving it to me or Ah Lei will have us leaving it in the warehouse for two weeks.”

Dong Cheng Lei raised his battle-axe with a laugh and said, “Boss did most of the damage on that BOSS, so of course the equipment must go to our boss. We hardly did anything.”
TL: BOSS = monster boss, boss = Xiao Yao for this paragraph only

Then, the both of them simultaneously canceled the ROLL screen.

I smiled helplessly while holding the Nebula Armor, “Okay, I will take it and try to compensate you!”

Old K said, “We are all brothers here. Why are you saying such things?”


I did not say anything as I equipped the Nebula Armor, replacing the Lv 35 Dawn Breastplate Miss Lin Wan Er had given me and was quite a memorable piece of equipment. After wearing the Nebula Armor, I immediately felt a surge in my strength and defense. The defense of a Purple Tier equipment was far above that of a Gold Tier equipment.

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】(Tomb Guardian of Dragon City)

Yuzi Chengshuo turned to me and asked, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, what’s your defense now?”


“That’s quite strong! The strongest Monks only have a defense of 1700+ with a shield and you, a Swordsman that puts all of his stat points into strength, already has a defense of 1471 thanks to some frightening equipment.”

Lin Wan Er put away her dagger with a smile. “If his defense was not strong enough, then we would not have invited him to this SS level quest.”

Yuzi Chengshuo chuckled, “Sure, sure. Let’s continue to the third floor.”

“Let’s go!”

After handing out the rest of the gems, cards, coins, and other items, we continued on our journey to the [Five Barbarians Desolate Tomb – Floor 3]. Once again, we didn’t know what awaited us.



My Purple Dawn Boots glided across the sand and our group followed me down the crumbling stone steps onto the third floor. The ceiling over our head shone with gem stuck in them, lighting up the whole map’s floor. I walked in front and took a closer look at the area ahead of us – The third floor seemed tidier but not far away from us, I could see undead Archers holding longbows that were carved from animal bones.


With indistinguishable rotting faces, the long-dead Archers made muffled roars with breaths that reeked of decomposed flesh. They wore light leather armor that was covered with maggots while their bows were a deathly white. Those were bows made from the bones of wild animals, so their attack would certainly be powerful.

Lin Wan Er frowned, “Oh, this floor’s monsters are disgusting… Can I not fight on this floor?”

I laughed, “If we fight, the maggots would get sent flying…..”

“Don’t say that…”

Dong Cheng Yue gently landed on the ground with a smile and shrugged, “It’s no problem for a Mage. I just need to cast the long-range [Pillar of Ice and Fire]s and we’ll be good. Xiao Yao will tank, right?”

I nodded, “Let’s take a look at the monster’s stats first.”



Slowly approaching, I read one of the Archer’s properties and shared it in the group chat——

【Jie Tribe Archer】(Elite Monster)

Skills:【Rocket Arrow】【Triple Shot】【Scatter Shot】

Description: An Archer from the Jie tribe. These warriors are from beyond the Great Wall and have a strong desire for battle, slaughtering for pleasure. Ever since Ran Min died, they became one of the guardians of his tomb.



I hefted my Frost Rain Sword and charged over but something unexpected happened. When I was about five yards away, the Archer immediately slid away and retreated several steps before drawing his long bow to fire a [Triple Shot]!




With my body still trembling from the pain, I rapidly drew near the Archer and brandished my sword for a [Combo]! After a series of continuous hits, the Archer continued to retreat. “Pipipapa!” quite a few arrows caught my arm and my chest went cold, a [Scatter Shot] pierced my body thereby stunning me. Dammit, I attracted the aggro of three other Jie tribe archers.



Yuzi Chengshuo’s [Heal] replenished a significant amount of my health.

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes grew large. She said, “Li Xiao Yao, come back. These monsters will instinctively evade close combat so you’ll be lured deeper into enemy territory. Hurry up and return. Dong Cheng, use your spells to kill them!”

As I swiftly retreated, I received another of Darling Duck’s [Heal] as four of the Archers chased after me.

Dong Cheng Yue raised her hands to cast [Pillar of Fire and Ice] and [Icicle] to dispatch an Archer who only had half his health left. Lin Wan Er flew off and swept past me with her dagger, killing another Archer with a [Gouge] that stunned the Archer and [Bleed] on top of [Backstab]. It was basically an instant KO. Her attack power was extremely high; that was obvious to everyone.

“Peng peng!”

Fox fired two shots, which were also decent, doing 1000+ damage in one go. Brandishing his dagger, Wolf teamed up with Old K’s [Whirlwind Slash] to kill yet another Archer in the blink of an eye.

Finally, I ended the fight by disposing the final Archer with my [Combo].


Picking up the silver coins, I said, “Long-range monsters are difficult for the close combat classes to fight by themselves, so for now, we will have Dong Cheng aggro them one by one. Wan Er, Wolf, and I will intercept them midway and kill them to save time.”

Dong Cheng Yue nodded. Aggroing monsters one by one, our killing efficiency continued to increase as we got more and more used to the process. Furthermore, my defense was really high so I could actually stay alive while going against three to five Archers at a time. The two Healers were quite happy too; never before had they seen a player that could attract this much aggro and still bear the damage.

Killing the Archers was far more difficult than clearing the Late Qin Spearmen. By the time we finished clearing the third floor, the sky had already brightened in the real world. We had persisted for six long hours and at 9 in the morning, we finally cleared the monsters of the third floor. Our group of people stood with weary faces in front of a great hall where the third floor’s emperor sat. The emperor this time was an old man with a scepter in his hand and was dressed in a blue gown. He somberly stared at us without a word.

“This time it is a magic type boss … …”

Dong Cheng Yue raised a hand, revealing the boss information to the whole party–

【Jie Emperor – Shi Le】 (Purple Tier BOSS)
Level: 59
Magic Attack: 1450-1900
Defense: 770
Health: 240,000
Skills: 【Lightning Blast】 【Thunderbolt Finger】 【Barbaric Thunder】

Description: Jie Emperor Shi Le. When the five barbarian tribes invaded the mainland China, Shi Le established the late Zhao regime. He is also the only person among the emperors that used to be a slave. Strong, powerful and an expert in magic, up until his death and even after, he guards Hero Ran Min’s spirit.


“It’s a Mage, so it’s not going to be too difficult to deal with him.” Lin Wan Er swept a glance over me and laughed evilly, saying, “If I remember correctly, Li Xiao Yao – your equipment’s added magic resistance is at least 40% or higher, right?”

I nodded, “Yes, it’s 47%. But I don’t know if it will be enough.”

Yuzi Chengshuo said, “It should be enough. This 47% resistance enhancement should be sufficient for you to be immune to about 20% of magic damage. Taking into account your 2800+ health, it should be quite hard for the Boss to KO you instantly before we get some heals in.”

“Okay, then I’ll get ready to tank the boss. The two of you, heal me properly!”

“Got it!”

Staying online for so long had made everybody dead tired, so I had to defeat this BOSS as fast as possible. I hefted my Frost Rain Sword and dashed over while Shi Le suddenly stood up, his eyebrows were raised while he said, “What scoundrel has had the audacity to enter my domain?!”

After saying that, he raised his scepter high into the air, “Pa!”; a thunderbolt abruptly flashed. It was one of the boss’ skills, [Lightning Blast]!


Trembling from head to toe, I continued to press onward. I let loose [Fierce Ice Blade] onto the Lv 59 Purple Tier BOSS, bringing forth more than 1400 points worth of damage and then felt a surge of air from my feet as I quickly followed up with [Strength of a Thousand Men], dealing close to 3000 points of damage. The boss’ health bar visibly went down a chunk.

“Boy, you really have guts!”

Shi Le looked at me with disdain. The ancient emperor still possessed the aura of a king and he brandished his scepter as the ground shook as lightning emerged from beneath my feet–this time it was [Barbaric Thunder]!



Far away, Matcha quickly started calculating, “The attack range is 5×5 meters, so don’t get too close Boss or else you’ll get caught up in it!”

Old K nodded and said while hefting his battle axe, “Right now [Barbaric Thunder] is on cooldown, so we’ll attack for 10 seconds and then see what happens after that!”

After saying that, Old K, Dong Cheng Lei, Fox, and Lin Wan Er charged forward together, striving to dispatch the boss as quickly as possible.


Red lights flashed everywhere, and the unlucky Shi Le’s health bar suddenly depleted rapidly. Although he was quite irritated, he persisted on casting [Lightning Blast] at me. It was a pity that there were two Healers behind me constantly replenishing my health and the boost from my magic resistance got in his way. There was no way he could kill me.

However, 14 seconds later, Shi Le flew into a rage. He suddenly opened his left hand as bolts of electricity flashed between his fingers. Growing cautious, I quickly yelled, “Wolf, Wan Er, you guys hurry up and retreat!”


Lin Wan Er looked up and reacted the fastest. She promptly opened her large umbrella, thereby shielding Wolf who was behind her!



A strand of lightning bolted out, immediately numbing me before becoming refracted and directly bounced onto Old K. Reflecting once more, it hit Dong Cheng Lei and dissipated with a “Pa” sound at Lin Wan Er’s iron umbrella. A continuous list of damage numbers popped up–



Kneeling onto the floor, Old K let out a miserable groan and was instantly killed. Dong Cheng Lei’s equipment was slightly better, so he still had a tiny bit of health left.


Yuzi Chengshuo hastily healed the group while knitting her pretty eyebrows, “This [Thunderbolt Finger] skill’s power is too strong… …”

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