Zhan Long

Chapter 161

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Chapter 161 – Battle Emperor of Di
Translated by Deception and GGP!
Edited by Sachin, Zephir and Video!

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Looking at the Boss in the distance, I whispered to the group, “A Lv 57 Purple Tier Boss! Can we even kill him? He has 250,000 health!”

Yuzi Chengshuo asked, “How do we fight him?”

After thinking it over in my head for a few seconds, I came up with an answer, “Let’s go with the usual tactics. I’ll go and attract more than 90% of its aggro while you and Darling Duck will heal me whenever I’m hurt. Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue will provide assistance in attacking. Matcha, you continue being an experience baby. Wolf and Old K, you guys act when possible but make sure to not get caught in AOE attacks.”

Wolf brandished his dagger readily, “Got it.”

Leaning on his battle-axe, Dong Cheng Lei asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, what about me?”

“Observe for now, but make sure to not die when you’re fighting the boss; raising your level back is really hard.”



Wan Er walked over and patted my shoulder, “Hey, don’t forget that there’s another Boss besides this one…”

“Damn, I almost forgot…”

With a flick of my wrist, Frost Rain Sword made an outline of a flower as I quickly entered the hall, saying: “Di Emperor Li Xiong has a general besides him, it’s a Lv 57 secondary Boss. I’ll attract the attention of the main Boss and try to drag him away from here. Dong Cheng Lei, Old K, you two aggro the secondary boss while Dong Cheng Yue and Wan Er help out with the DPS. Try to kill the boss within 3 minutes and then concentrate on the main boss.”

After hearing the strategy, Matcha, as the Godly Strategist of Zhan Long, nodded her head in approval.


Baby Bobo gently fluttered its wings in the wind as I rushed forward with my sword. The Frost Rain Sword flashed with the golden hexagrams of a Lv 6 [Combo] and started hammering away at the Di Emperor’s breastplate! Even though the boss’s defense stat was 1100, my attack power was far greater than that otherwise this battle would be next to impossible for us to win–



The air below my feet surged outwards as [Strength of a Thousand Men] activated. The first three hits didn’t do much damage, but with a cyan colored light encircling me the fourth strike was a fatal hit!



The final [Wind Blade] struck for a dramatic finish!



After returning to solid ground, I immediately jumped back as a MISS showed up above my head after an iron knife from the secondary boss failed to hit me. Emperor Li Xiong, furious, snarled as he brought his battle-axe to chase me, “There’s no use regretting your actions now. Die!”



Even with a defense of over 1300, I was completely crushed; that [Flame Blade] was just too strong! Hastily gulping down a health potion and having a [Heal] cast on me, I jumped back into the fight to slash at the Boss.

By my side Dong Cheng Lei roared with all his might, a [Flame Blade] was cast on his battle-axe as he attacked the secondary boss while Old K joined him in waving his battle-axe around. The two Berserkers quickly aggroed the secondary boss and had all of its attention!

“Army, hear my summons!”

At the secondary boss’ roar, the Di Knife Soldiers perked their heads while starting to batter Old K with their combos. It was a terrifying but astonishing sight to behold.



Fortunately, Yuzi Chengshuo had cast [Heal] right in the middle of the barrage with a pale face. “My god, our Old K can’t take this much longer, what do we do?!”

Dong Cheng Lei roared as he stood in front of Old K, brandishing his battle-axe and used [Penetration]. However, as soon as he swung, he also took on the full brunt of the BOSS’s [Fire Blade], causing his health to plummet. Even though his equipment was great, a Berserker’s natural defensive capabilities were lacking quite a bit.


A blood red light encircled the head of the secondary BOSS as the beautiful figure of Wan Er glided over. A hexagram twinkled as the Lv 55 Tigerman came stampeding out, “The two Berserkers watch out, let my little tiger do the work!” Wan Er cried.

Sure enough, the Tigerman snarled and quickly got into a messy fight with secondary boss. It had 4 points in endurance every level; meaning its defense was at least 1400 points. To my shame, it even beats my defense but this meant that the secondary Boss would have a hard time fighting it!

Yuzi Chengshuo gave a small smirk, ” I see, no wonder Wan Er had always said that a Tigerman’s value was exceptionally high. It’s because it’s potential to be a tank… Its attack power is high enough to even keep the aggro centered!”

Chuckling loudly, Wan Er replied, “Dong Cheng, have your Tigerman also be a Tank. We’ll go help Li Xiao Yao before Emperor Di has his head get beaten into that of a pig’s…”


A few dozen meters away, I slashed my sword out in anger at the Boss, “Why do you think that? Emperor Li Xiong won’t be able to kill me, I’m having fun here!”

Before I finished, Di Emperor Li Xiong shouted loudly as he held his battle-axe parallel to the floor while he spun around like a cyclone. Wind began to warp around his as I realized it was the warning signs of one of his skills: [Whirlwind Slash]!
TL: Whirlwind Slash was called Wind Blade in chapter 160 but is now changed (for chapter 160 too)


A strong gale started to blow as the edge of the axe began to spin like a spinning top at rapid speed. Emperor Li Xiong’s attack engulfed me before I even knew it, [Whirlwind Slash] was a skill that would strike 5 times, and would leave the victim in a world of pain. One hit at a time, the numbers flew out over my head, and even I started to feel despair creeping up-



During the 5 hits, Yuzi Chengshuo somehow managed to throw in a [Heal] just before my health ran out! Darling Duck may have been slower by a second but the second [Heal] was vastly appreciated. To be safe though, I tossed a Lv 6 health potion into my mouth and felt another 1000 health come rushing back to me.

The [Whirlwind Slash] had even swept up the bricks strewn all over the ground, what a savage skill. It had even left a deep mark on the ground where it had struck, it’s ability to kill was too strong! Yuzi Chengshuo called out, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai! Even with 1311 points of defense, you took that much damage! If he uses that move on someone else here, then that means a guaranteed death! Not even a well timed [Heal] can prevent that!”

Wan Er nodded her head in agreement, “That’s why we have to be careful!”

Right after she said that, Wan Er held her daggers out, using [Bleed] and [Gouge] to help bring down the health of the main boss even faster. Off in the distance, Dong Cheng Yue was also casting [Icicle] and [Pillar of Fire & Ice] to weaken the boss!

“Ho ho, Thou art merely mortals, and yet you dare invade the Five Barbarian territories?!”

As Emperor Li Xiong roared, he lifted his arms and axe once more a familiar gesture, he was about to cast [Whirlwind Slash] again!


[Whirlwind Slash] was about to hit and Wan Er was only a few meters away from me! She would had been hit for sure by it so I scrambled to get in front of her, ” Wan Er, look out!”

Wan Er’s eyes both widened in surprise, “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me!”

[Whirlwind Slash] devastated the lands in front of us and for a period of time, I felt bursts of pain from the skill as some hits landed on me. Yuzi Chengshuo gave me one of her [Heal]s while the other one went to Wan Er!

Wan Er’s eyes stared at the skill while her giant umbrella abruptly opened to take the attack and as a result began to shake uncontrollably. With a “Peng” Wan Er and her umbrella tumbled away while a number floated above Wan Er –

Slightly embarrassed, she said, “The umbrella has a high defensive capability but it wasn’t able to withstand the entire force of an attack. Looks like tanking is still the job of fighting classes…”

Yuzi Chengshuo snapped, “Don’t joke around like that Wan Er, I nearly had my heart stop after seeing that…”

Wan Er gave a sheepish laugh. “Ah, don’t worry too much!”


Not too far away, Matcha stood there quietly, “Boss, [Whirlwind Slash] can only be cast every 17.5 seconds. Cang Tong can resume attacking as usual and I’ll notify you to retreat 3 seconds before [Whirlwind Slash] comes back.”

Wan Er looked a bit surprised, “The people you recruit…they’re not exactly your average players are they?”

I gave a big smile and nodded, “Of course, Zhan Long members are all talented!”




A gunshot rang as a bullet was clearly visible in the middle of Emperor Li Xiong’s face. As he angrily slashed out with his axe at me, Wan Er laughed out loud, “I didn’t think that we’d have a Musketeer with us…”

Fox’s face looked helpless, “I didn’t want to attract the boss’ aggro or get the last hit…”

Dong Cheng chuckled, “Don’t worry about that brother Fox. Seeing your damage, it’d be impossible to get a last hit…”

Fox’s face went green, “Boss, why is it that the women by your side seem to love ridiculing us?”

I shrugged, “Get used to it…, Cang Lei, Old K, finish the secondary boss quickly!”


After what had been a few minutes, the secondary boss howled in pain as it crashed to the ground. Dong Cheng Lei stood besides the dead body of the secondary boss and laughed, “Brother Xiao Yao, the General dropped a Gold Tiered Ring, +29 attack, +30 Agility, but with a level requirement of 49. Who wants it?”

“Give it to Wolf, Wan Er’s Swift Dragon Ring is better than this one, no point giving her a subpar ring…”

Wan Er laughed, “Yea, I wouldn’t want it, I’d only want a ring that’s at least a Purple Tier~”

“Well then, I hope that our next few items will be Purple Tier, Emperor Li Xiong better not disappoint…” I commented.

“Dont jinx it…”

“Say that after you kill him!”

“Alright, alright.”


After 7 minute of hard battling, I had been hit by [Whirlwind Slash] countless times and it was only thanks to Yuzi Chengshuo and Darling Duck’s great healing capabilities that I had managed to stay alive. No one had thought a Lv 57 Purple Tier boss would be this tough.

“This boss is too tough, even tougher than the normal Purple Tiered bosses!” Yuzi Chengshuo said.

Wan Er chuckled lightheartedly, “The difficulty should correspond to the maps and missions. An SS ranked mission should have bosses that have quite a bit of hidden stats. By the way, this was only the first layer so the next four layers will definitely give us a harder time.”

Old K was surprised, “Oh beautiful Cang Tong, how do you know this tomb has 5 layers?”

Blinking her eyes, Wan Er answered, “Well, the first layer has the boss Emperor Li Xiong of the Di tribe and protected by the Di Knife Soldiers, so this layer represents the Di Tribe’s territory. It’s only natural to assume that the next layer will be another of the Five Barbarian Tribes—Di, Qiang, Huns, Xianbei, and Jie…”

Old K shivered from her knowledge and whispering to me, he said, “Li Xiao Yao, this chick knows stuff. Ah, a woman that reads is said to have a heart of ink and won’t be easy to pick up…”

My mouth twitched, “Don’t say that…”

Wan Er stunned the main boss before saying, “Old K, Let’s go back to the outskirts of Ba Huang City!”


“A battle to the death!”



By the time the chatter had settled down, the blood of the BOSS had dropped to a low percentage. Although it had originally 250,000 health, it couldn’t withstand our collective strength and merciless bombardments. Dong Cheng Yue’s pretty face lit up with excitement, “Waah, do you think there will be a Purple Tiered item in here? Xiao Yao’s charm is high, so there has to be at least one! I want a Purple Tiered staff with 2000 magical attack!”

I was dumbfounded by her, “2000 magical attack? You’re talking about a Lv 100 Emperor Tiered staff…”

Before I finished my sentence, I sent a [Wind Blade], and it crashed into the BOSS while a cyan colored light flashed from the sky, it was a fatal strike!



“Ah, ow…”

Emperor Li Xiong of the Di Tribe suddenly fell down the ground onto his knees while his battle-axe dropped next to his body. His half-rotten face was full of horror as he realized his impending fate, “I…I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die….”

I stepped in front of him and pushed my Dawn Boots onto his corpse, “You were already dead from the start…”

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