Zhan Long

Chapter 157

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Chapter 157 – Godly Strategist
Translated by: Zdog, GGP
Edited by: Manvender, Samuel, Video and others

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I logged off at around 4 in the afternoon, ate a quick box lunch with Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue and then returned to the dorm to go online. Everyone was ready to go and wanted to take advantage of the experience of the SS rank quest!



Afternoon, around 5 p.m: I spawned in the Green Grain Valley when I signed online. Feng Hua had already left from the room and I had no reason to stay so I used my Return Scroll to go back to Ba Huang City!

I invited Wolf, Old K, Fox, Matcha and the rest into the party until Zhan Long’s 7 core members were all in the party. We all met up at the Northern Market Area. At the same time, I messaged Wan Er, “Miss, where is the starting point of the quest?”

Wan Er answered, “At the junction of Jiu Li City, Fan Shu City and Ba Huang City. It is called Cruel Leaf Valley. Specific coordinates: Jiu Li City (47882, 90182). The monsters’ levels there are pretty high–at least Lv 60. Be careful and don’t rush. It should be fine if you arrive in about an hour.”

I replied, “Ah, I understand. See you at Cruel Leaf Valley!”



I turned around and looked at the Zhan Long Studio’s members. I told everyone, “Let’s verify again: all the equipment is repaired, full on potions, pardon cards and sealing cards. We got them all?”

Wolf nodded, “Don’t worry brother Xiao Yao, I already checked.”

Matcha held her sword, walked over to me and smiled, “Boss, could this SS-rank quest raise my level to 45ish?”

I looked at her. She was already Lv 39. While planning ahead, I said, “Definitely possible. Once we enter the zone for the quest, Matcha will stand in the back. Don’t get near any monsters. Your level is the lowest, so be a good ‘experience baby’ again.”

“Ah! Let’s go?”

“Let’s go!”

The seven of us left the city together. Dong Cheng Lei was up front, opening up a path. In his hands was a battle axe covered in golden flames; his entire body had a golden hue. This set of equipment caused Old K a great deal of jealousy, since both of them were second promotion berserkers. However, Old K’s items were completely overwhelmed by Dong Cheng Lei’s, but there was nothing he could do about it. We started with nothing. Dong Cheng Yue spent RMB to gear up Dong Cheng Lei. There was no comparison.

“Brother Xiao Yao?”

Dong Cheng Lei smiled in a simple manner, “Is Yue Er, that little brat, coming along with us as well?”

I nodded my head, “Yea. Dong Cheng, Wan Er and Yuzi Chengshuo. Those 3 are together. We will meet at the quest location. What’s up Lei? Is there a problem?”

Dong Cheng Lei rubbed his head and smiled, “Nothing. However, my dad told me to protect my younger sister. This time the quest is so dangerous, I will protect her well. She is my only sister; I can’t let her suffer any injuries.”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Good, that’s the spirit Lei. Don’t worry, we will all protect Dong Cheng Yue. Unless we all die, no monster will even touch a strand of her hair!”

Matcha was flying in the air, with a deadpan expression, “Boss really likes to use figure of speech……”

I didn’t respond. Raising my hand, with a sharp sound, I drew Frost Rain Sword. In a lowered voice, I said, “There will be a lot of monsters on the road and we can’t suffer any losses. Old K, Ah Lei, Wolf, the 3 of you will follow me to the front. We will open up a path. Matcha and Fox protect Darling!”


Inside of the Ba Huang Forest, there were many different types of monsters. On the road, there were Lv 30-55 monsters with some rare Elite Monsters mixed. You could only encounter Elite Monsters in Green Qilin Abyss and Fire Stone Canyon zones. Otherwise, Elite Monsters wouldn’t be so valuable in experience and drops.


A crimson light flew out and dealt 1145 damage. Song Han’s dagger danced and as soon as [Bleed] landed, causing the 1145 damage, he swiftly retreated. The wild bear could only swipe at an empty space; a MISS appeared. Song Han kept on attacking and retreating, his daggers continuously stabbing down at the bear. In the blink of an eye, the wild bear’s health bar was empty. It let out a sorrowful cry and fell. A Lv 48 monster couldn’t compare to Song Han’s tyranny.

Matcha narrowed her eyes and lightly laughed, “Little Wolf’s fighting ability is not bad. It has a very nice rhythm. Within China’s ranking for Assassin players, you ranked at least……”

Song Han was shocked, “Sister Matcha, what is my ranking at?”

Matcha lifts one finger.

“Top 100?” Song Han was secretly happy.

Matcha shook her head, “Stop dreaming!”

“Top 1000?”

“Yup” Matcha laughed, “Pretty much. Destiny servers, upon opening, took at least 50% of the gaming population. All different kinds of experts started to play Destiny. There were too many experts that play the Assassin class. I often visit websites with expert player rankings, in the Assassin category …… if the beautiful Cang Tong is not ranked number 1, then she is ranked number 2. Yue Qing Qian is top 10, Yue Wei Liang is top 20. Little Wolf, your level of fighting ability is around 200 in ranking. That is not too bad. After all, the amount of people on the server that played the Assassin class is over 300,000. Maybe I’m ranking you a bit too high……”

Song Han’s face turned green, “Sister Matcha, I understand. You are messing with me on purpose……”

“Hehee, really smart!” Matcha flew lower and extended her hand to give Song Han a pat on the shoulders. “Little Wolf, fight on. You are currently Zhan Long’s top Assassin. Don’t let your Brother, Xiao Yao, down! Put in effort to heighten your own skills. After this, I will look for some battle tactics for you to read. You must persevere. Otherwise, once the guild is established, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang and even the beautiful Cang Tong will join Zhan Long. Then within our Zhan Long’s professional Assassins, you won’t be in the top 3. How embarrassing, you were formerly Zhan Long Studio’s top expert……”

Song Han’s face started to turn purple, “Damn, if I can’t even be top 3, I won’t want to live. In the future, Sister Matcha, please give me many pointers ……”

Darling Duck was astounded, “Sister Matcha’s skills are really that good? Then why was it yesterday, when we were leveling together, your hit rate was less than 30%……and that your DPS was even lower than mine, a Healer using some basic spells……”
TL: DPS = damage per second

In a flash, Matcha’s beautiful face turned red, “I’m a Theoretician. At this moment, I can’t sync the game with my brain commands……”

I nodded my head, “Yea, Matcha is a strategist. Fox has already experienced this in the past?”

Fox smiled, “Yup. Yesterday, after logging offline, I used an official Destiny simulator to test Matcha 7 times. Each time the battle tactics had a success rate of over 97%. Someone with this kind of ability in most games would be called a ——— Godly Strategist!”

“Godly Strategist?” Dong Cheng Lei asked.

Old K raised his fist and laughed, “Haha, that’s great. From now on, as long as Zhan Long has the godly strategist Matcha, we don’t have to worry about any kinds of battles or competitions. Haha, that’s really great…..”

Matcha was even more embarrassed, “It’s just that my operating skills are bad……”

I laughed loudly, “No problem, operating skills can be trained slowly. Once Matcha has a sense of direction in-game, she will be a super refined expert. Even way stronger than me….”

Matcha pursed her lips, “Boss, you are ridiculing me. How could I even begin to compare to a Destiny top 10 expert…….”

Song Han gently laughed, “No problem, in the past 2 days, Brother Xiao Yao hasn’t been leveling. He will soon drop out of the top 10. You have a chance!”

Matcha, “……”

I took a glance, sure enough since I was idle for 2 days, my Lv 52 had dropped to Ba Huang City’s number 9 spot. This kind of rapid leveling is too frightening. Besides eating, going to the bathroom and sleeping, they are probably always online—–

1. Ji Feng Han LV 55 Class: Swordsman
2. Simple LV 55 Class: Mage
3. Yan Zhao Warrior LV 55 Class: Swordsman
4. General Li Mu LV 54 Class: Swordsman
5. Soaring Dragon LV 54 Class: Mage
6. Yue Qing Qian LV 53 Class: Assassin
7. Frozen Gravestone LV 53 Class: Swordsman
8. Drunken Spear LV 53 Class: Nature’s Knight
9. Xiao Yao Zi Zai LV 52 Class: Tomb Guardian of Dragon City
10. General Wang Jian LV 52 Class: Swordsman


In essence, the ranking was a battle between [Vanguard] and [Prague]. Jian Feng Han and his sister, Simple, were the top two. Followed by Yan Zhao Warrior and Yue Qing Qian, who were players from [Prague]. But there were 2 new people as well. One was Frozen Gravestone, who had appeared in top ranking list before and the other was Drunken Spear.

“Drunken Spear?” I frowned. “Have I heard of this person before?”

Fox lightly laughed, “You finally noticed that guy? Drunken Spear is originally from Jiu Li City. He just recently came over.”

“Nature’s Knight, a hidden class?” I asked. “What guild is he a part of?”

“Our rival, [Flying Dragon]!”

“Damn!” I clenched my fist, “Another rival.”

Song Han nodded his head, “Yea, Drunken Spear’s real name is Zhou Ning. From what I heard, he is the [Flying Dragon] deputy chief, Black Tortoise’s cousin. Black Tortoise is called Zhou Xuan. So, this person is destined to be our enemy.”

Dong Cheng Lei lifted his battle axe and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, do you want to kill this Drunken Spear person? Leave it to me. Ah Lei will help you take care of him!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and slapped Dong Cheng Lei’s shoulder, “Don’t, at this moment we don’t know if Drunken Spear has any hostility towards us. Also, we are still in the development stage. Don’t go pick a fight with [Flying Dragon]. Besides, Drunken Spear is an expert. You can’t overpower this enemy, Ah Lei. Save your strength for killing the BOSS!”

Dong Cheng Lei nodded his head, “Okay, Brother Xiao Yao, I’ll listen to you!”

Matcha’s lips twitched, “This younger brother is so well behaved……”

Dong Cheng Lei laughed in a silly manner, “Because Brother Xiao Yao is my brother!”

Matcha, “……”


50 minutes later, everyone arrived at the Ba Huang City zone’s border area. Further ahead was a barren canyon. Standing on the edge of the canyon, a message appeared: You have entered the [Cruel Leaf Valley] map, you entered the Jiu Li City zone.


Looking at the map, 3 little orange spots were quickly heading toward our location. I immediately stuck out my hand and waved, “We will briefly rest here, wait for Wan Er and Dong Cheng to enter the zone together!”


Far away the forest shook and 2 beautiful bodies emerged from the forest. One was a beautiful Moon Elf girl, Lin Wan Er, the other a pretty Wind Elf girl, Dong Cheng Yue. Behind them was a girl dressed in a magic robe. She had a nice face and her level was pretty high–a Lv 53 Healer. This was Yuzi Chengshuo, Jiu Li City’s [Emerald Porcelain] guild’s deputy chief!

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