Zhan Long

Chapter 155

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Chapter 155 – Breaking out of the Royal Jail
Translated by: Lnfan, GGP, Zdog
Edited by: Noah, Video, Samuel and others

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Lin Wan Er thought for a long time before saying, “Me, you, as well as Dong Cheng Yue. The three of us will start this quest together. Let’s clear all the beginning quests such as entering the quest zone, and then we’ll get the rest of them.”

“Ok then, it’s up to you. Oh yea, what about Yuzi Chengshuo, can we trust her?”

Lin Wan Er couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t worry about her. She was one of the top Healers in < >, and definitely the strongest Healer right now. So instead of worrying about her, why not just hope that your guild members have enough strength to endure. Hurry up and join my party. We’ll start the quest now.”


I accepted the invitation and saw that the party was in Fan Shu City. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue’s location indicators pointed toward the west which was the direction of Fan Shu City.

“Hehe, I can finally meet Li Xiao Yao again in game.” Dong Cheng Yue was happy as she started moving.

Lin Wan Er was silent as she quickly opened the Ran Wei Provision Order. The next moment, the system prompted: Congratulations, you accepted the SS rank quest [Five Barbarians Barren Hills]!

Quest information: First, in Fan Shu City, look for a man named Ran Lin, one of Ran Min’s descendants. He is one of Fan Shu City’s storytellers. Learn from him the exact location of Hero Ran Min’s crypt, and then search for it in the Five Barbarians Barren Hills. Then, in Ba Huang City, find a blacksmith named Feng Ye. Have him build a giant key using the quest map. This will open the Emperor’s tomb. Only upon finishing these, one can take the true journey. Please bring your friends as death will always be around the corner.

“This quest information.” I muttered loudly, “Five Barbarian’s invasion. Sigh, it’s about this.”

Dong Cheng Yue wondered, “What is Five Barbarian’s invasion?”

Lin Wan Er asked, “Li Xiao Yao, you also know what Five Barbarian’s invasion is?”

I smiled, “Ah, yes. I do know about its history, but it is quite heart-wrenching.”

Dong Cheng Yue asked, “So, what is its history?”

Giving the history an air of mystery, I said, “During the ancient Eastern Jin Dynasty, the Barbarian tribes invaded the Central Plains. They spread bloodshed in the Han’s lands, causing its population to be reduced by 75%. Those Barbarian tribes were very savage; they grabbed tens of thousands of Chinese women. Also, 50,000 innocent Chinese people were cooked in just one winter by those animals for food. That period was one of the most horrible parts of Chinese history.”

Dong Cheng Yue opened her eyes wide, “What … what happened next?”

I continued, “This was one of Hero Ran Min’s greatest humiliations, hence he created an army to punish the Five Barbarian tribes. Fighting for justice and peace, he was a famous war figure and made a path of blood towards the lands of the Barbarian tribes as he obtained a series of victories against those savages. Even the Five Barbarian tribes trembled upon hearing of his arrival. It is said that his army massacred over 50,000 barbarians, however…”

“However what?” Dong Cheng Yue was somewhat excited.

I said in a low voice, “However, the Five Barbarian tribes combined their forces to strike at Ran Wei’s lands. One day, Ran Min led 10,000 people out of the city to collect grain taxes. But he was suddenly surrounded by 150,000 tribesmen led by Mu Rong Jun of Xian Bei, one of the Five Barbarian tribes. He was eventually captured, but before he died, he said some words to Mu Rong Jun.”

“What did he say?” Dong Cheng Yue was completely hooked.

I said, “Ran Min, before he was killed, he said to Mu Rong Jun: ‘Chaos! You barbarians are beasts that proclaim themselves as Emperors. One day, we will rule over all of you….Over the years, I actually really grew to like this phrase said by a true hero!’”

Dong Cheng Yue’s eyes narrowed, “Ooooh, I like this hero!”

Lin Wan Er smiled slightly, “According to history, Ran Min was killed by Mu Rong Jun, and his body’s burial site is unknown. In < >, the designers chose to imprison Emperor Ran Min’s soul within the territories of the Five Barbarian’s Barren Hills, as the Five Barbarian tribes combined to suppress Ran Min. Thus, our mission is to kill the Five Barbarian tribes and release Ran Min’s soul!”

Dong Cheng Yue eagerly nodded, “Wan Er, Xiao Yao, shall we start the quest?”

In the team channel, I said, “Then, Wan Er, you go look for Ran Lin in Fan Shu City and find out the exact coordinates of the quest map. Meanwhile, I will go look for Feng Ye in Ba Huang City. Let’s divide into two groups and finish this task quickly so that tonight, we will wreak havoc on the Five Barbarian Barren Hills and avenge the innocent souls who died during the Savages attacks on the Central Plains!”

Lin Wan Er faintly smiled, “Well then, come on. I’ll give you the quest items that are required.”


“Snap.” I unfolded the quest map from my inventory and took a glance at it. It showed how to build the giant key. Many of the details were hard to understand and really looked tricky to implement. Otherwise, a Blacksmith wouldn’t be needed to produce it.

Carrying the Frost Rain Sword, I walked towards the blacksmith.


Bellows blew as 5 Blacksmiths sweated heavily. One of them was the Old Master Blacksmith while the other 4 were the apprentices. I have no business with the apprentices, so I directly went towards the old master, stared at his strong arms and shouted while smiling, “Master, I want to ask for your help!”

The master, without lifting his head, continued pounding with his iron hammer with a “Clang, clang” sound.


I took out 3 gold coins, clinked them back and forth, and finally the master looked up at me and asked, “Boy, is there anything you need?”

“Have you ever heard of a Blacksmith in Ba Huang City named Feng Ye?”

“Feng Ye?!” The master’s eyes flashed with surprise and stuttered, “You, what do need him for?”

“Do you know him?”

“Yes!” He peered with contempt at the gold coins in my hand, “However, those gold alone won’t make me say a word.”

I reached for my pocket and dug out another 7 gold coins, making it 10G, “Can you tell me now?”

“Well, your sincerity has moved me!”

The old master snatched the gold coins in my hand as he took a deep breath and said, “Ba Huang City’s Royal Prison cell No. 7. A man named Feng Ye is detained there, that’s him!”

I was shocked, “Why is Feng Ye imprisoned?”

“It started when Duke Lou Lei ordered Feng Ye to forge a legendary sword for when he was inspecting the soldiers. Who would have thought that the day before the completion of the sword, it suddenly broke. Feng Ye said the cause was the Demon residing in the gem of the sword handle, so naturally, Duke Lou Lei got furious and threw Feng Ye in prison.”

I nodded, “Thank you!”

Afterwards, I headed directly to Ba Huang City’s Royal Jail. The Royal Jail was in the palace, surrounded by an elegant environment.

On my shoulder hung Ba Huang City’s emblem, showing proof that I was an adventurer from this city, and thus I easily entered the palace and snuck towards the Royal Jail.


After waiting for 10 minutes, hidden behind a rock, I noticed the guard changing for another so I sprinted and jumped into the jail.

I cautiously navigated the jail while checking the cell numbers and prepared my sword just in case. I stopped at the 7th cell. Examining the cell’s interior, I was stunned by what I saw: a skinny old man who was about 70 years old or younger. It was hard to imagine how Duke Lou Lei could bear to incarcerate such an old man.


I smashed the cable holding the cell’s door and went inside.

“Who?” He was startled and opened his eyes, “You, who are you? Oh, are you a royal lackey of Ba Huang City? Damn! I will never use my skills in forging for that old dog Lou Lei again. I’ll never let him use my work to massacre civilians. Let him dream on!”

I moved closer, got down on one knee and pleaded, “Old man, I am not anyone’s lackey, but I do have a request. Please, you must promise me!”

“Oh, what request?” Feng Ye’s anger somewhat dissipated.

I took the quest map from my inventory and said, “This is a quest map. I would like you to forge me a giant key so that I can use it to finish my quest. ”

A look of astonishment suddenly appeared in Feng Ye’s face, “This map? Child, tell me the truth. What do you plan to use the key for?”

I answered honestly, “Emperor Ran Min’s soul is trapped at the Five Barbarian Barren Hills as the Five Barbarian’s evil spirits still persist. I want to free Emperor Ran Min’s soul, but I need a key that can open the entrance to his tomb.”

“Emperor Ran Min’s soul.” Feng Ye tightened his fist, “Then, young man, if you can take me away from this cell, I’ll forge this key for you!”


I bent down and saddled him across my back as he held tightly onto my armor. Meanwhile, my Cloak of Ice and Fire wrapped around him as I quickly rushed outside, the Frost Rain Sword at the ready.


A guard roared as I swept out of the prison, “Everyone! Someone broke into the jail and rescued old man Feng Ye! Hunt him down, now!”

I started sprinting as hard as I could, regardless of what was happening around me. Within the palace of Ba Huang City, a group of high level NPCs were chasing me; at least a hundred people!


I almost panicked as I looked back and dashed even faster while sheltering Feng Ye from attacks.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.” Spears wildly flew. Fortunately, I was fast enough, or else I would have already been impaled!


With a “bang” sound, a cone shaped piece of metal fell from the sky and caused 1700+ damage to me. I was jarred and instantly looked upwards. I discovered that it was a huge arrow from a Ballista on the wall. Damn! They’re using heavy weapons? Was Feng Ye that important?!

I was able to reach the North Gate Plaza with the help of my Lv 6 [Heal]. Behind me were a bunch of red-named NPCs which caused the players and stalls in North Gate Plaza to be scared silly——

“Isn’t he Xiao Yao Zi Zai?”

“That guy’s really crazy.”

At the city gate, 8 guards quickly drew their swords and yelled, “Intercept that rebellious fellow who is carrying Feng Ye. For the Empire! ”

My heart immediately sank. How could I pass through these 8 Lv 64 Elite NPC Swordsmen? Each of their Lv 7 [Combo] was enough to kill me!

Just then, two beautiful figures suddenly walked slowly from the outside. Those alluring figures were wearing the leather armor of Assassins. They were the twin assassins Yue Wei Liang and Yue Qing Qian!

“Isn’t that Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Why are there so many NPCs after him?” Yue Wei Liang said, surprised.

Yue Qing Qian drew out a dagger from her waist. Her eyes were full of unwavering determination, “Let’s strike the NPCs and open a path for Brother Xiao Yao. Come on! ”

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