Zhan Long

Chapter 154

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Chapter 154 – Ran Wei’s Provision Order
Translated by: Deception, GGP, Zdog
Edited by: Video, Noah, and others

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“Explain what?!”

Clapping my hands together as I stood up, I answered, “I was actually just sleepwalking, so just go back to sleep everyone. You all need to get Strawberry Matcha to Lv 40 tomorrow anyways.”

Strawberry Matcha covered herself with a quilt on the bed, “Boss, did you really sleep walk over to my room?”

Ran Min’s mouth twitched at the sound of that, “Do you really believe that Matcha? Obviously he came here because of his lust for a beautiful woman…Hmph, it was all an elaborate scheme. Setting you up in his room, there is no other reason!”

I curled my lips, “Say whatever you want… go back to sleep all of you…”

Tilting his head, Song Han stared at the corner of the box that was still sticking out from under the bed, “Ah, you should go to sleep early too. Also, your shoes are muddy, what were you doing for half of the night?”

Not bothering to hide anything from them, I pointed out the badge pinned to my arm, “Had a task to perform, that’s all.”

Fox was shocked to see it, “Xiao Yao, you’ve joined the police again?”

I nodded, “Yea, it seems that I was destined to do so. However, don’t tell this to anyone, I can’t let anyone know. That means you too Matcha by the way, this must be our secret.”

Matcha’s eyes blinked rapidly as she processed the information, then she made a grab for my wrist, “Boss, are you really a part of the police? Then if I’m being bullied in the future, will you…will you protect me?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, gently patting her shoulder, I answered, “Don’t worry, you are a member of Zhan Long. No matter who is bullying you, I will endeavor to protect your life. Now go back to sleep, you’ll be waking up early tomorrow at 7 to level. I may wake up late, so I’ll check up on you by noon, you better be Lv 38 by then!”

She nodded her head repeatedly, “Got it!”

Fox smiled, “Don’t worry, we got Cang Lei the RMB warrior helping out. Her fast leveling speed won’t a problem. That guy on the other hand, is quite barbaric. He charged into a group of monsters without thinking. Thankfully, Darling Duck was there to provide back up healing, Wolf and I feel pretty weak in DPS compared to him though, it’s quite frustrating to see that actually.”

Swiping the mud off my feet, I thanked Fox, “Understood, then go back to sleep, I’ll be heading out now.”

“Boss, be safe on the road.” Matcha smiled at me.

Song Han rubbed my nose, “Hmph, we live in the same building everyday but I never see Matcha this worried for any of us, only brother Xiao Yao…”

Old K sobbed endlessly, “Don’t even bring that up anymore, why is our s*x appeal so d*mn low? Xiao Yao, you tell us, how is it that you can talk to so many pretty girls?! Dong Cheng Yue, Yue Qing Qian and even our Strawberry Matcha, three beautiful women hold you in high respect…what the hell is your secret?”

Putting a deep and profound look on my face, I looked at Old K’s shoehorn face, “The secret is only 8 words– If you are handsome, the girls will come! I’m sorry to say Old K, but with a face like yours, you have no chance. Even South Korea’s plastic surgeons would throw their hands up…”

Old K started waving his fist, “F**k off!”

Strawberry Matcha laughed loudly as I fled from the studio.

Shortly after, I found myself jumping over the wall to get into Liu Hua Academy. Although the male dormitories were locked for the night, that posed no problem for me. Climbing a tree onto the second floor of the dorms, I entered through the doorway. Throwing off my clothes for a more comfortable wear, I climbed into bed and closed my eyes to sleep.

I awoke with the warmth of the sun shining onto my cheek. Squinting as I picked up the phone, I immediately shook off the remaining dregs of sleep. Damn it, it was already 12:20! Without realizing I had slept for so long, was it possible the “werewolf” from yesterday had zapped away that much energy from me? It couldn’t be…

“Beep beep…”

My phone started to ring, breaking me away from my thoughts; It was Wan Er’s number–

“Hello, Misses…” I was feeling a bit guilty.

Wan Er’s voice remain light and sweet as she talked, “So…why did you not come to class today?”

“I overslept, there were a few issues I had to take care of last night…”

“You were called by the professor today, he said that you should forget about passing the class…”

“Haaa?” My face grew purple in terror.

Wan Er’s laughter came in clear through the phone, “Haha, I’m only joking. I had another male student substitute in for you, so it’s all fine now. Dong Cheng and I are really hungry, so come on over and eat lunch with us okay?”

“Ah, I’ll be on my way, just hold on!”


Throwing myself off of the bed, I quickly washed up and grabbed a fresh set of clothes before running out the door.

When I arrived downstairs of the girl dormitories, both Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were anxiously waiting for me. Their elegant clothing and attractive looks illuminated the entire campus with their beauty. Dong Cheng Yue began to pout as she saw me, “Xiao Yao, you’re so slow today,”

My voice still full of regret answered her, “I’m sorry, I was busy, hehe. What would the young Misses like to eat for lunch?”

“How about Hunan Cuisine?”
TL Note: Cuisine from the Hunan province of China

“Alright, let’s go then. Who’s going to be paying this time?”

Dong Cheng Yue answered, “The prim and proper Miss Wan Er of course!”

I replied, “That’s great…”

Wan Er, “…”

Hunan Restaurant; after ordering four dishes and one bowl of soup, the three of us sat down.

After ordering, I looked up and stared at Wan Er’s delicate face. As if she noticed me staring at her, she turned her head to look back at me and immediately looked back down. Her fingers tapped onto the tablecloth, not knowing what to think or say.

“Wan Er, whats up?” I asked.

Wan Er, “Nothing really, why?”

I didn’t have the opportunity to inquire more, instead, I asked, “These past two days, what are your situations in ?”

Giving a rather surprised expression to my question, she answered, “Dong Cheng and I are still heading out to different maps. Then…we are getting random GoldTiered equipment occasionally, Fan Shu City seems to be having a boom in guilds being established I suppose. [Hero Mound] has found 5 Purple Tier items in a span of 2 days, quite the good luck so far. Other than that, another guild has found only one Purple Tier weapon in those same 48 hours, hehe~~”

My eyebrows raised as I listened to her, “5 Purple Tiered items, what are they?”

Wan Er began to describe them to me, “There’s a Lv 50 Purple Leather Leggings that was given to me. The Lv 48 Purple Armored Boots were given to Q-Sword and a Lv 49 Purple Necklace as well. A Lv 46 Purple Axe was given to the number 1 Berserker of [Hero Mound]. Finally, a Lv 50 Purple Cloak was rolled away by a Mage.”

Dong Cheng Yue stuck out her mouth, “What a shame, I strategized most of the BOSSes, and got nothing in return. Calling me the number 1 Mage of [Hero Mound], hmph!”

I waved both hands to them, “Then come to Zhan Long with me there are a lot of Mage equipments that already has your name on it!”

Dong Cheng was ecstatic to hear that and rubbed her hands in glee, “Is that okay? Can I join Zhan Long now?”

Wan Er whispered to Dong Cheng loudly, “Dong Cheng, don’t be like this, I can’t put up with this any longer…”

Dong Cheng giggled, “Well Xiao Yao, I won’t join Zhan Long just yet, because of my contract with Q-Sword. I won’t be able to leave [Hero Mound] for another month at the least, but rest assured–Wan Er and I belong to you!” She said while patting my hand in reassurance.

It was my turn to blush, “What do you mean you guys belong to me?”

Wan Er’s face went red at the same time as mine, “Dong Cheng, could…could you be a little more tactful with your words?”

Dong Cheng gave a wink, “Why hasn’t our food come yet?”

Wan Er said, “It has only been 3 minutes since we ordered…”

Finding this topic boring, I started looking around at the place, but mostly at the two Misses. Both of Wan Er’s hands were propping her chin up and black gemstone like eyes looked back at me. I couldn’t help but be attracted to her beautiful eyes while she wore a white lattice jacket and blouse. The sight of it had nearly made my heart burst! Quickly checking my nose, I was fortunate enough to not have a nosebleed after this heavenly sight.

Wan Er saw my sudden movement with a slight smile on her face, though she did not comment on it and instead continued to stare at me.

It seemed like forever before the food came. We quickly finished up the food and parted ways as the two girls wanted to continue leveling. It was about time for me to go online too and look at the progress of everyone.


Getting online, I returned to the city to repair my equipment and to remove some of the garbage that was stored in my inventory. I stashed the items I wanted to sell in a stall and decided to sell since I wasn’t in a hurry to raise my level.

20 minutes hadn’t even passed when I received a message from Wan Er, “Li Xiao Yao, I have something for you to look at!”

“Oh? What is it?”

In a flash, Wan Er brought out an illustrated handbook, it was for a dark colored sign–

[Ran Wei’s Provision Order]: In ancient times, a hero named Ran Min issued these Provision Order, but it has become a story tale that has been forgotten. It is time to bring back the forgotten past! With the token, the owner can start an SS ranked mission; only 10 people can do this mission at once and the owner must be at least Lv 50. It will also consume 5 points of charm!
TL: The story of Ran Min, Heavenly Prince of Ran Wei and yes Old K = Ran Min = Name of hero in ancient China

“Damn, an SS ranked mission?” My eyes popped wide open,”Wan Er, This Ran Wei’s Provision Order quest is amazing, how did you come across something like this?”

Wan Er chuckled, “It only took 50 Gold, bought it from the hands of a child. What’s the matter, not interested?”

“How could I not be interested? However…” I trailed off.

I hesitated only momentarily before continuing, “You are one of the deputy chiefs of [Hero Mound], top priority should go to Q-Sword and the other members to complete an SS ranked mission like this right?”

Through the dialogue box, Wan Er revealed her beautiful eyes, a murderous glare staring right at me, “I was looking for you, try and find another reason I dare you!”

I apologized rapidly, “Okay, I agree!”

Wan Er lightly laughed, “That’s more like it…”

A question occurred to me, “Still, we need 10 people total to do this, how will we do this? With you, me, and Dong Cheng, that’s three people. We would need to find 7 more people, how will you choose the last 7?”

Tapping her mouth, Wan Er said, “I hadn’t given this any thought, what would you suggest?”

I felt somewhat nervous in my heart, “Then what about if we brought along the members of Zhan Long? How’s that idea…”

Wan Er was a little taken back, smiling, “Sure, who’s currently in Zhan Long at the moment? And what level are they?”

“Give me a second, I’ll check!”

Looking at my friend’s list, I continued, “Wolf is a Lv 46 Assassin, Old K is a Lv 45 Berserker, Fox is a Lv 45 Musketeer, Matcha is a Lv 38 Swordsman, Darling Duck is a Lv 46 Healer, and Cang Lei is a Lv 47 Berserker. In total, there is 6 people, and including us three, we still need 1 more person to make 10…”

“Level 38…wouldn’t they drag us down? After all, this is an SS ranked mission…” Wan Er hesitated, before smiling once more, “Whatever, Dong Cheng, you and I are powerful enough by ourselves. Let’s find another Lv 50 Healer, then we can go ahead and start this mission!”

“Okay, did you have anyone in mind?”

“Yes, Yuzi Chengshuo, a Lv 53 Healer and Fan Shu City’s strongest Healer. Also the deputy chief of the [Emerald Porcelain]!”


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