Zhan Long

Chapter 151

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Chapter 151 – Purple Tier Pet

Translated by: Zdog, GGP, and others
Edited by: Video, Noah, Samuel, and others

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Matcha’s feminine body floated aimlessly in the wind as she held her longsword. She narrowed her eyes to look at me and whispered, “Boss, what is the adjustment degree/angle, where do I go to find it?”

As I sprinted across the frost and snow covered ground, I yelled out, “Never mind the controls, remember to turn your body at the right time. Fly northeast at 45 degrees; I will meet up with you half way to help cover you!”


I drew my Frost Rain Sword and I threw Baby Bobo. With the speed boost from my throw, Baby Bobo charged ahead like lighting. A continuous 4 hit [Combo] damage appeared on top of a Lv 47 Mage’s [Mana Shield]. It didn’t break the Mage’s [Mana Shield], but the damage exceeded his maximum health by 20%. This caused the Wind Elf Mage to lose his flight ability,, making him fall directly downwards.

“Ka Cha!”

My body flew towards him as my sword pierced through the Mage’s neck. I broke through [Mana Shield] and dealt 1138 damage, killing him instantly. At the same, I stomped on the ground, jumping to a height of almost 6 meters. With both of my hands holding the sword,. I delivered a heavy cut to a Wind Elf Swordsman’s shoulder in mid air.


In one blow, I took out his flying advantage and used a [Wind Blade] to insta-kill him!

“Pa Cha!”

I extended my hand to catch the bracers that the Swordsman just dropped. I quickly ordered Baby Bobo to attack another Wind Elf Archer. With a single hit, his flying advantage was taken care of which allowed me to easily bring them to their deaths.


A gunshot sounded as my back suddenly started burning and I lost 400+ health. From behind me I heard Piggy say in an angry yell, “The three in the front hunt down Strawberry Matcha. The rest focus on Xiao Yao. Kill him first, Strawberry Matcha is nothing!”

In the air, 10 plus Wind Elf players turned around at the same time. In an instant, [Shattered Shot], [Pillar of Fire & Ice], and [Aimed Shot] all landed after me one after another. My body had the sensation of intense burning and chilling cold while my health almost dropped to zero.

“Go to hell!”

A Wind Elf Swordsman rushed down while his sword was surrounded with flames!

I stuck out my palm and activated [Reflect] as the spell’s effect started to swirl under my feet!



The skill reflected 100% of the damage back to him. With a swing of the Frost Rain Sword, I finished off the rest of his health under his panicked gaze. The moment I landed, I started to roll onto the snow covered ground. One health potion and a [Heal] recovered my health to over 80%. But my right arm suddenly felt a chill, and I took 2 [Icicle] spells. The opponent’s high level Mages appeared across the snowy field; this time was going to be very dangerous!

As I sprinted, I counter attacked with my sword. At the same time, I kept an eye out for any updates from Matcha.


In the air, Matcha let out a shocked cry; she had taken a hit from a [Scatter Shot] which destroyed her wings. Her body fell down and with a loud “thump” and landed in the snowy field!

“Oww ow, it hurts…”

She stood up and rubbed her arms.

My heart in my throat, I yelled out, “Matcha, don’t move backwards, the abyss is behind you!”

“Ah? Boss…”

Matcha stood there dumbstruck. Then, realizing what I just said, she instinctively took a step back and started falling!

I thought of killing myself, to have gone through all that and yet… this dumb girl!


Purple Dawn Boots stepping on snow, I got there within a couple of strides. With no hesitation I rushed over to the spot where Matcha fell and immediately jumped down. Finding Matcha, I quickly grabbed Matcha’s arm and held onto it tightly!


Matcha lifted her head and looked at me, her eyes were all red, “I’m useless…”

I flashed a sunny smile, “How could you say that, you’ve proved your worth!”


Without waiting for Matcha to finish talking, I pierced the mountain side with my sword. I needed to slow our falling speed to have even a chance of survival. Otherwise we would fall to our death like Liu Ying and the rest. We wouldn’t even get our dropped equipment back!

“Clang Clang Clang…”

The sword made an ear-piercing sound as it carved into the rock surface. I hugged Matcha as we slipped further down. Suddenly, we moved away from the cliff and our bodies were in the air as we rapidly descended 100 meters!

“Boss, there is a dried vine!” Matcha shouted out.

I quickly yelled back, “Hold onto me!”

Matcha extended her arms and quickly hugged me. At the same time, I reached out and grabbed onto the dried vine. As we slid down we heard a loud, “bang”, and the vine snapped. It could not support our weight since it had been dry for too long. In a panic I tried to wildly grab something. “Peng” Our fall suddenly stopped. Lifting my head to take a look, I saw that I grabbed a protruding rock. However, it was very sharp and my palm was pierced by it.


Drops of fresh red blood fell from my palm onto Matcha’s nose. She looked at me and then at the rock. With red eyes that were on the verge of tears she asked, “Boss, does it hurt?”

I clenched my teeth, “Nope, piece of cake….”


I looked ahead and said, “Matcha, the dried vine did not grow from the rock surface. It extends out from the cliff. Look for the roots of the vines, that can be our hiding spot.”


Matcha looked around with her pair of pretty eyes. Suddenly she pointed with a finger, “Boss, quickly look, the dried vines are coming out from a cave. It’s about 3 meters away from us.”

“Okay, let’s climb up!”

I used the dagger that was dropped by an Assassin to stab into the protruding rock. Then I slowly climbed towards the cave as I used all my strength, and then some, to carry Matcha into the cave. The cave was very shallow, only a few meters across. But we were out of combat, which was good news because we could use a City Return Scroll to return to the city now.


Matcha knelt in front of me. Holding my hand with hers, she looked over the wound on it, “This wound doesn’t look like it will heal easily. You need a Healer to cast [Therapy] right?”

I nodded, “No problem, this is a light wound. It won’t affect my stats.”

“Okay, does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t!”


“What does your “Hehe” mean….”



Matcha’s pair of pointy ears perked up; Wind Elves’ senses were very keen. She smiled slightly, “The players from [Wrath of the Heroes] are still hunting for us, what do we do? Do we return to the city or wait here for a bit?”

“Your choice.” I returned the Frost Rain Sword back to its sheath.

“Okay, let us play around here for a bit. Hehee, let us accompany those dummies…”


Matcha stood up, and from within the cave she picked up some dried twigs. Standing in front of me, she said, “It is cold here, how about we start a fire to keep warm!”

“Too bad there is no lighter.”

“No problem, we can learn from the caveman. The hand-drill method!”

“Fine, drill away!”

Matcha stood up as she started to look for two pieces of wood. Soon afterwards, she knelt down next to me. Using strength to drill, her fragrant perspiration filled the cave. After 10 minutes of trying, there was finally some smoke. “Hua” the pile of wood lit up. In front of my eyes, the fire gave off a feeling of comfort. The fire jumped and brought the smoke outside of the cave. If the [Wrath of the Heroes] players at the edge of the cliff saw it, they would be angered to death since, in the end, they weren’t able to kill us.

Matcha hugged her knees while she sat next to me. She looked so gentle that she might melt away, laughing as she looked at me, “Boss, if only we had some chicken wings to grill. It would be perfect for the situation…”

I laughed, “No problem, we have something else!”

“Oh, what else?” Matcha opened her little mouth.

I stuck my hand into my bag and grabbed a bunch of butterfly eggs. These were dropped by the Illusionary Butterfly Queen. They were considered food ingredients, but I wasn’t sure how to cook them. So we will grill and eat them….and move on. Actually in the past, I ate grilled spiders while I was on a task in the mountain. They tasted alright……

“Hey, do these have good flavor…” Matcha squinted her eyes.

I laughed out aloud, extended my hand, and threw all 7 eggs into the fire pit. They made a “crackling” sound in the fire as a scent similar to grilled eggs wafted over. Hmm, the taste might not be bad…

“Pa Cha….”

The 7 eggs bursted open, the insides full of white pulp, except for the last egg. When it burst, a golden light appeared from within. Suddenly my heart started to race and I yelled out, “Sh*t! Not good….”

I quickly stepped onto the fire pit making the embers fly everywhere. The egg rolled on the ground briefly. Inside of it was a young, pretty golden butterfly! It slowly stretched its wings out and above its head were words that could give someone an heart attack..

【Illusionary Butterfly Queen】 (Purple Tier pet)
Level: 1
Status: No owner

“Boss, this….” Matcha’s mouth dropped open.

I quickly drew the Frost Rain Sword and pulled over Matcha’s small hands, “Matcha, do you want this Purple Tier pet?”

“This…what is going on, Boss?” Matcha was completely senseless.


With a prick from my sword, fresh blood started to flow from Matcha’s fingertip. I grabbed her finger and placed it on top of the larva’s body. Suddenly golden light filled every part of the cave, followed by the notification sound-


System notice: Player [Strawberry Matcha] and Purple Tier pet [Illusionary Butterfly Queen] have sealed the ownership contract. The pet was the server’s first Purple Tier pet! Player rewarded: Level +4, Charm +5!

Reading the system notice, I grinned, “Good, Level +4, Charm +5, that’s quite the bonus…..”

Matcha stood there dumbstruck and bit her lips. She asked, “Boss…..this is a Purple Tier pet. Why didn’t you take it for yourself and instead give it to me?”

Without thinking I responded, “I like physical pets, besides……Matcha you are part of Zhan Long now. Why be so calculating? With the Illusionary Butterfly Queen in your hands, it is like Zhan Long is growing stronger! Quick, let me see the Purple Tier pet Illusionary Butterfly Queen’s pet panel, what is so special about it …..”


Matcha waved her hand and summoned the skills panel.

My face darkened, “Not this….I want the pet panel….”

Matcha continued to summon, but this time it was the character panel.

I was almost petrified.

Finally she got it right after 5 summons. Pet panel, Illusionary Butterfly Queen’s properties-

【Illusionary Butterfly Queen】
Attack: ★★★☆
Defense: ★★★★★
Health: ★★★★★☆
Agility: ★★★☆
Magic: ★★★★★★☆
Abilities:【Fierce Fire Wind】【Vines of Dancing Butterfly】【Abyssal Flames】
Excellence: 89%

Damn, 6.5 star magic growth. Sure enough, this destroys the other magic pets!

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