Zhan Long

Chapter 147

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Chapter 147 – Illusionary Butterfly Queen

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“It doesn’t look like a butterfly, but rather a gigantic, beautiful kite…”

Strawberry Matcha looked hesitant.

With the Frost Rain Sword in hand, I looked around. Far off in the valley, there was a giant butterfly floating under a giant maple tree. With it’s four splendid wings spread wide open, its ornate patterns looked just like a beautiful picture, making it seem more and more like a huge kite. However, at the center of the picture was without a doubt a body and a pink skull attached to it. There was no doubt that it was a butterfly!

Squinting, I smiled, “We’re in luck! Strawberry Matcha, let’s hurry over there, I can’t see properly because we’re too far away, so I can’t say for certain it’s a boss!


Sword in hand, I plunged towards the depths of the valley with Strawberry Matcha flying down with her own weapon.

Not daring to get any closer in fear of alerting this special butterfly, I stared at it from 70 yards away to try and see its stats. I was not wrong in my guess, this really was a boss, and even better, it was magic oriented, so I could easily fight it–

【Illusionary Butterfly Queen】(Purple Tiered Boss)

Level: 57

Magical Attack: 1400-1850

Defense: 740

Health: 220000

Skills:【Fierce Fire Wind】【Abyssal Flames】【Vines of the Dancing Butterfly】

Description: After the Illusionary Butterfly Queen was abandoned by the Illusionary Butterfly King in the forest, its magical powers increased in potency. It has become extremely sensitive to the powers of nature, so be careful not to be buried alive in the vines of the Illusionary Butterfly Queen’s.


“It really is a boss, and a Lv 57 Purple Tiered one too! “I pumped my fist with a laugh.

Strawberry Matcha was a little worried by this, “Boss, aren’t you afraid that the two of us won’t be enough to beat it? Even…even though you have [Heal], you can only cast it once every 6 seconds. The Illusionary Butterfly Queen has a magical power of 1850, it is enough to overpower your healing rate, I’m worried that you’d be killed….”

I waved the Frost Rain Sword with a small chuckle, “How do you know if you haven’t tried yet?”

Pursing her lips, Strawberry Matcha nodded slowly, “If you say so then. I just saw that [Vines of the Dancing Butterfly] has a cool down of 50 seconds, and your [Strength of a Thousand Men] has a cool down of 60 seconds. If you get caught in [Vines of the Dancing Butterfly], then [Abyssal Flames] will kill you for sure. So be ready to dodge at all costs, and also, [Fierce Fire Wind] has a cast time of 0.5 seconds. Boss, you don’t have a huge amount of time to dodge [Fierce Fire Wind], but if you do, then you’ll have a higher chance to win. What should I do in the meanwhile?”

I gave her level a glance, “Well, you should stand some distance away and observe, or else you might risk getting killed by [Abyssal Flames]”

“Okay then, good luck Boss!”


Strawberry Matcha flew back a good length and I grasped the Frost Rain Sword in preparation with Baby Bobo at my side. This boss only had 220,000 health, I’ll win for sure!


The Purple Dawn Boots swept over the rocks as I flew from the air downwards. “Pa!” Pushing off from the cliff side, I brought my Frost Rain Sword over my head, the sword shone with the misty glow of [Fierce Ice Blade] as I struck with a sneak attack!


The sword had practically impaled the Illusionary Butterfly Queen’s body while simultaneously slowing her down!

“Boss, your fighting stance is so beautiful…” From behind, Strawberry Matcha clapped her hands. This silly little sister really didn’t know the meaning of fear.

Underneath the strong [Fierce Ice Blade], the Illusionary Butterfly Queen flapped her wings as she tried and take off. With shouts of “Jiji”, her entire body was suddenly surrounded by intense fire and immediately sent a [Fierce Fire Wind]!

I tried to move aside, but my foot didn’t react in time, and because I didn’t see the 0.5 second activation glow of her skill, my whole body was set aflame, and my health instantly dropped by a huge amount!


Sure enough, this was an extremely strong magic attack; I couldn’t stand to take another one of these!

Turning around, I rushed to the side of the boss and tried to use my movements to slow down the Boss’ attacks. At the same time, golden stars appeared on Frost Rain Sword and a 4 hit [Combo] landed on the boss. It caused nearly 2200 damage!


Quickly taking a few steps back, the [Fierce Fire Wind] sent by the Queen hit the ground where I was previously standing resulting in the words floating above my head, MISS.

Strawberry Matcha floated about in the air, and could not help but to clap, “You dodged that in style, boss! I wanted to help out, so I decided to keep track of the timing! Looking at the boss, [Fierce Fire Wind] has another 1.5 seconds until the cooldown is over, so including the activation sequence there’s still 2 seconds left! Boss, it looks like with your agility, you can easily predict the skills. I’d say that [Fierce Fire Wind] would have at least a 50% MISS rate, this will be an easy fight for you!”

I moved sideways, using a [Wind Blade] on the body of the Illusionary Butterfly Queen and a regular attack to hurt her for at least 2500 damage. Baby Bobo successfully launched multiple attacks while I was gathering my thoughts about what to do next. If the boss sent out a [Fierce Fire Wind], both me and Baby Bobo would need to dodge avoid anymore health loss, if we both get hit then, I would need to use a bunch of [Heal]s to recover the health lost.


Thrusting the Frost Rain Sword into the BOSS’ abdomen, a cyan colored ray of light fell from the sky onto my sword all of a sudden, signifying a fatal strike! This fatal strike dealt 2000 damage to the Illusionary Butterfly Queen, surprising even me. With this strength, it seemed like my attacks would be enough to kill any player or monster efficiently.


The Illusionary Butterfly Queen screamed shrilly as it’s four wings bursting open with anger. It was another skill–[Abyssal Flames]!


The skill had a 4 by 4 meter attack range which was impossible to dodge. Immediately, my foot caught on fire, taking away more than 900 health. Fortunately, it was not all that deadly, and with my level being so high, getting hurt with an attack like this wasn’t a big deal anymore. In a flash, [Vines of the Dancing Butterfly] came at me, but I was prepared for this with my own skill. Using [Strength of a Thousand Men], I cleared all of the vines. Having a combo was an incredible advantage!

In less than a minute, the BOSS had already lost more than 15% of its health!

Strawberry Matcha stood far away, calculating the data with a chuckle, “I’m speechless with your damage, boss. Within a minute, you have done 57,542 damage total, but the BOSS has been regenerating its health quickly, in fact, only 33,000 damage has been done. Keep up the good work, in 7 minutes you’ll be able to kill this big butterfly, and get a huge amount of experience~~”

With a MISS, I dodged the [Fierce Fire Wind] while saying, “Ah, I won’t be talking, or else the pressure is a bit big but be careful Strawberry Matcha. There might be other players around the area that want the boss. We need to be careful someone doesn’t last hit the BOSS and snatch it away from us.”



I continued to concentrate on killing the boss and realized the pressure of trying to kill this boss wasn’t all that bad. My equipment was constantly upgraded so why did I think that I would not be able to fight this boss? Despite it being a Level 57 Purple Tiered Boss, it was an undeniable fact that the Illusionary Butterfly Queen was slowly being dominated by my attacks, and was retreating backwards. It couldn’t even hope to one-shot me.

Strawberry Matcha was flying around carefully with a sword, looking out for other players and acting as a sentry.

The Illusionary Butterfly Queen’s stats did not beat any of my 5 stats, so it was easy enough to kill. For anyone concentrating on killing a boss, a dodge rate of at least 65% was needed for [Fierce Fire Wind], otherwise the amount of damage taken would be unsustainable without the use of a skill like [Heal]. Because the boss was focusing solely on me, it had forgotten about Baby Bobo, but unfortunately, Baby Bobo had been caught in the [Abyssal Flames] and [Fierce Fire Wind] combo by accident, and was killed.

In 6 minutes, the boss only had 10% health left and was not much of a threat. My heart rate began to calm once again, while circling around the boss slowly with my sword in hand, I called out to Strawberry Matcha, “Do you see anything out of the ordinary?”

Strawberry Matcha has been sitting on top of a tree branch, with her green hair flying and long legs swinging. Laughing, she said “No, no players are nearby, we are too far into the valley, boss. But still, you are high leveled so be careful to look and see if there are any Assassins around. To have the final hit on the BOSS be stolen from us will be the most annoying thing ever!”

“Got it!”

A “Hua” was heard as Strawberry Matcha jumped down from the tree branch with her sword in hand. Her body floated above the ground and her pointy ears listened carefully. A pair of beautiful eyes stared tensely at the situation around us, she had already been consciously looking around to detect any close by Assassins!

I was secretly delighted, although Strawberry Matcha was concentrating heavily, < > did not have such a difficult system of learning and a little more training would help in adding another strong player to Zhan Long’s main power. Ah, what a reliable person!


Finally, the moment of truth!


Using [Strength of a Thousand Men] to land the killing blow, the Illusionary Butterfly Queen dropped to the ground with a cry. Behind me, Strawberry Matcha leveled up twice with a “Shua shua” sound, and I myself went from 2% at level 52 to 47%. The experience from a Purple Tiered Boss was quite generous, but it was the equipment that dropped I was looking forward to!

Taking a stride forward, I put all of the things the boss dropped into my inventory and with a closer look, I saw a total of three equipment: A verdant green staff, a shiny necklace that shone like the moonlight, and a fire, red wrist guard. They all looked pretty decent in aesthetics department.

Waving a hand over it, the details of the staff appeared in the party chat–

【Jade Pot Staff】(Purple Tier)

Magic Damage: 440-720

Endurance: +39

Ability Power: +37

Extra: Increases the effectiveness of healing skills by 10%.

Extra: Increases maximum health by 300.

Required Level: 47


Putting the Twisted Jade Staff into my inventory, I said, “We’ll give this staff to Zhan Long’s Healer, Darling Duck okay?”

Strawberry Matcha gave a wink, “Of course, I obey the boss!”

I continued to look at the second item, the necklace that was moon shaped-

【Red Rain Chain】(Gold Tier)

Agility: +40

Endurance: +32

Extra: Increase the damage of all Musketeer skills by 7%

Required level: 48


My mouth twitched, it was stereotypical musketeer equipment, I looked back at Strawberry Matcha, “Strawberry Matcha, this is best for Fox, so let’s return and give this to him.”

Strawberry Matcha looked confused, “Boss, which one is Fox?”

“The one that looks quite old…:”

“You mean the one that looks like a 45 year old uncle?”

I almost vomited blood, “Damn! Strawberry Matcha, you cannot say this to him, he’ll get angry with you, In reality, he is only 27 years old, he didn’t age well though…”

Strawberry Matcha stuck out her tongue, “I know that boss!”

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