Zhan Long

Chapter 143

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Chapter 143 – Wait For My Return

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The Locus Rings finally expired around 9 pm. Once the learning limit had been reached, the skill book in the secret chamber started to crumble. This signified that the skill could no longer be learned. Also, the map indicated that Elite Monsters had started to drop the one-time pass to access the study more often. With it, one could also learn the skill and so, our way of earning money had come to an end.

After Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue left, the members of Zhan Long had a meeting – – – –

Little Wolf asked, “Such a large sum of money, how do we split it?”

I replied, “Since Darling Duck cannot join our Zhan Long Studio right now, we can’t let her efforts go unrewarded, so I suggest that we give her 1000G. The cost of living for women is quite hefty; they have to spend a lot for their cosmetics. A silk stocking is about 10 yuan while nightly skin repair are even more expensive. Being a girl is not easy. Then there is the period thing, give her a little more……”

Darling Duck was standing, her cheeks blushed red: “Boss, you really know everything, you’re really worthy of being my boss.”

Little Wolf, flustered, took out 1000G from his inventory and traded with Darling Duck while saying, “We will do as the Boss said. This 1000G will be a gift for meeting the beautiful Darling Duck. By the way, do you really not want to come over to Zhan Long’s studio?”

Smiling, Darling Duck shook her head and said, “Truth be told, I want to meet all of you but I am in school right now, therefore I cannot join the studio. Furthermore, my mom is really strict. If she were to find out that I was living together with a group of men, she might kill me, even though she loves me.”

Me: “……”

Little Wolf: “……”

Old K: “We’d better start discussing how to spend all the money.”

I nodded: “Don’t worry about that. Fox needs to have the gold converted before the exchange rate drops again. While we must put aside at least 50000 RMB so that we can get the 10000G for the creation of our guild.”

Little Wolf suggested, “Well, as we are no longer low-leveled, how about we go on a Boss hunt?”

“Not yet, we still need more members. With at least 10 people, we’ll get the highest possible experience.”

“Then we’ll recruit more members tomorrow!”

Fox coughed as he said, “Boss, the studio also needs to be improved…”

“Why?” I wondered.

Tightly clenching his fist, Fox said, “We need someone to sweep the floor, wash the clothes and prepare the food since we cannot eat at a restaurant daily; it’s too extravagant and wasteful. Moreover, Old K’s unwashed socks really smell. There were times when I woke up at noon and was almost killed by the smell”

I replied, “I see, then we must hire someone. Do you want the person to be a female?”

“Right, the best would be a woman who is really good at cooking. We don’t need her to be very strong in the game,…. As long as she can take care of others, keep the studio clean and free from dusts and messes.”

“Alright,” I agreed. “However, we should first settle her monthly salary.”

“Hmm, shouldn’t you come to the studio this evening to discuss the details?”



I went offline and accompanied Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue for dinner. Afterward, I went to Zhan Long’s studio.

By the time I arrived, around 11 pm but the studio was fully lit.

Little Wolf, Old K and Fox sat, encircling the table, working on the recruitment details. I stepped forward, glanced at what they had so far and was shocked——

Recruitment notice: Zhan Long studio of the game < > is currently looking for a female, around 17-29 years old. Must have a solemn yet gentle look and a sexy body. Must have a good understanding of game equipment data. Should be able to record equipment data, cook, clean and wash clothes. Must have some general knowledge about medicine. Must have long and slender legs. Monthly salary is 3000 Yuan. Can be negotiated through the phone number: 150XXXXXXXX


My hands shook while holding the paper, my mouth jerked as I said, “You must have some serious guts, to write such a notice, aren’t you demanding far too much? Can cook, clean and wash, how about adding must know how to warm the bed, won’t it sound better? Bah, this is not for hiring house help. What you’re looking for is a girlfriend!”

Little Wolf grinned: “Relax Brother Xiao Yao, it is Old K who wrote this.”

Old K was silent for a moment: “I wrote it for everyone’s benefit. Won’t we all be unhappy if someone ugly joined us? Instead of raising the studio’s morale, she might just end up frightening us.”

I agreed with him, but: “What you said makes sense, however, did a PE teacher teach you Chinese? Idiot, watch me…”

Old K tightened his fist: “I understand, your turn….”

I quickly sat down and wrote some lines——

Notice: Since < > was launched, Zhan Long Studio has wanted to shake the world, but we currently do not have enough strength. We are looking for talent who are not afraid of hard work. Calling all heroes in country. Right now, we are specifically looking for a female, in her twenties, who is well educated, well mannered, and good looking: well-endowed, long legs. Should be knowledgeable in Destiny battle strategy, highly intelligent, and must know how to clean and cook. Salary is 3000. If interested, call: 150xxxxxxxxx

TL: Okay, so it might sound much different but Xiao Yao used a lot of ancient sayings in his version


After completing of the hiring notice, I set down the pen and took a sip of water.

Fox picked up the paper and his hands trembled as his eyes started to become moist: “Damn! Boss is really the Boss, you’ve pretty much threw up a bunch of ancient works…”

Little Wolf took a look and tilted his head: “It really is well written.”

Old K still had some doubts, “Little Li, I don’t think you’ve written it quite right? Doesn’t she need to have long legs? And here you…….what do you mean, “Gu Chang Ke Ren”. Ass too long?”

I don’t know what to say to him, “That is an ancient saying, “Gu Chang Ke Ren”. It means: long legs that will make people drool……”

“Woah, ancient literature is really deep…” Old K folded his arms in front of his chest. “Then we will use this announcement to recruit new people?”

“Sure!” Fox nodded his head, “Let’s make 100 hand copies right away. Then throughout the night, we will put them on street light poles around the West Lake District. It would be best if we could hire a local Hangzhou person. That way it will be easier for them to move into to the studio……”

(TL note: Studio members live in the studio, wake up, game, eat, game, sleep, repeat)


Everyone was excited and quickly started copying the recruitment notice by hand.

The night was hazy at midnight and on the cold road 4 shadows appeared on the main boulevard in the West Lake District



The notice was to be placed on the electrical pole but Old K took a look and said in a low voice, “Not good, someone beat us to it….”

“What happened?”

“You guys take a look?”

Under the moonlight, everyone leaned in. There was already a flyer asking for a new member for a studio on the electric pole. The other studio had definitely spent some money on their flyer. It was machine copied and much more professional than our hand written ones.

Hiring a new studio member for Crimson Contract Studio for < >. GuildMaster Han Bei Song is already close to Lv 50. He has unfathomable strength, is a very affable person (only with pretty girls). Crimson Contract Studio is located on West Lake District’s Wen Third Road. Looking for all kinds of talented people: DPS, MT, and Healer are very much needed. Salary starts at 4000. If interested, contact [Avoiding Rain] in game. Phone number: 134××××××××


Wolf’s voice trembled, “High investment has high returns, they are using cardstock type A4 paper. And it is color print, d*mn it! We are using a $1.50 notebook paper so we can’t even compete. What should we do, we have been suppressed by them…….”

I ponder out aloud, “No problem, ours are hand written which shows more sincerity, which is our advantage. Continue to put them out, we will be able to hire new people! ”

“Okay, let’s hope it is as Brother Xiao Yao says……”


We worked straight until 3am, running around West Lake District’s main and side streets, to put out all 100 hiring notices. So begins a battle between Zhan Long Studio and Crimson Contract Studio to hire new people, the world is full of mysteries!

When I returned to Liu Hua University, I only had 4 precious hours to sleep. Early in the morning, I went to class. I seized this opportunity to talk with Wan Er all morning about different battle strategies by class in < >. For example: melee vs magic, melee vs assassin, melee vs melee, and melee vs ranged. Wan Er’s in game fighting skills were top notch, and she was also a great battle tactician. Her understanding of tactics far exceeded mine. There was nothing I could do, she was a natural-born genius. No matter what tactic, she understood it. But I would not admit defeat, I won in terms of experience…….

Almost noontime, 11am, the 3rd class had just ended.

I gave Wolf a call, *ring* *ring*, and it finally connected —

“Brother Xiao Yao!”

“What is the situation with the hiring process? Anyone come for an interview?”

“So far, there are no applicants……”

“Damn, no way……”

“Is it because we are asking for too much?”

“That is a possibility, we should lower the requirements……”

“Oh, Old K wrote up a new one, it is posted downstairs. I don’t remember the details, shall I take a photo and send it over?”


Few minutes later, I received a photo message on my cell phone. The photo showed “Looking for cooking auntie, females only!” written on a plain white paper.


My entire body is trembling, I called Wolf again, “Wolf, this was written by Old K?”


“I understand. Besides him, no one else could be so strange……”

“Brother Xiao Yao, just now someone called me. She will come to visit our studio in the afternoon at 12;20. She wants a face to face meeting, do you want to come back to take a look?”

“No need, I have to accompany Wan Er to lunch.”

“Okay, then I will make the decision?”



Afternoon, Liu Hua University’s second cafeteria. Wan Er treated us to a meal.

Wan Er asked, “Did Zhan Long studio make quite a bit of money last night?”

I nodded, “Yeah, not too bad. 50,000 gold, enough to stop being poor.”

“You’re an upstart now?” she chuckled.

I was speechless and said, “A mere 400,000 RMB is enough to do what? If we create a guild, it is going to cost a lot of money. Besides, …. in the future when establishing a guild, you must have the initial funds to operate. I suspect 40,000 RMB is simply not enough. If I buy some equipment, or if I give some bonuses, then that money, would be all gone…..”

“Ah, yes ……” Wan Er smiled and nodded, “In [Hero’s Mound] guild, there is a reward every week for the top experts, like me and Yue Er. We can go to the guild storage and receive 3000 RMB as a weekly reward. Running a guild is a science……”

I shuddered: “Damn, that much ……”


While lost in thought, I fiddled with the rice in my bowl. What path will Zhan Long take in the future, maybe I should search for investors?


At this time, my cell phone started ringing. It was Wolf’s number –

“Brother Xiao Yao, a girl came. She is currently at the studio, do you want to come take a look?

“No need, I’m currently with the Misses.”

“Uh, a pretty girl came……a developing pretty girl, so beautiful……”


I suddenly stood up, every word sonorous, “Wait for my return !!”

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