Zhan Long

Chapter 142

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Chapter 142 – Start-Up Funds

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Past 7 PM, North gate of Ba Huang City.

Two beauties emerged from the distant Ba Huang Forest. Lin Wan Er held a blood red iron umbrella in her hand and tread lightly. Streaks of leaves nestled in her hair and her eyelashes seemed to carry misty dew. Her pointy ears, were hidden beneath countless strands. With her delicate leather armor; she truly radiated beauty and elegance.

“Li Xiao Yao!”

Smiling, Lin Wan Er walked towards me while carrying her umbrella. On her shoulder was the emblem of [Hero Mound]’s vice leader. After [Hero Mound] was founded, Lin Wan Er was promoted to the position of vice leader in accordance with her agreement with the guild.

I stepped forward and invited Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to the party while, giving a curious smile and asking, “Lin Wan Er, since you’re the vice leader of [Hero Mound], what are your main responsibilities?”

Lin Wan Er blinked: “Er, well, I’m not really good at management. Aside from consulting the elite players of our guild for Boss battle strategies, I do not have any other duties.”

Dong Cheng Yue clutched her staff and said with a smile, “It is actually very simple. The reason why Q-Sword wants Wan Er to stay in [Hero Mound] is for the guild to have Fan Shu City’s most beautiful woman to help raise the influence of the guild. So as long as we stay, many of Wan Er’s followers will be willing to join our guild. That’s the simple truth…”

While rubbing my nose, I said, “Then, once Zhan Long establishes its guild, Wan Er and Dong Cheng must come over and help attract talent, okay?”

Lin Wan Er smirked, “Oh, sure. But you have to treat us to meal three times a day for each day we do that for Zhan Long.”

I was speechless: “Are you looking for a guild or a long term meal-ticket?”

“A long term meal-ticket would be lovely….” Lin Wan Er replied while flipping her dagger. Suddenly, she looked down as if she suddenly remembered something. Her blushing, pretty face really looked so adorable.

On the side, Dong Cheng Yue giggled, “Hey, will Xiao Yao really provide a long term meal-ticket? Oh… Looks like there’s nothing for me anymore, I’ll go now….”

Lin Wan Er recovered and said laughingly, “Okay, stop doing that. Li Xiao Yao, let’s go to the Cave of Despair and learn [Reflect], otherwise we will be too disadvantaged when we’re PKing.

Dong Cheng Yue agreed: “Yes, [Reflect] functions as a shield. Moreover, it costs only 10G which is kind of cheap for an A-rank skill.”

“Alright, let’s go!”

The two beauties followed me as I led them towards the Cave of Despair.


After nearly 40 minutes of walking, we arrived at our destination at almost 8 p.m. Unexpectedly, the Cave of Despair was filled with people at that moment. It would appear that my charisma was really high. The post I left in the forum attracted many people to come, but, of course, what was really alluring was not me, but the [Reflect] skill. This skill was too tempting.

Passing through the crowd, I brought the two beauties along to the seventh path. All the monsters that had just respawned had been mercilessly slaughtered by the players. How cruel.

Light appeared as we squeezed towards the Shrine of Despair. The entrance to the secret chamber was so congested that even moving forward was difficult. Old K, Little Wolf and Fox were happily collecting fees from the masses. Little Wolf raised his arms and shouted: “Just pay 10G to Hero Ran Min, Glass Fox or Darling Duck to learn the skill. If you’ve paid and have not learned the skill, please be patient. Those that have already learned the skill please return to your city so that you don’t take up too much space!”


I unsheathed my Frost Rain Sword and pressed through the mob; using force made it easier for us to cross. With my other hand, I grabbed Lin Wan Er’s hand and led her forward. Wan Er was an Assassin, so pulling her was not at all difficult for me. She didn’t even resist. I didn’t look back at her, but I felt her hand warm up. She followed me to the secret chamber with her face flushed in embarrassment.


There were already quite a number of people inside the chamber. I pointed to a book in a shelf and said: “Wan Er, that is the [Reflect] skill. Just pay 10G to learn the skill!”


She stepped forward and quickly learned the skill, then she turned her head and said: “Get me out of here and let Dong Cheng Yue come and learn the skill!”


With a flash, Lin Wan Er and I left the room. Afterwards, I led Dong Cheng Yue to the secret chamber. She was slightly stunned after she she finished learning the skill and asked me, “Li Xiao Yao, why does it say that there is a learning limit of 3479/5000?”

“Learning limit?” I was dumbfounded.


I brought Dong Cheng Yue outside and while frowning and muttered: “Is there a limit to the number of times the skill can be learned?”

As I asked, I looked towards Little Wolf and he discovered me staring at him. The corners of his mouth rose as he said, “It is true, the skill can only be learned by 5000 players, or else we would become filthy rich.”

Lin Wan Er blinked: “Is this a system BUG that you have taken advantage of?”

I smirked: “Well, if it is a BUG, it is < >’s company’s responsibility and has nothing to do with the players. All of our actions are consistent with the rules of the game.”

“Well!” The beautiful Miss nodded and smiled: “It is definitely the company’s responsibility, so if they try to punish you then you can just sue them!”

“Yeah, what Wan Er said is absolutely right.”


While we were still chatting, a distant voice loudly bellowed: “People in the front, make way for us. The Zhan Long studio is taking advantage of a system BUG, why do so many people support this activity? What in the world is happening here?!”

The crowd dispersed as a group of high level players came forward with their weapons out. The person leading them was a player named ‘Mu Tian’. Wait, I recognized this man, I killed him once in Fire Stone Canyon. But this time, he was with Soaring Dragon, the guild leader of [Flying Dragons]. Behind Soaring Dragon were 30 extremely high level members of his [Flying Dragons] guild, ranging from Lv 45 to 50.

Obviously, Mu Tian was recruited by the [Flying Dragons] guild.

Carrying his axe, Mu Tian stepped forward and uttered: “Brothers, prepare to kill these people from Zhan Long Studio and have their Locus Rings drop!”

Soaring Dragon gently waved his staff and smirked as he said: “Last time, Li Xiao Yao helped [Valiant Bravery] kill me and my brothers from [Flying Dragons]. But this time we shall have our sweet revenge!”

Exposing his dagger, Little Wolf angrily marched forward and said: “Soaring Dragon, Mu Tian, Fierce Tiger and Black Tortoise. Some of you already learned the [Reflect] skill an hour ago, so now you want to ruin us? ”

Soaring Dragon grumbled with a cold expression: “Useless talk. Brothers, help me, let’s trample them here!”


“Wait a minute!”

A sweet but firm voice echoed beside me. Lin Wan Er carried her umbrella as she stepped forward and stared daggers at Soaring Dragon: “[Flying Dragon]’s style really is shameless, wanting to humiliate Zhan Long in front of thousands of people just to deter the chance of others to learn [Reflect]? Resources in the game are to be shared with everyone. I don’t think what Zhan Long is doing is wrong. But since [Flying Dragon] is too selfish, after acquiring [Reflect], you want to prevent others from learning it!

Lin Wan Er stood proudly, the Fan Shu city emblem on her shoulder was eye-catching. Over her head, the title of Fan Shu city’s 4th best player appeared with her mesmerizing face adding to the truth of this revelation. She was recognized by everyone as they felt overwhelmed.

“Isn’t she, isn’t she the finest Assassin and the most beautiful woman in Fan Shu City, Cang Tong?”

“Yeah, it looks like it’s her. She is really gorgeous!”

“And look, next to her is the Mage Cang Yue. These two beauties, Cang Tong and Cang Yue, are [Hero Mound]’s top ranking players. Hahaha, what a blunder these people from [Flying Dragon] have committed, suddenly offending [Hero Mound]’s elites. Let’s see what happens to Soaring Dragon.”


Soaring Dragon’s mouth twitched violently while Fierce Tiger, holding his axe, whispered to him: “Boss, what should we do? My [Flame Axe] is already prepared.”

Behind him, Black Tortoise strode to the front with his gun in hand and murmured: “Boss, please think twice. If this gets out of hand, we’ll be making [Hero Mound] as well as Fan Shu City our enemies. In addition to that, Ba Huang City’s players will be dissatisfied too. To get a foothold in Ba Huang city, we will need to be on the good side of everyone. If we fight now then we’ll be hated by everyone. Before we truly establish our guild, we must avoid things like this or else our guild will fall.”

Soaring Dragon gave a nod and in a low voice said: “Well said, that makes sense Black Tortoise.”

Raising his head, Soaring Dragon looked at us with a stern expression and said loudly: “Hmm, taking into consideration that many have not yet learned the [Reflect] skill, we’ll stop for now. But Li Xiao Yao, bear this in mind, we [Flying Dragons] will settle the score with you someday. Just wait, sooner or later, you will regret helping [Valiant Bravery] in attacking [Flying Dragons].”

I stepped forward, turned my wrist and waved my Frost Rain Sword in the air: “I, Li Xiao Yao, await [Flying Dragon]’s vengeance. But in order to avenge yourselves, look for me and don’t involve anyone else. I believe [Flying Dragon] is not despicable to that degree. I will be in the Ba Huang Forest to train. [Flying Dragon], feel free to come anytime, but it will not be easy to finish me off!”

Soaring Dragon bit his lip, took out a City Return Scroll and left for the city.


I let out a sigh of relief: “Thank you, Lin Wan Er. If not for you, we would have been in trouble.”

Lin Wan Er gave a mocking smile: “Are you afraid of [Flying Dragon]?”

I shook my head: “No, I’m not afraid of the [Flying Dragon]. What I’m afraid of is that they might spoil Zhan Long Studio’s business. It’s not easy to have a chance to be rich in an instant, and for it to be wrecked is not good.”


Next to me, Little Wolf laughed and said: “Brother Xiao Yao, our Zhan Long is now really rich. With just the earnings from the skill, we’ve already accumulated 50000G. In accordance with today’s exchange rate of 1:8, that would be 400,000 RMB. Also, others have killed Elite Monsters out by the entrance of the cave. Those monsters dropped tokens that allow a player to enter the secret chamber, but it is a one-time-only deal. We need to take advantage of this and make some money one last time.

I nodded: “Yeah, just make put it into the funds for the Studio, now we have the start up funds of Zhan Long!”


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