Zhan Long

Chapter 141

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Chapter 141 – Fox’s Business Plan
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【Reflect】(A Tier): The target’s first physical attack will be rebounded onto them, resulting in a 100% damage reflection. Consumes 50 MP, with a cooldown of 30 seconds. Required level: 40, Any class can learn this skill.


This is a skill that requires a high amount of skill to use, nonetheless, it will be really useful to learn, being able to steal the enemies own attack and rebound it back against them. It will be especially useful against something like a Berserker’s axe, rebounding that damage back would result in a serious injury!

Old K finished learning the skill. Clicking his tongue, he said, “This [Reflect] skill, it doesn’t seem to be very useful, such a pity.”

Little Wolf laughed, “You are wrong Old K, this should be considered a godly PK skill. Think, for example when a caster used [Reflect], all he has to do is wait for the warrior to attack him, which will then cause all the damage to reflect back to the warrior. Combine that with [Chilling Wind], and it’ll pretty much be the end for the warrior.”

Darling Duck learned the skill quickly and said, “The Locus Ring didn’t disappear yet, do you think we would be able to learn the skill again later?”

Fox’s voice grew heavy, “No, I don’t believe so…”

I looked back at him, “Why do you think that, Fox?”

Fox squinted his eyes, “Look at the details of the ring, it’ll disappear in 24 hours, but in the meanwhile, the player who possesses the Locus Ring will be able to bring one other player into the area during that time, this is a tremendous business opportunity!”

My eyes lit up, “Do you mean that…we can exploit the Locus Ring to earn money by bringing players into the Shrine to learn [Reflect]?

“That is exactly what I mean!”


Little Wolf piped up from the side, “The main problem is how do we make people trust us to help them learn [Reflect]?”

I thought about a plan and then said,”Record someone learning the skill… As for getting people to know about [Reflect], leave that to me!”

“How do you plan to do that?” Asked Fox.

I waved my hand, “I’ve already learned [Reflect], so I’ll go outside the city and challenge other strong players to a duel. If I use [Reflect] to kill people and take the opportunity of posting a recording of it to the forums, people will be interested, so don’t worry about people not coming to the Cave of Despair. We will charge people 10G to learn [Reflect], how does that sound ?”

Little Wolf let out a big laugh, “Well this is an unusual way to earn money, but it’s also relatively simple too!”

“Then I’ll return to the city first, you all wait here to take the money! This will be Zhan Long’s first huge income, we’ll be depending on the Locus Ring!”



Crushing the City Return Scroll, with a “shua”, I returned to Ba Huang City. Since it was the afternoon, Ba Huang City was extremely populated with players everywhere selling equipment and other materials.

After repairing my equipment, I rushed to the city gates. Outside the gates a crowd of players were clustered around. Some players were calling out for people to come train together, others were comparing PK strategies with each others. Nearby a total of 7 players had a private duel stage. Without thinking, I barged into the stage with the most players while carrying my sword.

Within that crowd, a Lv 49 Swordsman stood proudly in the center of the area. His arms were crossed in front of him and his double-edged sword flashed with a golden sheen. He looked around 25 years old, but his face had a cruel look. He laughed out loud, “Is there anyone else that can challenge me? 1G for a chance? Heaven’s Hero of [Prague] stands here, ready to accept any challenge! However, I will not take repeat challengers, neither from those who beat me, nor from those who lost to me, I will only fight against a challenger once! Once the time hits 7 PM in the evening, I will be drinking with my brothers, so hurry up and come at me!”

My eyes looked at him, he really was from [Prague]. I didn’t know when [Prague] became an official guild. However, its still a Lv1 guild at the moment, but it seems this player is an Elder for [Prague]–

Heaven’s Hero Lv-49 Silver Swordsman

Guild: Prague

Position: Elder


Ba Huang City’s 17th ranked player, and also an expert player of [Prague], this Heaven’s Hero must be the next in command after Yan Zhao, Yue Qing Qian, and Yue Wei Liang. Looking at his level and equipment, he must at least be close to Fierce Tiger’s level. Eh, before this, I had noticed that he was often the topic of conversations on the forums. His fame isn’t too low, this guy will work well as a guinea pig for my new skill [Reflect].

Separating from the crowd, I walked up with a gold coin in my fingers. Smiling slightly, I said, “I’ll have a go!”

Heaven’s Hero stared blankly at me, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai? This is great! Finally an expert has shown up today! Level 51 Tomb Guardian of Dragon City, haha…”

I extended my hand and flipped the gold coin towards him. Then crouching down and pulling out the Frost Rain Sword, I said, “Please teach me well, [Prague] Elder.”

Heaven’s Hero nodded, “It won’t be a problem, Come on!”

“Pa ta!”

A blood-red war flag, meaning nothing would be gained or lost from the fight, dropped in front of me and I accepted the challenge.


My gaze lowered as the countdown timer began. Once the timer hit 1 second, I was already dashing forward. The Frost Rain Sword’s [Fierce Ice Blade] was ready to be cast. I aimed it at Heaven’s Hero’s shoulder, and while I swung ruthlessly at him, I simultaneously released Baby Bobo to fight Heaven’s Hero’s own pet.


Heaven’s Hero smiled faintly, sliding his feet back to retreat from my skills. A MISS appeared above him as my [Ice Blade] failed to connect, “It looks like the 4th ranked player isn’t anything special…”

I did not speak, but the corners of my mouth twitched up a hair. I just wanted Heaven’s Hero to get underestimate me. The [Fierce Ice Blade] just now was too slow to land a hit, giving him at least half a second to respond. If he can’t even avoid this with a MISS, then he has no right to being the elder of [Prague].


Heaven’s Hero started his counterattack, his golden blade drew four hexagrams in the air, signifying a Level 5 [Combo] skill, a proud achievement for any Swordsman!


Appearing underneath my foot was a [Haste] buff as I tried to retreat while holding my sword in front of me, but it was not enough to block all of the blows. Three of Heaven’s Hero’s strikes managed to connect–




Damn! His attacks were not half bad but I had 2700 health, so this much was only a third of my health.


Seeing me lose only one third of my health, Heaven’s Hero paused before continuing to attack me with his sword and a normal attack!


I took in the sight in front of me and without giving it a second thought, I swung the Frost Rain Sword. It was a normal attack, and struck him on his chestplate. While continuing the sword’s trajectory, a cyan colored ray of light crashed down upon me at the same time! The Frost Rain Sword trembled, it was the fatal strike!


A huge of damage number floated up and Heaven’s Hero was dumbstruck. Hastily, Heaven’s Hero downed a health potion, a “Klang” was heard as he knocked back my sword while hitting me one more time. Finally, I only had 1000 health left, this was the moment Heaven’s Hero was also waiting for to use a high level skill. If it connected, it would no doubt kill me. If he didn’t use a high level skill, then he would have no hope in killing me because there was no doubt that he was aware of my [Heal] skill.


Flames emerged from his blade as Heaven’s Hero’s face grew ashen. A Lv 5 [Flame Blade] skill!

Secretly happy about this, as I’ve been waiting for my health to drop below 1000 for this moment. This way, Heaven’s Hero will attack with full force, otherwise, I would not be able to show off the superiority of the [Reflect] skill!


Dodging to the side to escape, I was inwardly anxious and immediately a golden beam of light appeared beneath my foot, [Reflect] was successfully activated! It’s a shame that Heaven’s Hero was too focused on trying to kill me and didn’t read battle records. He had been tricked!

“You still plan to run in this situation!?”

He raised his blade and leaned to one side. Then he skillfully dashed forward and used his [Flame Blade] to suddenly crush my shoulder!



Suddenly a sound broke out, and right in front of my body a giant, transparent, and circular shield appeared. The entire [Flame Blade] skill was rebounded straight back at him. As Heaven’s Hero stood motionless in shock, a huge number floated straight above him as his own skill connected–


The so-called [Reflect] skill had completely ignored all of Heaven’s Hero’s defense. To be able to reflect the entire move back onto the other person, this skill was truly terrifying!


Heaven’s Hero stood still in silence, he only had around 1800 health to begin with, so [Reflect] nearly took out all of his health!

I smiled and lazily stabbed my sword through his chest, I won!

Gold Coins +1 !


Happily, I took the gold coin and with a grin, I posted a video of the fight directly to the forums. I added some comments:”[Reflect] Skill, costs 10 G to learn and must be Lv 40. Any class can learn this skill, however, you must have a player that has the Locus Ring accompany you to the Shrine of Despair. As of right now, there are 4 Zhan Long members at the innermost of the Cave of Despair waiting to take someone inside to learn it. There is an additional fee of 10G for them to take you inside. You have 24 hours left until this deal is over, so don’t miss out on this skill! Hurry over to the southwest direction of Ba Huang City, the coordinates are (157721, 012873) to enter the Cave of Despair!”

I felt a great deal of satisfaction once I finished posting in the forums..

Right when I was about to leave, Heaven’s Hero grabbed my arm, “Xiao Yao, that [Reflect] skill book, from where did you buy it?”

“I didn’t buy it, find out more on the forums!”

I sent him a link to the forums, and Heaven’s Hero, dumbstruck, was rooted to where he stood. With a gloomy look, he said, “Well f***, this [Reflect] skill of yours is a major discovery! I have to report this to the boss right away, we need to have our second promoted players learn this skill right away! We cannot have anyone tarry behind and not learn this!”


I received a message from Miss Wan Er, “That…Li Xiao Yao, I just now saw the video you uploaded, is that really the way you learned [Reflect]?

“It might be?” I laughed, “Wan Er, Do you want to learn it as well?”

“Yea, Dong Cheng and I will rush to Ba Huang City immediately. Wuwu, these past few days it has been difficult to level, why are all the good items coming from Ba Huang City?”

“Probably because Ba Huang City has all the handsome people in it… By the way, I only just uploaded the video, how did you see it so quickly, and why are you idling away all day on the forums anyway?”

In the chat box, Wan Er’s cheeks suddenly turned bright red, “Idiot, don’t tell me you don’t know about the function on the forums that immediately notifies people. As long as you post something, I’ll be notified of it through my phone.”

I shivered, “I am indebted to Miss’ affection. I’ll wait for you in Ba Huang City, and personally take you to learn the skill, free of charge…”

“Okay okay, in that case, I’ll bring along some people!”

“Only you and Dong Cheng can learn this for free, everyone else has to pay for it…”

“If you say so…”


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