Zhan Long

Chapter 140

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Chapter 140 – Purple Dawn Boots
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“How do you use this thing to seal it?” Old K stared wide-eyed at me while holding the Dark Tome.

I thought then said, “It’s probably similar to how you use a pokéball. You scream Pikachu and throw the Dark Tome at him. Smashing Locus’ head with the tome ought to count as completing the seal.”

Duck holds her head as if her head hurts.

Not doubting me, Old K walked over and smashed the Dark Tome into Locus on the forehead. With a “peng” sound, the tome’s cover broke into pieces and its pages transformed into rays of black light. This light, similar to black cables, tightly bound Locus.


Locus started screaming non-stop under the pain of the black cable’s binding. His started to creak and he started to curl into a ball. Finally, with a “swoosh”, everything became silent, signalling that he had completely departed this place.



The moment Locus was sealed, gold lights appeared. At last, the drops burst out, and a pile of equipment crashed down along with 10+ gold coins, gems, and other items. Looking at their gorgeous radiance, my heartbeat started racing. I clenched my fist and smiled, “Brothers, seems like this boss dropped a lot of items, prepare to be rich!”

Old K excitedly said, “Hehe, yes!”

Little Wolf glanced at me, “Brother Xiao Yao, you should go look!”


My Silver Lock Battle Boots treaded across the damp ground and stepping forward, I knelt down in front of the equipment pile. There were 4 pieces of equipment and a light-purple Skill Book. Also, there were 2 Spirit Gems and 7 Pardon Cards. First, I separated and identified the equipment: a glittering dagger, a golden breastplate, a purple ring, and a pair of multi-colored boots. Instinctively, my heartbeat raced even faster. Two of the pieces gave off a purple luster. Could it be possible that we got 2 Purple Tiered items at once? What kind of luck is this!

Picking up the dagger, I brushed it a little and it’s attributes appeared before us ——

【Stardust Blade 】(Gold Tier)

Attack Power: 410-645

Agility: +30

Endurance: +26

Extra: Increases [Backstab]’s damage by 10%

Level Requirement: 47


Picking it up, I threw the Stardust Blade to Little Wolf: “Little Wolf, keep leveling. At Lv 47, you can equip this dagger. With 645 max attack power, this Gold Tier is really good!”

Little Wolf chuckled, unable to contain his happiness: “Hehe, alright. I’ll take the Gold Tier main dagger!”

I continued looking. Next was the gold-colored breastplate. As I reach out to touch it, a dense cloud of smoke emanated out. It seemed remarkable——

【Stardust Breastplate】(Gold Tier)

Type: Armor

Defense: 85

Agility: +27

Ability Power: +24

Extra: Increases user’s ranged attack damage by 5%

Extra: Increases user’s max HP by 200 points

Level Requirement: 48


“Uh, a breastplate that adds ranged attack and also adds 200 HP. What an exceptional piece of armor!” I shot a glance at Fox and smiled: “Fox, this adds agility and magic. Do you want it?”

Fox practically drooled, “Yeah, how could I not! The musketeer’s ranged attack abilities, like the high level [Bombardment]s, all consume large quantities of mana. +24 Magic is just what I need!”


I took the Stardust Breastplate and put it aside for Fox. Soon after, I held up the third piece of equipment, a scarlet ring, surrounded by a faint purple luster. Clasped in the palm of my hand, it resembled a lump of raging flames, so much so that it somewhat burned my hand. Damn, putting this thing on won’t burn my hand into a roasted chicken claw, right?

I confirmed the ring’s attributes and shared them in the team chat. Immediately, Little Wolf, Old K, Fox and Darling Duck were dumbstruck. Only the sound of drool could be heard——

【Scarlet Demon Ring】(Purple Tier)

Strength: +37

Endurance: +35

Extra: Increases HP by 300

Extra: Increases physical attack damages by 6%

Level Requirement: 49


“Well, d*mn…” Old K ground his teeth: “It’s Purple Tier. Could this be the number 1 ranked Purple Tier ring?”

I quickly searched online for the equipment rankings and then shook my head: “No, this is ranked second. However, the number 1 ranked Purple Tier ring only has a level requirement of 42. Its attributes compared to this Scarlet Demon Ring are much lower. This ring’s stat points are approximately 40% higher!”

Little Wolf smirked, “Congratulations, Brother Xiao Yao. To obtain a Purple Tier ring. Hehe, Scarlet Demon Ring. The name is rather aggressive. It really fits you. Our Zhan Long’s leader should possess this kind of equipment!”

I pondered for a second, “Not really. It isn’t justified that I hog everything for myself. Old K, let’s roll for it. These are attributes that we both need…”

Old K shook his head, “From start to finish, how many times did I even touch Locus? If those kind of scratches allow me to roll for a Purple Tier equip, how could I, Ran Min, show my face in the studio after that? Boss, no more talking. This Scarlet Demon Ring goes to you. I only ask that if you come across a Berserker’s ring, you gift it to me. I’d feel no shame in using it…”

Fox nodded, “Yeah, Boss, enough modesty. Anything more would be unreasonable.”

I laughed, “Okay!”

Immediately, I equipped the Scarlet Demon Ring and gifted my Lv 40 Silver Tier Green Stem Ring to Old K. The Green Stem Ring’s attributes are in fact pretty good. With an additional increase of 20 attack points, it happens to be corresponding to Ran Min’s primary attribute path.

The Scarlet Demon Ring radiated a faint warmth to my surrounding fingers. Not only did the ring increase my survivability by a great deal, it also increased my other attributes. But at the moment, I was in no hurry to examine it further, as I might also be able to use the last piece of equipment. It was a pair of multicolored warboots with a faint purple hue. The boots were surrounded by a proud marble-like veined pattern, as if a mythical beast slept within them. A sharp gust of wind passed through the shrine and made the air in the cave somewhat chilly. I brushed my hand against the boots and its attributes were displayed. Once again, the studio members were stunned. They were so shocked by its stats that everyone thought that they had died in the battle and gone to heaven.

【Purple Dawn Boots】(Purple Tier)

Type: Armor

Defense: 225

Strength: +38

Endurance: +32

Extra: Increases defense by 4%

Extra: Increases magic resistance by 11%

Extra: Increases movement speed by 3%

Level Requirement: 50


“Damn, I’ve definitely gone to heaven… “ Old K’s eyes widened until they were perfectly round: “Another Purple Tier item. And a heavy armor type at that. Boots with 225 defense, using those, can’t you mix in with those Monks and Knights?”

Little Wolf whispered, “It can’t be helped. Xiao Yao’s charm is too high. But still, the attributes on these boots indeed are exceptional. Not only a 4% increase to defense, but also an additional 11% magic resistance. If any Mage hit Xiao Yao, they would not be able to deal any damage at all.”

Fox nodded, “In < >, there’s practically no magic resistance. Or at least, in the Chinese servers there are no such things. 11% magic resistance would basically lower the magic damage that Boss receives by 3%. Even more, if you were wearing a set of magic resistant armor as well, then I bet you would barely feel a scratch from Soaring Dragon’s [Pillar of Fire and Ice].”

I held the Purple Dawn Boots and softly said, “This is too much for me, to take the Purple Tier boots…”

Old K slapped me across the shoulder and laughed: “Everything is yours, Brother. Why are we still talking about this? The one who did the majority of the work on the boss was you! If you don’t take these Purple Dawn Boots, who will? In any case, I’m not rolling for it with you. I’m only Lv 41. That is a Lv 50 equip; it’ll be a long time before I could even hope to equip it. Putting it in my hands would be a waste.”

I nodded and changed into the Purple Dawn Boots. Afterwards, I gave my Silver Locked Boots to Fox since even Old K was wearing Lv 37 Silver Tier boots. If I didn’t change out of my Lv 30 Silver Tier items, obviously I’d feel embarrassed being be the studio’s boss.


After putting on the Purple Dawn Boots, I felt a surge of power spread through my legs. It was the feeling of my attributes suddenly increasing. Looking at my attributes again, I let out a crooked laugh——

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Tomb Guardian of Dragon City )

Level: 51

Attack : 1429-1863

Defense: 1178

Health: 2711

Mana: 756

Charm: 34


My defense increased to nearly 1200. This was already on level with a Monk’s or a Knight’s defense. Furthermore, my HP is exceptionally outstanding. At 2711 HP, during fights I’d be able to endure even more than before. The additional properties which add 6% physical damage and 11% magic resistance were going to be my trump cards for PKing.

We split the Pardon Cards amongst ourselves. Afterwards, I inspected the purple skill book. With a brush, the skill book’s system prompt appeared——

【Double Shot】 (A-ranked Skill) : Continuously shoot two bullets in a row, inflicting 70% of your damage twice on the target. The percentage increases as the skill is leveled. Requires player to be a musketeer and LV 40.


I handed the Skill Book over to Fox and said, “This skill is excellent, you should learn it!”

Fox gladly nodded. In his hand, the Skill Book shined brilliantly and disappeared. Immediately afterwards, he raised his gun, aimed at the giant boulder in the distance and fired. “Bang Bang”. The smell of gunpowder was strong but the attacks were extremely rapid. This attack wouldn’t be too shabby if used for PKing.

With two Spirit Gems in my hand, I asked, “Fox, how much are Spirit Gems selling for in the marketplace?”

“Around…500 gold coins?” Fox muttered.

I nodded. From my bag, I took out 1000 gold coins and handed out 200 gold coins to each of them: “I’ll buy these two Spirit Gems. I cannot be unfair with the price!”

Little Wolf insisted, “Not possible. If Xiao Yao needs the Spirit Gems, I cannot take money for them!”

I smiled, “No. This is a question of principle. Spirit Gems are necessary for strengthening, and everyone can use them. I want to fortify my Frost Rain Sword, so I want to buy them. No more discussion, this is decided!”


Opening up the strengthening interface, I placed one Spirit Gem on the Frost Rain Sword, and it showed 85% success rate. With a “Ding”, the strengthening was successful. The Frost Rain Sword now displayed a +2 next to it. I continued, placing the next Spirit Gem on the sword, it showed a success rate of 60%.


Strengthening failed. The Frost Rain Sword was still +2. Even if I only upgraded the sword by one level, my attack power was now 720-950 (+144-190). I was already satisfied with an additional 144-190 damage. Presently, most players were still searching for Silver Tier weapons. How could I not be satisfied with this?


Exploring a bit further into the Shrine of Despair, we found a magic boundary. After wearing one of Locus’s rings, which was in our inventory since god knows when, we could pass through the magic boundary.


I was the first to pass through the magic boundary and transported to a study, which I assumed was Locus’s. I started inspecting the bookshelves. On the lone bookshelf was a Skill Book. Suddenly, a system prompt appeared: Do you wish to learn 【Reflect】, an A-ranked Skill?

It requires 10 gold coins to learn.


I confirmed and the skill was learned successfully.

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