Zhan Long

Chapter 139

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Chapter 139 – Spirit Practitioner
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I walked to the front with the Frost Rain Sword trembling slightly in my hand. I read the information about the Mage. He was a very powerful character, but he was also the main boss that we had to kill in order to complete the quest.

【Spirit Practitioner – Locus】(Purple-Tier Boss)

Level: 56

Attack: 1400-1850

Defense: 1020

Health: 200000

Abilities: 【Hell Fire】【Shaking the Nine Heavens】【Skill Steal】

Introduction: Once Locus was a very famous Mage in Ba Huang City. However, he went down the wrong path in pursuit of the dark arts. He murdered his own teacher and destroyed half the magic school. Eventually, he wandered into the wild, to live with demons and the dead. To hunt this undead Mage, Ba Huang City put out wanted posters everywhere, but nobody knew where to find Locus. Even if they had located Locus, the poor adventurers were not strong enough to resist his dark arts.



I took a deep breath. For the first time, I read all the stats on a Purple-Tier Boss. Even so, the attack was so f*****g high. 1850 attack and plus an additional 20% for being a Purple-Tier Boss, the actual attack would be 2200+; what a terrifying boss. God knew how much health I would lose in one hit!

“Be careful…….” I swallowed a mouthful of saliva as the palms of my hands were covered in cold sweat. “This is not going to be an easy fight……”

Little Wolf held his dagger and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, I really don’t understand. If this boss is a Mage, why does it display physical damage? What is the reason for it?”

“Maybe it casts magic in combination with melee attacks?” I gave a reason that was not likely.

Darling Duck quietly said, “Boss, what do you need me to do?”

I lowered my voice, “The battle plan will stay the same; I will be the main tank. Remember to be on point with the healing. This is a Lv 56 Purple-Tier Boss so it’s only 5 levels higher than me so my stats shouldn’t be suppressed too much. Plus, he doesn’t have the ability to continuously chain combos. The chances of him killing me with a critical strike is low, so with your [Heal] and mine combined, we should be able to handle it. Old K and Little Wolf attack when there is an opportunity, Fox DPS from out of range. Everyone be careful, this boss might know a killing blow. Summon all your pets, they will help attack. They can deal some of the damage.”

Everyone nodded their head, “Yes!”


Lifting the Frost Rain Sword, I stepped onto a damp rock as I charged forward. I stomped on the ground, and in the distance, a chain appeared below the boss’s feet!



Unfortunately, the Lv 5 [Binding chains] resulted in a MISS but this move angered Locus. He stared at me with eyes full of hatred, “You deserve to die! All the adventurers from Ba Huang City are like pesky little bugs. How many people do I need to kill before Duke Luo Lei knows that I, the King of Darkness Locus, can’t be killed?”

The Frost Rain Sword quivered and golden hexagrams started to flow around the sword. I attacked diagonally with a Lv 6 [Combo]. All 4 attacks of the [Combo] landed on Locus’ neck. The damage dealt appeared one by one.





The attack damage was not too bad and with a flick of my wrist I attacked one more time. This dealt another 700+ damage. At the same time, the ground below me started to get hotter. I was surrounded with hot flames. Locus had cast [Hell Fire] on me!


Such a powerful [Hell Fire] spell!

I quickly cast a Lv 6 [Heal] and 900 health was restored. Simultaneously, I started my [Strength of Thousand Men] combo.

A series of intensive hits could be heard while the boss roared constantly. Both of Locus’ claws started to dance and a frightening glow appeared around them. “Bang…bang…” two hits, each hit did 800+ damage. It was like he had entered an “enraged” mode. Even his attack speed was abnormally fast!

“Duck, quick! Heal Boss!” Old K shouted.

As I continued to attack, Darling healed me. With a swing of my sword, I released a [Fierce Ice Blade]. This would slow down the boss’ speed a bit!

“Bang,” the sound of a gunshot rung and the smell of gunpowder spread. 379 damage appeared above Locus’ head. Tsk, Tsk, Fox’s attack was finally at a decent level. Meanwhile Little Wolf appeared behind the boss and used [Bleed] + [Backstab] at the same time. Once he landed his attacks, he retreated in a flash, not giving the boss a chance to get close to him!

“I’m attacking as well!”

Old K lifted his battle axe and swiftly closed the distance. Facing the boss with a snarl, [Rage] + [Penetration] was activated. This attack would ignore the boss’ defense significantly and Ran Min lashed out with a [Flame Axe].


At the same time [Flame Axe] hit, the boss landed a blow on Old K’s chest during the maelstrom of attacks.


Old K looked surprised and with an almost empty health bar, he left in a rush while dragging his axe, “I will retreat, boss, tank his hits for a bit!”

“Worthless……” I mumbled as I withstood the boss’s onslaught of attacks.


About 10 minutes later, the boss’ health had dropped to around 45%. Even if he was 5 levels higher than me, the fight was not that hard. However Locus was not your average boss. With a roar, he launched his second skill – [Shaking the Nine Heavens]!


Runes started to appear around everyone’s feet, I quickly yelled out. “Quick, avoid the runes!”

Everyone dodged, but in the end, Old K’s reaction was too slow. He was still inside of the runes, and immediately lost 1400+ health. Fortunately, he had a health pot ready and with Duck’s [Heal], he was able to survive.

But before long, the boss’s health had only 15% left. The third skill was finally activated!


A bloody claw swept across my chest. The next moment, strands of green swirling air started to form around the boss’s body. Suddenly an eight divine trigrams attack appeared. It was unmistakable- [Wind Blade].


My entire body shivered while I quickly cast [Heal] on myself and used a Lv 6 healing potion!



Duck opened her small mouth. “Wow, how does that boss know Xiao Yao’s unique skill? Shameless!”

Old K held the battle axe and said in a low voice. “An ability that steals other people’s skills? Damn, I wish I had that ability…….”

I whispered, “Luckily, he only stole my [Wind Blade]. If he copied [Combo], then it’s not going to be fun!”

Little Wolf quickly replied, “Brother Xiao Yao, be careful. The stealing skill has a 12 second cooldown. He will steal your skill again soon……”

Duck said, “Boss, don’t die, otherwise we are going to be wiped out……”

Little Wolf didn’t say anything and held onto his dagger not too far behind me, ready to support me with his skills at any moment. He was more experienced than Old K and Fox in terms of battle strategies.


With a familiar sharp “Ding” sound, golden hexagrams started to appear on the boss’s claw. My heart quickly turned cold, it’s a [Combo], and the boss stole my Lv 6 [Combo]!

Just before the boss lowered his claw to attack, I shifted sideways. I timed it very well and successfully caused a MISS on the first move. The second move couldn’t be avoided, so I countered with my Frost Rain Sword. Swiftly moving resulted in a lucky MISS for the third strike, but at the same time, I received the fourth strike. A chain of damages & MISSes appeared –





Behind me, the experienced Duck cast [Heal] + [Hemostasis] which filled my health up again. Damn, luckily it was Duck, if it was another Healer; I most likely would be kneeling on the ground right now!

“So dangerous, luckily there were 2 MISSes, otherwise you would have been killed…….” Fox held his gun and commented.

Old K lifted his battle axe with a laugh. “You should say, lucky our Boss’ reaction is quick enough. Besides, the boss stole [Combo], not [Strength of a Thousand Men]. Otherwise with 5 continuous hits, Brother Xiao Yao is guaranteed to die………..”

Little Wolf stared coldly. “You pessimistic loud mouth, how could that boss steal a custom combo?”

Duck nodded, “Yeah! If that boss steals that custom combo, then we really are done for……”

I was secretly crying, “You bunch of idiots, are you guys looking forward to being wiped out?”


At this time, the thing that everyone was expecting appeared!


Wind started to swirl around Locus’ feet; his pair of claws danced, he laughed loudly, “A special skill. Come, have a taste of my might!”

[Strength of a Thousand Man]!

Little Wolf, “Brother Xiao Yao be careful!”

Duck, “Boss!!”

Old K, “We’re finished!”

Fox, “Damn…….”


[Strength of a Thousand Man] was an S-Rank combo, with its specialty being its uninterruptible attacks. There is no way to counter it, this I understood too well!

“Ha Ha Haaa…….”

I took 3 continuous hits to the chest!




Stab + Sweep + Cleave + Ram + [Wind Blade] are the 5 moves, I understood this too well. Just after Locus finished the third move, I had already started to retreat away from the angle of his ram. I lowered my body and with a “peng,” I pierced the ground with the Frost Rain Sword. My left palm pressed against the ground, I used the leverage and instantly completed a backflip. The Ice Fire Cloak waved in the air and the ram ended with a beautiful MISS!


The fifth move [Wind Blade] was also a MISS. Of course, I learned this move from Jian Feng Han. It worked well when countering my own moves. As the old saying goes, the person who understands you the most is always your enemy. I’m afraid that besides me, only Jian Feng Han understands the weakness of [Strength of a Thousand Man] the best.

The people behind me let out a shout of surprise—-

Little Wolf, “Damn, Brother Xiao Yao, beautifully done!”

Old K, “That was some real sh*t, he broke his own combo…….”

Duck opened her little mouth, “Boss, you are so powerful……”


“Sha Sha……”

Little Wolf swept forward, slashed his dagger. Locus entered a brief “stunned” state. [Gouge] was successful; this brought me 2 valuable seconds to recover.

Under the healing lights, I grabbed the Frost Rain Sword and began to fight the boss again. Meanwhile in a low voice, “Duck remember to heal well…..this boss is already dead!”

Everyone was pretty excited. Old K clenched his fist, “Haha. We, Zhang Long Studio, have leveled together. Are we going to receive our first Purple-Tier equipment?”

Fox narrowed his eyes, “Stop dreaming. According to statistics, [Legend], [Hero’s Mound], [Vanguard] of the top 10 guilds have only received 3 Purple-Tier equipment from 19 Purple-Tier bosses within a 72 hour timeframe. How could we be that lucky?”

“Not necessarily……” Wielding the Frost Rain Sword, I laughed out loud, “You never know, a Guild Creation Tablet might drop…….”

Duck rubbed her head, “Let’s stop bragging and concentrate on killing the boss…….”



After a few minutes, the sword pierced Locus’ black robe around his shoulder blade taking away the last bit of his health. Finally, the Lv 56 Purple-Tier boss kneeled down!

“Ahahh……I resent this, I want to try again. With my pets…….”

With a “Pata” sound, Locus knelt on the ground, but his body didn’t fall. And there were no item drops either.


“Why? Why did nothing drop?” Old K’s eyes were wide open.

In a deep tone, I shouted, “Old K, you dummy. Use the dark tome to seal him or else we can’t kill him!”

“Uhh……I forgot……..”

Old K quickly pulled the dark tome out of his bag!

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